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A History of the International Movement of Journalists

Professionalism Versus Politics

Author: Kaarle Nordenstreng

Publisher: Springer


Category: History

Page: 274

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This study presents a general history of how journalism as an emerging profession became internationally organized over the past one hundred and twenty years, seen mainly through the associations founded to promote the interests of journalists around the world.

A History of the Norwegian Press, 1660-2015

Author: Hans Fredrik Dahl

Publisher: Springer


Category: History

Page: 283

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In the course of the nineteenth century the advent of printed pamphlets, with their news and advertisements, gave every town along Norway's long coast – populated by farmers, fishermen, clergy, businessmen and shopkeepers – a common language and a public arena for news and ideas. In Norway alone, the number of titles grew from a handful to a hundred in the course of the century. From 1900 to 1940 the number of papers swelled to two hundred and seventy – the number that remains today. The press system created a substantial structure, which would prove vital for many of the later media outlets that developed over the twentieth century with the breakthrough of new technologies - cinema industry, radio broadcasting, television and the internet. Newspapers generated the money and power for the development of these media, thus shaping such media and determining, or at least influencing, their perception and reception in Norwegian society. The press in Norway is therefore at the core of the modern media system and its rich history.

The Routledge Companion to Labor and Media

Author: Richard Maxwell

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 396

View: 552

Labor resides at the center of all media and communication production, from the workers who create the information technologies that form the dynamic core of the global capitalist system and the designers who create media content to the salvage workers who dismantle the industry’s high-tech trash. The Routledge Companion to Labor and Media is the first book to bring together representative research from the diverse body of scholarly work surrounding this often fragmentary field, and seeks to provide a comprehensive resource for the study and teaching of media and labor. Essays examine work on the mostly unglamorous side of media and cultural production, technology manufacture, and every occupation in between. Specifically, this book features: -wide-ranging international case studies spanning the major global hubs of media labor; -interdisciplinary approaches for thinking about and analyzing class and labor in information communication technology (ICT), consumer electronics (CE), and media/cultural production; -an overview of global political economic conditions affecting media workers; -reports on chemical environments and their effect on the health of media workers and consumers; -activist scholarship on media and labor, and inspiring stories of resistance and solidarity.

The Ironic Spectator

Solidarity in the Age of Post-Humanitarianism

Author: Lilie Chouliaraki

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Social Science

Page: 248

View: 484

WINNER of the 2015 ICA Outstanding Book Award This path-breaking book explores how solidarity towards vulnerable others is performed in our media environment. It argues that stories where famine is described through our own experience of dieting or or where solidarity with Africa translates into wearing a cool armband tell us about much more than the cause that they attempt to communicate. They tell us something about the ways in which we imagine the world outside ourselves. By showing historical change in Amnesty International and Oxfam appeals, in the Live Aid and Live 8 concerts, in the advocacy of Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie as well as in earthquake news on the BBC, this far-reaching book shows how solidarity has today come to be not about conviction but choice, not vision but lifestyle, not others but ourselves – turning us into the ironic spectators of other people’s suffering.

Forthcoming Books

Author: Rose Arny



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