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Born of a Virgin?

Reconceiving Jesus in the Bible, Tradition, and Theology

Author: Andrew Lincoln

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802869254

Category: Religion

Page: 322

View: 7185

" ... Begins by discussing why the virgin birth is such as difficult and divisive topic. The book then deals with a whole range of issues--literary, historical, and hermeneutical--from a critical yet positive perspective that takes seriously creedal confessions and theological concerns"--Publisher.

Jesus in the Bible

Author: Kenneth Boa,Greg Asimakoupoulos

Publisher: Nelson Reference & Electronic Pub

ISBN: 9780785248743

Category: Religion

Page: 124

View: 4162

Traces the presence of Jesus Christ in every book of the Bible, demonstrating the continuity of Scripture through the Old and New Testaments.

The Virgin Birth of Christ

Author: Richard Shenk

Publisher: Authentic Media Inc

ISBN: 1842279149

Category: Religion

Page: 158

View: 1503

Too often the virgin birth of Christ serves merely as an evangelical shibboleth instead of a doctrine that affects our lives. The theological meaning of the virgin birth is rich in and of itself. The author argues that the doctrine has been too long ignored by the church. Collecting from disparate sources into one brief accessible volume, Richard Shenk encourages the church towards boldness, to understand the rich theological treasure that the virgin birth of Christ is for us, and to live out its significance in joy and practice.

What Christians Ought to Believe

An Introduction to Christian Doctrine Through the Apostles’ Creed

Author: Michael F. Bird

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310520932

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 6638

Modern Christians have often hesitated to embrace the ancient creeds because of our “nothing but the Bible” tradition. In What Christians Ought to Believe Michael Bird opens our eyes to the possibilities of the Apostle’s Creed as a way to explore and understand the basic teachings of the Christian faith. Bringing together theological commentary, tips for application, and memorable illustrations, What Christians Ought to Believe summarizes the basic tenets of the Christian faith using the Apostle’s Creed as its entryway. After first emphasizing the importance of creeds for the formation of the Christian faith, each chapter, following the Creed’s outline, introduces the Father, the Son, and the Spirit and the Church. An appendix includes the Apostles’ Creed in the original Latin and Greek. What Christians Ought to Believe is ideally suited for both the classroom and the church setting to teach beginning students and laypersons the basics of what Christians ought to affirm if they are to be called Christians.

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology

Author: Daniel J. Treier,Walter A. Elwell

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 1493410776

Category: Religion

Page: 944

View: 1497

This bestselling reference tool has been a trusted resource for more than 25 years with over 165,000 copies sold. Now thoroughly updated and substantially revised to meet the needs of today's students and classrooms, it offers cutting-edge overviews of key theological topics. Readable and reliable, this work features new articles on topics of contemporary relevance to world Christianity and freshened articles on enduring theological subjects, providing comprehensive A-Z coverage for today's theology students. The author base reflects the increasing diversity of evangelical scholars. Advisory editors include D. Jeffrey Bingham, Cheryl Bridges Johns, John G. Stackhouse Jr., Tite Tiénou, and Kevin J. Vanhoozer.

Paradise Now and Not Yet

Studies in the Role of the Heavenly Dimension in Paul's Thought with Special Reference to His Eschatology

Author: Andrew T. Lincoln

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521609395

Category: Religion

Page: 292

View: 4408

The author analyses passages in Paul's letters where the concept of heaven plays a significant role, and discusses the relation of the concept to the background of his thought, his views of history, of the cosmos, of the destiny of humanity, and of the nature of Christian existence.

Jesus, Sin, and Perfection in Early Christianity

Author: Jeffrey S. Siker

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316404668

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

View: 7631

The first full-length study to trace how early Christians came to perceive Jesus as a sinless human being. Jeffrey S. Siker presents a taxonomy of sin in early Judaism and examines moments in Jesus' life associated with sinfulness: his birth to the unwed Mary, his baptism by John the Baptist, his public ministry - transgressing boundaries of family, friends, and faith - and his cursed death by crucifixion. Although followers viewed his immediate death in tragic terms, with no expectation of his resurrection, they soon began to believe that God had raised him from the dead. Their resurrection faith produced a new understanding of Jesus' prophetic ministry, in which his death had been a perfect sacrificial death for sin, his ministry perfectly obedient, his baptism a demonstration of perfect righteousness, and his birth a perfect virgin birth. This study explores the implications of a retrospective faith that elevated Jesus to perfect divinity, redefining sin.

Pro Ecclesia Vol 23-N4

A Journal of Catholic and Evangelical Theology

Author: Pro Ecclesia

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442244364

Category: Religion

Page: 150

View: 5946

Pro Ecclesia is a quarterly journal of theology published by the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology.

The Gospel According to Matthew

Authorized King James Version

Author: N.A

Publisher: Canongate U.S.

ISBN: 9780802136169

Category: Bibles

Page: 78

View: 5255

The publication of the King James version of the Bible, translated between 1603 and 1611, coincided with an extraordinary flowering of English literature and is universally acknowledged as the greatest influence on English-language literature in history. Now, world-class literary writers introduce the book of the King James Bible in a series of beautifully designed, small-format volumes. The introducers' passionate, provocative, and personal engagements with the spirituality and the language of the text make the Bible come alive as a stunning work of literature and remind us of its overwhelming contemporary relevance.

Velvet Elvis

Repainting the Christian Faith

Author: Rob Bell

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0310273080

Category: Religion

Page: 194

View: 8450

A guide to living an authentic Christian life urges readers to seek an expression of faith that is personal, rather than in accordance with the belief systems of others, in a handbook that cites the examples of Jesus while offering a perspective on the unlimited nature of God.

A Complicated Pregnancy

Whether Mary Was a Virgin and Why It Matters

Author: Kyle Roberts

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 1506406254

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 3890

The virgin birth is a much-loved story in the Christian tradition, but many theologians dispute the tradition of the virginal conception on both historical and scientific grounds. A Protestant theologian, husband, and father, Kyle Roberts was growing unsure of his belief in Mary‘s virginity. So he set out to investigate the virgin birth from every angle. A Complicated Pregnancy records his fascinating journey through the evidence and the myth, through history, biblical interpretation, and church politics. His conclusion surprised him, and it will surprise you, too.

He Came Down from Heaven

The Preexistence of Christ and the Christian Faith

Author: Douglas McCready

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830827749

Category: Religion

Page: 349

View: 6556

Douglas McCready reviews the evidence and arguments for and against the Christian claim of Jesus' prexistence and divine identity.

Gospel According to St John

Black's New Testament Commentaries

Author: Andrew Lincoln

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1441188223

Category: Religion

Page: 596

View: 4647

The magnificent series of biblical commentaries known as Black's New Testament Commentaries (BNTC) under the General Editorship of Professor Morna Hooker has had a gap for far too long - it has lacked an up to date commentary on the Fourth Gospel. Professor Andrew Lincoln now fills this gap with his excellent new commentary. The key questions for scholars are gone into thoroughly- questions of historicity, the use of historical traditions and sources, relationship to the Synoptics, authorship, setting, first readers and Professor Lincoln makes his own position on these issues abundantly clear. The Fourth Gospel raises a number of problems generally known as The Johannine Question. According to tradition the Gospel was written by St John the Apostle. The authenticity of the tradition is examined in the introduction but the textual issues are examined within the commentary itself. For example one problem is that Chapters 15 and 16 seem in early versions to have preceded chapter 14. Chapter 21 must have been a later addition. The purpose of the Gospel as stated in Chapter 20 v 31 is to strenghten the reader's faith in Jesus as the Christ and the Son of God. But even the celebrated prologue has given rise to much speculation, whereas most commentators believe it is the key to the Gospel as a whole. These issues are meat and drink to scholars but in Professor Lincoln's expert hands they are extremely interesting and highly pertinent to our contemporary understanding of the Gospel.

Divine Mother, Blessed Mother

Hindu Goddesses and the Virgin Mary

Author: Francis X. Clooney

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195170377

Category: Religion

Page: 264

View: 2941

The Virgin Mary has long been the object of both devotional and scholarly interest, and recent years have seen a proliferation of studies on Hindu goddess-worship traditions. Despite the parallels between the two, however, no one has yet undertaken a book-length comparison of these traditions. In Divine Mother, Blessed Mother, Francis Clooney offers the first extended comparative study of Hindu goddesses and the Virgin Mary. Clooney is almost unique in the field of Hindu studies as a Christian theologian with the linguistic and philosophical expertise necessary to produce sophisticated comparative analyses. Building on his previous work in comparative theology, he sheds new light not only on these individual traditions but also on the nature of gender and the divine.

Sacred Word, Broken Word

Biblical Authority and the Dark Side of Scripture

Author: Kenton L. Sparks

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802867189

Category: Religion

Page: 180

View: 2482

The Bible is a religious masterpiece. Its authors cast a profound vision for the healing of humanity through the power of divine love, grace and forgiveness. But the Bible also contains "dark texts" that challenge our ethical imagination. How can one book teach us to love our enemies and also teach us to slaughter Canaanites? Why does a book that preaches the equality of all people -- male and female, slave and free, Greek and Jew -- also include laws that permit God's people to trade in slaves and to persecute those of a different faiths or ethnicities? In Sacred Word, Broken Word Kenton Sparks argues that the "dark side" of Scripture is not an illusion. Rather, these dark texts remind us that all human beings, including the biblical authors, stand in need of God's redemptive solution in Jesus Christ.

The Oxford History of Islam

Author: John L. Esposito

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199880417

Category: Religion

Page: 768

View: 6976

Lavishly illustrated with over 300 pictures, including more than 200 in full color, The Oxford History of Islam offers the most wide-ranging and authoritative account available of the second largest--and fastest growing--religion in the world. John L. Esposito, Editor-in-Chief of the four-volume Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World, has gathered together sixteen leading scholars, both Muslim and non-Muslim, to examine the origins and historical development of Islam--its faith, community, institutions, sciences, and arts. Beginning in the pre-Islamic Arab world, the chapters range from the story of Muhammad and his Companions, to the development of Islamic religion and culture and the empires that grew from it, to the influence that Islam has on today's world. The book covers a wide array of subjects, casting light on topics such as the historical encounter of Islam and Christianity, the role of Islam in the Mughal and Ottoman empires, the growth of Islam in Southeast Asia, China, and Africa, the political, economic, and religious challenges of European imperialism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and Islamic communities in the modern Western world. In addition, the book offers excellent articles on Islamic religion, art and architecture, and sciences as well as bibliographies. Events in the contemporary world have led to an explosion of interest and scholarly work on Islam. Written for the general reader but also appealing to specialists, The Oxford History of Islam offers the best of that recent scholarship, presented in a readable style and complemented by a rich variety of illustrations.

Contextual Frames of Reference in Translation

A Coursebook for Bible Translators and Teachers

Author: Ernst Wendland

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317640306

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 18

View: 6306

Bible translation theory and practice rightly tend to focus on the actual text of Scripture. But many diverse, yet interrelated contextual factors also play an important part in the implementation of a successful translation program. The aim of this coursebook is to explore, in varying degrees of detail, a wide range of these crucial situational variables and potential influences, using a multidisciplinary approach to the task. Thus, in order to expand and enrich the field of vision, a progressive study of this complex process of intercultural, interlinguistic communication is carried out according to a set of overlapping sociocultural, organizational and situational cognitive orientations. These contextual factors provide a broader frame of reference for analyzing, interpreting and communicating the original Scriptures in a completely new, contemporary setting of transmission and reception. The three dimensions are then applied in a practical way to explore the dramatic "throne-room" vision of the Apostle John (Revelation 4-5) with reference to both the original Greek text and also a modern dynamic translation in Chewa, a southeastern Bantu language of Africa. A variety of exercises and assignments to stimulate critical and creative reflection as well as to illustrate the theoretical development of Contextual Frames of Reference is provided every step of the way. Not only is translation per se discussed, but the teaching and evaluation of translated texts and versions are also considered from several points of view in the final three chapters. An Appendix offers a foundational essay by Professor Lourens de Vries on the subject of primary orality and the influence of this vital factor in the crosscultural communication of the Bible.

The Heresy of Orthodoxy (Foreword by I. Howard Marshall)

How Contemporary Culture's Fascination with Diversity Has Reshaped Our Understanding of Early Christianity

Author: Andreas J. Köstenberger,Michael J. Kruger

Publisher: Crossway

ISBN: 9781433521799

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 6424

Beginning with Walter Bauer in 1934, the denial of clear orthodoxy in early Christianity has shaped and largely defined modern New Testament criticism, recently given new life through the work of spokesmen like Bart Ehrman. Spreading from academia into mainstream media, the suggestion that diversity of doctrine in the early church led to many competing orthodoxies is indicative of today's postmodern relativism. Authors Köstenberger and Kruger engage Ehrman and others in this polemic against a dogged adherence to popular ideals of diversity. Köstenberger and Kruger's accessible and careful scholarship not only counters the "Bauer Thesis" using its own terms, but also engages overlooked evidence from the New Testament. Their conclusions are drawn from analysis of the evidence of unity in the New Testament, the formation and closing of the canon, and the methodology and integrity of the recording and distribution of religious texts within the early church.

Why Christianity Must Change or Die

A Bishop Speaks to Believers In Exile

Author: John Shelby Spong

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061756121

Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 4981

An important and respected voice for liberal American Christianity for the past twenty years, Bishop John Shelby Spong integrates his often controversial stands on the Bible, Jesus, theism, and morality into an intelligible creed that speaks to today's thinking Christian. In this compelling and heartfelt book, he sounds a rousing call for a Christianity based on critical thought rather than blind faith, on love rather than judgment, and that focuses on life more than religion.

God as Reason

Essays in Philosophical Theology

Author: Vittorio Hösle

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780268030988

Category: Philosophy

Page: 407

View: 1108

In God as Reason: Essays in Philosophical Theology, Vittorio Hösle presents a systematic exploration of the relation between theology and philosophy. In examining the problems and historical precursors of rational theology, he calls on philosophy, theology, history of science, and the history of ideas to find an interpretation of Christianity that is compatible with a genuine commitment to reason. The essays in the first part of God as Reason deal with issues of philosophical theology. Hösle sketches the challenges that a rationalist theology must face and discusses some of the central ones, such as the possibility of a teleological interpretation of nature after Darwin, the theodicy issue, freedom versus determinism, the mind-body problem, and the relation in general between religion, theology, and philosophy. In the essays of the second part, Hösle studies the historical development of philosophical approaches to the Bible, the continuity between the New Testament concept of pneuma and the concept of Geist (spirit) in German idealism, and the rationalist theologies of Anselm, Abelard, Llull, and Nicholas of Cusa, whose innovative philosophy of mathematics is the topic of one of the chapters. The book concludes with a thorough evaluation of Charles Taylor's theory of secularization. "God as Reason makes a powerful contribution to the task of the philosophical assessment of religion and theology, and indeed to the task of arriving at a philosophically defensible account of God. Vittorio Hösle here addresses key questions concerning teleology in nature, theodicy, freedom and determinism, and the mind-body problem in essays of exemplary clarity and economy of expression that are equally informed by the full breadth of the philosophical tradition of the West and by the most important contemporary developments in both philosophy and the natural sciences." --Jennifer A. Herdt, Yale Divinity School

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