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Gaining Freedoms

Claiming Space in Istanbul and Berlin

Author: Berna Turam

Publisher: Stanford University Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 264

View: 264

Gaining Freedoms reveals a new locus for global political change: everyday urban contestation. Cities are often assumed hotbeds of socio-economic division, but this assessment overlooks the importance of urban space and the everyday activities of urban life for empowerment, emancipation, and democratization. Through proximity, neighborhoods, streets, and squares can create unconventional power contestations over lifestyle and consumption. And through struggle, negotiation, and cooperation, competing claims across groups can become platforms to defend freedom and rights from government encroachments. Drawing on more than seven years of fieldwork in three contested urban sites—a downtown neighborhood and a university campus in Istanbul, and a Turkish neighborhood in Berlin—Berna Turam shows how democratic contestation echoes through urban space. Countering common assumptions that Turkey is strongly polarized between Islamists and secularists, she illustrates how contested urban space encourages creative politics, the kind of politics that advance rights, expression, and representation shared between pious and secular groups. Exceptional moments of protest, like the recent Gezi protests which bookend this study, offer clear external signs of upheaval and disruption, but it is the everyday contestation and interaction that forge alliances and inspire change. Ultimately, Turam argues that the process of democratization is not the reduction of conflict, but rather the capacity to form new alliances out of conflict.

States and Nations, Power and Civility

Hallsian Perspectives

Author: Francesco G. Duina

Publisher: University of Toronto Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 344

View: 580

In this volume, twelve leading sociologists and historians leverage the conceptual work of John A. Hall to explore the complex and profoundly consequential relationship between states, nations, power, and civility.

Secular Bodies, Affects and Emotions

European Configurations

Author: Monique Scheer

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 405

Taking its cue from the study of 'lived religion', Secular Bodies, Affects and Emotions shows how the idea of a secular public is equally marked by a display and cultivation of affect and emotions. Whereas it is widely agreed that religion is often saturated by emotion, the secular is usually treated as a neutral background serving as the domain of public, rational deliberation. This book demonstrates that secularity and secularism are also upheld by bodily practices and emotional attachments. Drawing on empirical case studies, this is the first book to ask and explore whether a secular body exists. Building on the work of Talal Asad, the book argues that the secular is not an absence of religion, but a positive entity that comes about through its co-constitutive relationship with religion. And, once we attune ourselves to recognizing its operations as grammar which structures social practice, writing an anthropology of the secular could become a new possibility.

Historical Dictionary of Turkey

Author: Metin Heper

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: History

Page: 870

View: 291

This fourth edition of Historical Dictionary of Turkey contains a chronology, an introduction, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 900 cross-referenced entries on important personalities, politics, economy, foreign relations, religion, and culture.

Territorial Shock

The Moral Impact of Boundary Change in Two Millennia

Author: Gertjan Dijkink

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster


Category: Science

Page: 240

View: 497

We are in the embrace of territorial shock today. Globalization with its migrants, foot-loose firms, cyber-war and surging income inequality induces political instability and longing for a `saviour'. This book puts such events in a historical perspective. New social trends collide with territorial principles (closure, identity, governance) that always have been taken for granted. Should we invest the new monarchs with the same authority as the pope (16th century) or accept other classes as co-citizens (19th century)? The answers implied a moral shift and so do our problems with globalization.

Congressional Record

Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress

Author: United States. Congress



Category: Law


View: 965

The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published daily when Congress is in session. The Congressional Record began publication in 1873. Debates for sessions prior to 1873 are recorded in The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States (1789-1824), the Register of Debates in Congress (1824-1837), and the Congressional Globe (1833-1873)

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