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Antennas and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communications, Second Edition

Author: Peter S. Hall

Publisher: Artech House


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 387

View: 635

Now in a newly updated and revised edition, this timely resource provides you with complete and current details on the theory, design, and applications of wireless antennas for on-body electronic systems. the Second Edition offers readers brand new material on advances in physical phantom design and production, recent developments in simulation methods and numerical phantoms, descriptions of methods for simulation of moving bodies, and the use of the body as a transmission channel. You also find a completely revised chapter on channel characterization and antenna design at microwave frequencies. This cutting-edge volume brings you the state-of-the-art in existing applications like Bluetooth headsets together with detailed treatment of techniques, tools, and challenges in developing on-body antennas for an array of medical, emergency response, law enforcement, personal entertainment, and military applications on the horizon. the book briefs you on energy propagation around and into the body and how to estimate performance of on-body wireless links, and then dives into the nuts-and-bolts of designing antenna systems that deliver the goods. It covers on-body communication channels at microwave frequency bands and at low frequency bands, as well as ultra wideband systems for WPANs and WBANs. You get details on body-centric UWB antennas and channels, as well as advances in wearable mobile, EBG, and "smart fabric" antennas for cellular and WLAN communications. Chapters on telemedicine applications, such as remote diagnoses, and implantable medical devices cover crucial propagation issues and other obstacles that need to be addressed. Rounding out the coverage is a section on antenna design for body-sensor networks and their emerging military and space applications. Packed with hands-on guidance from noted experts, this volume will be indispensable for your efforts in designing and improving body-centric communication systems.

The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas, Second Edition

Author: Hans G. Schantz

Publisher: Artech House


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 590

View: 865

This comprehensive treatment of ultrawideband (UWB) antennas and time-domain microwave engineering serves as an invaluable practical reference for anyone involved in antenna and RF design work. This authoritative volume enables readers to select the proper UWB antennas for their applications, design and analyze UWB antennas, and integrate these antennas in an RF system. By applying time-domain thinking to problems of practical interest, the reader will not only learn how to build and analyze antennas, but also understand them at the most fundamental level. This second edition is updated and expanded throughout, providing readers with a history of antennas, numerous new problem sets and worked examples, along with new information on plotting time-domain field lines, time-domain reflectometry, matching techniques, and more. This book also addresses system issues like spectral control and antenna efficiency.

Electromagnetics and Antenna Technology

Author: Alan J. Fenn

Publisher: Artech House


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 480

View: 814

Written by a leading expert in the field, this practical new resource presents the fundamentals of electromagnetics and antenna technology. This book covers the design, electromagnetic simulation, fabrication, and measurements for various types of antennas, including impedance matching techniques and beamforming for ultrawideband dipoles, monopoles, loops, vector sensors for direction finding, HF curtain arrays, 3D printed nonplanar patch antenna arrays, waveguides for portable radar, reflector antennas, and other antennas. It explores the essentials of phased array antennas and includes detailed derivations of important field equations, and a detailed formulation of the method of moments. This resource exhibits essential derivations of equations, providing readers with a strong foundation of the underpinnings of electromagnetics and antennas. It includes a complete chapter on the details of antenna and electromagnetic test and measurement. This book explores details on 3D printed non-planar circular patch array antenna technology and the design and analysis of a planar array-fed axisymmetric gregorian reflector. The lumped-element impedance matched antennas are examined and include a look at an analytic impedance matching solution with a parallel LC network. This book provides key insight into many aspects of antenna technology that have broad applications in radar and communications.

Electromagnetics of Body Area Networks

Antennas, Propagation, and RF Systems

Author: Douglas H. Werner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Science

Page: 536

View: 503

The book is a comprehensive treatment of the field, covering fundamental theoretical principles and new technological advancements, state-of-the-art device design, and reviewing examples encompassing a wide range of related sub-areas. In particular, the first area focuses on the recent development of novel wearable and implantable antenna concepts and designs including metamaterial-based wearable antennas, microwave circuit integrated wearable filtering antennas, and textile and/or fabric material enabled wearable antennas. The second set of topics covers advanced wireless propagation and the associated statistical models for on-body, in-body, and off-body modes. Other sub-areas such as efficient numerical human body modeling techniques, artificial phantom synthesis and fabrication, as well as low-power RF integrated circuits and related sensor technology are also discussed. These topics have been carefully selected for their transformational impact on the next generation of body-area network systems and beyond.

Advances in Body-Centric Wireless Communication

Applications and State-of-the-art

Author: Qammer H. Abbasi

Publisher: IET


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 451

View: 976

Body-centric wireless networking and communications is an emerging 4G technology for short (1-5 m) and very short (below 1 m) range communications systems, used to connect devices worn on (or in) the body, or between two people in close proximity. It has a great potential for applications in healthcare delivery, entertainment, surveillance, and emergency services. This book brings together contributions from a multidisciplinary team of researchers in the field of wireless and mobile communications, signal processing and medical measurements, to present the underlying theory, implementation challenges and applications of this exciting new technology. Topics covered include; diversity and cooperative communications in body area networks ultra-wideband radio channel characterisation for body-centric wireless communication sparse characterisation of body-centric radio channels antenna / human body interactions in the 60 GHz band antennas for ingestible capsule telemetry in vivo wireless channel modelling diversity and MIMO for efficient front-end design of body-centric wireless communications devices on-body antennas and radio channels for GPS applications textile substrate integrated waveguide technology for the next-generation wearable microwave systems ultra-wideband body-centric networks for localisation and motion capture application downscaling to the nano-scale in body-centric nano-networks the road ahead for body-centric wireless communication and networks

FDTD Modeling of Metamaterials: Theory and Applications

Author: Yang Hao

Publisher: Artech House


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 360

View: 241

Master powerful new modeling tools that let you quantify and represent metamaterial properties with never-before accuracy. This first-of-its-kind book brings you up to speed on breakthrough finite-difference time-domain techniques for modeling metamaterial characteristics and behaviors in electromagnetic systems. This practical resource comes complete with sample FDTD scripts to help you pave the way to new metamaterial applications and advances in antenna, microwave, and optics engineering. You get in-depth coverage of state-of-the-art FDTD modeling techniques and applications for electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structures, left-handed metamaterials (LHMs), wire medium, metamaterials for optics, and other practical metamaterials. You find steps for computing dispersion diagrams, dealing with material dispersion properties, and verifying the left-handedness. Moreover, this comprehensive volume offers guidance for handling the unique properties possessed by metamaterials, including how to define material parameters, characterize the interface of metamaterial slabs, and quantify their spatial as well as frequency dispersion characteristics. The book also presents conformal and dispersive FDTD modeling of electromagnetic cloaks, perfect lens, and plasmonic waveguides, as well as other novel antenna, microwave, and optical applications. Over 190 illustrations support key topics throughout the book.

Dielectric Resonator Antenna Handbook

Author: Aldo Petosa

Publisher: Artech House Publishers


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 308

View: 485

Today, more and more antenna engineers are viewing the Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA) as a preferable alternative to conventional low-gain designs because of several attractive features, including high radiation, light weight, small size and low profile. This practical resource presents complete, up-to-date details on DRAs in a single volume. The book provides professionals with clear guidance on the mode of operation and radiation behavior of DRAs, the main methods of excitation, and the major advances in DRA technology. This hands-on reference equips engineers with simple equations and graphs that help them rapidly design DRAs, without the need for complex analytical or numerical calculations. Numerous design examples are included to give practitioners a sense of the versatility that DRAs afford.

Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook

Author: Kyōhei Fujimoto

Publisher: Artech House


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 710

View: 896

This is an extensively revised and updated new edition of the best-selling Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook. Comprehensive, authoritative and practical, it provides the information you need to understand the relationship between the elements involved in antenna systems design for mobile communications. You get sound advice in choosing the appropriate antenna for any given requirement - including antennas for ITS, access to the latest modeling formulas for macro, micro and pico cell propagation, and guidance on the latest RF safety standards and measurement techniques.

American Book Publishing Record




Category: American literature


View: 408

Innovation in Wearable and Flexible Antennas

Author: Haider Khaleel

Publisher: WIT Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 236

View: 278

This book deals with the design, numerical simulation, state of the art fabrication processes and methods, qualitative and quantitative tests, and measurement techniques of wearable and flexible antennas of different topologies, such as: Planar Inverted F, Printed Monopoles, Micropoles and Microstrips. Novel trends, materials, and fabrication and measurement techniques used in this vital field of antenna systems are also discussed. To the best of the editor’s knowledge, at the time of publication, there are no published books targeting the vital topic of flexible antennas specifically and/or serving as a complete reference. There are only few books on wearable antennas that deal with specific applications and this has initiated a motivation to propose a book that would serve as a complete technical reference of the addressed technology. This book can serve as a reference source for Research and Development scientists, RF and antenna engineers working in this vital field; moreover, it could be used as a text book for Antenna Theory and Advanced Antennas courses which are mainly offered for graduate students.

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