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First Colony

Author: ken Lozito




Page: 338

View: 576

A mission gone wrong. Innocent lives have been lost. Escaping wrongful imprisonment wasn't something Connor had in mind, but being put into stasis aboard Earth's first interstellar colony ship was something he couldn't have prepared for. For three hundred thousand colonists, the new colony brings the promise of a fresh start...a second chance. Connor might be the wrong man for the colony, but he's the right man to see that it survives what's coming. A new world with new challenges, but the mission has changed. If you loved Old Man's War and Ender's Game, you'll love First Colony - Genesis, a new military science fiction series.

Proof the Bible Is True: 1 the Beginning 2,500 Years from Genesis to Deuteronomy

Author: Timothy Duke

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Religion


View: 347

This book is not to replace reading the bible. I will give references for you to gain more knowledge and proof of the validity of the Bible. I believe the original words written in the Bible are inerrant. I believe by having an idea of what chapter is going to say, you will be able to easily understand what you are reading in the bible. There are several broad descriptions of the Bible. Augustine discovered that the Old Testament contains the New Testament concealed, while the New Testament contains the Old Testament revealed. The Old Testament is the story of a nation. The New Testament is the story of a man. The Bible is unique in that it contains 8,362 predictive verses with 1,817 predictions concerning 737 separate matters. Our Messiah, Jesus, fulfilled over 300 predictions. Prophecies are important in proving the authenticity of the Bible along with the Bible's integrated design, which is proven mathematically, microcode and macrocodes.

The Colony: Genesis

Author: Michaelbrent Collings

Publisher: Michaelbrent Collings


Category: Fiction

Page: 248

View: 299

FORGET EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT ZOMBIES. In under 10 minutes, 99.9% of the world's population will be dead... or changed. Conversion is instant. Headshots just make them angry. And they're getting smarter. Ken Strickland has made it through the first moments. But his family is still out there. Can he survive? Can he find them? Or will he become one more of the creatures that now rule our world?

The Genesis of the New England Churches

Author: Leonard Bacon

Publisher: Applewood Books


Category: Religion

Page: 516

View: 763

""With our American Philosophy and Religion series, Applewood reissues many primary sources published throughout American history. Through these books, scholars, interpreters, students, and non-academics alike can see the thoughts and beliefs of Americans who came before us.""

The Intrepid Ballards

Author: Miriam Kathryn Ballard-Pringle



Category: Reference


View: 267

The Genesis Wave Book Three

Star Trek The Next Generation

Author: John Vornholt

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 998

The entire Alpha Quadrant hangs in the balance as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew race to stave off the apocalyptic threat of the Genesis Wave in the third volume of John Vornholt's thrilling series. Designed to create organic life from nothingness and make barren planets fertile and habitable, the awe-inspiring Genesis Device has been turned instead into a weapon of terrifying destructive power, able to alter matter and energy on a molecular scale. Sweeping inexorably across the galaxy, The Genesis Wave is changing everything in its path, and where it passes nothing will ever be the same. Thousands of planets and trillions of lives are at risk as Captain Picard faces one of the greatest challenges of his career.

The Chief

Douglas Haig and the British Army

Author: Gary Sheffield

Publisher: Aurum Press Limited


Category: History

Page: 280

View: 515

‘ Well written and persuasive … objective and well-rounded… .this scholarly rehabilitation should be the standard biography’ **** Andrew Roberts, Mail on Sunday ‘ A true judgment of him must lie somewhere between hero and zero, and in this detailed biography Gary Sheffield shows himself well qualified to make it … a balanced portrait’ Sunday Times ‘ Solid scholarship and admirable advocacy’ Sunday Telegraph Douglas Haig is the single most controversial general in British history. In 1918, after his armies had won the First World War, he was feted as a saviour. But within twenty years his reputation was in ruins, and it has never recovered. In this fascinating biography, Professor Gary Sheffield reassesses Haig’ s reputation, assessing his critical role in preparing the army for war.

World Book Encyclopedia

Millennium 2000

Author: World Books, Inc



Category: Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Page: 1004

View: 493

Quarterly Army List for the Quarter Ending 31st December, 1919 - Volume 1

Part II: War Services of Officers of the Army, etc.

Author: HMSO

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited


Category: History

Page: 507

View: 521

This volume contains the War Services of:- (1) Regular Officers on the Active List and on Retired Pay, and Officers on the General Reserve. (2) Officers of the Special Reserve of Officers, the Territorial Force and those serving on temporary Commissions who had war service prior to the War of 1914-19, and who were gazetted before 2nd January 1918 to Mentions in Despatches and Honours in The War of 1914–20. Also included, under separate headings, are Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, Territorial Force Nursing Service, Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps as well as Officers of the Forces of the Oversea Dominions and Colonies. Names are arranged alphabetically. It should be noted that Officers of the Regular Army (including those with temporary commissions), Special Reserve and Territorial Force who have retired or have relinquished their Commissions with permission to retain rank but are NOT in receipt of any retired pay from Army funds, are NOT included in these lists. Their details are published in a separate, supplementary volume.

A Language of Our Own : The Genesis of Michif, the Mixed Cree-French Language of the Canadian Metis

The Genesis of Michif, the Mixed Cree-French Language of the Canadian Metis

Author: Peter Bakker Researcher University of Aarhus

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 336

View: 884

The Michif language -- spoken by descendants of French Canadian fur traders and Cree Indians in western Canada -- is considered an "impossible language" since it uses French for nouns and Cree for verbs, and comprises two different sets of grammatical rules. Bakker uses historical research and fieldwork data to present the first detailed analysis of this language and how it came into being.

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