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Algorithms and Data Structures in VLSI Design

OBDD - Foundations and Applications

Author: Christoph Meinel,Thorsten Theobald

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642589405

Category: Computers

Page: 268

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One of the main problems in chip design is the enormous number of possible combinations of individual chip elements within a system, and the problem of their compatibility. The recent application of data structures, efficient algorithms, and ordered binary decision diagrams (OBDDs) has proven vital in designing the computer chips of tomorrow. This book provides an introduction to the foundations of this interdisciplinary research area, emphasizing its applications in computer aided circuit design.

Computer Science - Theory and Applications

9th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia, CSR 2014, Moscow, Russia, June 7-11, 2014. Proceedings

Author: Edward Hirsch,Sergei O. Kuznetsov,Jean-Éric Pin,Nikolay Vereshchagin

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319066862

Category: Computers

Page: 389

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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 9th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia, CSR 2014, held in Moscow, Russia, in June 2014. The 27 full papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 76 submissions. In addition the book contains 4 invited lectures. The scope of the proposed topics is quite broad and covers a wide range of areas in theoretical computer science and its applications.

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2000

25th International Symposium, MFCS 2000 Bratislava, Slovakia, August 28 - September 1, 2000 Proceedings

Author: Mogens Nielsen,Branislav Rovan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540679014

Category: Computers

Page: 710

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This volume contains papers selected for presentation at the Silver Jubilee 25th Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

Memory-Based Logic Synthesis

Author: Tsutomu Sasao

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781441981042

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 189

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This book describes the synthesis of logic functions using memories. It is useful to design field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) that contain both small-scale memories, called look-up tables (LUTs), and medium-scale memories, called embedded memories. This is a valuable reference for both FPGA system designers and CAD tool developers, concerned with logic synthesis for FPGAs.

Binary Decision Diagrams and Applications for VLSI CAD

Author: Shin-ichi Minato

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792396529

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 142

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Symbolic Boolean manipulation using binary decision diagrams (BDDs) has been successfully applied to a wide variety of tasks, particularly in very large scale integration (VLSI) computer-aided design (CAD). The concept of decision graphs as an abstract representation of Boolean functions dates back to the early work by Lee and Akers. In the last ten years, BDDs have found widespread use as a concrete data structure for symbolic Boolean manipulation. With BDDs, functions can be constructed, manipulated, and compared by simple and efficient graph algorithms. Since Boolean functions can represent not just digital circuit functions, but also such mathematical domains as sets and relations, a wide variety of CAD problems can be solved using BDDs. `Binary Decision Diagrams and Applications for VLSI CAD provides valuable information for both those who are new to BDDs as well as to long time aficionados.' -from the Foreword by Randal E. Bryant. `Over the past ten years ... BDDs have attracted the attention of many researchers because of their suitability for representing Boolean functions. They are now widely used in many practical VLSI CAD systems. ... this book can serve as an introduction to BDD techniques and ... it presents several new ideas on BDDs and their applications. ... many computer scientists and engineers will be interested in this book since Boolean function manipulation is a fundamental technique not only in digital system design but also in exploring various problems in computer science.' - from the Preface by Shin-ichi Minato.

Logic Synthesis and Verification Algorithms

Author: Gary D. Hachtel,Fabio Somenzi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387310046

Category: Computers

Page: 564

View: 9656

This book blends mathematical foundations and algorithmic developments with circuit design issues. Each new technique is presented in the context of its application to design. This publication serves as a textbook for upper-division and first year graduate students in electrical and computer engineering courses.

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2003

28th International Symposium, MFCS 2003, Bratislava, Slovakia, August 25-29, 2003, Proceedings

Author: Branislav Rovan,Peter Vojtas

Publisher: Springer


Category: Computers

Page: 692

View: 4175

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 28th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, MFCS 2003, held in Bratislava, Slovakia in August 2003. The 55 revised full papers presented together with 7 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 137 submissions. All current aspects in theoretical computer science are addressed, ranging from discrete mathematics, combinatorial optimization, graph theory, networking, algorithms, and complexity to programming theory, formal methods, and mathematical logic.

Design & Analysis Of Computer Algorithms

Author: Alfred V Aho,John E Hopcroft

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9788131702055


Page: N.A

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Randomized Algorithms

Author: Rajeev Motwani,Prabhakar Raghavan

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139643134

Category: Computers

Page: N.A

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For many applications a randomized algorithm is either the simplest algorithm available, or the fastest, or both. This tutorial presents the basic concepts in the design and analysis of randomized algorithms. The first part of the book presents tools from probability theory and probabilistic analysis that are recurrent in algorithmic applications. Algorithmic examples are given to illustrate the use of each tool in a concrete setting. In the second part of the book, each of the seven chapters focuses on one important area of application of randomized algorithms: data structures; geometric algorithms; graph algorithms; number theory; enumeration; parallel algorithms; and on-line algorithms. A comprehensive and representative selection of the algorithms in these areas is also given. This book should prove invaluable as a reference for researchers and professional programmers, as well as for students.

Proceedings of the First NASA/DoD Workshop on Evolvable Hardware

Pasadena, California, July 19-21, 1999

Author: Adrian Stoica,Didier Keymeulen,Jason Lohn

Publisher: I E E E

ISBN: 9780769502564

Category: Computers

Page: 267

View: 5538

Looks at applying evolution-inspired formalisms to hardware design in order to produce self-reconfigurable electronic hardware by evolutionary and genetic reconfiguration mechanisms. The 35 papers cover the evolution of FPGAs, digital functions, analog and mixed- signal circuits, cellular automata and brain-inspired architectures; reconfiguration architectures and dynamic reconfiguration, advanced reconfigurable devices; applications to the design and adaptation of space sub-systems; and genetic algorithms applications. Titles, but not texts, are included for the nine invited talks. Authors, but not subjects, are indexed. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Algorithms for Memory Hierarchies

Advanced Lectures

Author: Ulrich Meyer,Peter Sanders,Jop Sibeyn

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3540365745

Category: Computers

Page: 429

View: 3332

Algorithms that have to process large data sets have to take into account that the cost of memory access depends on where the data is stored. Traditional algorithm design is based on the von Neumann model where accesses to memory have uniform cost. Actual machines increasingly deviate from this model: while waiting for memory access, nowadays, microprocessors can in principle execute 1000 additions of registers; for hard disk access this factor can reach six orders of magnitude. The 16 coherent chapters in this monograph-like tutorial book introduce and survey algorithmic techniques used to achieve high performance on memory hierarchies; emphasis is placed on methods interesting from a theoretical as well as important from a practical point of view.

The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Logic

Page: 26

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Logic Synthesis and Verification

Author: Soha Hassoun,Tsutomu Sasao

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461508177

Category: Computers

Page: 454

View: 7391

Research and development of logic synthesis and verification have matured considerably over the past two decades. Many commercial products are available, and they have been critical in harnessing advances in fabrication technology to produce today's plethora of electronic components. While this maturity is assuring, the advances in fabrication continue to seemingly present unwieldy challenges. Logic Synthesis and Verification provides a state-of-the-art view of logic synthesis and verification. It consists of fifteen chapters, each focusing on a distinct aspect. Each chapter presents key developments, outlines future challenges, and lists essential references. Two unique features of this book are technical strength and comprehensiveness. The book chapters are written by twenty-eight recognized leaders in the field and reviewed by equally qualified experts. The topics collectively span the field. Logic Synthesis and Verification fills a current gap in the existing CAD literature. Each chapter contains essential information to study a topic at a great depth, and to understand further developments in the field. The book is intended for seniors, graduate students, researchers, and developers of related Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools. From the foreword: "The commercial success of logic synthesis and verification is due in large part to the ideas of many of the authors of this book. Their innovative work contributed to design automation tools that permanently changed the course of electronic design." by Aart J. de Geus, Chairman and CEO, Synopsys, Inc.


The Twentieth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Seventeenth Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781577352365

Category: Artificial intelligence

Page: 1759

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Also available in 4 volume print edition.

American Book Publishing Record

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: American literature

Page: N.A

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Proceedings of the ... National Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781577352365

Category: Artificial intelligence

Page: 1759

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Mathematics for the Analysis of Algorithms

Author: Daniel H. Greene,Donald E. Knuth

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0817647295

Category: Computers

Page: 132

View: 2294

This monograph collects some fundamental mathematical techniques that are required for the analysis of algorithms. It builds on the fundamentals of combinatorial analysis and complex variable theory to present many of the major paradigms used in the precise analysis of algorithms, emphasizing the more difficult notions. The authors cover recurrence relations, operator methods, and asymptotic analysis in a format that is concise enough for easy reference yet detailed enough for those with little background with the material.

Everyday Data Structures

Author: William Smith

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1787129837

Category: Computers

Page: 344

View: 5726

A practical guide to learning data structures simply and easily About This Book This book is a very practical, friendly, and useful guide that will help you analyze problems and choose the right data structures for your solution Learn to recognize data patterns for determining which structures apply to a given problem Explore the unique rules or "gotchas" that will help you become an excellent programmer Who This Book Is For If you're self-taught programmers in any language who wants to gain a solid understanding of data structures and how to use them to solve real-world problems in your day-to-day development work, then this book is for you. What You Will Learn A rapid overview of data types, applications for each type, best practices and high-level variations between platforms Review the most common data structures and build working examples in the languages used for mobile platform software development Understand advanced data structure concepts such as generic collections, searching and sorting algorithms, and recursion Learn to use Stacks (LIFO) and queues (FIFO) in your daily application Add/remove objects and nest arrays and dictionaries within another dictionary and understand why such architecture is often preferred or necessary Get acquainted with the tree structures such as heap, binary, and graphs, apply them to work Unleash the power of different sorting techniques such as bubble sort, quick sort, merge sort, insertion sort, and radix sort Perform searching operations on arrays, heaps, graphs, and binary trees in different languages In Detail If you want to learn different data structures and their real-world applications quickly through practical examples, then Everyday Data Structures is for you. This book can introduce you to new data structures and their potential applications through examples in languages common to mobile software development on the most popular platforms. The examples are presented with real-world concepts using language that everyone will understand. This book is logically divided into two parts; the first one covers the basic data structures that are built into most languages such as Objective-C, C#, Java, and Swift. It will cover detailed analysis of the common data structures such as arrays, lists, stacks, Queues, and heaps, typical applications, and specific concerns for each language. Each chapter will provide in-depth examples in several popular languages based on real-world applications. The second part will cover more advanced data structures such as generic collections, sorting, searching, and recursion and ways to use those structures in everyday applications. Style and approach This is a practical, result-focused guide, which is easy to follow, but also fast-paced and really satisfying with full of examples.

Branching Programs and Binary Decision Diagrams

Theory and Applications

Author: Ingo Wegener

Publisher: SIAM

ISBN: 0898714583

Category: Mathematics

Page: 408

View: 1530

This book describes representations of Boolean functions that have small size for many important functions and which allow efficient work with the represented functions. Efficient algorithms for operations on these representations are presented, and the limits of those techniques are considered.

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