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Compliant Rebels

Author: Hyeran Jo

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Law

Page: 354

View: 792

Analyzes civil wars over the past twenty years and examines what motivates some rebel groups to abide by international law.

Rules for Rebels

The Science of Victory in Militant History

Author: Max Abrahms

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 296

View: 487

Ever wonder why militant groups behave as they do? For instance, why did Al Qaeda attack the World Trade Center whereas the African National Congress tried to avoid civilian bloodshed? Why does Islamic State brag over social media about its gory attacks, while Hezbollah denies responsibility or even apologizes for its carnage? This book shows that militant group behaviour depends on the tactical intelligence of the leaders. The author has extensively studied the political plights of hundreds of militant groups throughout world history and reveals that successful militant leaders have followed three rules. These rules are based on original insights from the fields of political science, psychology, criminology, economics, management, marketing, communication, and sociology. It turns out thereâs a science to victory in militant history. But even rebels must follow rules.

Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law

Author: Terry D. Gill

Publisher: Springer


Category: Law

Page: 362

View: 615

The general theme of this volume of the Yearbook of International Humanitarian Lawis armed groups and the challenges arising from the participation of such groups incontemporary armed conflicts. It is elaborated upon in several chapters, addressingthe organisation criterion, respect for and compliance with international humanitarianlaw and international human rights law, targeted sanctions and accountability issues,among other things. Besides these chapters that can be connected to the general theme,the book also contains a chapter dedicated to the ‘knock on the roof ’ practice, a Year inReview, describing the most important events and legal developments that took place in2016, as well as the final report from the ILA Study Group ‘The Conduct of HostilitiesUnder International Humanitarian Law - Challenges of 21st Century Warfare’. The Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law is the world’s only annual publicationdevoted to the study of the laws governing armed conflict. It provides a truly internationalforum for high-quality, peer-reviewed academic articles focusing on this crucialbranch of international law. Distinguished by contemporary relevance, the Yearbookof International Humanitarian Law bridges the gap between theory and practice andserves as a useful reference tool for scholars, practitioners, military personnel, civilservants, diplomats, human rights workers and students.

The Wartime Origins of Democratization

Civil War, Rebel Governance, and Political Regimes

Author: Reyko Huang

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 242

View: 333

Why do some countries democratize after civil war? Huang argues that war can foment popular demand for radical political change.

Lord! why is My Child a Rebel?

Parents and Kids in Crisis

Author: Jacob Aranza

Publisher: Huntington House Publishers


Category: Adolescent psychology

Page: 130

View: 426

The Rise of Pancho Villa, 1910-1914




Category: Mexico

Page: 602

View: 229

Adventist Review




Category: Seventh-Day Adventists


View: 742

Rebels in Groups

Dissent, Deviance, Difference, and Defiance

Author: Jolanda Jetten

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Psychology

Page: 400

View: 954

With contributions from leading scholars in the field, Rebels in Groups brings together the latest research which, contrary to traditional views, considers dissent, deviance, difference and defiance to be a normal and healthy aspect of group life. Brings together the latest research on the role of dissent, deviance, difference and defiance within groups Presents a new approach which considers dissent, deviance, difference and defiance to be a normal and healthy aspect of group life Examines a broad range of groups, such as political groups, task groups, and teams in organizations Considers diverse fields of psychology, including social, organizational, and developmental psychology Contributors are among the leading scholars in their areas of psychology

Parenting on Point

Leading Your Family Along God's Path

Author: Jim Williams



Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 200

View: 135

This book will walk parents through the important aspects of a parenting plan, offering practical tips and strategies aimed at keeping their family anchored to important family values and beliefs that will redirect them when the tug of popular culture pulls them off course. An accompanying compact disc helps individuals "get to know" the author as they listen to him tell his own powerful story, including the tragic death of his son and his rollercoaster ride with God, and hear his dynamic presentation of the book's highlights. The CD can be used as an introductory preview to the book as well as a helpful and convenient "refresher course" for busy parents of preschoolers to teens. "Jim Williams' book Parenting on Point teaches the skills needed to nurture the growth and development of our children in today's world by focusing 'on point'--on God's path for our lives. Childrenf all ages, whether in your own family or not, can benefit tremendously through your interactions with them. I urge you to read this book and make a difference in their lives." --Ken Blanchard co-author, The One Minute Manager and Whale Done! James C. Williams is the epitome of what happens when "gifting" and "calling" come together. Since his life changed from Fortune 50 Company Financial Mgr to Speaker/Motivator, the best fortune for audience groups is the profound impact of the dynamic truth he brings. His world changed following the death of his 19 year old son Curt by a drunken driver. His parenting methods changed when he decided that he didn't want to "lose" his strong willed daughter too. In addition to the parenting workshops he performs bully behavior training for teachers, mentors and youth. During a typical day he will be working with students during the day, teachers after school and parents in the evenings. During the summer he presents a series of workshops for the National Center for Youth Issues. He writes articles for parenting magazines. He has been interviewed by a variety of community television stations. He has been interviewed on the TBN show "Lifestyle Magazine." He is a spokesperson for various United Way Agencies. Jim lives in Brentwood, Tennessee with his wife, Carol. His daughter Beth, his son in law Greg and grand children Madison, Brennan and Baker will be moving to Birmingham, Alabama.


Youth and the Cold War Origins of Identity

Author: Leerom Medovoi

Publisher: Duke University Press Books


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 387

View: 212

DIVA cultural history of the political legitimization of youth rebellion during the Cold War era./div

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