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A Poem . . . A Performance

Author: Linda Hogan

Publisher: Wings Press

ISBN: 1609401654

Category: Poetry

Page: 80

View: 8260

Filled with powerful imagery, this poem relates the tragic story of Indios, a native woman falsely accused of the death of her children. As it echoes the plight of other women like Indios—including Malinche, Pocahontas, La Llorona, and Medea—this narrative conveys the truth of a history twisted to suit the needs of a conquering power. Weaving Native American history with contemporary situations, this evocative poem focuses on the concept and consequences of the oppression of women.

Global Indios

The Indigenous Struggle for Justice in Sixteenth-Century Spain

Author: Nancy E. van Deusen

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822375699

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 5551

In the sixteenth century hundreds of thousands of indios—indigenous peoples from the territories of the Spanish empire—were enslaved and relocated throughout the Iberian world. Although various laws and decrees outlawed indio enslavement, several loopholes allowed the practice to continue. In Global Indios Nancy E. van Deusen documents the more than one hundred lawsuits between 1530 and 1585 that indio slaves living in Castile brought to the Spanish courts to secure their freedom. Because plaintiffs had to prove their indio-ness in a Spanish imperial context, these lawsuits reveal the difficulties of determining who was an indio and who was not—especially since it was an all-encompassing construct connoting subservience and political personhood and at times could refer to people from Mexico, Peru, or South or East Asia. Van Deusen demonstrates that the categories of free and slave were often not easily defined, and she forces a rethinking of the meaning of indio in ways that emphasize the need to situate colonial Spanish American indigenous subjects in a global context.


The Destruction of the American Indios

Author: Massimo Livi-Bacci

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 9780745640013

Category: History

Page: 317

View: 1202

The arrival of Europeans in the Americas brought with it a demographic catastrophe of vast proportions for the native populations. What were the causes? The surviving documentation is extraordinarily rich: conquistadors, religious figures, administrators, officials, and merchants kept records, carried out inquiries, and issued edicts. The native world, for its part, has also left eloquent traces of events as well as direct testimony of its harsh subjugation at the hands of the Europeans. Drawing on these sources, Livi Bacci shows how not only the 'imported' diseases but also a series of economic and social factors played a role in the disastrous decline of the native populations. He argues that the catastrophe was not the inevitable outcome of contact with Europeans but was a function of both the methods of the conquest and the characteristics of the subjugated societies. This gripping narrative recounts one of the greatest tragedies of human history, one whose protagonists include figures like Columbus, Montezuma, Atahuallpa, Pizarro, Corts and Tupac Amaru.

An Expedition to the Ranquel Indians

Excursion a los indios ranqueles

Author: Lucio V. Mansilla

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292786328

Category: History

Page: 430

View: 3529

The encounter between Native American peoples and Europeans and their descendants has marked the history of every nation in the Americas, both North and South. Lucio Mansilla's Una excursión a los indios ranqueles, published in Argentina in 1870, is one of very few works in American letters that presents a vivid, firsthand account of a noncombative encounter between Native American and European civilizations. This volume is the first English translation of Mansilla's classic work. Long noted for its humor, adventurousness, and narrative ingenuity, the book offers penetrating insights into fundamental issues of "civilization and barbarism," immigration, ethnic and racial diversity, and land ownership and tenancy. Mansilla alone among his contemporaries espoused open dialogue as the best approach to the "Indian problem." Although the peace accord he sought to enact with the Ranquels was summarily disregarded by the Argentine government, which slowly gravitated towards a policy of ethnic cleansing and expropriation of Indian lands, the Expedition does narrate a rehearsal for a reconciliation that in the end never took place.

History of the Philippines: From Indios Bravos to Filipinos

Author: Luis H. Francia

Publisher: The Overlook Press

ISBN: 1468315455

Category: History

Page: 368

View: 868

Over three million Filipino Americans now live in the US, but popular histories of this rich, complicated nation are still rare. From ancient Malay settlements to Spanish colonization, the American occupation and beyond, A History of the Philippines recasts various Philippine narratives with an eye for the layers of colonial and post-colonial history that have created this diverse and fascinating population. A History of the Philippines begins with the pre-Westernized Philippines in the 16th century and continues through the 1899 Philippine-American War, the nation's relationship with the United States’ controlling presence, culminating with its independence in 1946 and two ongoing insurgencies, one Islamic and one Communist. Luis H. Francia creates an illuminating portrait that offers the reader valuable insights into the heart and soul of the modern Filipino, laying bare the multicultural, multiracial society of contemporary times.

The protector de indios in colonial New Mexico, 1659-1821

Author: Charles R. Cutter,Historical Society of New Mexico

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 129

View: 5096

Indios do Nordeste

temas e problemas : 500 anos

Author: Marcos Galindo,Luiz Sávio de Almeida,Edson Silva,Juliana Lopes Elias

Publisher: UFAL

ISBN: 9788571770928

Category: Indians of South America

Page: 271

View: 8988

A History of the Philippines

From Indios Bravos to Filipinos

Author: Luis Francia

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781590202852

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 3582

Traces the Southeast Asian country's first colonial settlement in the 16th century through the present, providing coverage of such topics as the Spanish American War, the role of General MacArthur during World War II and the post-independence uprisings of Islamic insurgents.

INDIOS Screaming Pain....

Author: Michael Tucker


ISBN: 1304951529

Category: Poetry

Page: 52

View: 8681

Lived and felt by me. Starting thinking and writing in Marin combat training. Not all will like but it is a part of me.

Arte y Bocabulario de la Lengua de los Indios Chaymas, Cumanagotos, Coros, Parias y otros diversos de la Provincia de Cumana o Nueva Andalucia. Con un tratado a lo ultimo de la Doctrina Christiana, y Catecismo de los Misterios de nuestra Santa Fè, traducido de Castellano en la dicha Lengua Indiana

Author: Francisco de TAUSTE

Publisher: N.A



Page: 187

View: 7615

Historia de Las Islas E Indios de Bisayas, 1668

Author: Francisco Ignacio Alcina

Publisher: N.A


Category: Bisaya (Philippine people)

Page: 714

View: 7154

Un Gobierno de Indios

Tlaxcala, 1519-1750

Author: Andrea Martínez Baracs

Publisher: Fondo De Cultura Economica USA


Category: Education

Page: 530

View: 692

Desde la Conquista hasta la Independencia, el gobierno provincial de Tlaxcala estuvo en manos de una nobleza india de origen prehisp nico, cuyos descendientes adaptaron sin perderla la organizaci n pol tica antigua y lograron mantener una relativa autonom a respecto del estado novohispano. Los espa oles no tuvieron una representaci n pol tica en ella ni mucho menos pudieron dividirla. Las intrigas sectarias, la corrupci n e incluso la misma lucha de los macehuales de la provincia contra sus antiguos se ores crearon crisis pol ticas que repercutieron en el gobierno indio, sin embargo esto no lleg a destruir esa instituci n.

Los indios, el sacerdocio y la Universidad en Nueva España, siglos XVI-XVIII

Author: Margarita Menegus Bornemann,Rodolfo Aguirre Salvador

Publisher: UNAM

ISBN: 9789707225282

Category: Clergy

Page: 308

View: 8426


Author: Sherry Garland

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780152000219

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 292

View: 8353

Thirteen-year-old Ipa struggles to survive a brutal time of change as the Spanish begin the conquest of the native people along the Texas border.

Relación acerca de las antigüedades de los indios

Author: Ramón Pané

Publisher: Linkgua digital

ISBN: 8499534244

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 34

View: 4639

La Relación is considered by some as the first book written in the New World. It is also the first description of the Taino Indians' religion. Fray Ramón Pané came to the island in the company of Columbus on his second voyage in 1494. Pané spent several years living among natives, meeting many leaders who either agreed wtth or despised his Christian teachings. Pané is believed to have delivered his manuscript to Columbus for its to return to Spain, where it passed through the hands of many influential men before disappearing.

Dos Indios

A Novel

Author: Harold Jaffe

Publisher: N.A


Category: Historical fiction

Page: 161

View: 5195

Espinosa's "Descubrimiento de la Provicia de Los Indios Assinais". Critical Translation, with Introduction and Notes from Espinosa's "Chronica Apostolica", Book V, Chapter Vi to Xiii Inclusive ...

Author: Eveline Louise Bridgett,Isidro Félix de Espinosa

Publisher: N.A



Page: 222

View: 5523

Historia de las islas e indios visayas del Padre Alcina, 1668

Author: Francisco Ignacio Alcina

Publisher: Editorial CSIC - CSIC Press

ISBN: 9788450010541

Category: Ethnology

Page: 516

View: 7328

Índios do Xingu

Author: Orlando Villas Bôas,Cláudio Villas Bôas

Publisher: N.A


Category: Indians of South America

Page: 80

View: 5338

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