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Hesiodic Voices

Studies in the Ancient Reception of Hesiod's Works and Days

Author: Richard Hunter

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107729734

Category: History

Page: 320

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This book selects central texts illustrating the literary reception of Hesiod's Works and Days in antiquity and considers how these moments were crucial in fashioning the idea of 'didactic literature'. A central chapter considers the development of ancient ideas about didactic poetry, relying not so much on explicit critical theory as on how Hesiod was read and used from the earliest period of reception onwards. Other chapters consider Hesiodic reception in the archaic poetry of Alcaeus and Simonides, in the classical prose of Plato, Xenophon and Isocrates, in the Aesopic tradition, and in the imperial prose of Dio Chrysostom and Lucian; there is also a groundbreaking study of Plutarch's extensive commentary on the Works and Days and an account of ancient ideas of Hesiod's linguistic style. This is a major and innovative contribution to the study of Hesiod's remarkable poem and to the Greek literary engagement with the past.

The Oxford Handbook of Hesiod

Author: Alexander Loney,Stephen Scully

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190209046

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 688

View: 9100

This volume brings together 29 junior and senior scholars to discuss aspects of Hesiod's poetry and its milieu and to explore questions of reception over two and half millennia from shortly after the poems' conception to Twitter hashtags. Rather than an exhaustive study of Hesiodic themes, the Handbook is conceived as a guide through terrain, some familiar, other less charted, examining both Hesiodic craft and later engagements with Hesiod's stories of the gods and moralizing proscriptions of just human behavior. The volume opens with the "Hesiodic Question," to address questions of authorship, historicity, and the nature of composition of Hesiod's two major poems, the Theogony and Works and Days. Subsequent chapters on the archaeology and economic history of archaic Boiotia, Indo-European poetics, and Hesiodic style offer a critical picture of the sorts of questions that have been asked rather than an attempt to resolve debate. Other chapters discuss Hesiod's particular rendering of the supernatural and the performative nature of the Works and Days, as well as competing diachronic and synchronic temporalities and varying portrayals of female in the two poems. The rich story of reception ranges from Solon to comic books. These chapters continue to explore the nature of Hesiod's poetics, as different writers through time single out new aspects of his art less evident to earlier readers. Long before the advent of Christianity, classical writers leveled their criticism at Hesiod's version of polytheism. The relative importance of Hesiod's two major poems across time also tells us a tale of the age receiving the poems. In the past two centuries, artists and writers have come to embrace the Hesiodic stories for themselves for the insight they offer of the human condition but even as old allegory looks quaint to modern eyes new forms of allegory take form.

Imagining Reperformance in Ancient Culture

Studies in the Traditions of Drama and Lyric

Author: Richard Hunter,Anna Uhlig

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108211011

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 2869

This book offers a series of studies of the idea and practice of reperformance as it affects ancient lyric poetry and drama. Special attention is paid to the range of phenomena which fall under the heading 'reperformance', to how poets use both the reality and the 'imaginary' of reperformance to create a deep temporal sense in their work and to how audiences use their knowledge of reperformance conditions to interpret what they see and hear. The studies range in scope from Pindar and fifth-century tragedy and comedy to the choral performances and reconstructions of the Imperial Age. All chapters are informed by recent developments in performance studies, and all Greek and Latin is translated.

Untersuchungen zur antiken Literatur

Author: Willy Theiler

Publisher: N.A


Category: Classical literature

Page: 579

View: 8399

Das Muttertrauma in der griechischen Mythologie

eine psychologische Interpretation der Theogonia von Hesiod

Author: Ewald Rumpf

Publisher: N.A


Category: Mythology, Greek

Page: 125

View: 6999

Literatur und Religion, 1

Wege zu einer mythisch-rituellen Poetik bei den Griechen

Author: Anton Bierl,Rebecca Lämmle,Katharina Wesselmann

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110926369

Category: History

Page: 440

View: 8865

The series MythosEikonPoiesis begins with the publication of contributions to an international conference held at Castelen-Augst near Basle. The conference laid new foundations in examining the interdependence of myth, ritual and Greek literature in many different genres (Homeric epic, lyric poetry, Presocratic and Platonic philosophy, tragedy, comedy, satyr plays, historiography, Hellenistic poetry, and the novel) with regard to their textual structure and poetics. Working in interdisciplinary cooperation, some participants also direct their attention towards Egypt, the Near East, Rome, and to the reception of these poetological principles in modern literature.

Der Sophist Hippias

als Philosophiehistoriker

Author: Andreas Patzer

Publisher: N.A


Category: Sophists (Greek philosophy)

Page: 128

View: 3954

Dichtung und Philosophie des frühen Griechentums

eine Geschichte der griechischen Epik, Lyrik und Prosa bis zur Mitte des fünften Jahrhunderts

Author: Hermann Fränkel

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 9783406377167


Page: 636

View: 4614

Vorbilder - Werte - Normen in den homerischen Epen

Author: Carl Joachim Classen

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110211564

Category: Poetry

Page: 297

View: 2262

The subject of this volume are the role models, values and norms to be found in Homer’s epics, and their manifold representation in terms of content and language. First of all the representations of a number of exceptional heroes and their most important characteristics and actions are analysed, before the description of the whole range and richness of important qualities and abilities such as enterprise, courage, insight, inventiveness, sense of justice, prudence, respect, truthfulness, reliability, friendliness, concern for others and sympathy are documented and discussed at length. Finally, the use of such concepts as ‘necessary’, ‘right’, ‘appropriate’, ‘desirable’ and ‘useful’ is considered, as well as the meaning of recognition and fame. The aim of the book is to reveal in detail the ideals, as well as the moral attitudes and values, that have led to Homer’s epics having such an effect not only on the literature of the Greeks, but also on their views on educational ideals and ethical norms over the centuries.

Der hellenistische Hesiod

Arats Phainomena und die Tradition der antiken Lehrepik

Author: Christos Fakas

Publisher: Reichert Verlag


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 258

View: 7120

Diese Arbeit stellt die Hesiod-Rezeption bei Arat, die bisher nur teilweise untersucht worden ist, umfassend dar. Unter Berucksichtigung von literarischem Hintergrund und historischem Kontext der "Phainomena" werden die zahlreichen Hesiod-Anklange sowie typische Gattungsmerkmale dieses Lehrgedichts untersucht, das sich als hochinteressantes, durch die Dialektik von Tradition und Neuerung gepragtes Experiment erweist. Die Analyse des Verhaltnisses von Arat und Hesiod fuhrt so zu einer neuen Gesamtdeutung eines eher vernachlassigten hellenistischen Meisterwerks und tragt so zum besseren Verstandnis sowohl der antiken Lehrepik als auch der nachklassischen griechischen Poesie bei.

Der Staat (illustriert)

Author: Platon

Publisher: Clap Publishing, LLC.

ISBN: 1635372755


Page: N.A

View: 6650

„Der Staat“ ist ein Werk des griechischen Philosophen Platon, in dem über die Gerechtigkeit und ihre mögliche Verwirklichung in einem idealen Staat diskutiert wird. An dem fiktiven, literarisch gestalteten Dialog beteiligen sich sieben Personen, darunter Platons Brüder Glaukon und Adeimantos und der Redner Thrasymachos. Platons Lehrer Sokrates ist die Hauptfigur. Weitere Anwesende hören lediglich zu.

Lukian "Rhetorum praeceptor"

Einleitung, Text und Kommentar

Author: Serena Zweimüller

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 3525252846

Category: History

Page: 499

View: 7946

Die vorliegende Studie ist der Erstkommentar zu Lukians Satire "Rhetorum praeceptor" (Der Rednerlehrer), die sich mit der Deklamationskultur der Zweiten Sophistik und mit Fragen rhetorischer Bildung auseinandersetzt. In einem Einleitungsteil werden die rhetorisch-literarische Gestaltung, das dichte Geflecht intertextueller Bezüge sowie die Verortung des Textes im zeitgenössischen Bildungsdiskurs untersucht. Der Lemmakommentar behandelt neben philologischen und historischen vor allem narratologisch-interpretatorische und stilistisch-rhetorische Fragen, wobei den einzelnen gedanklichen Einheiten der Schrift jeweils einführende und zusammenfassende Analysen vorangestellt sind.

Theognis und die Theognidea

Author: Hendrik Selle

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110209640

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 462

View: 3101

The collection of poems preserved under the name of Theognis is - apart from Homer and Hesiod - the only extant poetic text handed down in manuscript from the time before Pindar. Its peculiar form has provoked a long-running debate on its authenticity and genesis, which has gone so far as to cast doubts on the existence of the poet Theognis. How did the Theognidean corpus come about, and what was Theognis’ influence on it? In response to this question, the present study works through the extensive research literature on the topic and shows the possibilities and limits of an answer.

Der Pandoramythos bei Hesiod und seine Rezeption bis Erasmus von Rotterdam

Author: Immanuel Musäus

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 9783525252505

Category: History

Page: 234

View: 5296

Der Pandoramythos, dessen Interpretation in der Forschung heftig umstritten ist, wird einer erneuten philologischen Analyse unterzogen. Im Ergebnis bestätigt sich die Lösung von Eduard Schwartz (1915), dass Pandora, wie die Urfrau in Hesiods Theogonie, die Verschwenderin ist, die Hab und Gut verschleudert. Ein Durchgang durch die Rezeption des Mythos bis zur frühen Neuzeit (mit angestrebter Vollständigkeit) legt die Hintergründe der Erzähl- und Deutungsvarianten offen: So geht die Ansicht, Pandora bringe die Übel in die Welt, vermutlich auf Aristarch zurück.

Realia Byzantina

Author: Sofia Kotzabassi,Giannis Mavromatis

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110222310

Category: History

Page: 340

View: 6025

This volume combines twenty-six contributions on Byzantine literature in which well-known Byzantine scholars approach subjects from epistolography, historiography, hagiography, philology and prosopography. New editions of many of the texts and documents analysed are included.

Wissensvermittlung in dichterischer Gestalt

Author: Marietta Horster,Christiane Reitz

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag

ISBN: 9783515086981

Category: History

Page: 348

View: 6175

Mit Hesiod beginnt die Tradition lehrhaften Dichtens in der Antike. Wie Wissen in dichterischer Gestalt vermittelt wird, unterliegt dem historischen Wandel. Welche Funktionen erfuellt das Lehrgedicht im sich wandelnden soziokulturellen Kontext? Lasst sich eine Periodisierung in der Gattungsgeschichte feststellen? Wie bedingen sich Traditionsbezogenheit lehrhaften Dichtens auf der einen und experimentelle Themenvielfalt auf der anderen Seite? In welchem Verhaltnis stehen poetische und prosaische Fach- und Lehrschriften? Diesen Fragen gingen die Philologen und Historiker wahrend des 2. Rostocker Kolloquiums zu antiken Fachschriftstellern nach. Entstanden ist ein Band, in dem chronologisch der Bogen vom archaischen Griechenland bis ins lateinische Mittelalter gespannt wird, und in dem theoretische Uberlegungen ebenso wie Einzelinterpretationen sich zu einem Uberblick ueber die Funktionsweise von Wissensvermittlung in dichterischer Gestalt runden. Mit Beitragen von: Marietta Horster / Christiane Reitz, Peter Toohey, Bernd Effe, Wilhelm Bluemer, Oliver Primavesi, Christian Kaaer, Peter Kruschwitz, Wolfgang Huebner, Katharina Volk, Monica Gale, Claudia Schindler, Christiane Reitz, Roland Mayer, Alison Sharrock, Marco Formisano, Thomas Haye.



Author: Phaedrus

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110356813

Category: Philosophy

Page: 272

View: 1718

Hesiodos Erga

Author: Hesiod,Ulrich von Wilamowitz- Moellendorff

Publisher: N.A



Page: 166

View: 5603

P. Vergilius Maro, Aeneis Buch VI

Author: Eduard Norden

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110959771

Category: History

Page: 491

View: 7048

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