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Bedtime Erotica for Men

Author: Lexy Harper

Publisher: Lexy Harper

ISBN: 0955698634

Category: Erotic stories, English

Page: 232

View: 2708

This collection of seven explicit short stories leaves nothing to the imagination. The stories are written with men in mind but women will find them equally satisfying.

Erotica for Women with Explicit Sex

Short Stories Guaranteed to Stimulate and Satisfy!

Author: Jenna Jameison

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781548223021


Page: 168

View: 4766

Advisory: These Erotica Taboo tales contains Explicit Sexuality, and Adult Content that may be deemed by some to be offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable, so please read at your own discretion. Enjoy a collection of sinfully delicious Erotica Tales by Jenna Jameison, together in this Smoking Hot Bundle! From start to finish, these delicious tales of love and lust will seduce your mind and leave you wanting more! GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!! ************************* For Mature Readers Only!

Future Reborn

A Post-Apocalyptic Harem

Author: Daniel Pierce

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781719913768

Category: Fiction

Page: 524

View: 1585

Two thousand years in the future. The world is a wasteland, but the women are still gorgeous. Jack Bowman is out of luck and out of money. That is, until he gets an offer to be a part of an experiment for a major scientific research company. All he has to do is get cryogenically frozen for a few years and he'll be rich. What could go wrong? Quite a bit, as it turns out. When Jack's pod splits open and he's met by two beautiful women, he's introduced to a very different world from the one he left behind. There are warring tribes, mutated animals, actual monsters, and even ogres. With so many threats, how can anyone hope to survive? Lucky for Jack, being frozen was only half the experience. The other part is swimming around his bloodstream, and it's turning him into something more than human. Warning: This story contains adult situations, course language, and other fun things. Read at your own risk.

Who Do You Love

A Novel

Author: Jennifer Weiner

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 145161781X

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 7016

From the “hilarious, heartbreaking, and insightful” (The Miami Herald) bestselling author Jennifer Weiner comes a sweeping, modern day fairy tale about first romance and lasting love. Rachel Blum and Andy Landis are eight years old when they meet late one night in an ER waiting room. Born with a congenital heart defect, Rachel is a veteran of hospitals, and she’s intrigued by the boy who shows up all alone with a broken arm. He tells her his name. She tells him a story. After Andy’s taken back to the emergency room and Rachel’s sent back to her bed, they think they’ll never see each other again. Rachel, the beloved, popular, and protected daughter of two doting parents, grows up wanting for nothing in a fancy Florida suburb. Andy grows up poor in Philadelphia with a single mom and a rare talent that will let him become one of the best runners of his generation. Over the course of three decades, through high school and college, marriages and divorces, from the pinnacles of victory and the heartbreak of defeat, Andy and Rachel will find each other again and again, until they are finally given a chance to decide whether love can surmount difference and distance and if they’ve been running toward each other all along. With honesty, wit, and clear-eyed observations about men and women, love and fate, and the truth about happy endings, Jennifer Weiner delivers two of her most memorable characters, and a love story you’ll never forget.


The shocking international number one bestseller

Author: LS Hilton

Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.

ISBN: 1785760025

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 9181

READ THE CONTROVERSIAL THRILLER THAT SHOCKED THE WORLD THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER GLAMOUR'S WRITER OF THE YEAR By day Judith Rashleigh is a put-upon assistant at a London auction house. By night she's a hostess in one of the capital's unsavoury bars. Desperate to make something of herself, Judith knows she has to play the game. She's learned to dress, speak and act in the interests of men. She's learned to be a good girl. But after uncovering a dark secret at the heart of the art world, Judith is fired and her dreams of a better life are torn apart. So she turns to a long-neglected friend. A friend that kept her chin up and back straight through every past slight. A friend that a good girl like her shouldn't have: Rage. Fatal attraction meets The Talented Mr Ripley in this darkly decadent thriller, soon to be a major Hollywood film, that asks: Where do you go when you've gone too far?

Submitting for Christmas: The Epilogue

A Chateau Debauchery Erotic Historical

Author: Em Brown

Publisher: Wind Color Press

ISBN: 1942822162

Category: Fiction

Page: 41

View: 2468

Christmas gets more wickedly hot in this continuation of Submitting for Christmas...

Explicit Encounters

Sex When You Shouldn't

Author: Michael Bracken,Giselle Renarde,Penelope Friday,Kay Jaybee,Eva Hore,Kyoko Church,Clarice Clique,Orlando Zinn,Lucy Felthouse,Tabitha Rayne,Tamsin Flowers,Landon Dixon,Vick Guthrie,Jade Taylor,Heidi Champa,Rachel Kramer Bussel,Jay Raymee,Lynn Lake,Daniel Savage,Ariel Graham

Publisher: Accent Press Ltd

ISBN: 1907761772

Category: Fiction

Page: 226

View: 7622

Who can resist having sex when they shouldn’t? Forbidden fruit tastes sweet, and Explicit Encounters meets those who aren’t afraid to reach out and take a bite. From affairs conducted behind a partner’s back to acting on deepest fantasies, these stories reveal what happens when illicit sex becomes too much to resist. MILF And Cookies offers a college student an unforgettable experience at the hands of his best friend’s mother. The Game is played by a couple who have one night to learn what it truly means to submit. In Room 22, a stocking fetishist meets his kinky match. And Date Night is a time to watch your neighbours in action, while putting on a naughty show of your own. Good girls, bad boys and people who simply love to break the rules can all be found in Explicit Encounters. A Lesson Learned by Kyoko Church Poor Shirley. The quiet 36-year-old stay-at-home mom had been wishing forever for her stale, married sex life to be more exciting. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. Now she’s realised that her online Master is actually her husband, the shackles of the married roles burst open and their sex life goes from meh to hotcha! Communication flows and so does Shirley’s pussy. Something must be done. More of Shirley’s horny confessions lead to further lessons from her Master. He even has to bring in reinforcements. Good Girl by Clarice Clique How far can the bounds of an open relationship be pushed? What happens to a marriage when a woman looks beyond her husband to find her ideal lover, a man who is the perfect master? A housewife finds there is more than one way to be a good girl. Applied Literary Theory by Orlando Zinn A graduate student registers for a dreaded summer seminar in literary theory, mentally preparing himself for six weeks of boredom; only when a sexy Parisian professor enters the scene does he become aware of the subject’s surprising applications. Oh, Brother! by Lucy Felthouse When Lara turns up to help her best friend Rebecca move house, she's not surprised to see Rebecca's younger brother mucking in. What does surprise her is the fact that Marc – who she'd last seen when he was about 11 and harbouring a huge crush on her – has grown up into a total hottie. It appears he still feels the same way about her. They flirt madly behind Rebecca's back, and continue to do so at the housewarming party some days later. Finally, they give in to their attraction, which brings not only smoking hot sex, but the realisation that at some point, they're going to have to tell Rebecca. The Relapse by Tabitha Rayne Recovering sex addict Jim, tries his best to shock his therapist, Dr Leigh. Instead of being abstinent and following the rules, Jim has been a very naughty boy with an equally naughty girl he has met. He delights in telling the stunning, sultry doctor all the juicy details, hoping to prompt a reaction from her. Will he be punished for falling off the wagon? Or does Dr Leigh have something rather more interesting in mind...? Cowgirl Honeymoon by Tamsin Flowers Sugar couldn’t be happier – she’d always dreamt of having her honeymoon on a ranch and now she was luxuriating in the joys of having a hot stallion between her legs both day and night. But when her new husband Kyle cries off sex because he's saddle sore, Sugar starts wondering about his motives. Is he punishing her because he never wanted to come ranching in the first place? Desperately disappointed, Sugar goes out riding with ranch hand Tex. As they trek through the forest, she can't stop thinking about what she wants to do with Kyle later - until her horse goes lame and she's forced up on to the same saddle as the cowboy. He seems to know what she’s thinking and being saddle sore isn’t a problem... Golden Boy by Landon Dixon They had nothing in common other than his daughter, but when Clyde extended his hand to the young man, Evan brushed by it, threw his arms around Clyde and hugged the older man warmly. Clyde felt the throb of the teenager’s semi-erect cock against his own, and he unconsciously clenched Evan’s tight, mounded butt cheeks, a wonderful, tingling sensation flooding his own body and loins. It was just the beginning of finding what they didhave in common. Room 22 by Vick Guthrie When guests at Marvin’s Hotel start complaining about the noise coming from Room 22, it’s down to Miss Williams, the assistant manager, to sort things out. It seems the troublesome guest has a not-so-hidden stocking fetish, and she knows a way of dealing with his antics that will satisfy her desires as well as his. Star-fucker by Jade Taylor She’s the photographer all the celebs flock to. He’s the actor she’s had a secret crush on for years. She makes it a firm rule never to sleep with any of her subjects – but in this most intimate of photo-shoots, some rules are meant to be broken … Working Late by Heidi Champa Linda is on her way to her husband's office and she's left her panties at home. She's on her way to give herself over completely, to be used, teased and thoroughly fucked. His every wish is her command and her ultimate pleasure. Except, Linda's husband is all the way across town at a business dinner. But, her husband's handsome boss is there waiting and willing to give her exactly what she needs. MILF And Cookies by Michael Bracken While spending Christmas break with his college roommate’s family, Bobby is seduced by his roommate's long-divorced mother, a sexy blonde with a body that would be the envy of any college cheerleader. Mrs Parker entices him with warm chocolate chip cookies and glimpses of her in a diaphanous red nightie. Then she feeds him breakfast in bed and what he eats isn't just her bakery goods. By the time he and his roommate return to school, Bobby has come to appreciate the unique holiday combination of ‘MILF and Cookies’. Taking Her Out by Penelope Friday Leah has been waiting for Jay all evening. Waiting to be seduced. But Jay has other plans for her. How can she cope with him taking her out when all she really wants is for him to take her? Deeds Of Mercy by Giselle Renarde Mercedes’ romantic world has grown into a man-eating monstrosity! She really does love her fiancé, Anwar, so why does she keep prostituting herself to Simon? It isn’t that she needs the money. Well, OK, the money’s nice and it gives her a cheap thrill every time she adds Sex-with-Simon cash to the Wedding-with-Anwar fund, but it’s not like she’s living at subsistence level. She doesn’t need it. But she likes it. She enjoys the naughty thrill of prostituting herself to her married ex-lover while her husband-to-be remains oblivious. Ghost by Kay Jaybee Jo had almost got out of the habit of listening for Sam’s distinctive knock at the door. Almost. Everywhere she goes she sees reminders of him; of the company Sam works for, of the places they’ve secretly fucked together; making her miss him all over again. He isn’t even hers to miss. When, after three months, Sam turns up unannounced, something in Jo snaps. Her normal submissive stance is abandoned in favour of spanking her lover’s arse. It is time to show him just how hard it is living with the ghost of their affair... Making the Most of All in New Zealand by Eva Hore When her cousin’s husband, Jeff, decides to take her on a horse ride on her last day she gets exactly what she was hoping for. With her thighs spread wide over the horse’s back she realises that this rugged Maori is the one she’d rather be riding and he doesn't disappoint. Rule Breakers by Rachel Kramer Bussel What could be better than sex with Serena? Secret sex with her gorgeous husband, Rob, of course. And as the couple have an open relationship, Carla isn’t breaking any rules – just learning that what’s sauce for two lovers is even saucier for three … Real by Jay Raymee He keeps telling himself what he’s doing isn’t really cheating on his wife. One-night stands, using hookers, sex with no ties, no emotions – it’s what you do when you no longer desire the woman you married. But what happens when things get real? Ready Or Not, Here I Come by Lynn Lake Tess Jansen just had to get laid. She’d turned eighteen in April, and now she was so ripe and juicy, ready and willing, that she could hardly slip her little white shorty-shorts on without coming. Only problem was, her skateboarding, BMXing boyfriend, Mike, was completely oblivious to her squishy need. If only there were some other, real men around who might put her out of her sweet sexual misery … The Game by Daniel Savage Is it possible to hit new highs of sexual tension, arousal and fulfilment without actually making physical contact with another? When two strangers of a like mind meet by chance in a hotel they decide to play a game to find out … Date Night by Ariel Graham When Charlene meets her sexy neighbour Cory while he's out searching for his wife's cat, she has no idea the chance encounter will lead to realisation of a long-standing fantasy for her and her husband, Vince. Vince has been too shy to initiate sex with another couple, but the proximity of their bedroom windows leads Charlene and Vince to accidentally catch Cory and his wife, Anna, in the act – and the next time it isn't quite so accidental.

The Boss

Author: Abigail Barnette

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781493625482

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 5312

Sophie Scaife almost ran away once, trading her ticket to college for a ticket to Tokyo. But a delayed flight and a hot one-night stand with a stranger changed her mind, putting her firmly on track to a coveted position at a New York fashion magazine.When the irresistible stranger from that one incredible night turns out to be her new boss – billionaire and publishing magnate Neil Elwood – Sophie can't resist the chance to rekindle the spark between them… and the opportunity to explore her submissive side with the most Dominant man she's ever known.Neil is the only man who has ever understood Sophie's need to submit in the bedroom, and the only man who has ever satisfied those desires. When their scorching, no-strings-attached sexual relationship becomes something more, Sophie must choose between her career and heart… or risk losing them both.

Reading Sex in the Eighteenth Century

Bodies and Gender in English Erotic Culture

Author: Karen Harvey

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521822350

Category: History

Page: 261

View: 2903

An exploration of the construction of sexual difference and gender identity in eighteenth-century England.

Legal Heat

Author: Sarah Castille

Publisher: Whiskey Jack Press

ISBN: 0993816851

Category: Fiction

Page: 312

View: 3940

Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit

The Secrets of Erotic Magic

Author: Jason Miller

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 1601634528

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

View: 5129

The sexual act is possibly the most potent—and pleasurable—gateway to the primordial and the divine. From the Tantric mysteries of Hinduism and Buddhism and the inner alchemy of Taoism, to the sacrament of the bridal chamber in Christianity—and, of course, the traditions of Western Magic and Witchcraft—sex pervades the highest and most secret teachings all over the world. In Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit, Jason Miller draws upon his training in Eastern and Western mystery schools to produce a frank, comprehensive exploration of sexual sorcery and spirituality. In clear language, he will show you how to take your magic to the next level, teaching you: How to use the moment of orgasm as a gateway to the highest levels of spiritual attainment. The use of sexual elixirs in alchemy and practical sorcery. How to work with sexual spirits and gods. The dangers of sex magic and how to avoid them. A grimoire of sexual spells and rituals. This daring and tantalizing work throws open the doors into the realms of sexual magic that have been hidden behind secret orders and arcane terminology for far too long—until now.


Amazing collection of erotic eBooks ~ WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT - ONLY 18+ ( general , adult , love , sex , romance , erotica , affection , appreciation , devotion , emotion , fondness , friendship , infatuation , lust , passion , respect , taste , tenderness , yearning , affair , amour , attachment , courtship , enchantment , fascination , fling , flirtation , intrigue , liaison , love , passion , relationship , sexuality , amorous , bawdy , carnal , adults , porn , sexy , erotic , pornography , eros , lewd , obscene , romantic , seductive , sensual , sexual , steamy , suggestive , aphrodisiac , developed , sexuality , manhood , masculinity , womanliness , femininity , manliness , womanhood , hot , inviting , mature , provocative , racy , seductive , sensuous , smut , dirt , sexually explicit literature , obscene literature , adult literary , erotica , filth , indecency , sexploitation , porno , fiction dirty , admirer , boyfriend , companion , girlfriend , suitor , sweetheart , escort , truelove , darling , man , romantic readings , woman , romance novels , fiction and literature ). Cardiac Banned ~ Attention can lead to addiction :)) some are aphrodisiac eBooks :)) and can create a mood sex crazy - Thank you very much . And do not forget educated man means man who has read many books . Knowledge is power.


Publisher: B.M.DANYEL


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9324

TANGLED WITH SEX Amazing collection of erotic eBooks ~ WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT - ONLY 18+ ( general , adult , love , sex , romance , erotica , affection , appreciation , devotion , emotion , fondness , friendship , infatuation , lust , passion , respect , taste , tenderness , yearning , affair , amour , attachment , courtship , enchantment , fascination , fling , flirtation , intrigue , liaison , love , passion , relationship , sexuality , amorous , bawdy , carnal , adults , porn , sexy , erotic , pornography , eros , lewd , obscene , romantic , seductive , sensual , sexual , steamy , suggestive , aphrodisiac , developed , sexuality , manhood , masculinity , womanliness , femininity , manliness , womanhood , hot , inviting , mature , provocative , racy , seductive , sensuous , smut , dirt , sexually explicit literature , obscene literature , adult literary , erotica , filth , indecency , sexploitation , porno , fiction dirty , admirer , boyfriend , companion , girlfriend , suitor , sweetheart , escort , truelove , darling , man , romantic readings , woman , romance novels , fiction and literature ). Cardiac Banned ~ Attention can lead to addiction :)) some are aphrodisiac eBooks :)) and can create a mood sex crazy . Thank you very much . And do not forget educated man means man who has read many books . Knowledge is power. B.M.DANYEL has written dozens of books of which are bestsellers success with over 1,000,000 (one million) of readers online. Please search in Google Play / Books enter name B.M.DANYEL and I will defend all the books written by B.M.DANYEL sure you will find something to your taste are books in all fields. B.M.DANYEL trying to write books in all fields : ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES / ARCHITECTURE / ART / BIBLES / BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS / COMPUTERS / COOKING / CRAFTS & HOBBIES / DESIGN / DRAMA / EDUCATION / FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / FICTION / FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY / GAMES / GARDENING / HEALTH & FITNESS / HISTORY / HOUSE & HOME / HUMOR / JUVENILE FICTION / JUVENILE NONFICTION / LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / LAW / LITERARY COLLECTIONS / LITERARY CRITICISM / MATHEMATICS / MEDICAL / MUSIC / NATURE / PERFORMING ARTS / PETS / PHILOSOPHY / PHOTOGRAPHY / POETRY / POLITICAL SCIENCE / PSYCHOLOGY / REFERENCE / RELIGION / SCIENCE / SELF-HELP / SOCIAL SCIENCE / SPORTS & RECREATION / STUDY AIDS / TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / TRANSPORTATION / TRAVEL / TRUE CRIME / YOUNG ADULT FICTION / YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / The arts / Biography and True Stories / Language / Literature and literary studies / English language teaching (ELT) / Fiction and related items / Reference, information and interdisciplinary subjects / Humanities / Society and social sciences /Economics, finance, business and management / Law / Medicine / Mathematics and science / Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning / Technology, engineering, agriculture / Computing and information technology / Health and personal development / Lifestyle, sport and leisure / Children’s, teenage and educational / Geographical / Language / Time period / Educational purpose / Interest age / Special interest qualifiers… Thank you very much . And do not forget educated man means man who has read many books . Knowledge is power. Do not stay on Facebook, Hi5, Instagram , Yahoo or listen Cancan, Radio, Music, or to play games or watch the video ( YouTube ) better grab a book by BMDANYEL and read and if you do not understand calls a dictionary :))

Billionaire Daddy's Virgin

Author: Bella Love-Wins

Publisher: Bella Love-Wins Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 180

View: 2594


Author: Kiran Nagarkar

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9352772792

Category: Fiction

Page: 624

View: 8582

The time is early 16th century. The Rajput kingdom of Mewar is at the height of its power. It is locked in war with the Sultanates of Delhi, Gujarat and Malwa. But there is another deadly battle being waged within Mewar itself. Who will inherit the throne after the death of the Maharana? The course of history, not just of Mewar but of the whole of India, is about to be changed forever. At the centre of Cuckold is the narrator, heir apparent of Mewar, who questions the codes, conventions and underlying assumptions of the feudal world of which he is a part, a world in which political and personal conduct are dictated by values of courage, valour and courtesy; and death is preferable to dishonour. A quintessentially Indian story, Cuckold has an immediacy and appeal that are truly universal.

100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed

Author: Melissa P.

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802197582

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

View: 7793

It opens innocently enough: the diary starts off with a tone of self-absorbed adolescent wistfulness. The fourteen-year-old Melissa starts taking notes about her feelings during a very hot summer. Her bedroom is plastered with Klimt posters and photos of Marlene Dietrich. She is a loner, fond of classical music. She examines her body in the mirror, pleasurably yet without desire. Her friend Alessandra introduces her to Daniele, an eighteen-year-old who intrigues her. She is embarrassed when he asks her if she is a virgin and she says yes. He invites her to his home to go swimming, and after cornering her in a secluded room and kissing her passionately, he asks, “Do you feel like doing it?” She declines coyly, but soon he is pushing her face below his waist. When she takes his penis in her mouth, he comes immediately. “Is this the way it’s done?” she asks him. He isn’t very nice to her, but the act fills her with a “strange contentment.” The diary then jumps to her fifteenth birthday, and then Daniele’s nineteenth. She is smitten with him, can’t keep her mind on her Latin lessons, tells him she wants to make love, but he responds that she doesn’t “even know how to suck him off.” She depicts her parents as not very caring of her, and feels unloved. She starts masturbating habitually and finally offers herself to Daniele, who tells her that he’ll have sex with her only if their relationship remains purely sexual. She hopes that it will turn into love. When she arrives to have sex with him, he mistreats her; when he finally penetrates her and she claims not to feel any pain, he accuses her of lying to him about being a virgin. They begin to meet regularly to have sex on the beach, but she is unsatisfied, detached, deeply hurt by his abusive treatment. She feels guilty and sad when she confronts Daniele with his abuse of her, and he is humiliated: he bursts into tears. She stops seeing him, but the relief is mixed with the desire for self-punishment One day at a school assembly, she flirts with one of the guest speakers, an intellectual law student named Roberto. Though he has a girlfriend, he is intrigued by Melissa, who is tiny, standing at five feet, and invites her to an abandoned country house. He is brutal, tells her he wants her to scream, showers her with obscenities, and she complies, but is finally detached from the act, distanced by his commands and his foul language. Still, she is very much in control when they meet, she strokes his macho ego and is amused by his transformation from the well-mannered guy to the passionate lover. She begins to discover things about men and the faces they put on to meet the world On her sixteenth birthday, Roberto arranges a “celebration” for her: he takes her to an abandoned house and blindfolds her, whereupon she is stripped by him and four other men who take turns caressing her. She is intermittently excited and at one point, during a pause in the action, thinks about leaving, but doesn’t. She is then made to kneel down and give head to all five them, in succession, until they ejaculate. After the oral sex, they take turns mounting her. “I felt invaded, dirtied,” she writes upon her return home. “Then I brushed my hair a hundred times, as princesses do, my mother always says.” The next entry begins with broad irony: her mother asks, “Did you have fun last night?” She suspects her daughter of smoking pot, but Melissa just feels “empty.” The question of self-love is raised again, and she distinguishes between the girl who did not love herself last night and the girl who does this morning. The next several entries switch between three different narrative threads, sexual relationships that begin on the internet. Melissa meets a lesbian called Letizia, who intrigues her. They exchange photos and talk on the phone. “I’m thinking (or perhaps I’m deluding myself) that by surfing the net I might find someone inclined to love me.” She also finds Fabrizio, a thirty-five-old married man who repulses her--she won’t kiss him--but whom she fucks. She is not doing well in school, so she finds a private tutor, a mathematics “professor” in his late twenties called Valerio, who attracts her. Their relationship starts very professionally, with actual lessons, but he also arranges phone calls in which he tells her his fantasies and she masturbates. He calls her “Lo” at the end of a call, an allusion that is later made explicit with a brief extract from Nabokov. Melissa has her first encounter with Letizia, and then a sexy date with Valerio, who instructs her on what clothes to wear and takes her to a secluded spot. The encounter is outdoors at night, graphically described, beginning with their passionate kissing, continuing with them going down on one another, and then fucking in the car where ere she straddles him and reaches a shuddering orgasm. Fabrizio meanwhile has bought an apartment where he wants to rendezvous and watch porn films. But ultimately he has somethhhhhhing else in mind: they make an appointment, and she arrives first, only to find a group of boxes that each contain an assortment of sex-oriented clothing, ranging from lingerie to leather gear. She chooses the leather, and he shows up for a sadomasochistic encounter. She shows herself to be an accomplished dominatrix, sees the power to inflict pleasurable pain as self-defining, and vents her distaste for him as she whips him and fucks him with a dildo. She realizes that of all her lovers, Valerio is the one most capable of recognizing her passion. She writes him a letter essentially explaining to him who she is, what she’s looking for, asks if he’s up to the task of seeing her as the passionate person she is. She doesn’t hear back, and realizes that she is no more than a somewhat pedophiliac fantasy to him. Then one night she’s at a bar with her friends and someone catches her eye—he can’t stop staring at her, she can’t stop staring at him. They have a tentative conversation and then he shows up at her house to serenade her. She is amazed and touched and they go out on a date that lasts all night, though nothing physical happens. He alone has recognized her passionate self. But suddenly she doesn’t know if she can handle true intimacy, she doesn’t feel worthy. Valerio contacts her and she decides that a meeting with him will show what she really is, what she wants. When she arrives, Valerio introduces her to Flavio, and they arrange an evening at which a number of couples are invited. The idea seems to be an orgy, starring Melissa, but as soon as Valerio begins working on her, she decides to leave. On the way home in the car, she asks him about her letter. He doesn’t respond till he drops her off: “Addio, Lolita,” he says. She sees Claudio again, and he admits that he’s fallen in love with her. She challenges this love, asking him when he wants to make love to her, and his response is just what she has wanted for the entire book: “when two people are joined together,” he responds, “it is the height of spirituality.” The last few entries--they end in August 2002--show her vacillating between accepting and fearing his love. They finally spend the night together, and make love instead of simply fucking, and the diary ends on a very hopeful note—she is loved, she has learned to love others, and more importantly herself. This is a titillating and graphic account of one young girl’s extreme sexual journey, but it is also a fascinating and often sad portrait of female adolescent identity. The diary is impelled by Melissa’s arresting and powerful voice, transforming what could otherwise be mere pornography into a literary experience that is sweet, bold, and totally fresh.

The Man With The Chocolate Rod : Black Erotica Sex

(Adults Only Erotica)

Author: Shala Breece

Publisher: Xplicit Press

ISBN: 1623274575

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9311

This erotica short story collection contains explicit content and is suitable for adults only. adult romance, adult stories, blow jobs, erotic contemporary romance, erotic short stories, erotica short story, explicit erotica, hot erotica, sexy adult stories, sexy books, sexy romance,explicit sex,adult sex,erotic romance,erotic fiction,erotic short story,erotica,Black Erotica, Black Romance, Urban Romance, Urban Erotica After a heart-wrenching break up with her boyfriend, Kesha decides to go clubbing as part of the first step on her journey to find herself. She meets the handsome Damian Rod, who keeps the drink flowing at the club. They soon find themselves back up against the wall in the club grinding to the music while he explores her entire body inside and out. Kesha, fueled by her sensations of his touch, invites him back to her house and indulges in his big dark chocolate rod. Soon enough she finds herself unable to stay away from Damian and his goodies. When her ex-boyfriend comes back to her on his knees with a beautiful diamond ring and keys to her dream car, Kesha must choose between her new lover and their erotic adventures or her old love with whom she can presumably settle down and start a family. But her decision is a hard one because like they say, there’s nothing sweeter than rich dark chocolate.

1000 Sexy Shorts

Bedtime Stories for Adults -

Author: Kitty McFabulous

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692310823


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This is a full-length compilation of 26 tastefully seductive short stories that bring passionate women to life, each expertly crafted with exactly 1,000 words. These self-contained stories with female lead characters that have names starting from A through Z, contain drama, emotion, and titillating "sexcapades." All are mild to moderately "R" rated, though one story, the X name (Xsana), is X-rated, and should probably come with a warning. And, a few stories may even provoke controversy as they deal with issues such as racism, threesomes, and even murder. Ashley escapes her small town for a weekend of sexual excitement in Las Vegas, Jasmine joins the mile-high club, Katherine succumbs to a vampire lover, Marilyn secures her future on the casting couch, Raquel revels in risky encounters with any man in uniform, and Zeena reconnects with her first love. All of these sexually-charged women are single, married, straight, gay, angry, happy, at the beginning of their sexual existence, at the tail end of it, looking for something more, something different, something new, and go to whatever lengths necessary to achieve their passionate goals. These stories take place in big cities, country towns, in elevators, on planes, in bed, and even on dryers. And, these arousing tales contain sexual trysts that are virginal or experienced, gentle or rough, with single or multiple partners, all between a realistic beginning and a thought-provoking conclusion, and each is written with exactly 1,000 words.

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