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How to Form Your Own California Corporation

Author: Anthony Mancuso

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413323367

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 280

View: 8682

Form a corporation in California with the book that's helped thousands of Californians incorporate! Protect your business and save on attorney's fees by forming a California corporation on your own. How to Form Your Own California Corporation makes incorporating a straightforward task for any small business owner. This all-in-one guide contains the forms, tax rules, practical information, and step-by-step instructions you need to successfully incorporate a California business. Learn about: different types of California corporations and how they work filing articles of incorporation how to stay legal by keeping legally sound corporate records and minutes securities laws and exemptions corporate taxation preparing bylaws issuing stock obtaining licenses and permits, and perks for your employees. This edition is completely updated and revised to provide current regulations, tax requirements, contact information for relevant agencies, helpful resources, and the most up-to-date forms available. How to Form Your Own California Corporation makes the entire incorporation process easy. Like tens of thousands of California entrepreneurs have done over the last 25 years, you really can complete and file all the paperwork yourself.

How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation in California

Author: Anthony Mancuso

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413324053

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

View: 2469

A practical, comprehensive, and easy-to-use guide for anyone who wants to form a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit in California.

How to Form a California Professional Corporation

Author: Anthony Mancuso

Publisher: NOLO

ISBN: 0873379950

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 8745

Bibliographical data In this comprehensive, recently updated book, Attorney Anthony Mancuso outlines the many reasons for a California professional to incorporate, including: - to avoid personal liability for the malpractice of other professionals in the practice- to provide oneself with tax-deductible corporate fringe benefits such as health, accident and disability insurance.- The ability to provide yourself with tax-deductible corporate fringe benefits such as health, accident and disability insurance; life insurance; and a medical reimbursement plan. "How to Form a California Professional Corporation contains everything you need to form a California professional corporation, including: - Forms--as tear-outs and on disk--and instructions necessary to organize your corporation including articles, bylaws and minutes- Full instructions on how to incorporate a new or existing professional practice- Special rules and regulations for each profession- Complete information on S Corporation tax status- Comprehensive tax, retirement-plan and corporate-law chapters

Incorporate Your Business

A Step-by-Step Guide to Forming a Corporation in Any State

Author: Anthony Mancuso

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413321585

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

View: 789

Clear explanations on how to form a corporation in any state in the United States.

Form Your Own Limited Liability Company

Author: Anthony Mancuso

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 141332441X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 9883

Make your business an LLCS Structuring your business as an LLC can bring important advantages: It lets you limit your personal liability for business debts and simplify your taxes. Here, you’ll find the key legal forms you need to create an LLC in your state, including: LLC articles of organization Operating agreement for member-managed LLC LLC management operating agreement LLC reservation of name letter Minutes of meeting form Form Your Own Limited Liability Company has easy-to-understand instructions, including how to create an operating agreement that covers how profits and losses are divided and major business decisions are made. You’ll also learn how to choose a unique LLC name that meets state legal requirements and how to take care of ongoing legal and tax paperwork. This new edition of has been carefully revised and updated to reflect the latest federal regulations, as well as the most current laws of all 50 states. Plus, all the forms you need are included. Interactive forms are downloadable.

The Corporate Records Handbook

Meetings, Minutes & Resolutions

Author: Anthony Mancuso

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413322603

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 640

View: 7345

Keep your corporation valid in the eyes of the IRS and courts. If you've taken the time to turn your business into a corporation, chances are you'd like to see it stay that way. Your business card may say "incorporated," but if the courts and the IRS think differently, it's closing time. Meeting minutes are the primary paper trail of your corporation's legal life, so it's essential to know when and how to prepare these minutes. The Corporate Records Handbook provides all the forms and instructions you need to stay legal, including: Call of Meeting Meeting Participant List Notice of Meeting Certification of Mailing Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Meeting Shareholder Proxy Meeting Summary Sheet Minutes of Annual Shareholders' Meeting Minutes of Special Shareholders' Meeting Minutes of Annual Directors' Meeting Minutes of Special Directors' Meeting Waiver of Notice of Meeting Approval of Corporate Minutes by Directors of Shareholders Cover Letter for Approval of Minutes of Paper Meeting Written Consent to Action Without Meeting The Corporate Records Handbook gives you the forms you need to keep required records, plus more than 75 additional resolutions to insert into your minutes. This edition has been updated to reflect the latest changes in the law. Forms are available to download at

How to Start and Run Your Own Corporation

S-corporations for Small Business Owners

Author: Peter I. Hupalo

Publisher: H C M Pub

ISBN: 9780967162447

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 9279

"How To Start And Run Your Own Corporation" begins where many incorporation books leave off. Peter Hupalo, author of "Thinking Like An Entrepreneur," teaches you the basics of corporate business structure. "How To Start And Run Your Own Corporation" will help you understand: * Which Business Structure Might Be Best For You * How To Decide Between An S-Corporation And A LLC * How To Choose Your State Of Incorporation * How To Form Your Own Corporation * S-Corporations * Par Value And No Par Value Stock * Issuing Shares * Stock Basis * Valuing A Small Business Corporation * Financing A Corporation Through Equity And Loans * Attracting Angel Investors For Your Corporation * Shareholder S-Corporation Basis And The AAA * Filling Out The 1120S Corporate Income Tax Return * Special Issues For One-Person Corporations * The Role of Bylaws And Corporate Minutes * The Role of Directors And Officers * Withdrawing Money From Your Corporation * Social Security/Unemployment Insurance On Officer Salaries * Qualified Retirement Plans, SIMPLE-IRA, SEP-IRA * The One-Person 401(k) * Worker's Compensation Exemption For Officers * How To Minimize Your Taxes * How To Prevent Your Corporate Shield From Being Pierced * Tax Saving Strategies For Your Corporation

Nolo's Quick LLC

All You Need to Know About Limited Liability Companies (Quick & Legal)

Author: Anthony Mancuso

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413323472

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 9433

Our current economic climate has led many people to start their own businesses – by choice, necessity, or a little of each. And since everyone wants to limit their personal liability when starting a business, LLCs have become very popular. This book simplifies LLC concepts and helps the reader decide whether to form an LLC or some other type of business entity.

Incorporate Your Business: A Legal Guide to Forming a Corporation in Your State

Author: N.A

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413315852


Page: N.A

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How to Start a Business in Massachusetts

Author: Julia K. O'Neill,Mark Warda

Publisher: SphinxLegal

ISBN: 1572484667

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 4712

How to Start a Business in Massachusetts is a comprehensive aid to starting and running your own business. This book explains everything from choosing the type of business you will form to filing your state and federal taxes properly. It provides an in-depth description of how to insure your business against liability and how to draw up contracts for your transactions with both customers and vendors.

Ultimate Guide to Forming an LLC in Any State, Second Edition

Author: Michael Spadaccini

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 1599183862

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 195

View: 1748

Rev. ed. of: Entrepreneur magazine's ultimate guide to forming an LLC in any state.

Form Your Own Corporation

Author: W. Kelsea Eckert,Arthur G. Sartorius,Mark Warda

Publisher: SphinxLegal

ISBN: 1572485167

Category: Corporation law

Page: 269

View: 6633

Form Your Own Corporation is your easy-to-use, money-saving guide to start and maintain your own corporation.

How to Form a Corporation in Massachusetts

With Forms

Author: Joseph P. DiBlasi,Mark Warda

Publisher: SphinxLegal

ISBN: 1572481153

Category: Corporation law

Page: 221

View: 1378

Protect yourself from personal liability, without the expense and delay of hiring a lawyer, by incorporating your business on your own. How to Form a Corporation in Massachusetts contains everything you need to legally incorporate in the state of Massachusetts. This book makes incorporating your business a simple process that doesn't drain your vital time and capital. Complete with step-by-step instructions and the forms you need, this book makes forming your own corporation inexpensive and hassle-free. This book explains in simple language: Advantages and disadvantages of incorporating S corporations C corporations What type of corporation is best for you Running your corporation Step-by-step procedures for incorporating How to get more information Tax registrations It includes: Massachusetts' corporation statutes Address and phone numbers for state contacts Incorporation forms, minutes and resolutions you can use Website addresses for more information

Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business

Author: Fred S. Steingold

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 141332407X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 456

View: 875

This book is for current and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as managers and other key small business employees, who want a practical and comprehensive guide to business laws without paying a fortune in legal fees. The book helps owners and managers successfully start and run a small business, from raising startup money to protecting personal assets to negotiating leases and contracts.

How to Form a Corporation in Minnesota

Author: D. M. Boulay,Mark Warda

Publisher: SphinxLegal

ISBN: 9781572481794

Category: Incorporation

Page: 198

View: 454

THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FORMING YOUR OWN CORPORATION This book takes the mystery out of creating a simple corporation. It translates difficult legal language into everyday English. It gives you practical guidance to deal with all of the State of Minnesota's legal requirements. Included are all the forms you must have and the costs to file each one. This book has the tools you need to form your Minnesota corporation with a minimum of fuss. It has easy-to-follow instructions, addresses, phone numbers and web sites. Also, you will find tips on when you might want to consult a lawyer or other professional. This book is for people who are ready to get a corporation going quickly, correctly, and with as little time and expense as possible. This book explains in simple language: --Advantages and disadvantages of incorporating in Minnesota --Running your Minnesota corporation --Details of S-corporations and C-corporations --The types of corporations --Step-by-step procedures for incorporating --How to get more information --Corporate tax matters --Minnesota and federal tax law --Minnesota corporate law --Operations of professional firms --The sale of stock --When to consult a legal professional --The use of minutes and resolutions --How to file with the secretary of state --How to use stock certificates

LLC or Corporation?

Choose the Right Form for Your Business

Author: Anthony Mancuso

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413323189

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 5427

LLC vs. C-Corp vs. S-Corp: The most important business decision you’ll make Whether you are starting a new business or thinking about an existing one, the big question is "which legal structure is best?" The answer has important legal and tax consequences. LLC or Corporation? explains: the basics of all business entities why sole proprietorships and partnerships are usually a poor choice how to avoid being personally liable for business debts how to pay less tax by choosing the right entity how to convert from one business entity to another, and requirements for doing business out of state. LLC or Corporation? is packed with real-world examples to help you make the best choice for your company.This book has downloadable interactive forms.

How to Buy a House in California

Author: Ralph E. Warner,Ira Serkes,George Devine

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413309232

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 372

View: 9670

This bestseller provides effective strategies for buying a house in California's unique real estate market. Home buyers learn how to: find a house and choose a neighborhood; raise money for a down payment; unearth the best mortgage; take advantage of creative financing techniques, such as private mortgages and probate sales; choose and work with a real estate agent; inspect a house for physical problems and environmental hazards; and make an offer and successfully negotiate a contract go through escrow and take title. It provides detailed advice on how to use the Internet to compare mortgages and apply for a loan, find and screen houses, gather community information and much more. The updated 12th edition reflects the reality of today's buyer's market, including an expanded discussion on what to look out for when buying a foreclosed home. It also includes all the necessary real estate forms and worksheets, including offer forms and disclosure statements.

How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation (National Edition)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Forming a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit in Any State

Author: Anthony Mancuso

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413323901

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 344

View: 1561

Form a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit in your state The process of becoming a tax-exempt organization may appear intimidating, but with How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation, you can do it quickly, easily, and with confidence. You’ve got a cause you care about—now you just need the legal status that will help your organization raise money and work for that cause. Here, you’ll find all the forms and information you need to turn your group into a tax-exempt nonprofit. With How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation, you can form a nonprofit corporation in any state and gain 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS. We provide step-by-step instructions for both IRS Form 1023 and the streamlined Form 1023-EZ federal tax-exemption application for smaller nonprofits. Learn how to: choose a legal name prepare articles of incorporation and bylaws for your nonprofit obtain federal and state tax-exempt status fill in minutes of the organizational meeting, and establish a corporate records book. This edition reflects the latest changes in the law, and includes contact information for finding updated state-specific instructions. It also provides information on B (benefit) corporations and other hybrid nonprofit entities that are allowed to both do good and make a profit.

Planet Google

One Company's Audacious Plan to Organize Everything We Know

Author: Randall Stross

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416546960

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 6991

Draws on interviews with Google's CEO and the heads of its newest businesses to trace the story of the company's ambitions and influence, covering such topics as its acquisition of YouTube and its role in reshaping business and culture.

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