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Author: David Johnson

Publisher: Borgo Design

ISBN: 9780996878364

Category: History

Page: 472

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An introduction to archaeology in Alabama covering all aspects in one well organized and easily accessible volume. Alabama's Prehistoric Indians and Artifacts is the one reference anyone with an interest in Alabama archaeology should have.

Prehistoric Indians of the Southeast

Archaeology of Alabama and the Middle South

Author: John A. Walthall

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 9780817305529

Category: Social Science

Page: 313

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This book deals with the prehistory of the region encompassed by the present state of Alabama and spans a period of some 11,000 years—from 9000 B.C. and the earliest documented appearance of human beings in the area to A.D. 1750, when the early European settlements were well established. Only within the last five decades have remains of these prehistoric peoples been scientifically investigated. This volume is the product of intensive archaeological investigations in Alabama by scores of amateur and professional researchers. It represents no end product but rather is an initial step in our ongoing study of Alabama's prehistoric past. The extent of current industrial development and highway construction within Alabama and the damming of more and more rivers and streams underscore the necessity that an unprecedented effort be made to preserve the traces of prehistoric human beings that are destroyed every day by our own progress.

Indian-artifact Magazine

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Alabama History

An Annotated Bibliography

Author: Lynda Brown,Donald B. Dodd,Lloyd H. Cornett, Jr.,Alma D. Steading

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313282232

Category: History

Page: 438

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The first comprehensive bibliography on Alabama since 1898.

The World and Its Peoples: U.S.A.

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Sun Circles and Human Hands

The Southeastern Indians Art and Industries

Author: Emma Lila Fundaburk,Mary Douglass Fundaburk Foreman

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 0817310770

Category: History

Page: 232

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From utilitarian arrowheads to beautiful stone effigy pipes to ornately-carved shell disks, the photographs and drawings in Sun Circles and Human Hands present the archaeological record of the art and native crafts of the prehistoric southeastern Indians, painstakingly compiled in the 1950s by two sisters who traveled the eastern United States interviewing archaeologists and collectors and visiting the major repositories. Although research over the last 50 years has disproven many of the early theories reported in the text—which were not the editors' theories but those of the archaeologists of the day—the excellent illustrations of objects no longer available for examination have more than validated the lasting worth of this popular book.

Alabama Indians (Paperback)

Author: Carole Marsh,Gallopade International

Publisher: Gallopade International

ISBN: 9780635022462

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 36

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One of the most popular misconceptions about American Indians is that they are all the same-one homogenous group of people who look alike, speak the same language, and share the same customs and history. Nothing could be further from the truth! This book gives kids an A-Z look at the Native Americans that shaped their state's history. From tribe to tribe, there are large differences in clothing, housing, life-styles, and cultural practices. Help kids explore Native American history by starting with the Native Americans that might have been in their very own backyard! Some of the activities include crossword puzzles, fill in the blanks, and decipher the code.

Arrowheads and Spear Points in the Prehistoric Southeast

A Guide to Understanding Cultural Artifacts

Author: Linda Crawford Culberson

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781604734850

Category: Social Science

Page: 117

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The Native American tribes of what is now the southeastern United States left intriguing relics of their ancient cultural life. Arrowheads, spear points, stone tools, and other artifacts are found in newly plowed fields, on hillsides after a fresh rain, or in washed-out creek beds. These are tangible clues to the anthropology of the Paleo-Indians, and the highly developed Mississippian peoples. This indispensable guide to identifying and understanding such finds is for conscientious amateur archeologists who make their discoveries in surface terrain. Many are eager to understand the culture that produced the artifact, what kind of people created it, how it was made, how old it is, and what its purpose was. Here is a handbook that seeks identification through the clues of cultural history. In discussing materials used, the process of manufacture, and the relationship between the artifacts and the environments, it reveals ancient discoveries to be not merely interesting trinkets but by-products from the once vital societies in areas that are now Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, the Carolinas, as well as in southeastern Texas, southern Missouri, southern Illinois, and southern Indiana. The text is documented by more than a hundred drawings in the actual size of the artifacts, as well as by a glossary of archeological terms and a helpful list of state and regional archeological societies.

Alabama; a Guide to the Deep South

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Publisher: Best Books on

ISBN: 1623760011


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Compiled by workers of the Writers' Program of the Works Projects Administration in the State of Alabama. Sponsored by the Alabama State Planning Commission.

Prehistoric America

Author: Marquis de Nadaillac,Jean-François-Albert du Pouget marquis de Nadaillac,William Healey Dall,N. D'Advers

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 0817352724

Category: History

Page: 566

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A classic volume on the early study of American Indians. With the settling of the New World, word spread throughout Europe of the native inhabitants, their artifacts, communities, and culturals. Prehistoric America by Marquis de Nadaillac is a prime example of a classic work of the period that addressed the antiquity of humans in the New World, drawing upon the full range of scientific data compiled on the inhabitants and their cultures. The proximity of human remains with those of extinct animals was still a very recent finding, even in the Old World. Nadaillac’s early attempts at cross-cultural comparison and theoretical explanations make this work valid despite the advances of modern-day scholarship. This work was originally published in French in 1883 and translated into English in 1884.

Antiquities of the Southern Indians, Particularly of the Georgia Tribes

Author: Charles C. Jones,Frank T. Schnell

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 0817310045

Category: Social Science

Page: 534

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Long a classic of southeastern archaeology, Charles Jones'sAntiquities of the Southern Indians was a groundbreaking work that linked historic tribes with prehistoric "antiquities." Published in 1873, it predated the work of Cyrus Thomas and Clarence Moore and remains a rich resource for modern scholars.

Prehistoric Projectile Points Found Along the Atlantic Coastal Plain

Author: Wm Jack Hranicky

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 1612330223

Category: Social Science

Page: 282

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This publication was written to provide a source for archaeological projectile point typology for a region of the U.S. that over the years has been traditionally divided into: Northeast culture area Middle Atlantic culture area Southeastern culture area These divisions are based primarily on lithic technology and settlement patterns. While this focus tends to serve archaeological investigations, most of the prehistoric Indian habitation/occupation requires greater definition and appraisal from other sources within the archaeological community. Even among artifact collectors, there is a tendency to parcel these areas into the classic culture area concepts. This publication makes no attempts to refocus archaeology, but to show the vast overlaps of numerous point technologies. This is especially true over time; so that, for lithic point technology in general, there is a Panindian focus that can be applied to almost every tool type along the Atlantic Coast. This publication provides most of the published types from along the Atlantic seaboard. Each type has a basic description and the illustration is an ideal point for that type. A set of point references is provided; these make excellent (and needed) sources for the study of projectile point studies.

Copper artifacts in late eastern Woodlands prehistory

Author: Claire Garber Goodman,Anne-Marie E. Cantwell

Publisher: Center for Amer Archeology Pr

ISBN: 9780942118162

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 104

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The World of Southern Indians

Author: Virginia Pounds Brown,Laurella Owens

Publisher: NewSouth Books

ISBN: 1588382524

Category: History

Page: 175

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Out of print for years and after thousands of copies sold, NewSouth brings an important resource for young readersThe World of Southern Indiansback into print.

Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Sales 169, 172, 175, 178, and 182, Central Planning Area [AL,LA,MS,TX]

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Lösegeld für Mercy Carter

Author: Caroline B. Cooney

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783551581167


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Kampf der kanadischen Indianer gegen die Einwanderer: Im Jahre 1704 herrscht in Europa Krieg zwischen Frankreich und England, der auf die Kolonien in der Neuen Welt übergreift. Die Indianer kämpfen auf der Seite der Franzosen. Mohawks überfallen eine englische Siedlung, morden und brandschatzen und entführen viele Gefangene, vor allem Kinder in die Wildnis. Eindrücklich wird der lange Marsch durch Schnee und Eis zu den Indianersiedlungen geschildert. Die Gefangenen sind hin und hergerissen: Sollen sie sich mit ihren Entführern solidarisieren oder ihnen trotzen? Die Erlebnisse der 14-jährigen Mercy dienen der Schriftstellerin als Grundlage der schauerlichen Geschichte. Diese ungeschminkte Erzählung wird geschichtsinteressierten Jugendlichen ab 14 Jahren gefallen. Ab 14 Jahren, gut, Hanspeter Kiefer.

Women of the American South

A Multicultural Reader

Author: Christie Farnham

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814726549

Category: History

Page: 319

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WITH A NEW POSTSCRIPT Situated between Greece on the south, the former Yugoslavia on the north and east, and the Adriatic Sea on the west, Albania is the country the world forgot. Throughout this century, Albania has been perceived as primitive and isolationist by its neighbors to the west. When the country ended fifty years of communist rule in 1992, few outsiders took interest. Deemed unworthy of membership in the European Union and overlooked by multinational corporations, Albania stands today as one of the poorest and most ignored countries in Europe. Miranda Vickers and James Pettifer take us behind the veil of former President Enver Hoxha's isolationist policies to examine the historic events leading up to Albania's transition to a parliamentary government. Beginning with Hoxha's death in 1985, Albania traces the last decade of Albania's shaky existence, from the anarchy and chaos of the early nineties to the victory of the Democratic Alliance in 1992 and the programs of the current government. The authors provide us with an analysis of how the moral, religious, economic, political and cultural identity of the Albanian people is being redefined, and leave no question that the future of Albania is inextricably linked to the future of the Balkans as a whole. In short, they tell us why Albania matters.

An Anthropological Bibliography of the Eastern Seaboard

Author: Eastern States Archeological Federation (U.S.),John Mann Goggin

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Know your America

a guide to every state in the Union

Author: Marion Patton,Mary Sherwin

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Das verlorene Medaillon


Author: Ellen Marie Wiseman

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 3492974929

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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Angesichts des Elends, das in der Bergarbeiterstadt Coal River herrscht, ist Emma Malloy fassungslos. Selbst Waise, geht ihr besonders das Schicksal der Kinder zu Herzen, die halb verhungert und unter Lebensgefahr in den Kohlenminen schuften müssen. Gegen den Willen ihrer wohlhabenden Verwandten, bei denen Emma seit dem Tod ihrer Eltern lebt, verteilt sie heimlich Nahrungsmittel an die Ärmsten und bringt den Kindern Lesen und Schreiben bei. Eines Tages trifft sie dabei auf den Arbeiter Clayton Nash, der sie vor der Kohlekompanie warnt, denn die duldet keine Einmischung ...

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