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Fighting for Rights

Military Service and the Politics of Citizenship

Author: Ronald R. Krebs

Publisher: Cornell University Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 280

View: 183

Leaders around the globe have long turned to the armed forces as a "school for the nation." Debates over who serves continue to arouse passion today because the military's participation policies are seen as shaping politics beyond the military, specifically the politics of identity and citizenship. Yet how and when do these policies transform patterns of citizenship? Military service, Ronald R. Krebs argues, can play a critical role in bolstering minorities' efforts to grasp full and unfettered rights. Minority groups have at times effectively contrasted their people's battlefield sacrifices to the reality of inequity, compelling state leaders to concede to their claims. At the same time, military service can shape when, for what, and how minorities have engaged in political activism in the quest for meaningful citizenship. Employing a range of rich primary materials, Krebs shows how the military's participation policies shaped Arab citizens' struggles for first-class citizenship in Israel from independence to the mid-1980s and African Americans' quest for civil rights, from World War I to the Korean War. Fighting for Rights helps us make sense of contemporary debates over gays in the military and over the virtues and dangers of liberal and communitarian visions for society. It suggests that rhetoric is more than just a weapon of the weak, that it is essential to political exchange, and that politics rests on a dual foundation of rationality and culture.

Fights for Rights

Author: Ronald W. Eades

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky


Category: Political Science

Page: 58

View: 106

As Americans, we often take our many freedoms for granted. It is easy to forget the difficulties many of our ancestors faced when fighting for the rights we now enjoy. Because the United States is a "nation of laws and not of men," these people were able to challenge unfair laws in hope of a better future. Fights for Rights explains our everyday rights of free speech and religion, the rights of the accused, and how our Constitution guarantees these rights for all people, including women and African Americans.

Fighting for Rights

From Holy Wars to Humanitarian Military Interventions

Author: Tal Dingott Alkopher

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 224

View: 391

In the light of NATO's humanitarian war in Kosovo is it possible to understand or explain wars as an outcome of perceptions of rights? How did rights, be they divine rights in the Middle Ages, territorial rights in the eighteenth century, or human rights today, become something that people are willing to fight and die for? To answer these questions, this book explores the linkage between concepts of rights and the practice of war in the international arena. Alkopher describes how normative structures of rights have shaped different practices of war from medieval to modern times, through the lens of social constructivism. From the eleventh to the thirteenth century, concepts of divine rights and institutionalized practices of the Crusades to the Holy Land fostered the prevailing ideas of international rights and war. In the eighteenth century, the institutionalization of states' rights and territorial wars shaped international conflict. This view held until the late twentieth century when the institutionalization of human rights coupled with the emerging practice of humanitarian war, particularly NATO's war in Kosovo, engendered new norms of international conduct. The author concludes that rights have the power to constitute an international order that will be either cooperative or conflictual and the choice of outcome is very much in our hands. This book will be essential reading for international relations and political science scholars and students but also philosophers, legal and sociological historians and international lawyers.

Encyclopedia of Cesar Chavez: The Farm Workers' Fight for Rights and Justice

Author: Roger Bruns

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Social Science

Page: 344

View: 587

This book is a unique, single-volume treatment offering original source material on the life, accomplishments, disappointments, and lasting legacy of one of American history's most celebrated social reformers—Cesar Chavez. • Presents a unique narrative of the events in the life of Chavez and the Farm Workers Movement, as well as original documents and entries on people and events • Provides a valuable source of information for tracing attitudes, legislation, and progressive reform efforts in the last half-century, especially in light of the current heated debate over immigration • Demonstrates how a determined organizer applied various methods and tactics to accomplish what seemed at the onset of the movement to be a quixotic venture—a relevant lesson for those strategizing to achieve social justice today

Fighting for Rights

Author: Trish Albert

Publisher: Heinemann Library


Category: Aboriginal Australians

Page: 24

View: 161

This series explores the histories, cultures and identities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Through different modes of storytelling, the reader will discover the experiences of people from the past and present and also how Indigenous Australians have fought for rights and why they have a unique place in society. Age 8+.

Labour Unionism in the Financial Services Sector

Fighting for Rights and Representation

Author: Professor Gregor Gall

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 222

View: 836

In recent years, there has been an acute crisis of worker representation in the finance sector in Britain. Labour union and staff association membership and density has fallen, collective organisation has experienced dislocation and disorganisation and worker self-confidence has been sapped. Prior to this, there was a sense of an identifiable trajectory towards greater 'unionateness' by labour unions and staff associations, with the sector moving towards growing self-identification of employees as 'workers' and the use of traditional tools of collective bargaining such as threats of strikes and strikes themselves. This study documents and explains these changes in wider historical terms, providing invaluable reading for those interested in the future of both the labour movement and the finance sector.

How to Be a Feminist

A Womans Guide to Fighting for Rights & Equality

Author: Lauren Alexa



Category: Social Science

Page: 20

View: 585

Have you ever been a victim of violence, hatred, harassment, or sufferage as a result of your gender? Being a feminist or practicing feminist ideals means fighting for things that matter. Things such as equal pay, being treated with respect, maternity leave, reproductive rights, domestic violence, among others. If you want to learn more about fighting for your rights and helping fight for the rights of women everywhere then this guide is for you. - Learn how to be a feminist. - Learn how to fight for your rights. - Fight for equality and equal pay. - And Much More! Learn how to be on the right side of history by helping humanity where it needs you most! Scroll to the top of the page and click add to cart to purchase instantly Disclaimer: This author and or rights owner(s) make no claims, promises, or guarantees in regards to the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this book, and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents within. This product is for reference use only. Please consult a professional before taking action on any of the contents found within.

Women's Suffrage

Fighting for Women's Rights

Author: Harriet Isecke

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 196

Learn about women's fight for equality in this enthralling book that features highlights on some of the most well-known feminists and suffragists of all time, including Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Lucretia Mott. Through plenty of vivid images, engaging facts, sidebars, and easy-to-read text, readers discover the history behind such things as the Women's Rights Convention, the National Women's Suffrage Association, and how suffragists finally got to celebrate when the the Nineteenth Amendment was passed.

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Fighting for Rights

Author: Ann Rossi




Page: 24

View: 138

Fighting for Human Rights

Author: Paul Gready

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 208

View: 512

In a world that is increasingly disillusioned with formal politics, people are no longer prepared to wait for governments and international institutions to act on human rights concerns. This book identifies activism as a key means of realizing human rights and as a new form of politics. Fighting for Human Rights documents and compares successful high profile campaigns to cancel debt in the developing world, ban landmines and set up the International Criminal Court as well as emerging campaigns that focus on HIV/AIDS, environmental justice, democratization and blood diamonds.

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