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Drinking Matters

Public Houses and Social Exchange in Early Modern Central Europe

Author: B. Kümin

Publisher: Springer


Category: History

Page: 283

View: 161

Offering the first comparative survey of public houses in pre-industrial Europe and drawing on a vast range of primary sources, this study establishes inns and taverns as principal communication sites in local communities. Contested and continuously renegotiated, they catered for basic human needs as well as infinite forms of social exchange.

Kirchen als Integrationsfaktor für die Migranten im Südosten der Habsburgermonarchie im 18. Jahrhundert

Author: Rainer Bendel

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster


Category: Church and state

Page: 323

View: 215

"Alle und jede, was Standts, Nation und Religion, inn- oder außer Landts sie seynd", wurden nach dem Kaiserlichen Impopulationspatent von 1689 eingeladen, sich in den sogenannten Neoaquistica, also von den Osmanen zurück eroberten Gebieten des Königreichs Ungarn niederzulassen. Angestrebt wurde die Reorganisation der Zustände aus der Vorosmanenzeit in Politik und Verwaltung. Allen staatlichen Instanzen war die schnelle Einbindung der Gläubigen als Ordnungsfaktor wichtig, wirkten doch die Konfessionen intermediär zwischen Herrschaft, staatlicher Autorität und Untertanen, beschleunigten die Konsolidierung der Gemeinden und halfen, solide ökonomische Grundlagen zu schaffen. Die Grundlagenforschungen für die Kirchengeschichte Ungarns im 18. Jahrhundert sind für die Mikroebene rar. Der vorliegende Band liefert erste Sonden. Hier werden Forschungen zur Rolle der Kirchen für die Migrationsprozesse und Integrationsvorgänge im Königreich Ungarn im 18. Jahrhundert vorgelegt.

The Impact of the European Reformation

Princes, Clergy and People

Author: Ole Peter Grell

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 326

View: 393

Recent decades have witnessed the fragmentation of Reformation studies, with high-level research confined within specific geographical, confessional or chronological boundaries. By bringing together scholars working on a wide variety of topics, this volume counteracts this centrifugal trend and provides a broad perspective on the impact of the European reformation. The essays present new research from historians of politics, of the church and of belief. Their geographical scope ranges from Scotland and England via France and Germany to Transylvania and their chronological span from the 1520s to the 1690s Considering the impact of the Reformation on political culture and examining the relationship between rulers and ruled; the book also examines the church and its personnel, another sphere of life that was entirely transformed by the Reformation. Important aspects of knowledge and belief are discussed in terms of scientific knowledge and technological progress, juxtaposed with analyses of elite and popular belief, which demonstrates the limitations of Weber's notion of the disenchantment of the world. Together they indicate the diverse directions in which Reformation scholarship is now moving, while reminding us of the need to understand particular developments within a broader European context; demonstrating that movements for religious reform left no sphere of European life untouched.

Beiträge zur Geschichte des Buchwesens im konfessionellen Zeitalter

Vorträge des 6. Jahrestreffens "Europäischer Buchhandel im Jahrhundert der Reformation" des Wolfenbütteler Arbeitskreises für Geschichte des Buchwesens vom 4. bis 7. Mai 1983 und des Bibliotheksgeschichtlichen Seminars "Die Reformation und das Städtische Büchereiwesen" vom 10. bis 12. Oktober 1983

Author: Wolfenbütteler Arbeitskreis für Geschichte des Buchwesens. Jahrestreffen



Category: Book industries and trade

Page: 336

View: 749

The Republican Alternative

The Netherlands and Switzerland Compared

Author: André Holenstein

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 360

View: 756

The Republican Alternative seeks to move beyond the mere notion of scholarly inquiry into the republic—the subject of recent rediscovery by political historians interested in Europe’s intellectual heritage—by investigating the practical similarities and differences between two early modern republics, as well as their self-images and interactions during the turbulent seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Among the world’s most economically successful societies, Switzerland and the Netherlands laid much of the foundation for their prosperity during the early modern period discussed here. This volume attempts to clarify the special character of these two countries as they developed, including issues of religious plurality, the republican form of government, and an increasingly commercially-driven agrarian society.

The Peace of Augsburg and the Meckhart Confession

Moderate Religion in an Age of Militancy

Author: Adam Glen Hough

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 408

View: 894

Taking the religiously diverse city of Augsburg as its focus, this book explores the underappreciated role of local clergy in mediating and interpreting the Peace of Augsburg in the decades following its 1555 enactment, focusing on the efforts of the preacher Johann Meckhart and his heirs in blunting the cultural impact of confessional religion. It argues that the real drama of confessionalization was not simply that which played out between princes and theologians, or even, for that matter, between religions; rather, it lay in the daily struggle of clerics in the proverbial trenches of their ministry, who were increasingly pressured to choose for themselves and for their congregations between doctrinal purity and civil peace.

Archive for Reformation History




Category: Reformation


View: 923

Die Säkularisation im Prozess der Säkularisierung Europas

Author: Peter Blickle



Category: Church and state

Page: 574

View: 890

Jewish Studies Between the Disciplines

Author: Peter Schèafer

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Religion

Page: 502

View: 936

Peter Schafer, Professor and Director of the Institute for Judaic Studies at the Free University Berlin as well as Professor of Religion and Ronald O. Perelman Professor for Jewish Studies at Princeton University, celebrated his 60th birthday on 29 June 2003. In honor of this occasion 23 of his students are presenting the collection of essays in this volume.

Konversion und Konfession in der frühen Neuzeit

Author: Ute Lotz-Heumann



Category: Christian sects

Page: 563

View: 760

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