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Key Issues in Education Policy

Author: Stephen Ward,Christine Eden

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446205800

Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 8472

'Ward and Eden have produced a useful and elegant text which deserves a place on the reading list of any education degree. I certainly hope that its readership goes beyond the most obvious target audience, as anyone involved in education would do well to read and enjoy this text' - ESCalate 'Education Policy is increasingly complex and opaque - this timely book brings clarity and reason to bear and is an ideal starting point for students and teachers struggling to understand the political world in which they work' - Professor Stephen J Ball, Institute of Education, University of London What effect has two decades of intensive state direction and government involvement had on education? Designed for Education Studies students who have probably grown up in this context of government intervention, this book deconstructs accepted notions and provides readers with the resources to discuss critically the role of the governments in education and schooling. The book examines government policy in a series of key areas, such as the curriculum, market forces, educational inequality and race issues. Throughout it considers the political and economic factors in education policy, introducing some of the fundamental concepts required to analyse the ideologies of education and the state. The authors explore the role of education policy in the context of the general direction of government policy, politics and the economy, making links with other policy areas such as health, social services, home affairs and foreign policy. They also explain the nature of government policy in terms of a globalization and the knowledge economy.

Exploring Key Issues in Education

Author: Derek Kassem,Dean Garratt

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1847060846

Category: Education

Page: 183

View: 2210

A key textbook for Education Studies providing an insight into some of the issues and dilemmas faced by education in the UK and internationally.

Current Issues in Educational Policy and the Law

Author: Kevin G. Welner,Wendy C. Chi

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 160752726X

Category: Law

Page: 289

View: 7579

Educational policy controversies in the United States invariably implicate legal issues. Policy debates about testing and school choice, for example, cannot be disentangled from legal rights and mandates. The same is true for issues such as funding, campus safety, speech and religion rights, as well as the teaching of immigrant students. Written for a general audience, this new twelvechapter book explores these compelling educational policy issues through that legal lens, building an understanding of both law and policy. The book's editors are Kevin Welner, associate professor of educational policy at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and Wendy Chi, a doctoral candidate at Boulder. Both Welner and Chi are lawyers as well as educational scholars.

Policies, Politics and the Future of Lifelong Learning

Author: Ann Hodgson

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780749432027

Category: Education

Page: 210

View: 6072

This text focuses on the political context of lifelong learning. It addresses the background, European and policy elements of lifelong learning, as well as providing a detailed consideration of the linkage of educational and political issues in this subject.

Key Issues in Education and Social Justice

Author: Emma Smith

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1526451905

Category: Education

Page: 264

View: 6430

‘This highly accessible book weaves together discussion of recent research findings, policy developments and theoretical perspectives. It provides a thought-provoking and at times contentious introduction that will challenge students and teachers to look beyond the easy and glib rhetoric, helping them understand the complexities of educating for a more equal world.' Shereen Benjamin, Senior Lecturer in Primary Education, University of Edinburgh This book is an introduction to issues of inequality and social justice, how they relate to education systems and how education can be a force for positive societal change. Drawing upon research, policy and contemporary thinking in the field, this second edition examines educational inequalities that exist today, what lies behind them and what effects they have across society. New to this edition: Wider coverage on social inequalities in relation to income and wealth New chapters on: childhood inequalities, international issues in education and social justice, and education inequalities in the USA A broader focus on how young people experience social justice that includes the experiences of young offenders. This is essential reading for students on undergraduate education studies courses, and related degree programmes that explore the relationship between education and society.

Issues in Education Research

Problems and Possibilities

Author: Ellen Condliffe Lagemann,Lee S. Shulman

Publisher: Jossey-Bass


Category: Education

Page: 424

View: 525

More than twenty prominent scholars examine education research and discuss how it is changing and where it needs to go. They highlight some of the major trends that have galvanized the field, including removing research from the laboratory to the school site, qualitative research as a widely validated method, and the increasing interdisciplinary aspect of educational research.

Contemporary Issues in Learning and Teaching

Author: Margery McMahon,Christine Forde,Margaret Martin

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446247767

Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 6444

Contemporary Issues in Learning and Teaching looks at current issues across the three key areas of policy, learning and practice. It will help you to think critically on your Education course, and to make connections between the processes of learning and the practicalities of teaching. The book addresses key issues in primary, secondary and special education, and includes examples from all four countries of the UK. The contributors reflect on current thinking and policy surrounding learning and teaching, and what it means to be a teacher today. Looking at the practice of teaching in a wider context allows you to explore some of the issues you will face, and the evolving expectations of your role in a policy-led environment. The book focuses on core areas of debate including: - education across different contexts and settings - teaching in an inclusive environment - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for practitioners Each chapter follows the same accessible format. They contain case studies and vignettes providing examples and scenarios for discussion; introduction and summary boxes listing key issues and concepts explored in the chapter; key questions for discussion reflection; and further reading. This essential text will be ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including BEd/BA degrees, initial teacher-training courses, and Masters in Education programmes. All editors and contributors are based in the Faculty of Education at Glasgow University, UK.

Key Issues for Education Researchers

Author: Diana Burton,Steve Bartlett

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0857029452

Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 4007

Doing a small-scale research project is a compulsory element of an Education Studies degree. This book will guide and support students through their research, offering practical advice on designing, planning and completing the research , collecting and analysing data and on writing up. It outlines the philosophical approaches underpinning research together with the key concepts and current debates in education research. Chapters cover: - Research paradigms - Ethical approaches to research - Research methods including interviewing, questionnaires, observation and experiments - Research diaries and personal biography - Writing up your research Each chapter includes points for reflection, encouraging students to explore different perceptions on the whole research project. Tasks in each chapter take readers through the process of designing and justifying their own research project. Essential reading for education studies students, it will also be very suitable for those doing masters courses in education, students on initial teacher training programmes and of interest to others, such as classroom assistants, studying education on foundation degrees .

Teaching Controversial Issues in the Classroom

Key Issues and Debates

Author: Paula Cowan,Henry Maitles

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441136932

Category: Education

Page: 200

View: 3107

Paula Cowan and Henry Maitles provide a thorough exploration of current debates and controversies relating to teaching controversial issues in primary and secondary schools. They also investigate the changing nature of this type of learning experience and explore its contribution to the curriculum, particularly history and citizenship education. Topics covered include:- What is the 'right' age to discuss controversial issues?- The Citizenship Agenda- Discussing Iraq with school students- Teaching the Holocaust in the multicultural classroom- IslamophobiaInternational case studies provide fresh insights and valuable student and teacher feedback into the teaching of what many perceive as sensitive and difficult areas. Reflective questions and activities encourage readers to really engage with the issues and annotated further reading suggestions provide links to useful resources. The supporting companion website provides more detailed additional information along with practical teaching resources for those looking to explore controversial issues in their own classroom.Essential reading for beginning teachers and teachers of citizenship and history, and education studies students exploring the teaching of controversial issues in the classroom.

Education and Technology

Key Issues and Debates

Author: Neil Selwyn

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1474235948

Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 8854

Will technology replace the school and university? Will technology replace the teacher? What do we really know about technology and learning? Does technology make education more individualized? What does the future hold for technology and education? What can be learnt from the history of technology use in education? In a thoroughly revised edition of this successful book, Neil Selwyn takes a critical look at some of the major current debates and controversies concerning digital technologies and education. Focusing on the social as well as the technical aspects of these issues, Selwyn addresses fundamental but often unvoiced questions about education and technology. Over the course of eight chapters, the book gives careful thought to the people, practices, processes and structures behind the rapidly increasing use of technologies in education, with an emphasis on the implications of digital technologies for individuals and institutions. The book focuses attention on the connections between recent technology developments and broader changes in education practice, education policy and education theory over the past 10 years. It also challenges us to reflect on future directions and controversies for education in the (post)digital age. Expanded study questions, annotated further reading and a new glossary of key terms are included to support readers. An updated companion website links to two bonus chapters and audio recordings of the questions for further discussion found at the end of each chapter.

Education Studies: Issues & Critical Perspectives

Issues and Critical Perspectives

Author: Kassem, Derek,Mufti , Emmanuel,Robinson, John

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 0335219721

Category: Education

Page: 254

View: 1193

'Education Studies' is an essential text for Education Studies students. It provides a critical account of key issues in education today. Themed sections with introductions link the issues discussed in each chapter.

Philosophy and Educational Policy

A Critical Introduction

Author: John Gingell,Christopher Winch

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134201982

Category: Education

Page: 176

View: 1872

What are the concepts and theories behind current debates about education? This comprehensive introduction to philosophy of education discusses issues that are of current public interest and debate. It locates education at the heart of questions concerned with culture, ethics, politics, economics and shows how key educational issues have to be approached in a contextual way. Written in a clear and accessible manner with current issues in mind the book covers: the curriculum teaching and learning educational research assessment moral, personal and civic education autonomy and multicultural issues in a liberal society education and work privatisation and markets This book will be particularly useful to students on Education Studies courses, to those preparing for a career in teaching, to students of politics and to serving teachers undertaking further study in education.

Key Issues in Secondary Education

2nd Edition

Author: John Beck,Mary C. Earl

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1441184236

Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 9018

Praise for First Edition: "'Key Issues in Secondary Education" addresses crucial cross-curricular issues which are central to secondary schooling in the new millennium. We are confident that this book will make a major contribution to the understanding of new teachers as they grapple with issues that go beyond subject boundaries and as they explore the fundamental issues which affect schools and young people today."- Donald McIntyre and Mike YoungerThis eagerly awaited second edition has been fully up-dated and revised with new chapters on the nature and measurement of intelligence and issues of race and racism in school and society. Other chapters addressing the rapidly changing world of educational policy and innovation have been substantially rewritten to take account of recent developments and current debates. All contributors write clearly and accessibly, without over-simplifying the complexity of the issues or the value they pose.

Issues and problems in teacher education

an international handbook

Author: Howard B. Leavitt

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Education

Page: 292

View: 5221

This reference is a survey of the major issues in teacher education today in a representative group of 21 countries around the world. This volume gives an overview of current problems and policies, approaches and trends, and future outlooks for deans of schools, colleges, and departments of education; directors of teacher education programs; government officials involved in education; and teachers and students engaged in comparative education and teacher training. The country studies are written, with one exception, by native scholars and experts. This international handbook assesses recruitment conditions, pre-service teacher education policy, governance and quality control issues, research needs, professionalism and the activities of teacher educators, inservice education services, and the development of native and indigenous teacher training in developing countries. This reference opens up new lines of research in worldwide trends, problems, and new directions needed in the future. The appendix provides a comparative table of statistics relating to factors in teacher education, and a bibliographic essay presents key research materials for further study.

Improving Large-scale Assessment in Education

Theory, Issues and Practice

Author: Marielle Simon,Kadriye Ercikan,Michel Rousseau

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0415894565

Category: Education

Page: 298

View: 1583

Large-scale assessments (LSAs) play a growing role in education policy decisions, accountability, and education planning worldwide. This book focuses on central issues that are key components of successful planning, development and implementation of LSAs. The book’s main distinction is its focus on practice- based, cutting-edge research. This is achieved by having chapters co-authored by world-class researchers in collaboration with measurement practitioners. The result is a how-to book whose language is accessible to practitioners and graduate students as well as academics. No other book so thoroughly covers current issues in the field of large-scale assessment. An introductory chapter is followed by sixteen chapters that each focus on a specific issue. The content is prescriptive and didactic in nature but based on the most recent scientific research. It includes successful experiences, exemplary practices, training modules, interesting breakthroughs or alternatives, and promising innovations regarding large-scale assessments. Finally, it covers meaningful topics that are currently taking center stage such as motivating students, background questionnaires, comparability of different linguistic versions of assessments, and cognitive modeling of learning and assessment.

Tools for Education Policy Analysis

Author: Jee-Peng Tan,Shobhana Sosale

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 9780821351833

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 303

View: 7763

Annotation A training tool with several modules which include modeling worksheets. Training modules cover Assessing Policy Options for Teacher Training and Pay, Comparative Policy Analysis in Education, Management of Teacher Deployment and Classroom Processes and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Education.

Key Legal Issues for Schools

The Ultimate Resource for School Business Officials

Author: Charles J. Russo, Ed.D., J.D., Panzer Chair in Education, University of Dayton

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 1610485238

Category: Education

Page: 204

View: 3238

While no single book can ever hope to cover all of the myriad of legal topics that SBOs and other educational leaders must master in their professional lives, this book will serve as an up-to-date and ready source of information to help keep them abreast of the many changes in the ever evolving area of School Law.

Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education

Author: Lois Weis,Philip G. Altbach,Hugh G. Petrie,Gail P. Kelly

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791406977

Category: Education

Page: 282

View: 8224

This book explores key policy issues related to early childhood education. Through the contributions of various professionals in the field, the editors provide a vision, practical and possible, of early childhood education in the 1990s. Part I delves into the complex world, both personal and professional, of the classroom teacher. The essays in Part II look at issues of the school community, including the roles of class, race, gender, and exceptionality. Finally, Part III examines the relationship between schools and the community-at-large, and how complex issues find their way into social and economic policies that often stifle, rather than support, the democratic vision of American schools. Taken as a whole, the volume presents a stimulating discussion of the current state of early childhood education policy and practice.

Legal Issues in Education

Rights and Responsibilities in U.S. Public Schools Today

Author: Kevin Grant Welner,Robert J. Kim,Stuart Biegel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781683281641

Category: Educational law and legislation

Page: 462

View: 8800

Race and Education

Policy and Politics in Britain

Author: Sally Tomlinson

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 0335235565

Category: Education

Page: 233

View: 8229

How successful has Britain been in accommodating racial, religious and cultural diversity in the education system? Have there been contradictory policies that have encouraged migrant labour, while urging immigration control? Has the introduction of market principles to education created further problems for ethnic minorities? This book provides crucial information on key educational issues, events and conflicts in Britain from the 1960s to the present day, as the education system has attempted to incorporate racial and ethnic minorities and educate young people to live in an ethnically diverse society. It uses examples such as political and media reactions to Afro hairstyles in the 1970s through to hijabs and niquabs today, to illustrate how misplaced are the simplistic arguments that blame multiculturalism or minorities for segregation or lack of community cohesion. Race and Education: Policy and Politics in Britaindescribes how over the decades schools, teachers, parents, local communities and local authorities have worked towards the incorporation of minority children into the education system. It asserts that negative and contradictory policies by governments and a continued climate of hostility to those variously labelled as immigrant, ethnic minority, or non-white has made this extremely difficult. The book sets educational issues and events within a wider social and political context, taking account of national and global influences, and changing political beliefs and actions over the years. Sally Tomlinson argues that debates needs to focus less on dress and more on the educational, housing and employment problems, symptomatic of the continued poverty in many minority areas that works against social cohesion. Race and Education: Policy and Politics in Britainis an invaluable resource for all those concerned with education and social policy, especially students and professionals working in education, sociology and social policy.

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