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Hard for My Boss

Author: Daryl Banner

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 386

View: 407

Benjamin Gage is not only powerful, filthy rich, and totally arrogant... but also irresistibly sexy. Trevor, the young summer intern, is totally SCREWED. Working at Gage Communications is an opportunity of a lifetime. But will Trevor be able to handle it? Or will he succumb to the tension? The tension is in his pants, by the way. Between a heavy workload and a hunky, controlling boss, Trevor's summer just got a lot hotter and harder than he bargained for. This is a hot and hilarious male/male romantic comedy with an HEA and NO cheating.


Author: James Wright

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 182

View: 746

Making Movies with My Boss 5

Author: Belle Hart

Publisher: Belle Hart


Category: Fiction

Page: 13

View: 273

21-year-old Aura is still having sex with her boss on and off camera. She's insatiable and can't get enough sex. She and her boyfriend also plan to have a sexy vacation at his family's secluded cabin on a lake, where they can do all the erotic things they want to each other without interruption. This is story #5 of the "Making Movies with My Boss" series. This story is also included in the ebook "Making Movies with My Boss: The Collection". Length: Short Story, 3700 words. Adults only. (boss, employee, assistant, secretary, employer, may december, sex, erotica, roommate, landlord, housemate, work erotica, office erotica, exhibitionism, age difference, older man, younger woman, companion, sexy, steamy)

Career Mechanics I

Solutions to Common Career and Employment Issues

Author: Thomas W. Morris, III

Publisher: Morris Associates, Inc.


Category: Career development

Page: 167

View: 484

In a dramatic turn from other books on the subject, Tom Morris looks at key employment issues from both sides of the table. The book addresses four audiences with overlapping interests: job seekers and career changers, employed workers, hiring managers and career coaches. Career Mechanics I includes articles on Career Development, Recruitment and Retention, Changing Jobs, Career Assessment, Resumes, Networking, Interviewing and Negotiation. Experts from both sides of the table have praised Morris?s book. Carlos Munoz, Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration of the American Insurance Association stated ?Through the many years that I have known Tom, I have always been impressed with the depth of his knowledge and his insightful advice . . . .? From the job seeker?s side, Amy Joyce, Washington Post columnist and author of I Went to College for This?: How to Turn Your Job into a Career You Love, stated that ?Morris? years of helping people move toward satisfying, inspiring careers translates perfectly in this book. Now everyone can benefit from his smart, encouraging, expert advice.?

Having Our Say

The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years

Author: Emily Mann

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc


Category: Drama

Page: 62

View: 539

THE STORY: HAVING OUR SAY opens as 103-year-old Sadie Delany and 101-year-old Bessie Delany welcome us into their Mount Vernon, New York, home. As they prepare a celebratory dinner in remembrance of their father's birthday, they take us on a remark

Spiritual Honey

Restoring the Spirit

Author: Ray Minjarez

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 198

View: 134

Spiritual HoneyRestoring the Spirit follows the lives of Ray and Mary Ann Minjarez from childhood sweethearts through forty years of marriage. Their love story takes them through the devastation of sin that comes close to destroying their marriage and their lives. You will walk with Mary Ann and Ray separately as they each tell their story, touching every human emotion. You will see how Jesus showed up and saved them just in time.


Author: Samuel E. Stone

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 328

View: 434

The author is a retired police sergeant with twenty five-years experience in all aspects of law enforcement. He has a story to tell which he believes the public will not only find interesting and entertaining, but equally educational, concerning the communities in which they live. His message is contained within the fictitious novels he writes. This is one such story. The story line of Crush centers around the Sarge, who in late 1988, was a sergeant with the local Sheriffs Office in the rural county of Kingston. He was assigned the task of setting up and overseeing an undercover sting operation. The Sarges supervisor directed him to locate a store front in the business community, where the officers assigned to work undercover could conceal their false identities under the premise of a legitimate business. The Sarge was allowed free reins to implement the undercover operation. He summoned the aid of his long time friend and Vietnam war buddy, Zeke. Zeke was an ex-cop, who was currently the aid to the local Congressman. The Sarge and Zeke decided to open a military surplus store as the undercover store front. Together with the assistance of the Congressman, they obtained an unlimited supply of military surplus and opened Wild Willies surplus store. The Sarge was assigned two police officers from his own department to work the operation and personally recruited four other officers, from different departments. All of the officers involved in the undercover endeavor were independent thinkers and veteran police officers. They each believed that they could make a difference in the war against drugs and were dedicated to that very cause. The irony of the situation was the actual fact that each one of them was addicted to a drug. They were all adrenalin junkies. They got off on a natural high of facing life and death situations. These people made the best undercover operatives, but also created a supervising nightmare for the Sarge. The squads mission was to infiltrate the drug community and purchase illegal drugs. Their goal was to develop criminal cases against the drug dealers from the street peddlers through the network up to the major suppliers. The plot thickened as the squad became accepted into the drug community. Personal relationships developed between the members of the squad and the drug dealers which provided complications to the operation. There is a weaving of interpersonal subplots which give the reader a better understanding of the human qualities and feelings of the characters. Action and conflict lurked in the shadows of each drug deal, as the realities of the drug world unfolded before the squads eyes. In the midst of their life and death struggles, the Sarge questioned his own superiors motives. He started to wonder if the Sheriff, himself, had his own hidden agenda, as he found himself at odds with his own boss. The Sheriff claimed the operation was too successful. The number of cases made against the drug dealers was such that it would significantly impact the courts. The Sheriff decided after only six months, the undercover operation which originally was scheduled to run for a years time, had to be closed down immediately. The Sarge argued unsuccessfully his reasons why the operation should have been allowed to continue. After realizing that they had no choice in the matter of closing down Wild Willies surplus store and ending the operation, the squad set up the final drug deals with the major players. The emphasis was on severely impacting the drug trade within the community. The squad was successful in their endeavors, but it was not without paying a costly price. The underlying theme of this story is the real life tribulation and trauma endured by police off

Through the System Into the Shadows of My Husband

Author: Miss Ann

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 50

View: 822

This book was written to inspire those being reared in the foster care system. It gives accounts of the good, bad and indifference seen in the system. It also depicts the love between family and siblings. This book showed that love is the source of strength through, which any family can make it. Separation doesn’t stop the bond of love. This book is also inspired by the many foster families who make a difference in the lives of children all across this country. It tells the story of five children who grew up in the system unconquered by adversities. We’ve went on to build relationships and raise children of our own. The book has a twofold purpose giving an account of life in the system and after marriage living in my husband’s shadows. It tells about my life in the church, as a Pastor’s wife, and adversities in my marriage. It shows my determination to keep my family together no matter what Satan threw at me. It was written to be an encouragement to children in the system as well as those going through marital challenges. Know that you can make it if you hang in there through love, prayer and a strong relationship with God. This book is dedicated to my loving brother Alfred Boatwright.

E-Girls Entrepreneurial Women

How to Start Your Dream Business and Where You Go from There!

Author: Sandra Turner Lemire

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

View: 673

This E-Girls Entrepreneurial Women guide comes from my personal experiences gained in starting nine businesses, including sole proprietorships, four corporations, and one limited liability company. I began my first business in 1979. I want to show women how they can start building their dream business wherever they are in their life. It is my goal to give them the advice they need to know as to where to start, how to dig deep to understand their goals, understand the potential earning power of their business ideas, how to change gears when things demand change, and how to avoid pitfalls. They need to incorporate a team of experts that provide them with knowledge that they may not currently have to keep them from wasting time and money. I present some of the real core issues that will help or hinder them, such as understanding and controlling credit, estate planning, business ownership, structures of different businesses, how to find what they need, traveling tips, and so forth. I encourage them to "keep their own counsel" and have faith in themselves and God. I encourage women to reach out to other women either ahead of them in the journey or following in their footsteps, to reach back and give a helping hand to another woman coming in her shadow who needs an "E-girlfriend's" encouragement to follow her own dream. The most important key for all of this to come to fruition is their faith in God to make their dream happen. Their goal must be bigger than making money. They must have a drive to see a goal become reality, and it needs to be true in their hearts.

Scheduled to Die

Author: Don Bissett

Publisher: Lulu.com




View: 746

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