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A Life's Work

On Becoming a Mother

Author: Rachel Cusk

Publisher: Picador


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

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The experience of motherhood is an experience in contradiction. It is commonplace and it is impossible to imagine. It is prosaic and it is mysterious. It is at once banal, bizarre, compelling, tedious, comic, and catastrophic. To become a mother is to become the chief actor in a drama of human existence to which no one turns up. It is the process by which an ordinary life is transformed unseen into a story of strange and powerful passions, of love and servitude, of confinement and compassion. In a book that is touching, hilarious, provocative, and profoundly insightful, novelist Rachel Cusk attempts to tell something of an old story set in a new era of sexual equality. Cusk's account of a year of modern motherhood becomes many stories: a farewell to freedom, sleep, and time; a lesson in humility and hard work; a journey to the roots of love; a meditation on madness and mortality; and most of all a sentimental education in babies, books, toddler groups, bad advice, crying, breastfeeding, and never being alone.

Congressional Record, Volume 154 Part 18


Publisher: Government Printing Office




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At the Feet of Mother Meera

The Lessons of Silence

Author: Sonia L. Linebaugh

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 155

View: 698

Facing the Challenges of Life

Author: Dr. Irvin Lloyd Francis

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

View: 455

“Facing The Challenges of Life” entails the challenges encountered by a man born in the countryside of Jamaica who was brought up by his grandparents. He lost his grandfather at the age of seventeen. His grandmother had no income, so he worked to support his grandmother and himself while studying for the third Jamaican local examination. After the death of his grandmother, he migrated to the USA with his family where he faced many challenges, which he overcame, and continued to pursue his studies. He attended college and university and obtained his AA, BS, and PhD. After returning from the Department of Health, he returned to his homeland where he embarked on writing this autobiography. He had written several songs while in the USA which have been copyrighted but have not been published yet.

How Good Do You Want to Be?

A Champion's Tips on How to Lead and Succeed at Work and in Life

Author: Nick Saban

Publisher: Ballantine Books


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 240

View: 262

He guided LSU to its first football championship in forty-five years. He turned down countless offers from professional teams to stay with the job he loves. Now Nick Saban reveals the secrets that will help you lead and succeed at work and in life. Excellence doesn’t happen overnight. It comes from hard work, consistency, the drive to be the best, and a passion for what you do. Few understand this better than Nick Saban, the hottest college football coach in the game. Now, in How Good Do You Want to Be?, Saban shares his winning philosophy for creating and inspiring success. In more than three decades as a player and coach, Saban has learned much about life and leadership, both on the field and off. Working alongside some of the game’s legends, including Super Bowl winner Bill Belichick and coaching legend Jerry Glanville, he saw firsthand how great leaders encourage greatness in others. In this candid, insightful guide, he shares such acquired wisdom as • Organization, Organization, Organization Create an environment where everybody knows his or her responsibilities–and each is responsible to the entire group. • Motivate to Dominate Understand the psychology of teams and individuals, and use that knowledge to breed success. • No Other Way than Right Practice ethics and values–and demand the same from your team. • Look in the Mirror Maintain an understanding of who you are by knowing your strengths and your weaknesses. How Good Do You Want to Be? is more than the story of how Nick Saban motivates his staff and players to excel–it is also the memoir of one of America’s most successful coaches. Filled with instructive anecdotes and illuminated by never-before-told stories of his life and career, this is a book that challenges and inspires us all to be our best. From the Hardcover edition.

Family Secrets

Gay Sons¿A Mother¿s Story

Author: Jean M Baker

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 258

View: 386

As a clinical psychologist, Jean Baker had always considered herself open-minded and tolerant, but found she wasn’t prepared for the revelation that her only two children were both gay. Family Secrets is an inspirational story of how she and her family learned to accept one another and overcome their internalized fears and prejudices as well as how they coped with a much greater challenge in their personal lives--HIV/AIDS. Family Secrets is more than a parenting memoir, however. It is a guide that draws upon research and scientific findings to capsize the myths and stereotypes that contribute to societal homophobia. It offers important insight into the developmental needs of gay children, and it discusses the issues faced by gay and lesbian youth and their families. Offering practical suggestions about how parents and schools can help gay, lesbian, and bisexual children grow up to be productive, psychologically healthy adults, Family Secrets discusses the effects of social prejudice and stigma on the social and emotional development of sexual minorities. As long as homophobia is running rampant in American society, gay children are going to be reluctant or afraid to confide in their parents, and parents will have trouble understanding and accepting homosexuality in their children. To end the secrecy and build open and healthy environments for all children and adolescents, this book discusses: tactics for reducing homophobia in non-gay youths promoting tolerance and understanding of sexual minorities at home and in school the effects an AIDS death has on families “coming out” about HIV/AIDS discussing homosexuality with your children, regardless of whether or not they are gay or lesbian sexual orientation and the interaction of biology with experience Because Family Secrets is written from the viewpoint of a parent/psychologist, it offers insights into the developmental needs of gay and lesbian children in a way that no other book has done. School counselors, psychologists, marriage and family counselors, teachers, school administrators, and the parents and siblings of gays and lesbians will all benefit from reading this honest, helpful, and encouraging book.

Life Work Transitions.com

Putting Your Spirit Online

Author: Deborah L. Knox

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 227

View: 576

This survival guide for the 21st century provides a simple and clear approach to the architecture of the Internet--step-by-step lessons and exercises teach the reader how to search for and use career-related sites. The guide prioritizes information for the reader by a tested screening and selection process and includes selected exercises with an interactive format posted on a specially created Website http: //www.lifetransitions.com.

Creating Balance?

International Perspectives on the Work-Life Integration of Professionals

Author: Stephan Kaiser

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 328

View: 597

A satisfactory and healthy integration of work with other life domains is one of the key challenges of modern society. Work-life balance and work-life integration have become focal points of today’s human resource management practice and theory. Professionals who have been described as “extreme workers” regarding their work hours and engagement are under particular pressure to balance work and ”the rest of life”. This collection maps the increasingly extensive discussion of work-life issues for professionals and discusses key aspects in depth. What is work-life integration? What are the specific challenges for professionals? How do they manage their blurred work-life boundaries? How can companies intervene? Internationally leading authors discuss antecedents and individual and organizational outcomes of work-life integration, gender-specific perspectives and challenges as well as the use and usefulness of corporate work-life balance initiatives. In five sections distinguished researchers from across the world present experiences and research findings to provide a compendium of academic and applied research on the work-life integration of professionals. Cutting-edge research and novel theoretical perspectives make this collection a source of knowledge and inspiration for academic and business audiences interested in work-life integration issues in general and in the case of professionals in particular.

Positive Health: Flourishing Lives, Well-Being in Doctors

Author: Marsha W. Snyder M.D. MAPP.

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Medical

Page: 330

View: 531

Medical doctors take so much time taking care of their patients that they often neglect their own bodies and minds. Marsha W. Snyder, M.D., seeks to change that in this guidebook to living a life filled with positivity, satisfaction, and proper exercise. She pays particular attention to the root of the problem: the demands that are placed on future medical professionals in the first year of medical school. With this book, you’ll learn how to: • balance the demands of the workplace, home, and your body; • develop resilience so you can engage in proper self-care and avoid burnout, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other negative outcomes. • cultivate more positive emotions inside and outside the workplace; • engage in positive fitness, movement, and breathing techniques to boost overall health. Increasing positive health in doctors and health care personnel will improve employee and patient satisfaction, decrease the cost of care, reduce employee sick days, and lessen employee turnover. Whether you’re a medical student, medical educator, administrator or an active practitioner, you’ll live a longer and happier life by following the advice in Positive Health: Flourishing Lives, Well-Being in Doctors.

The Shattered Heart

A Mother's Infinite Love

Author: Rose Monreal

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 120

View: 324

It was almost midnight when Rose Monreal received the dreaded phone call informing her that her only child Steven was killed in a car accident. For the next several years, Rose entered a period in her life that drove her to the edge of insanity. How does one cope with the loss of a child? The Shattered Heart A Mother's Infinite Love tells the deeply moving true story of unimaginable pain. It is a story that begins in the darkest moments of grief and feelings of guilt, a story that captures the daily struggle of living life without her child and her own desire to "end it all." Finally, it is a story of the healing power of faith that transformed Rose to be able to accept and live another day. The Shattered Heart A Mothers Infinite Love is filled with original poems, songs, and art. It is an inspiring story that captures the extraordinary power of God who gives us the solace and the courage to face the darkest chapters of our lives.

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