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Actioning - and How to Do It

Author: Nick Moseley

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848424234


Page: 160

View: 2111

Actioning - and How to Do It is the indispensable companion to a vital component in every actor's toolkit. Actioning is one of the most widely used rehearsal techniques for actors. It helps bring clarity to every moment or thought in the text, energising rehearsals and bringing performances to life. Actioning will enable you to discover and unlock newfound energy, range, variety and clarity of body and voice, by: Interrogating the text and making initial action verb choices Playing your chosen actions, both verbally and physically Maintaining an imaginative and emotional connection with each moment Signposting each thought to your scene partner From the publishers of the internationally successful Actions: The Actors' Thesaurus, this is the first in-depth exploration of Actioning for student actors, those who train them, and professionals working in the industry, whether they're brand new to the technique or have been practising it for years. This step-by-step guide draws on concepts from Stanislavsky, using sample scenes from classic plays such as The Seagull and The Importance of Being Earnest, as well as contemporary pieces, and is filled with exercises to demonstrate the technique at work.


The Actors' Thesaurus

Author: Marina Caldarone,Maggie Lloyd-Williams

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

ISBN: 9781854596741

Category: Drama

Page: 158

View: 7086

A vital companion for actors in rehearsal - a thesaurus of action-words to revitalise performance, with a foreword by Terry Johnson. Finding the right action is an essential part of the process of preparation for the actor. Using this thesaurus of active verbs, the actor can refine the action-word until s/he hits exactly the right one to help make the action come alive. The method of 'actioning' is widely used in rehearsal rooms, but has never before been set down in a systematic and comprehensive way. 'If you want to act, or act better, Actions will take you a long way on the journey to excellence' Terry Johnson

Inner Monologue in Acting

Author: R. Roznowski

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137354291

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 223

View: 8314

What should an actor be thinking onstage? This overlooked, important question is the crux of this new book that combines psychological theory, numerous practical exercises, and a thorough and wide-reaching examination of inner monologue in various forms including film, musical theatre, and comedy.

An Actor's Craft

The Art and Technique of Acting

Author: David Krasner

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 0230357725

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 224

View: 785

This inspirational guide for advanced acting students brings together multiple ways of creating excellence in performance. David Krasner provides tried and tested exercises, a history of actor training and explores the complex relationships between acting theories and teachers. Drawing on examples from personal experience as an actor, director and teacher, An Actor's Craft begins with the building blocks of mind, body and voice, moving through emotional triggers and improvisation, to a final section bringing these techniques together in approaching a role. Each chapter contains accompanying exercises that the actor should practice daily. Combining theory and practice, this thought-provoking and challenging study of acting techniques and theories is for actors who have grasped the basics and now want to develop their knowledge and training further.

Theater for Beginners

Author: Richard Maxwell

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

ISBN: 1559367180

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 96

View: 8087

A unique meditation on the art and practice of theater, from one of its most original thinkers and practitioners.

Actors' Yearbook 2013 - Essential Contacts for Stage, Screen and Radio

Author: Hilary Lissenden,Simon Dunmore

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408175193

Category: Drama

Page: 496

View: 979

Actors' Yearbook is an established and respected directory that enables actors to find work in stage, screen and radio. It is the only directory to provide detailed information for each listing and specific advice on how to approach companies and individuals, saving hours of further research. From agents and casting directors to producing theatres, showreel companies and photographers, Actors' Yearbook editorially selects only the most relevant and reputable contacts for the actor. Articles and commentaries provide valuable insight into the profession: auditions, interviews and securing work alongside a casting calendar and advice on contracts and finance. This is an incredibly useful professional tool in an industry where contacts and networking are key to career survival. The listings detailed in this edition have been thoroughly updated alongside fresh advice from industry experts.

Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power

Everything You Need to Know about the Law of Attraction

Author: Bob Doyle

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing

ISBN: 9781612830582

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

View: 4778

Wondering how to make the Law of Attraction work in your life? With the publication of The Secret, the Law of Attraction has become a worldwide phenomenon. Yet, many people are still not getting the results they want and have been left disappointed and confused. Now motivational coach Bob Doyle, one of the teachers featured in the film version of The Secret, dispels the misconceptions and myths about the Law of Attraction and offers a practical, easy-to-use program for creating abundance and happiness. Doyle addresses head-on the objections, questions, and comments that many still have about creating abundance to get the things they want in life. Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power is a down-to-earth, no-hype, motivational approach to take control of your life and get the things you want. Doyle makes it clear that the Law is not a personal development tool you can use the right way or the wrong way; it's a profound statement of how energy works in the universe. It has to do with paying attention, recognizing where you are, and aggressively striving for what you want. It is all about passion, vision, and purpose. Get clear on your vision for your life, and follow a step-by-step plan to live your life by design.

Immunity to Change

How to Overcome It and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organization

Author: Robert Kegan,Lisa Laskow Lahey

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 1422129470

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 340

View: 5671

A recent study showed that when doctors tell heart patients they will die if they don't change their habits, only one in seven will be able to follow through successfully. Desire and motivation aren't enough: even when it's literally a matter of life or death, the ability to change remains maddeningly elusive. Given that the status quo is so potent, how can we change ourselves and our organizations? In Immunity to Change, authors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey show how our individual beliefs--along with the collective mind-sets in our organizations--combine to create a natural but powerful immunity to change. By revealing how this mechanism holds us back, Kegan and Lahey give us the keys to unlock our potential and finally move forward. And by pinpointing and uprooting our own immunities to change, we can bring our organizations forward with us. This persuasive and practical book, filled with hands-on diagnostics and compelling case studies, delivers the tools you need to overcome the forces of inertia and transform your life and your work.

The Moving Body (Le Corps Poetique)

Teaching Creative Theatre

Author: Jacques Lecoq

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408141183

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 192

View: 6612

'In life I want students to be alive and on stage I want them to be artists' Jacques Lecoq Jacques Lecoq was one of the most inspirational theatre teachers of our age. The International Theatre School he founded in Paris remains an unrivalled centre for the art of physical theatre. In The Moving Body, Lecoq shares his unique philosophy of performance, improvisation, masks, movement and gesture which together form one of the greatest influences on contemporary theatre. Neutral mask, character mask, and counter masks, bouffons, acrobatics and commedia, clowns and complicity: all the famous Lecoq techniques are covered here - techniques that have made their way into the work of former collaborators and students inluding Dario Fo, Julie Taymor, Ariane Mnouchkine, Yasmina Reza and Theatre de Complicité. This paperback edition contains a Foreword by Simon McBurney, Artistic Director of Complicité and an Afterword by Fay Lecoq, Director of the International Theatre School in Paris.

A Life-coaching Approach to Screen Acting

Author: Daniel Dresner

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350039446

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 176

View: 7360

Combining life-coaching and screen-acting tools and techniques in one accessible handbook, this guide empowers actors to overcome personal inhibitions and approach their work, characters and careers with the assuredness to produce powerful, real and believable acting on screen. Structured to build confidence and understanding of yourself before you take on the role of someone else, this book offers the tools and techniques to give you the necessary conviction and self-assurance to perform uninhibited. Dresner then examines essential elements of a screen actor's craft, such as emotions, imagination, nerves, focus, listening, improvisation and line-learning. Published in partnership with The Actor's Centre, the book includes online videos of coaching sessions with professional actors and is ideal for readers and teachers looking to replicate the method in their own training.

The Electric Baby

Author: Stefanie Zadravec

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

ISBN: 0822230119

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 60

View: 1772

When Helen causes a car accident that kills a young man, a group of fractured souls cross paths and connect around a mysterious dying baby who glows like the moon. Folk tales and folklore weave throughout this magical story of sad endings, strange beginnings and the unlikely people that get you from one place to the next.

The Actor and the Target

Author: Declan Donnellan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781559362856

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 287

View: 6135

Dramatic Adventures in Rhetoric

A Guide for Actors, Directors and Playwrights

Author: Giles Taylor,Phlip Wilson

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 1783198176

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

View: 8456

A practical and accessible guide to identifying and using rhetorical devices in plays, past and present. An unprecedented reference book for actors, directors, playwrights and teachers – written by practitioners for practitioners. Giles Taylor and Philip Wilson address in detail – yet in straightforward terms – the many different rhetorical forms used in drama, and enable the reader to analyze their effect. The study of rhetoric can give an insight into character and intention, thereby unlocking a text for a performer or director, and providing inspiration for contemporary playwrights. Dramatic Adventures in Rhetoric may be read from cover to cover, or it may be dipped into: it is both an analytic tool and a reference for use in the rehearsal room or for study purposes. The book includes hundreds of examples, from almost 300 plays by 140 playwrights from the Renaissance to the modern day.

The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit

Author: Bella Merlin

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

ISBN: 9781848424067

Category: Method acting

Page: 340

View: 8887

A revised and updated edition of Bella Merlin's essential guide to Stanislavsky. The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit collects together for the first time the terms and ideas developed by Stanislavsky throughout his career. It is organised into three sections: Actor-Training, Rehearsal Processes and Performance Practices. Key terms are explained and defined as they naturally occur in this process. They are illustrated with examples from both his own work and that of other practitioners. Each stage of the process is explored with sequences of practical exercises designed to help today's actors and students become thoroughly familiar with the tools in Stanislavsky's toolkit. 'Bella Merlin magically converts her extensive knowledge into real-world practice and on-the-floor technique.

Dramatic Writing Masterclasses

Key Advice from the Industry Masters

Author: Jennifer Tuckett

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 1783193255

Category: Reference

Page: 128

View: 8052

Dramatic Writing Masterclasses: Key Advice from the Industry Masters brings together the advice of the professionals who have led the way in dramatic writing training in the UK. Including Ola Animashawun, founder of the Royal Court Theatre’s Young Writers Programme Stephen Jeffreys, Literary Associate at the Royal Court Theatre for eleven years and creator of Masterclasses which have led the way in Playwriting training in the UK Caroline Jester, who has been Dramaturg at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, co-author of the book Playwriting Across the Curriculum and has pioneered collaborative and digital playwriting programmes worldwide Fin Kennedy, winner of the first Fringe First award ever awarded to a schools production and co-Artistic Director of Tamasha Theatre Company Kate Ro wland, founder of BBC Writersroom Philip Shelley, instigator of the Channel 4 screenwriting course Nina Steiger, Associate Director at the Soho Theatre Jennifer Tuckett, Course Leader for Drama Centre London at Central Saint Martins’ new MA Dramatic Writing Course Steve Winter, Director of the Kevin Spacey Foundation and co-creator of the Old Vic New Voices 24 Hour Plays and TS Eliot US/UK Exchange John Yo rke, creator of the BBC Writers Academy and former Head of Channel 4 Drama and Controller of BBC Drama Production Suitable for writers, students, teachers, the industry and anyone with an interest in dramatic writing, the book offers key advice on writing for theatre, film, television, radio and digital media.

A Practical Handbook for the Actor

Author: Melissa Bruder

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307499138

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 112

View: 7691

This simple and essential book about the craft of acting describes a technique developed and refined by the authors, all of them young actors, in their work with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet, actor W. H. Macy, and director Gregory Mosher. A Practical Handbook for the Actor is written for any actor who has ever experienced the frustrations of acting classes that lacked clarity and objectivity, and that failed to provide a dependable set of tools. An actor's job, the authors state, is to "find a way to live truthfully under the imaginary circumstances of the play." The ways in which an actor can attain that truth form the substance of this eloquent book. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Wonderbook (Revised and Expanded)

The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction

Author: Jeff VanderMeer

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 1613124635

Category: Reference

Page: 352

View: 8979

Wonderbook has become the definitive guide to writing science fiction and fantasy by offering an accessible, example-rich approach that emphasizes the importance of playfulness as well as pragmatism. It also exploits the visual nature of genre culture and employs bold, full-color drawings, maps, renderings, and visualizations to stimulate creative thinking. On top of all that, the book features sidebars and essays from some of the biggest names working in the field today, including George R. R. Martin, Lev Grossman, Neil Gaiman, Michael Moorcock, and Karen Joy Fowler. For the fifth anniversary of the original publication, Jeff VanderMeer has added an additional 50 pages of diagrams, illustrations, and writing exercises creating the ultimate volume of inspiring advice that is also a stunning and inspiring object.

Backwards and Forwards

A Technical Manual for Reading Plays

Author: David Ball

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809311101

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 96

View: 1285

Explains how plays are structured, looks at theatrical exposition, theme, and images, and shows how to analyze a play and understand its production

The Power of Movement

Stage Composition and Blocking

Author: Tracy Lybbert

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781505285031


Page: 30

View: 6924

The performers tools are the body and voice. A diversified program will explore the stage and movement possibilities giving a wider range of tools for performers to express characterization. Students will learn stage composition, blocking, and various movement techniques. Students will ... Employ stage movement consistently to express thoughts, feelings, and actions, Identify the nine basic stage areas of a proscenium stage, Understand Stage Positions and Grouping, Demonstrate how Sets and Scenery supports movement, Define and give examples of theatrical conventions, Perform with awareness of Focus and Stage Composition, Effectively use Stage Business to move action forward, and Understand Blocking notation. The power of movement is explored in this unit as students effectively master the basic skills of the performer and move into advanced scene and production work. Stage Geography is the precursor for this unit.

Saving Social Care

How to Find More of the Best Frontline Care Employees and Keep the Ones You Have

Author: Neil Eastwood

Publisher: Rethink Press

ISBN: 9781781332436

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 234

View: 5913

Recruiting and retaining a caring workforce to keep pace with the needs of an ageing society is one of the greatest challenges we face. At the same time, traditional methods of finding suitable care staff are delivering diminishing returns. The future of every care provider depends on solving this problem fast. Start now by reading this book.

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