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Freedom for All

An Attorney's Guide to Fighting Human Trafficking

Author: Kelly Hyland,Kavitha Sreeharsha

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781627226479

Category: Law

Page: 254

View: 5781

Of particular interest to attorneys and students in criminal, corporate, employment, immigration, international, and public interest law. A practical introduction to human trafficking and what you can do in your practice area.

The Slave Across the Street

The True Story of how an American Teen Survived the World of Human Trafficking

Author: Theresa L. Flores,PeggySue Wells

Publisher: Ampelon Publishing

ISBN: 0982328680

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

View: 7145

Reveals how the author became a victim of human trafficking while living at home with her unsuspecting parents in a Detroit suburb, discussing how she healed the wounds of sexual exploitation and offering important education and prevention advice.

Human Trafficking in Ohio

Markets, Responses, and Considerations

Author: Jeremy M. Wilson,Erin Dalton

Publisher: Rand Corporation

ISBN: 0833042963

Category: Political Science

Page: 86

View: 3878

These identified several cases of juvenile sex trafficking and forced prostitution in Toledo, as well as a smaller trafficking market centered on the forced labor of noncitizens in Columbus. Wilson and Dalton compare the two cities' considerably different responses to human trafficking, and conclude with suggestions on how to raise awareness about human trafficking and improve the responses of the criminal justice system, the juvenile justice system, and social services to the problem."--BOOK JACKET.

Sex Trafficking

Inside the Business of Modern Slavery

Author: Siddharth Kara

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231542631

Category: Law

Page: 320

View: 2416

Since the publication of Sex Trafficking in 2007, Siddharth Kara has continued to travel across countries and continents, documenting the local factors and economic forces that support sexual slavery worldwide. His riveting encounters with victims and traffickers informed his screenplay for Trafficked (2016), now a major motion picture. The film features familiar figures from Sex Trafficking and the shocking conditions of their exploitation. It also includes cases Kara has uncovered since his book debuted. This new paperback edition of Sex Trafficking includes a preface by Kara in which he discusses his findings and updates the statistics relating to his business and economic analysis of contemporary slavery. After fifteen years, Kara has recorded nearly 900 cases of sex trafficking in forty-one countries and has helped advise on numerous legal, tactical, and policy efforts for abolishing modern-day slavery across the globe. Sex Trafficking continues to lead as a resource for those hoping to expose this hidden evil and eradicate its practice once and for all.

Ending Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery

Freedom's Journey

Author: Annalisa Enrile

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1506316778

Category: Social Science

Page: 392

View: 9045

Bringing together conceptual, practice, and advocacy knowledge, Ending Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery: Freedom's Journey by Annalisa Enrile explores the complexities of human trafficking and modern-day slavery through a global perspective. This comprehensive, multidisciplinary text includes a discussion of the root causes and structural issues that continue to plague society, as well as real-life case studies and vignettes, the words of human trafficking survivors, and insights from first responders and anti-trafficking advocates. Each chapter includes a “call to action” to inspire readers to implement a range of strategies designed to disrupt, eradicate, or mitigate human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

Gender, Trafficking, and Slavery

Author: Rachel Masika

Publisher: Oxfam

ISBN: 9780855984786

Category: Social Science

Page: 95

View: 4904

This book examines the operations of trafficking and other kinds of 'modern-day' slavery, from a gender perspective. It explores the relationships between gender, poverty, conflict and globalization that are driving today's slave trade. The authors provide an overview of what trafficking and slavery are, their magnitude, and their complexity.

Not for Sale

Author: David Batstone

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0061206717

Category: Political Science

Page: 301

View: 7088

Human trafficking generates $31 billion annually and enslaves 27 million people around the globe, half of them children under the age of eighteen. Award-winning journalist David Batstone, whom Bono calls "a heroic character," profiles the new generation o

Trafficking in Persons Report 2017

Author: Office of the Undersecretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Ri

Publisher: Government Printing Office

ISBN: 9780160941801


Page: 450

View: 9144

This 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report highlights the successes achieved and the remaining challenges before us on this important issue. The primary focus presented showcases responsibility of governments to criminalize human trafficking and hold offenders accountable. This year's report theme is increasing criminal accountability of human traffickers and addressing challenges in prosecution - an essential component of 3P- paradigm of prosecution, protection, and prevention. It provides an overview of the type of human trafficking offenses that are taking place around the world in violation of human rights. The text includes side bars of situational human trafficking experiences to allow the reader to understand the different types that occur throughout the world. High school students and above may find this report helpful for research and writing essays about human rights and law enforcement of human trafficking. American citizens, policy analysts and decision-makers, law enforcement personnel, and human rights policy activists and advocates and world leaders may refer to this report as a reference on these crimes. Related products: Explore ourHuman Rights resources collection and other products produced by the U.S. State Department.

Gulag Voices

Oral Histories of Soviet Incarceration and Exile

Author: J. Gheith,K. Jolluck

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230116280

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 9725

In this volume, the powerful voices of Gulag survivors become accessible to English-speaking audiences for the first time through oral histories, rather than written memoirs. It brings together interviews with men and women, members of the working class and intelligentsia, people who live in the major cities and those from the "provinces," and from an array of corrective hard labor camps and prisons across the former Soviet Union. Its aims are threefold: 1) to give a sense of the range of the Gulag experience and its consequences for Russian society; 2) to make the Gulag relevant to English-speaking readers by offering comparisons to historical catastrophes they are likely to know more about, such as the Holocaust; and 3) to discuss issues of oral history and memory in the cultural context of Soviet and post-Soviet society.

How You Can Fight Human Trafficking

Over 50 Ways to Join the Fight

Author: Through Ministry

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780615973517


Page: 242

View: 6658

If your heart has been broken by the stories of the victims of Human Trafficking and you have been asking yourself, "What can I do," then this book is exactly what you have been looking for. It is the product of close to 100 conversations with victims, Homeland Security, the police, community and faith leaders, NGO's, conference speakers, social services and people just like you who are working on this issue. In this groundbreaking book you will learn how to empower anyone, including yourself to join the fight against the cruel exploitation of children and adults. This 236 page book contains over 75 actions with the resources you would need to take the action and provides web links for professionals like teachers, health professionals and attorneys to find training manuals. Both the kindle version and print version are updated monthly as new information becomes available. Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world. We need to take a stand and end it.

Bury the Chains

Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire's Slaves

Author: Adam Hochschild

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780618619078

Category: History

Page: 468

View: 4064

Offers an account of the first great human rights crusade, which originated in England in the 1780s and resulted in the freeing of hundreds of thousands of slaves around the world.

In Plain Sight

31 Day Devotional and Group Study Guide

Author: David Trotter,Quain Professor of English Language and Literature David Trotter,Stacia Freeman,Natalie Grant

Publisher: Awaken Media

ISBN: 9781935798095


Page: 172

View: 390

This 31 day devotional accompaines the DVD to help you understand and embrace God's heart for the vulerable and broken in our world.

The Slave Next Door

Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today

Author: Kevin Bales,Ron Soodalter

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520948033

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

View: 2617

In this riveting book, authors and authorities on modern day slavery Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter expose the disturbing phenomenon of human trafficking and slavery that exists now in the United States. In The Slave Next Door we find that slaves are all around us, hidden in plain sight: the dishwasher in the kitchen of the neighborhood restaurant, the kids on the corner selling cheap trinkets, the man sweeping the floor of the local department store. In these pages we also meet some unexpected slaveholders, such as a 27-year old middle-class Texas housewife who is currently serving a life sentence for offences including slavery. Weaving together a wealth of voices—from slaves, slaveholders, and traffickers as well as from experts, counselors, law enforcement officers, rescue and support groups, and others—this book is also a call to action, telling what we, as private citizens, can do to finally bring an end to this horrific crime.

The Rights of Women

The Authoritative ACLU Guide to Women's Rights

Author: Lenora M. Lapidus,Emily J. Martin,Namita Luthra

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814752292

Category: Law

Page: 412

View: 3191

The Rights of Women is a comprehensive guide that explains in detail the rights of women under present U.S. law, and how these laws can be used in the continuing struggle to achieve full gender equality at home, in the workplace, at school, and in society at large. The Rights of Women explores the concept of equal protection and covers topics including employment, education, housing, and public accommodations. This handbook also examines the specific issues of trafficking, violence against women, welfare reform, and reproductive freedom. Using a straightforward question-and-answer format while translating the law into accessible language, this volume is a tool for individuals, lawyers, and advocates seeking to assert women’s rights under the law. Now in its fully revised and updated fourth edition, The Rights of Women is an invaluable guide to finding legal solutions to the most pressing issues facing women today.

Human Trafficking Around the World

Hidden in Plain Sight

Author: Stephanie Hepburn,Rita J. Simon

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 023116145X

Category: Law

Page: 448

View: 9902

An examination of human trafficking around the world including the following countries: United States, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Colombia, Iraq, Syria, Canada, Italy, France, Iran, India, Niger, China, South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Chile, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Russia, and Brazil.

Human Trafficking, Human Misery

The Global Trade in Human Beings

Author: Alexis A. Aronowitz

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275994813

Category: Social Science

Page: 285

View: 5486

This volume takes a global perspective and uses first-hand accounts and stories to examine the problem of human trafficking in its various manifestations around the world.

The World Factbook

Author: Central Intelligence Agency

Publisher: Masterlab

ISBN: 8379912136

Category: Reference

Page: 3100

View: 1312

The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities. The World Factbook is prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency. Comprehensive guide full of facts, maps, flags, and detailed information. A must for travellers, businessmen, politicians, and all who wants to know more about our fascinating world. -- We share these facts with the people of all nations in the belief that knowledge of the truth underpins the functioning of free societies (From official webpage). Tags: world, guide, facts, almanach

Life Interrupted

Trafficking into Forced Labor in the United States

Author: Denise Brennan

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822376911

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 9582

DIVLife Interrupted introduces us to survivors of human trafficking who are struggling to get by and make homes for themselves in the United States. Having spent nearly a decade following the lives of formerly trafficked men and women, Denise Brennan recounts in close detail their flight from their abusers and their courageous efforts to rebuild their lives. At once scholarly and accessible, her book links these firsthand accounts to global economic inequities and under-regulated and unprotected workplaces that routinely exploit migrant laborers in the United States. Brennan contends that today's punitive immigration policies undermine efforts to fight trafficking. While many believe trafficking happens only in the sex trade, Brennan shows that across low-wage labor sectors—in fields, in factories, and on construction sites—widespread exploitation can lead to and conceal forced labor. Life Interrupted is a riveting account of life in and after trafficking and a forceful call for meaningful immigration and labor reform. All royalties from this book will be donated to the nonprofit Survivor Leadership Training Fund administered through the Freedom Network.

Revisiting the Human Trafficking Paradigm

The Bangladesh Experience

Author: N.A

Publisher: UN

ISBN: 9789290682073

Category: Political Science

Page: 86

View: 4047

Dated September 2004. On p. 8: Bangladesh Counter-Trafficking Thematic Group

Promoting the Rule of Law

A Practitioners' Guide to Key Issues and Developments

Author: Lelia Mooney

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781627221399

Category: Law

Page: 303

View: 9147

This book offers perspectives on the promotion of the rule of law in today's world. From offering revealing perspectives on the challenges and opportunities encountered in the field to providing practitioners the conceptual tools with which to work effectively in developing countries and societies trying to recover from conflict, all of the contributors seek to get to the heart of how to make efforts more effective, responsive, inclusive, coordinated, humane, and enduring.

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