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Divinity and Experience : The Religion of the Dinka

The Religion of the Dinka

Author: Godfrey Lienhardt

Publisher: Oxford University Press, UK

ISBN: 0191591858

Category: Dinka (African people)

Page: 338

View: 3366

Warriors of the White Nile

the Dinka

Author: John Ryle

Publisher: Silver Burdett Pr


Category: Social Science

Page: 168

View: 6753

The Dinka of the Sudan

Author: Francis Mading Deng

Publisher: Waveland PressInc


Category: Social Science

Page: 188

View: 8647

Case study that presents & interprets the rich qualities of Dinka life. The reader learns of the structure of society, sex roles, courtship, kinship, age-sets & rivalries, the family, property, mores, law, religion, philosophy, poetry, & dance.

Pioocku Thuongjang: The Elementary Modern Standard Dinka

The Elementary Modern Standard Dinka

Author: Makwei Mabioor Deng

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 146286032X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 558

View: 6675

Piööcku Thuɔŋjäŋ presents a comprehensive foundation course for beginning students of written and spoken Modern Standard Dinka (MSD), providing an essential grounding for successful written communication with speakers of the Dinka Language. This book centers on imparting and consolidating a wide range of vocabularies, accurate and active command of pronunciation, and basic writings to enable the learner step by step to understand written and spoken texts, to spell and write Dinka vocabulary independently and, moreover, to construct simple sentences with the wide range of vocabulary acquired. A variety of different vocabularies and preparatory sentences together with appropriate exercises and drills have been included in the book in addition to Alooŋke Thuɔŋjäŋ to achieve these objectives.

The Demographic Characteristics of the Dinka of Kongor Community

Author: Mohammed Osman El Sammani

Publisher: N.A


Category: Dinka (African people)

Page: 82

View: 8191

Sudan's Blood Memory

The Legacy of War, Ethnicity, and Slavery in Early South Sudan

Author: Stephanie Beswick

Publisher: University Rochester Press

ISBN: 9781580461511

Category: History

Page: 277

View: 7747

A history of Southern Sudan, from pre-colonial times to the present.

Customary Laws in Southern Sudan

Customary Laws of Dinka and Nuer

Author: Dr Mohamed Fadlalla

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1440130868

Category: Law

Page: 196

View: 9659

This summary is an invaluable reference for anyone who wishes to acquire a good basic knowledge of the customary laws of Southern Sudan. It provides, in an easily understandable form, a simplified explanation of the customary laws of the Dinka and Nuer peoples and their tradition-based background

The Nuer Conquest

The Structure and Development of an Expansionist System

Author: Raymond Case Kelly

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472080564

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 5857

A study of Nuer expansionism with implications for research into the relationship between social and material causes of change

The Customary Law of the Dinka (Jieng)

A Comparative Analysis of an African Legal System

Author: John Wuol Makec

Publisher: N.A


Category: Customary law

Page: 189

View: 5949

A History of Modern Sudan

Author: Robert O. Collins

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521858208

Category: History

Page: 331

View: 9089

Chronological account of Sudan's history from 1821 to the present, showing how ethnic divisions and failed leadership have sustained conflicts.

English-Dinka Vocabulary for the Use of Officials in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Dinka language

Page: 72

View: 3317

The customary law of the Dinka people of Sudan

in comparison with aspects of Western and Islamic laws

Author: John Wuol Makec

Publisher: N.A


Category: Political Science

Page: 287

View: 4671

The NGOK DINKA of Abyei, South Sudan, in Historical Perspective

Author: Arop Madut Arop

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781786231055


Page: 228

View: 2589

Abyei Region is one of the longstanding disputed territories between Sudan and South-Sudan. The impact of Abyei dispute on Sudan's body-politick is the central theme of the book. In an effort to give adequate background of their impact on the controversy, the book will attempt to trace the origin of Dinka nationality in general and Ngok Dinka, in particular. Indisputably, the wrong administrative placement of Abyei, area was a contributing factor in the country recent civil wars. Unless an amicable solution is found it may trigger another disastrous conflict between the two republics. Hence, a compelling need for thorough searching for an amicable solution.

Negotiating Belongings

Stories of Forced Migration of Dinka Women from South Sudan

Author: Melanie Baak

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9463005889

Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 6463

Belonging is an issue that affects us all, but for those who have been displaced, unsettled or made ‘homeless’ by the increased movements associated with the contemporary globalising era, belonging is under constant challenge. Migration throws into question not only the belongings of those who physically migrate, but also, particularly in a postcolonial context, the belongings of those who are indigenous to and ‘settlers’ in countries of migration, subsequent generations born to migrants, and those who are left behind in countries of origin. Negotiating Belongings utilises narrative, ethnographic and autoethnographic approaches to explore the negotiations for belonging for six women from Dinka communities originating in southern Sudan. It explores belonging, particularly in relation to migration, through a consideration of belonging to nation-states, ethnic groups, community, family and kin. In exploring how the journeys towards desired belongings are haunted by various social processes such as colonisation, power, ‘race’ and gender, the author argues that negotiating belonging is a continual movement between being and becoming. The research utilises and demands different ways of listening to and really hearing the narratives of the women as embedded within non-Western epistemologies and ontologies. Through this it develops an understanding of the relational ontology, cieng, that governs the ways in which the women exist in the world. The women’s narratives alongside the author’s experience within the Dinka community provide particular ways to interrogate the intersections of being and becoming on the haunted journey to belonging. The relational ontology of cieng provides an additional way of understanding belonging, becoming and being as always relational.

African Societies

Author: Lucy Mair

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521098540

Category: Social Science

Page: 251

View: 5862

In African Societies, Lucy Mair unites the two main strands of anthropology teaching: the discussion and illustration of the various analytical concepts used by anthropologists in the study of social systems; and ethnography - the detailed study of particular societies, nowadays obtained by participant observation. All societies discussed are in sub-Saharan Africa. This 1977 book will be of great use to students of social anthropology studying ethnography. Presenting as it does brief ethnographic accounts of a wide variety of African societies, as well as exemplifications and discussions of many theoretical concepts, the book offers the reader quick and easy access to a large body of information which previously had to be mined from a large number of monographs.

Dinka Vowel System

Author: Job Malou

Publisher: Summer Inst of Linguistics

ISBN: 9780883120088

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 89

View: 1762

Describes the phonology of Dinka (south central Sudan), focusing on unresolved aspects of the analysis of the Dinka vowel system.

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