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ECG for the Small Animal Practitioner

Author: Lawrence P. Tilley,Naomi Burtnick

Publisher: Teton NewMedia

ISBN: 9781893441002

Category: Medical

Page: 106

View: 5811

This title provides ECG reference material in a fast and easy to use format. It is a wonderful reference for ECG data and provides samples of actual small animal ECG results with treatment recommendations. Easy to follow explanations of how to perform and interpret electrocardiograms are included. This presentation includes a brief review of physiology, technique and equipment, and interpretation of common electrocardiographic abnormalities. The friendly, non-textbook approach along with the use of helpful symbols, tips and examples, aid practitioners in learning to focus on the most elusive of features. A helpful drug formulary is provided in the appendix. The interpretation material is extremely helpful for the small animal practitioner, and the simple yet in-depth explanations are wonderful for the small animal technician. An ECG ruler which can be purchased separately allows the veterinarian to quickly determine heart rates and measure intervals easily and accurately. This is an excellent book for practitioners to keep by the ECG unit to insure that they do not miss even the slightest indication of cardiac irregularity. Published by Teton New Media in the USA and distributed by Manson Publishing outside of North America.

Rapid Review of ECG Interpretation in Small Animal Practice

Author: Mark A Oyama,Marc S Kraus,Anna R Gelzer

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1840766549

Category: Medical

Page: 96

View: 7363

In this concise and practical review, the authors recognize that among the range of cardiac investigations available to veterinarians, the standard electrocardiogram (ECG) is an indispensable, safe and inexpensive test in assessing dogs and cats with heart disease. Following discussion of the principles of electrocardiography, the book systematically explores the evaluation of the ECG—including determination of heart rate, measurement of intervals, derivation of the mean electrical axis, and criteria for atrial and ventricular enlargement or hypertrophy. It also examines intraventricular conduction disturbances and both normal and abnormal cardiac rhythms. Flow charts are provided to help users diagnose arrhythmias with confidence and 46 real cases and ECG tracings reinforce the principles and encourage discussion. Rapid Review of ECG Interpretation in Small Animal Practice is illustrated throughout and is of value to all veterinary practitioners, technicians, and students who wish to improve their skills in interpreting ECGs.

Neurology for the Small Animal Practitioner

Author: Cheryl Chrisman,Christopher Mariani,Simon Platt,Rodger Clemmons

Publisher: Teton NewMedia

ISBN: 9781893441828

Category: Medical

Page: 353

View: 7648

Neurology for the Small Animal Practitioner is a practical presentation of common neurological conditions seen in a small animal practice. The book includes clear guidelines for effective diagnosis and treatment protocols for common neurologic conditions in dogs and cats. Important neurologic pathways and diagnostic procedures are illustrated by original, anatomic drawings and step-by-step procedural figures. Tables and algorithms are used to focus the reader on critical steps in patient evaluation and differential diagnosis. Color illustrations facilitate localization of lesions and patient assessment. The consistent layout, 157 illustrations (102 color), 25 diagnostic images, and 57 tables facilitate the rapid acquisition of information. Published by Teton New Media in the USA and distributed by Manson Publishing outside of North America.

Small Animal ECGs

An Introductory Guide

Author: Mike Martin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118409728

Category: Medical

Page: 176

View: 7309

Small Animal ECGs: An Introductory Guide provides all the information veterinarians need when using electrocardiography techniques for the first time. An ideal introduction to veterinary electrocardiography written in a very easy to understand way, for what can be a daunting subject The author is RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology and regularly speaks on this subject Full of examples of colour ECG tracings, as well as colour illustrations to explain arrhythmias Covers techniques that can readily be used in first opinion small animal practice Includes new chapters on mechanisms of supraventricular arrhythmias, accelerated idioventricular rhythm and use of Holters

General Pathology for Veterinary Nurses

Author: Harriet Brooks

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118699831

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 674

One of the first books on general pathology written specifically for veterinary nurses and those new to the subject. It builds on prior knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry to explain the pathological changes that occur in sick animals. The book provides an understanding of the effects of various disease processes, and relates these to clinical presentation, diagnosis and prognosis, and treatment rationales. Presented in an easy to read format, with many illustrations and summary boxes to aid comprehension. Each chapter has a useful "test yourself" section to test understanding.

Canine and Feline Cardiac Arrythmias Self Assesment

Author: Larry P. Tilley,Michael Miller, MD,Francis W. K. Smith, Jr.

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 0812115171

Category: Medical

Page: 212

View: 6335

Workbook of veterinary electrocardiogram interpretation, for students and practitioners. Full-size tracings. Companion to Essentials of Canine and Feline Electrocardiography, Third Edition by the same author.

ECG Interpretation Made Incredibly Easy!

Author: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 1496306910

Category: Medical

Page: 392

View: 2096

ECG Interpretation Made Incredibly Easy makes learning to read and interpret rhythm strips simple. The book reviews fundamental cardiac anatomy and physiology, explains how to obtain and interpret a rhythm strip, and teaches the reader how to recognize and treat sinus, atrial, and ventricular arrhythmias, as well as heart blocks. In addition, the book explains how to obtain and interpret 12-lead ECGs. Each chapter features: a summary of key points; clear, simple explanations of problems; definitions of key terms; illustrations that clearly explain key concepts; bullets, ballot boxes, and checklists that make it easy to spot important points at a glance; sidebars that highlights key facts about ECG interpretation; and quick quizzes to test knowledge.

EKGs for the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant

Author: Maureen A. Knechtel, MPAS, PA-C

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826199577

Category: Medical

Page: 248

View: 9168

It is vital for NPs and PAs to be highly skilled in EKG interpretation to correctly identify high-risk patients and to make appropriate clinical decisions. This reference book is the first to present a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to EKG interpretation, covering all major topics required for expertise in this area. Based on a physiologic approach that facilitates in-depth understanding, the text includes clinical scenarios that may be seen in practice, and firmly links the information found in the EKG printout to the patientís symptoms. It clearly presents the gamut of requisite topics in EKG interpretationófrom basic to complexóincluding topics not customarily addressed in depth, such as supraventricular tachycardias and pacemaker EKGs. The bookís multifaceted approach to EKG interpretation is enhanced with new approaches and recommendations, charts, and tables. Review questions at the end of each chapter enable students to identify problem areas. This book helps NPs, PAs, and other health professionals master their EKG interpretation skills and apply them with confidence every day. Key Features: Presents the first comprehensive guide to EKG interpretation Based on a physiological approach to promote in-depth understanding Connects the patientís presenting symptoms to EKG interpretation Uses charts, graphs, and printouts to support class discussion Includes end-of-chapter review questions

Flip and See ECG - E-Book

Author: Elizabeth Gross Cohn

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323292151

Category: Medical

Page: 214

View: 7318

When it comes to learning ECG interpretation, there's simply no faster or easier way to master basic rhythms than this unique book. Using a fun and easy-to-understand writing style, this updated new edition uses humor, cartoons, and personal stories to walk you through the entire ECG process: from finding a heartbeat, to monitoring an electrocardiogram, to interpreting the heart rhythm. A unique Flip and See section allows you to view normal ECGs on one side of the page and abnormal ECGs on the other, along with concise text that clearly explains the differences between them. Plus, the completely redesigned Cohn's Pocket Guide for ECG Interpretation aids both students and practitioners in rhythm interpretation. Lay-flat spiral binding makes it easy to use anywhere, and the small size fits into a lab coat pocket. Unique Flip and See section at the end of the book allows you to see each rhythm side-by-side with a normal ECG rhythm, while a written walkthrough explains the important differences between the rhythms. Excuse Me! features highlight frequently asked student questions with easy-to-understand answers. Conversational language and clear illustrations and cartoons make the information easy to remember and fun to learn. New and updated information across the entire book includes coverage of new pacemaker strips and now includes 12-lead interpretation and 12-lead axis identification. New cartoons have been added to make key points memorable and entertaining. Updated algorithms reflect the new 2010 ECC Guidelines. Completely redesigned Cohn's Pocket Guide for ECG Interpretation, a plastic heart rate ruler, aids both students and practitioners in rhythm interpretation. Expanded appendix provides illustrations of ECG complexes as they relate to heart damage.

Laboratory Urinalysis and Hematology for the Small Animal Practitioner

Author: Carolyn Sink,Bernard Feldman

Publisher: Teton NewMedia

ISBN: 9781893441101

Category: Medical

Page: 121

View: 2729

This text is an essential guide to routinely performed laboratory procedures for urinalysis and hematology. It is designed for the person who is learning to, or actually performing routine Urinalysis and hematology laboratory procedures. It includes the basic information of how to collect, preserve, prepare, and examine specimens. It deals specifically with common findings in urinalysis and hematology and provides a comprehensive set of high quality images for on-the-spot reference. The book includes step-by-step procedures for both manual and automated testing of all blood components and detailed guidelines for microscopic analysis of urine sediment including crystals and casts. Care has been taken to insure that the crystal presentation is high quality in order to ease identification and a very helpful chart of these images is included. This title provides brief, precise, technical guidance for collecting, preserving, preparing and evaluation urine and blood sample in dogs and cats. Published by Teton New Media in the USA and distributed by Manson Publishing outside of North America.

The ECG Made Easy

Author: John R. Hampton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780443056819

Category: Electrocardiography

Page: 129

View: 6105

This popular text provides a readable guide to ECG interpretation, with an emphasis throughout on straightforward practical application. This is the ideal pocket reference for a wide range of trainee health professionals. Now, includes sample full 12-lead ECGs for reference.

ECG Interpretation in the Critically Ill Dog and Cat

Author: Thomas K. Day

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: 0813809010

Category: Medical

Page: 149

View: 1732

ECG Interpretation in Critically Ill Dog and Cat is a clinical reference on the diagnosis and management of arrhythmias occurring in critically ill canine and feline patients. Using a case-oriented approach, it provides therapeutic and management options for patients with arrhythmias. This book shows, in detail, the types of case scenarios in which arrhythmias can occur, how these arrhythmias can be diagnosed, and what therapeutic interventions are available. The emphasis on the case scenario approach is perfectly suited to veterinarians and veterinary technicians dealing with emergency events in critically ill small animal patients. The first book to cover arrhythmias caused by conditions outside the realm of cardiac disease Innovative case-orientated approach, providing therapeutic and management options for the arrhythmia patient An essential reference text for all those involved with critically ill small animal patients

Perioperative Care, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice,

Author: Lori S. Waddell

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323391265

Category: Medical

Page: N.A

View: 2703

This issue, Guest Edited by Dr. Lori Waddell, focuses on Perioperative Care in dogs and cats. Articles include: Oxygenation and ventilation, Heart rate and rhythm, Acid/base and electrolyte disturbances, Blood pressure management, Thermoregulation, Anemia and oxygen delivery, Analgesia, Assessment of perfusion and fluid balance, Hemostasis monitoring and treatment, and more!

ECG Workbook

Author: Rohan Jayasinghe

Publisher: Elsevier Australia

ISBN: 0729541096

Category: Medical

Page: 260

View: 3305

"ECG Workbook is a practical Australian medical book approaching the ECG from a clinical diagnosis perspective. The book covers ECG diagnoses - normal and abnormal - commonly encountered in local clinical practice. It includes ECGs from real cases encountered in local practice. The reader is guided through the ECG to make the clinical diagnosis and decide on the appropriate management. It presents pathologies as case scenarios to train the reader to interpret ECGs according to specific parameters. Abnormal pathologies and normal scenarios are presented in the ECGs for the reader to analyse in order to manage the patient. Real case studies are used throughout, along with local medical content. ... Each ECG is presented with a brief clinical synopsis. The reader answers structured key questions for each, creating a systematic process for ECG interpretation."--Publisher.

Farm Animal Surgery - E-Book

Author: Susan L. Fubini,Norm Ducharme

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323316662

Category: Medical

Page: 664

View: 6172

Master the surgical techniques needed to treat large animals! A comprehensive resource, Farm Animal Surgery, 2nd Edition provides clear, step-by-step guidelines to performing common, field-tested surgical procedures. Coverage includes key information such as patient examination and preparation, diagnostic imaging, surgical procedures by body system, anesthesia concerns, fluid therapy, and postoperative management. Written by large animal specialists Susan Fubini and Norm Ducharme, along with a team of expert contributors, this resource is also an invaluable tool in preparing for ACVS or ECVS board exams. Consistent, logical organization makes it easy to find important information, with each section devoted to a single animal and chapters organized by body system. Step-by-step guidelines cover bovine, sheep and goat, and swine surgeries by body system. 775 full-color photographs and anatomic drawings illustrate common disorders, techniques, and equipment for large animal surgery. Up-to-date information on key surgical techniques keeps you aware of advances in the field and practical knowledge of animal care. 35 expert contributors provide a diverse, authoritative perspective on the many aspects of large animal surgery. References are provided for very specialized procedures. NEW surgical procedures are included for each species — many with illustrated, step-by-step instructions. NEW coverage of the physical examination includes cow, swine, goats, and sheep, to facilitate more accurate diagnoses of medical or surgical conditions.

150 ECG Problems E-Book

Author: John R. Hampton

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702052450

Category: Medical

Page: 324

View: 4225

This book offers 150 12-lead ECGs and rhythm strips, each with a clinical case history and question. The full ECG is reproduced and a study of it with the case history should be enough to give an answer. On the back the case is examined, with a description of the main features of the ECG along with a clinical interpretation and a "what to do" section. The cases are graded in difficulty. The unique page size allows presentation of all 12-lead ECGs across a single page for clarity. Several of the cases incorporate chest X-rays and coronary angiograms illustrating the appearances that are associated with various cardiac conditions. All the cases are graded in difficulty and are cross-referenced to the new editions of ECG Made Easy and ECG in Practice for further information. For this Fourth Edition over 30 new ECGs have been included, mainly to provide clearer examples, though the book deliberately retains some technically poor records to maintain a ’real-world’ perspective.

Chest X-Ray Made Easy

Author: Jonathan Corne,Maruti Kumaran

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702055018

Category: Medical

Page: 222

View: 3108

This popular guide to the examination and interpretation of chest radiographs is an invaluable aid for medical students, junior doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and radiographers. Translated into over a dozen languages, this book has been widely praised for making interpretation of the chest X-ray as simple as possible The chest X-ray is often central to the diagnosis and management of a patient. As a result every doctor requires a thorough understanding of the common radiological problems. This pocketbook describes the range of conditions likely to be encountered on the wards and guides the reader through the diagnostic process based on the appearance of the abnormality shown. Covers the full range of common radiological problems. Includes valuable advice on how to examine an X-ray. Assists the doctor in determining the nature of the abnormality. Points the clinician towards a possible differential diagnosis. A larger page size allows for larger and clearer illustrations. A new chapter on the sick patient covers the patient on ITU and the appearance of lines and tubes. There is extended use of CT imaging with advice on choosing modalities depending on the clinical circumstances. A new section of chest x-ray problems incorporates particularly challenging case histories. The international relevance of the text has been expanded with additional text and images.

The Practice of Veterinary Anesthesia

Small Animals, Birds, Fish and Reptiles

Author: Donald Sawyer

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1591610346

Category: Medical

Page: 384

View: 8928

This title provides practitioners with a practical guide to anesthesia that is easy to use in the office setting. It is organized with the busy practitioner in mind, and in the sequence that anesthesia is performed. The presentation includes step –by- step protocols for restraint, anesthesia and patient monitoring along with over 50 well designed tables covering drugs, complications and specific diseases conditions. This title is a helpful tool that can assist practitioners in problem solving the factors that place some patients at higher risk for anesthesia. Veterinarians will enjoy the convenient, very accessible drug protocol tables which refer to drugs by their generic /brand name along with information about availability in North America, Europe, and the UK. This practical, concise guide to small animal and small exotic anesthesia for the non-specialist is an indispensible resource for the busy practitioner. Published by Teton New Media in the USA and distributed by Manson Publishing outside of North America.

McGraw-Hill's Pocket Guide to ECGs

Author: Duncan Guy

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical Publishing

ISBN: 9780074715543

Category: Medical

Page: 162

View: 2028

50+ Examples of ECGs Teach the Non-Specialist How to Monitor and Diagnosis Heart Rate! This pocket-sized quick-reference focuses on the practical elements of interpreting ECGs in a clinical environment and is of particular value to non-specialists. Market incudes medical students, hospital residents, nursing staff, and general practitioners Utilizes a systematic, analytical approach that is easy to understand and simple to use Features more than 50 examples of ECGs including common abnormalities, normal ECGs, and diagnostic features of common disorders Numerous clinical tips help physicians and other healthcare workers quickly and efficiently interpret the results

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