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A Guide to Federal Agency Rulemaking

Author: Jeffrey S. Lubbers

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590317068

Category: Law

Page: 702

View: 4388

A concise but thorough resource, the guide provides a time-saving reference for the latest case law, and the most recent legislation affecting rulemaking.

A guide to federal agency rulemaking

Author: Administrative Conference of the United States. Office of the Chairman,Benjamin W. Mintz,Nancy G. Miller

Publisher: Administrative Conference of United States


Category: Law

Page: 429

View: 5011

A Guide to Federal Agency Adjudication

Author: Michael Asimow

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590311288

Category: Administrative procedure

Page: 246

View: 5983

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A Guide to Judicial and Political Review of Federal Agencies

Author: John Fitzgerald Duffy

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590314838

Category: Administrative agencies

Page: 316

View: 5384

"This book provides a thorough overview of the law of judicial and political control of federal agencies. The primary focus is on the availability and scope of judicial review, but the book also discusses the control exercised by the U.S. president and Congress"--Provided by publisher.


How Government Agencies Write Law and Make Policy

Author: Cornelius M. Kerwin,Scott R. Furlong

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: 1483352838

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

View: 6416

In this thought-provoking new edition of their highly regarded text, authors Cornelius M. Kerwin and Scott R. Furlong help you grasp the dynamics of today’s American politics by showing you how rulemaking remains an elemental part of our government system. Rulemaking, Fifth Edition, brings concepts to life with the inclusion of new data, a fresh analysis of interest group participation, and new coverage of the Trump administration’s actions from executive orders and key personnel to agencies’ responses to changes. An invaluable and accessible guide to an intensely political process, this much-anticipated edition contains the most current scholarship on a crucial yet understudied subject. New to the Fifth Edition New scholarship from the past five to six years provides you with the latest research and analysis in rulemaking. Updated information on the Obama administration and the beginning of the Trump Administration puts rulemaking in context and demonstrates how different administrations use this tool. New tables and charts reflect the most recent data available to better illustrate the trends and patterns of rulemaking.

An Interpretive Guide to the Government in the Sunshine Act

Author: Richard K. Berg,Stephen H. Klitzman,Gary J. Edles

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590315842

Category: Law

Page: 360

View: 1246

This updated edition reexamines the Sunshine Act since it was originally signed in 1977. The authors have analyzed more than 150 court decisions that have interpreted or mentioned the Act, and have reviewed the legal literature over the past 28 years.

A Guide to Citizen Participation in Government

Administrative Rule Making

Author: Lynn W. Eley

Publisher: N.A


Category: Administrative procedure

Page: 103

View: 2839

Rulemaking Requirements and Authorities in the DoddFrank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

Author: N.A

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1437943500

Category: Financial services industry

Page: 88

View: 1596

This report identifies provisions in the Act as a whole that either require or permit rulemaking by any federal agency, including the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Cf. p. 2.

Developments in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

Author: N.A

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590317549

Category: Administrative law

Page: 425

View: 7199

Deference in International Courts and Tribunals

Standard of Review and Margin of Appreciation

Author: Lukasz Gruszczynski,Wouter Werner

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191026506

Category: Law

Page: 400

View: 4073

International courts and tribunals are often asked to review decisions originally made by domestic decision-makers. This can often be a source of tension, as the international courts and tribunals need to judge how far to defer to the original decisions of the national bodies. As international courts and tribunals have proliferated, different courts have applied differing levels of deference to those originial decisions, which can lead to a fragmentation in international law. International courts in such positions rely on two key doctrines: the standard of review and the margin of appreciation. The standard of review establishes the extent to which national decisions relating to factual, legal, or political issues arising in the case are re-examined in the international court. The margin of appreciation is the extent to which national legislative, executive, and judicial decision-makers are allowed to reflect diversity in their interpretation of human rights obligations. The book begins by providing an overview of the margin of appreciation and standard of review, recognising that while the margin of appreciation explicitly acknowledges the existence of such deference, the standard of review does not: it is rather a procedural mechanism. It looks in-depth at how the public policy exception has been assessed by the European Court of Justice and the WTO dispute settlement bodies. It examines how the European Court of Human Rights has taken an evidence-based approach towards the margin of appreciation, as well as how it has addressed issues of hate speech. The Inter-American system is also investigated, and it is established how far deference is possible within that legal organisation. Finally, the book studies how a range of other international courts, such as the International Criminal Court, and the Law of the Sea Tribunal, have approached these two core doctrines.

Through the corridors of power

a citizen's guide to federal rulemaking

Author: Barbara J. Coleman,David Plocher,OMB Watch (Organization : U.S.)

Publisher: Omb Watch

ISBN: 9780961880804

Category: Law

Page: 116

View: 3455

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know about Government

A Guide to Rules and Regulations

Author: Wesley B. Truitt

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275981952

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 286

View: 479

A comprehensive and practical guide to the rules and regulations that govern business--from anti-trust to workplace health and safety.

ReNEUAL - Musterentwurf für ein EU-Verwaltungsverfahrensrecht

Deutsche Ausgabe auf der Grundlage der überarbeiteten englischen Druckfassung 2014/15

Author: Jens-Peter Schneider,Herwig C. H. Hofmann,Jaques Ziller

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783406685873


Page: 214

View: 1118

Aviation rulemaking further reform is needed to address longstanding problems : report to the Chairman, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, House of Representatives

Author: N.A

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1428946411


Page: N.A

View: 1051

Research Administration and Management

Author: Elliott C. Kulakowski,Lynne U. Chronister

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449666078

Category: Medical

Page: 916

View: 6187

This reference text addresses the basic knowledge of research administration and anagement, and includes everything from a review of research administration and the infrastructure that is necessary to support research, to project development and post-project plans. Examples of concepts, case studies, a glossary of terms and acronyms, and references to books, journal articles, monographs, and federal regulations are also included.

The Lobbying Manual

A Complete Guide to Federal Lobbying Law and Practice

Author: William V. Luneburg,Thomas M. Susman

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781604424645

Category: Law

Page: 894

View: 8717

This ABA bestseller provides detailed guidance for compliance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act. It gives practical examples of how to be compliant, and covers all of the major federal statutes and regulations that govern the practice of federal lobbying. The book offers invaluable descriptions of the legislative and executive branch decision-making processes that lobbyists seek to influence, the constraints that apply to lobbyist participation in political campaigns, grassroots lobbying, ethics issues, and more.

American Civil Procedure

A Guide to Civil Adjudication in US Courts

Author: John Bilyeu Oakley,Vikram D. Amar,Vikram Amar

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 9041128727

Category: Law

Page: 286

View: 7270

This convenient description of civil procedure in the federal and state courts of the United States will be greatly welcomed by lawyers and legal scholars everywhere. Without going into deep analysis, the book covers every important feature of these legal systems, drawing on the expertise and experience of two well-versed practitioners. As well as the rules, policies, normative principles, and future trends, the authors cite recent cases affecting procedure. Areas covered include sources, judicial organization, exercise of the legal profession, jurisdiction, due process standards, rules of evidence, enforcement of judgements, arbitration, and much more.

The Federal Trade Commission

A Guide to Sources

Author: Robert V. Labaree

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780815312963

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 517

View: 9431

This annotated bibliography assists the reader in locating information about the United States Federal Trade Commission. The book is divided into four chapters, each reflecting the major functions and regulatory responsibilities of the FTC.

The Principal's Quick-Reference Guide to School Law

Reducing Liability, Litigation, and Other Potential Legal Tangles

Author: Robert F. Hachiya,Robert J. Shoop,Dennis R. Dunklee

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1483333345

Category: Education

Page: 432

View: 1007

The go-to legal resource for principals, fully updated! How often does a potential legal issue arise at your school? Now in an expanded third edition, this trusted resource provides clear and helpful guidance from a team of respected school-law experts. Substantive new information shows principals how to: Address student use and misuse of technology, on and off campus Avoid the pitfalls of zero-tolerance discipline policies Lead school safety and violence prevention, including collaboration with school resource officers and other personnel Prevent and respond to bullying incidents Stay current with special education requirements Ensure that employment and evaluation practices reflect the law

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