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Actioning - and How to Do It

Author: Nick Moseley




Page: 160

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Actioning - and How to Do It is the indispensable companion to a vital component in every actor's toolkit. Actioning is one of the most widely used rehearsal techniques for actors. It helps bring clarity to every moment or thought in the text, energising rehearsals and bringing performances to life. Actioning will enable you to discover and unlock newfound energy, range, variety and clarity of body and voice, by: Interrogating the text and making initial action verb choices Playing your chosen actions, both verbally and physically Maintaining an imaginative and emotional connection with each moment Signposting each thought to your scene partner From the publishers of the internationally successful Actions: The Actors' Thesaurus, this is the first in-depth exploration of Actioning for student actors, those who train them, and professionals working in the industry, whether they're brand new to the technique or have been practising it for years. This step-by-step guide draws on concepts from Stanislavsky, using sample scenes from classic plays such as The Seagull and The Importance of Being Earnest, as well as contemporary pieces, and is filled with exercises to demonstrate the technique at work.

Directing - a Handbook for Emerging Theatre Directors

Author: Rob Swain

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 336

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The theatre director is one of the most critical roles in a successful drama company, yet there are no formal qualifications required for entry into this profession. This practical guide for emerging theatre directors answers all the key questions from the very beginning of your career to key stages as you establish your credentials and get professionally recognized. It analyzes the director's role through relationships with the actors, author, designer, production manager and creative teams and provides vital advice for "on-the-job" situations where professional experience is invaluable. The book also provides an overview of the many approaches to acting methodology without focusing on any in particular to allow the director to develop their own unique methods of working with any actor's style. Each chapter includes these key features: * Introduces important theories, identifies practitioners and provides key reading to provide an overview of historic and current practice. * Interviews with leading practitioners and emerging directors. * Suggested exercises to develop the director's own approach and practical skills.

Defiance in Taxation and Governance

Resisting and Dismissing Authority in a Democracy

Author: Valerie A. Braithwaite

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing


Category: Political Science

Page: 384

View: 299

[Valerie] Braithwaite merges her considerable knowledge of a wide range of disciplines to produce an exemplar of interdisciplinary research. The use of the taxation system as the basis for analysis of how people manage their relationship with authority is effective and produces a much-needed addition to the behavioural literature. While the book is primarily about defiance in taxation, many instances of non-taxation related defiance are included, which provides excellent support and extension of the tax-based arguments. Braithwaite has produced an excellent example of a book that is grounded in the extant literature, while expanding our understanding of the importance of understanding the behaviours that drive defiance. The aim of the book is to show how authorities can live symbiotically with defiance and she achieves this superbly, illustrating how improved satisfaction with the process can minimise defiance. Lisa Marriott, Pacific Accounting Review This innovative book presents a theory of tax defiance, integrating five years of research on people s hopes, fears and expectations of the tax system and the authority that administers it. Valerie Braithwaite makes a major contribution to regulatory theory by mapping the psychological processes of defiance. At the heart of the analysis is the concept of motivational posturing signals sent to indicate how favourably an authority is viewed and readiness to defer to an authority's demands. The author explains how resistant defiance expresses disapproval of the way an authority operates and signals to government the need to improve performance to win back public confidence. Resistance weakens as the authority claws back its institutional integrity. Dismissive defiance, on the other hand, is challenging and undermining, and is not so responsive. The book argues for institutional reforms that are both mindful of grievance and of alternative authorities that challenge power. It illustrates that in delivering institutional reform, commitment to democratic principles and integrity of government will enable authorities to argue their case for community co-operation where appropriate. Finally, the book goes on to show that power sharing is likely to be a more apt remedy when dismissive defiance is entrenched. Safeguarding these deliberations in mature democracies are moral obligation and social capital, both of which are likely to erode when authorities show neither justice nor wisdom in handling defiance. This unique and innovative example of how psychology can be integrated into new institutional theory and public policy practice will prove an interesting read for scholars, students and researchers in the fields of regulatory studies, economics, public policy and public finance, politics and psychology.

Foundations for Health Promotion E-Book

Author: Jennie Naidoo

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Medical

Page: 328

View: 527

Hugely popular with students, Health Promotion is now in its third edition, and has been thoroughly updated to provide the theoretical framework that is vital for health promotion. It offers a foundation for practice that encourages students and practitioners to identify opportunities for health promotion in their area of work. • Fully updated to reflect the many changes in health promotion theory, practice and policy • Illustrative examples, activities and discussion points encourage interaction and reflection • Unique, user-friendly approach makes learning easy Fully revised and updated information, guidelines, and reference provide the latest information for clinical practice. New illustrations clarify important health promotion concepts.

Planning and Managing a Corporate Event

Author: Karen Lindsey

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

View: 665

Includes the Ultimate Tick List, A-Z Survival Guide, 50 Top Tips and Useful Contacts. This book provides comprehensive and expert guidance on planning and managing a corporate event. It is written as a support text for students studying event management and to provide a practical guide for aspiring event organisers along with administrators, secretaries and personal assistants who are required to organise events as part of their job role. Within this book and its numerous check lists you will discover how to: * Become a proficient event organiser and consistently achieve excellent results with the least amount of fuss, stress and worry. * Consider the step-by-step process from beginning to end for a wide range of events including conferences, award ceremonies, parties, team building, activities, family fun days and press and product launches. * Deliberate all aspects of an event including the event brief, location, costing, theming and logistics. * Apply Health & Safety standards without the headache and take Sustainability measures in your stride. * Competently manage the event on site including tips on what to do when things don't go to plan. * avoid time-consuming and frustrating pitfalls.

Actors' Voices: The People Behind the Perfomances

The People Behind the Performances

Author: Patrick O'Kane

Publisher: Oberon Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 949

In conversation with Patrick O’Kane, eleven experienced actors who have made a living, a life, in theatre, television and film, share their process, comment on their experiences and consider their role as theatre artists within the broader spectrum of Art and Culture. Contributors, who have worked across a range of forms from mainstream theatre to experimental performance practice, include: Claire Price, Ruairi Conaghan, Mojisola Adebayo, Tim Crouch, Olwen Fouéré, Gerrard McArthur, Gabriel Gawin, Selina Cadell, Simon Russell Beale, Paterson Joseph and Jim Norton. A book that actors can mine for tips on craftsmanship and the business. A book that reveals to directors which approaches enable actors and which block them. A book that calls the UK industry to attention: actors should be embraced as primary creators along with the writer, director and designer of any production. “The book is a rare creature, offering privileged and disarmingly frank encounters with the people behind the performances. It will engage anyone involved in or in love with theatre – practitioners, critics, customers, administrators, agents, teachers, students” – Irish Theatre “An excellent exposé of the trials and tribulations, joys and insecurities of a life on the stage.” – British Theatre Guide “Plenty of tips here both on actor craftsmanship and on how the industry works... the real strength of O’Kane’s book is its breadth” – The Stage "This is a book about the precious dedication that makes this profession ancient and new. A clutch of wonderful minds provoked, represent the important ongoing conversation about stories, skill and life. It’s a treat." – Fiona Shaw

The Rushdie Fatwa and After

A Lesson to the Circumspect

Author: B. Winston

Publisher: Springer


Category: Philosophy

Page: 173

View: 956

This resounding defence of the principles of free expression revisits the Satanic Verses uproar of 1989, as well as subsequent incidents such as the Danish cartoons controversy, to argue that the human right of free speech is by no means so secure that it can be taken for granted.

The New Successful Large Account Management

How to Hold Onto Your Most Important Customers and Turn Them Into Long-term Assets

Author: Robert B. Miller

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers


Category: Customer relations

Page: 213

View: 975

"With limited resources and increasing competition, managing strategic accounts requires a focused strategy, plan, and process. Developed collaboratively with world-class sales forces, the Large Account Management Process provides an enduring framework for protecting and growing your most important customer relationships." - Damon Jones, COO, Miller Heiman, Inc. "The Large Account Management Process has implemented a discipline that allows people to work together and communicate, setting strategies and sales goals that benefit both our customers and our own company." - Joseph L Cash, senior vice president of sales, Equifax Corporation "Miller Heiman's Large Account Management Process delivers a disciplined process for gathering the information required to really understand the trends impacting our largest clients. This critical information defines the strategies that provide long-term customer value and drive consistently superior business results." - Paul Wichman, vice president and senior division sales manager, Schwab Institution 'The New Successful Large Account Management' now in its third edition, is thoroughly revised and updated and takes into consideration recent changes in the industry. This hard-hitting and no-nonsense book advises you how to best manage your most important business accounts. The authors of the best-selling books The New Strategic Selling and The New Conceptual Selling provide comprehensive and practical lessons that will help you to protect and improve your most crucial customer relationships. By following their clearly definied and dynamic approach to the account planning process, you will learn how to devise a strategic action plan to manage your key accounts; manage them effectively and profitably; build long term client relationships; climb ahead of competitors and move your relationship up the buy-sell hierarchy. Whatever business you're in, this excellent book shows you how to protect those crucial accounts that you can't afford to lose.

Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation For Dummies

Author: Roger Burghall

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 328

View: 477

Use Lean Six Sigma to transform your business. Lean Six Sigma is a powerful method for improving both theefficiency and quality of projects and operations. In this newbook, the team that bought you Lean Six Sigma For Dummiesshows you how to take Lean Six Sigma to the next level and managecontinual change in your organization. You'll learn to design aroadmap for transformation that's tailored to your businessobjectives; develop and implement processes that eliminate wasteand variation across the company; synchronize your supply chain;and successfully deploy Lean Six Sigma over time. Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation For Dummies showsyou how to: Define your transformation objectives and create a bespoke'Transformation Charter' for your organization. Assess your company's readiness for transformation. Establish a 'Transformation Governance System' to help youmanage the transformation programme effectively. Bring your people with you! Plan and achieve the culturalchange needed to make the transformation process successful. Join up the dots between planning and effective execution withStrategy Deployment. Deploy a 'Continuous Improvement' toolkit to achieve everydayoperational excellence. Sustain the transformation programme and widen the scope acrossthe organization (including deploying to the supply chain). Adopt a 'Capability Maturity Approach' to drive businessimprovement – recognizing that change is a continuoustransformational journey, just as pioneers like Toyota havedone. Use a range of Lean Six Sigma Tools – using the righttools, at the right time (and in the right order!) enablescontinuous improvement by eliminating waste and processvariation.

Happiness is a Ticked Off List!

The Comprehensive Guide on how to Organise and Manage a Perfect Corporate Event

Author: Karen Lindsey

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd


Category: Special events

Page: 232

View: 868

Written by a respected British professional with twenty one years experience of organising events for blue chip companies, she shares her knowledge, demonstrates fail safe processes and provides insider tips on how to survive the many trials and tribulations of life as a proficient event organiser.

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