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Graphic Anaesthesia

Essential diagrams, equations and tables for anaesthesia

Author: Tim Hooper,James Nickells,Sonja Payne,Annabel Pearson,Ben Walton

Publisher: Royal College of General Practitioners

ISBN: 1907904808

Category: Medical

Page: N.A

View: 8804

Graphic Anaesthesia is a compendium of the diagrams, graphs, equations and tables needed in anaesthetic practice. Each page covers a separate topic to aid rapid review and assimilation. The relevant illustration, equation or table is presented alongside a short description of the fundamental principles of the topic and with clinical applications where appropriate. All illustrations have been drawn using a simple colour palette to allow them to be easily reproduced in an exam setting. The book includes sections covering: physiology pharmacodynamics and kinetics physics equipment anatomy drugs clinical measurement statistics. By combining all the illustrations, equations and tables with concise, clinically relevant explanations, Graphic Anaesthesia is therefore: the ideal revision book for all anaesthetists in training a valuable aide-memoire for senior anaesthetists to use when teaching and examining trainees.

The Primary FRCA Structured Oral Exam Guide 2

Author: Kate McCombe,Lara Wijayasiri

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1315360772

Category: Medical

Page: 304

View: 9872

The Primary FRCA Structured Oral Examination Study Guide 2 is the definitive revision aid to the Primary FRCA structured oral examination. This second edition is revised and updated in line with the new Royal College of Anaesthetists ‘Guide to the Primary FRCA’, with over 20 new topics to reflect changes to the RCoA’s model questions and major revisions to graphs, diagrams and many of the pre-existing sections. Packed with new guidelines and current hot topics, this second volume covers pharmacology, special patient groups and critical incidents in depth. Over 37 pharmacology topics are covered including mechanisms of drug action, dose-response curves, drug interactions, half-life, variations in drug metabolism, opioids, neuromuscular blocking drugs and more. Twelve special patient groups topics are covered including paediatrics, elderly, pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension and more. Over 20 critical incidents topics are covered including aspiration, cyanosis, bradycardia, failed intubation, ST segment changes, hypoxia and more. The second edition of this hugely popular book is improved in clarity and content but stays true to the pragmatic approach adopted by the authors in the first edition.

Dr Podcast Scripts for the Primary FRCA

Author: Rebecca A. Leslie,Emily K. Johnson,Alexander P. L. Goodwin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107401011

Category: Medical

Page: 414

View: 5117

Dr Podcast ( is a great way to revise for the FRCA exams and has been met with widespread enthusiasm from candidates. It provides podcasts of questions and model answers with no redundant material. Dr Podcast scripts are now available in print format. Containing the scripts of all 90 individual podcasts from the Dr Podcast Primary FRCA collection, they also include diagrams the reader can draw to explain their answers. They cover the entire syllabus for the Primary FRCA, allowing the readers to experience the style of the questions likely to be asked and providing tips on how to excel in the exam. Each podcast is written by a successful candidate who has insight and experience of the exam, and all material has been reviewed by experienced consultants with detailed knowledge of the educational standards. For those preparing for the Primary FRCA exams, Dr Podcast scripts are a must.

Physics, Pharmacology and Physiology for Anaesthetists

Key Concepts for the FRCA

Author: Matthew E. Cross,Emma V. E. Plunkett

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107615887

Category: Medical

Page: 432

View: 4950

A key requirement of the primary and final FRCA examinations is a sound understanding of the basic sciences behind anaesthetic practice. It is important to be able to describe these principles clearly, particularly in the viva section of the examinations. Featuring several new topics, this fully updated new edition of this best-selling book provides all the important graphs, definitions and equations which may be covered in the examinations, together with clear and concise explanations of how to present them to the examiner and why they are important. Packed full of precise, clear diagrams with well structured explanations, and with all key definitions, derivations and statistics, this is an essential study aid for all FRCA examination candidates.

The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book

Author: Simon Bricker

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521682480

Category: Medical

Page: 348

View: 4903

The definitive guide to this part of the FRCA exam.

Access to Anaesthetics Primary FRCA

Author: Kirsty MacLennan

Publisher: PasTest Ltd

ISBN: 9781905635313

Category: Anesthesiology

Page: 224

View: 6124

Includes 150 exam-based MCQs, complementary to the FRCA syllabus, providing useful practice for the exam. This title contains detailed answers and explanations enabling students to revise without referring to other textbooks. It includes revised life support guidelines and additional pharmacology.

Primary FRCA in a Box, Second Edition

Author: Sarah Armstrong,Barry Clifton,Lionel Davis

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781444180633

Category: Medical

Page: 210

View: 3730

Authored by top anesthetists, this Second Edition of Primary FRCA in a Box contains over 200 revision flashcards addressing almost all the topics needed to pass the Primary FRCA. Broad and wide-ranging subject areas are covered in easy-to-learn note format, including physiology, pharmacology, physics, and clinical measurement. The cards include key diagrams to aid understanding and are easy to reproduce in the oral exam. The cards include key diagrams to aid understanding and are easy to reproduce in the oral exam. Using standard question formats from the Royal College exams, Primary FRCA in a Box is an essential tool for effective revision and preparation for the Primary FRCA exams. It also provides essential revision for candidates studying for the Final FRCA exam who wish to have a concise review of Primary FRCA topics. These flashcards are recommended for all qualified and trainee anaesthetists and their trainers, and related health professionals.

Quick Draw Anatomy for Anaesthetists

Author: Joanna Oram Fox

Publisher: Scion Publishing

ISBN: 9781911510147

Category: Anesthesia

Page: 106

View: 4804

From reviews: "Dr. Foxhas created a simplified and readily accessible group of anatomic drawings thatquickly allow those studying to master the material. The concept itself ofusing visual mnemonics is useful to all... For visual learners, the concept justcan't be beat. Dr. Fox, congratulations on completing your training and thankyou for creating and publishing this simple little book that will help thosewith a bent toward the visual to learn more quickly and effectively."Anesthesiology2018; 129:857-8 This bookprovides you with simple instructions on how to draw and interpret the crucialanatomy you need for your anaesthetic training. Covers allthe relevant anatomy in: · Head,neck and neuro - from Circle ofWillis to cervical plexus · Vertebralcolumn- from the spinal cord to the sacrum · Cardiac- coronary arteries and venous drainage of the heart · Airwayand respiratory- from airway sensation to the diaphragm · Abdomen- from the abdominal aorta to the nephron, via a TAP block · Limbs- from blood vessels in the arms to the ankle, via the femoral canal For themajority of sections, in addition to a simple drawing and detailed explanation,there are also step-by-step illustrations to show you how to draw the anatomyyourself - taking some of the stress out of potential viva questions!

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination in Anaesthesia

Practice papers for teachers and trainees

Author: Cyprian Mendonca,,Shyam Balasubramanian,

Publisher: tfm Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1908986204

Category: Medical

Page: 398

View: 6381

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is a highly reliable and valid tool for the evaluation of trainees in anaesthesia. It enables examiners and trainers to assess a number of competencies in an organised way. Performance in the OSCE is considered to be a fair reflection of the level of knowledge and skill attained during anaesthesia training. Apart from having a wide and deep knowledge on the subject, trainees are expected to have the capacity to demonstrate their competency in a short period of time allotted for each station. The authors of this book have a rich experience in successfully conducting OSCE courses in the United Kingdom. The sample OSCE sets in the book closely simulate the style and content of the Royal College of Anaesthetists' examination format. The book contains 100 OSCE stations with answers based on key practical procedures, clinical skills, communication skills, data interpretation, anaesthetic equipment and the management of critical incidents on a simulator. This book will also help candidates all over the world to pass highly competitive postgraduate examinations in anaesthesia. It is an invaluable educational resource for all anaesthetists.

Anatomy for Anaesthetists

Author: Harold Ellis,Andrew Lawson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118375971

Category: Medical

Page: 360

View: 8387

First published in 1963, Anatomy for Anaesthesists is the definitive anatomy text for anaesthetists in training and remains an invaluable reference for those in practice. The text explores in depth those areas of particular interest to anaesthetists: the respiratory pathway, the heart, the vertebral canal and its contents, the peripheral nerves, the autonomic nervous system, and the cranial nerves, and also includes sections on the anatomy of pain and other zones of anaesthetic interest. This new 9th edition has been fully revised and updated to incorporate developments in regional techniques and the increased use of ultrasound.

Physics for the Anaesthetic Viva

Author: Aman Kalsi,Nikhail Balani,Shiny Shankar

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107498333

Category: Medical

Page: 128

View: 3600

A concise book that conveys the essential physics concepts required to pass the FRCA viva examinations, with relevant applied questions.

FRCA Primary Practice Papers

Author: Tim Isitt,Annie Hunningher

Publisher: PasTest Ltd

ISBN: 9781904627944

Category: Anesthesiology

Page: 256

View: 349

Designed to accompany 'Final FRCA Practice Papers', this book contains three practice exams. Each exam contains multiple-choice questions, with detailed answers & teaching notes, & 16 OSCE stations & vivas with model answers.

The Structured Oral Examination in Anaesthesia

Practice Papers for Teachers and Trainees

Author: Shyam Balasubramanian,Cyprian Mendonca,Colin Pinnock

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521680506

Category: Medical

Page: 276

View: 5497

Comprising questions and answers which simulate examination format, this is an essential aid for anaesthesia trainees

Pharmacology and Physiology in Anesthetic Practice

Author: Robert K. Stoelting,Simon C. Hillier

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 1451165838

Category: Medical

Page: 850

View: 7329

Dr. Stoelting's best-selling and highly acclaimed text, Pharmacology and Physiology in Anesthetic Practice, is now in its thoroughly updated Fourth Edition. In 60 concise, clearly written chapters, this book provides comprehensive, current, clinically oriented, authoritative information on all aspects of pharmacology and physiology that are relevant to perioperative patient management. This edition includes all new drugs and new findings on actions and interactions of established drugs. More than 400 diagrams and more than 100 tables complement the text. This edition's new two-color page design will help readers spot key information. A separate drug index is included for quick reference.

Passing the Primary FRCA SOE

A Practical Guide

Author: Claire M. Blandford

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107545803

Category: Medical

Page: 192

View: 7231

A detailed revision guide for the Primary FRCA SOE that includes sample questions and scripted model answers for practice and training.

Preparing to Pass the Frca

Strategies for Exam Success

Author: Caroline Whymark

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019874868X

Category: Anesthesiology

Page: 96

View: 7347

Preparing to Pass the FRCA: Strategies for Exam Success equips you with the skills of effective revision and time management to maximise your success. The book takes each element of the FRCA exam and provides tips and techniques on how to approach the different types of questions, and includes worked examples with answers, so that you can undertake your revision accordingly. It will help you to target your revision so you can cover the breadth of topics in the FRCA syllabus and ensure that you structure your revision in an efficient way, as well as helping you to approach the exam and convey your knowledge through writing or speech correctly. Taking many common problems candidates face when preparing for this exam, the book covers motivation, effective studying, managing nerves, and scheduling time to study amongst other commitments.

Anaesthesia OSCE

Author: G. Arthurs,K. M. Elfituri

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781841100876

Category: Medical

Page: 466

View: 631

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) assesses key practical aspects of anaesthetic competence and forms a key part of the Primary examination of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. In the examination, the candidate moves through a series of stations which test clinical assessment, data interpretation, communication, and technical skills. This book helps the trainee to practise the examination. In the wider context, it will also help the anaesthetist to develop essential practical skills, such as history taking and communication, which are an invaluable part of day to day anaesthetic practice. This new edition of the book has been expanded and updated to reflect recent changes to the OSCE examination.

Primary FRCA: OSCEs in Anaesthesia

Author: William Simpson,Peter Frank,Andrew Davies,Simon Maguire

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107652235

Category: Medical

Page: 304

View: 6321

An up-to-date and comprehensive revision guide specifically for the primary FRCA OSCE written from the perspective of an anaesthetic trainee.

FRCS General Surgery Viva Topics and Revision Notes

Author: Stephen Brennan

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 1846194989

Category: Medical

Page: 149

View: 7694

What are the indications for necrosectomy? How you perform an EUA for acute peri-anal sepsis? What do you understand by the term Early Goal-Directed Therapy (EGDT)? Remember: this is a consultant's exam, and giving a range of options is not good enough. You must tell the examiner what you as a consultant are going to do. The FRCS is a uniquely challenging prospect; highly detailed, wide-ranging and encompassing both theory and practice. Preparation for this exam can be very difficult, and resources tailored to it are scarce. As the consolidated notes of a recent successful candidate, this book is an essential resource when preparing for the viva. The wide variety of questions require you to define, diagnose or choose between treatment options, while MCQs and SBAs help you to objectively evaluate your progress - a unique supplement to your study plan. Answers provided are comprised of an invaluable combination of detailed written answers and lists that will remind you of key points and help you structure your preparation.

MCQs for the Primary FRCA

Author: Khaled Elfituri,Graham Arthurs,Les Gemmell,Richard Shillito

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139467387

Category: Medical

Page: N.A

View: 9818

Designed for candidates sitting the primary FRCA examination, this book brings together exam questions from recent years and structures them into six practice papers. The format of 90 questions per paper echoes the exam itself. Following each paper a scoring chart and detailed explanations of answers are provided. The questions cover physiology, pharmacology, physics, clinical measurement and statistics as they appear in the primary FRCA. There are questions on all recently added exam topics, and those that now carry stronger emphasis and more weight such as resuscitation, sepsis and trauma. The latest drugs, equipment, monitoring techniques and safety procedures are referenced. Trainees will find this an invaluable tool for exam preparation, whether sitting the FRCA in the UK, through the London College external examiners in many Asian and African countries, or similar exams for anaesthetists in Australasia and North America.

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