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Conservation and Sustainable Use

A Handbook of Techniques

Author: E.J. Milner-Gulland

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 310

View: 202

A practical and integrated approach to carrying out research on the conservation status of exploited species, from data collection to long-term management. Wildlife conservation and sustainable use have recently become centrepieces in conservation and development research.

Harnessing Markets for Biodiversity Towards Conservation and Sustainable Use

Towards Conservation and Sustainable Use

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing



Page: 140

View: 981

This publication provides a conceptual framework for market creation in the biodiversity policy arena, as well as several examples of where the use of markets can assist policy makers in the search for more sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity.

Integrating Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use

Lessons Learned from Ecological Networks

Author: Graham Bennett

Publisher: IUCN


Category: Nature

Page: 55

View: 558

IUCN's 5th World Parks Congress (2003) concluded that parks should not exist as unique islands, but need to be planned and managed as an integral part of the broader landscape. Ecological networks provide an operational model for conserving biodiversity that is based on ecological principles and allow a degree of human use of the landscape. This publication illustrates the development of several ecological networks around the world, demonstrating their benefits both for conservation and sustainable development.

Incentives affecting biodiversity conservation and sustainable use

the case of land use options in Namibia

Author: Caroline Ashley



Category: Nature

Page: 21

View: 382

Conservation and Sustainable Use of Agricultural Biodiversity: Strengthening local management of agricultural biodiveristy




Category: Agrobiodiversity


View: 221

World in Transition

Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Biosphere

Author: Wissenschaftlicher Beirat der Bundesregierung Globale Umweltveränderungen (Germany)

Publisher: Earthscan


Category: Nature

Page: 451

View: 845

The Banksia Environmental Foundation has awarded The Natural Advantage of Nations: Business Opportunities, Innovation and Governance in the 21st Centuryand the supporting training program for engineers, the 'Engineering Sustainable Solutions Progr

Biodiversity, Conservation, and Sustainable Development

Principles and Practices with Asian Examples

Author: Clement Allan Tisdell

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 263

View: 313

'The author, and economist, displays great sensitivity to the environment, not only in understanding complex ecosystems but also as related to the teachings of Eastern religions and rural philosophers such as Aldo Leopold. . . . written with both clarity and an obvious wealth of experience. . . . This well organized book has concluding comments and references at the end of each chapter and an index at the end. This highly readable book shows with candour how humanity can reconcile its needs with those of other species.' - Roger T. Parrott, Environment 'Drawing on his long experience in Australasia, Clem Tisdell has presented a compelling case for integrating biodiversity conservation with economics, and demonstrating how this integration can work in practice. This is an important contribution to the literature, and should be of broad interest to all who are working on environmental issues in Asia.' - Jeffrey A. McNeeley, Chief Scientist, IUCN - the World Conservation Union This important book highlights the conflicts between economic growth and the conservation of nature in the context of sustainable development. It places particular emphasis on biological diversity and examines possible policies for resolving conflicts which arise from the contrasting goals of conserving the natural environment and economic growth.

Conservation and Sustainable Use of Agricultural Biodiversity: Ensuring an enabling environment for agricultural biodiversity




Category: Agrobiodiversity


View: 171

Taxonomy and Plant Conservation

Author: Etelka Leadlay

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Nature

Page: 343

View: 312

This book illustrates the key role played by taxonomy in the conservation and sustainable utilisation of plant biodiversity. It is a tribute to the work of Professor Vernon Heywood who has done so much to highlight the importance of sound scholarship, training and collaboration for plant conservation. Divided into four parts, the book opens with an overview of the place of taxonomy in science and in implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity. Part 2 outlines the theoretical basis of taxonomy, how it is done and how it contributes to measuring diversity. The third part explains how taxonomy is used to establish conservation priorities and actions and the concluding part illustrates taxonomy in the practice and measurement of effective conservation action. With contributions from taxonomists and also the users of taxonomy, the volume will provide a balanced treatment, suitable for advanced students, researchers and conservation professionals.

Towards Policies for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Aquatic Genetic Resources

Author: Roger S. V. Pullin

Publisher: WorldFish


Category: Aquatic ecology

Page: 277

View: 114

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