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Let's Review: U.S. History and Government

Author: John McGeehan

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series


Category: History

Page: 784

View: 518

Focusing on the Constitution and how it was tested during the Civil War, this review also explores industrialization of the United States, the Great Depression, the New Deal, the Cold War, and the state of the nation through the end of the Clinton administration.

Let's Review

U.S. History and Government

Author: John McGeehan

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated


Category: History

Page: 774

View: 306

(back cover) An ideal companion to high school U.S. History and Government courses, this book presents summaries of hundreds of key topics, maps, charts, illustrations, review exercises, a 13-page chronology of major events in American history, thumbnail biographies of notable Americans, a glossary of terms, and an extensive index. For Students: Easy-to-follow review sections covering all exam topics Practice and review questions with answer keys In-depth Regents exam preparation, including an actual Regents exam with answers For Teachers A valuable classroom supplement to the main textbook and a class-planning aid A helpful source of essay topics, exam questions, and scoring guides

Regents Exams and Answers: U.S. History and Government

Author: Eugene V. Resnick

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series


Category: Education

Page: 608

View: 261

Presents sample questions with answers and explanations, provides test-taking tips, and offers five sample exams.

Toward a Sociobiological Hermeneutic

Darwinian Essays on Literature

Author: M. Wainwright

Publisher: Springer


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

View: 436

This book draws on post-Darwinian advances in scientific disciplines to reanalyze canonical works of literature. This wide-ranging analysis includes studies of the works of Oscar Wilde, Sophocles, Shakespeare, Giovanni Boccaccio, Theodore Dreiser, John Roderigo Dos Passos, and William Faulkner.

Experiencing war as the 'enemy other'

Italian Scottish experience in World War II

Author: Ugolini Wendy

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History


View: 432

Italy's declaration of war on Britain in June 1940 had devastating consequences for Italian immigrant families living in Scotland signalling their traumatic construction as the 'enemy other'. Through an analysis of personal testimonies and previously unpublished archival material, this book takes a case study of a long-established immigrant group and explores how notions of belonging and citizenship are undermined at a time of war. Overall, this book considers how wartime events affected the construction or Italian identity in Britain. It makes a groundbreaking and original contribution to the social and cultural history of Britain during World War Two as well as the wider literature on war, memory and ethnicity. It will appeal to scholars and students of British and Scottish cultural and social history and the history of World War II.

U.S. History and Government Power Pack

Author: John McGeehan

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series


Category: Study Aids

Page: 1424

View: 954

Barron's U.S. History and Government Power Pack is a powerful study tool to help you ace your Regents exam. This two-book pack includes: Barron's U.S. History and Government Regents Exams and Answers containing hundreds of questions answered and explained, and review questions grouped by topic Let's Review U.S. History and Government with extensive review of all topics and extra exercise problems with answers The Power Pack represents a savings of $3.99 when compared to the prices of the books purchased separately.

أغنية هادئة


Author: سليماني، ليلى،



Category: Families

Page: 222

View: 406

Tour d'écrou, français

Author: Opéra national du Rhin




Page: 82

View: 110

Pyramids and Nightclubs

A Travel Ethnography of Arab and Western Imaginations of Egypt, from King Tut and a Colony of Atlantis to Rumors of Sex Orgies, Urban Legends about a Marauding Prince, and Blonde Belly Dancers

Author: L. L. Wynn

Publisher: University of Texas Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 296

View: 981

Living in Egypt at the turn of the millennium, cultural anthropologist L. L. Wynn was struck by the juxtapositions of Western, Gulf Arab, and Egyptian viewpoints she encountered. For some, Egypt is the land of mummies and pharaohs. For others, it is a vortex of decadence, where nightlife promises a chance to salivate over belly dancers and maybe even glimpse a movie star. Offering a new approach to ethnography, Pyramids and Nightclubs examines cross-cultural encounters to bring to light the counterintuitive ways in which Egypt is defined. Guiding readers on an armchair journey that introduces us to Russian and Australian belly dancers on Nile cruise ships, Egyptian rumors about an Arab prince and his royal entourage, Saudi girls looking for a less restrictive dating scene, and other visitors to this "antique" land, Wynn uses the lens of travel and tourism to depict a fascinating and often surprising version of Egypt, while exploring the concept of stereotype itself. Tracing the history of Western and Arab fascination with Egypt through spurious hunts for lost civilizations and the new economic disparities brought about by the oil industry, Pyramids and Nightclubs ultimately describes the ways in which moments of cultural contact, driven by tourism and labor migration, become eye-opening opportunities for defining self and other.

المنطق السليم

Author: توماس بين

Publisher: ktab INC.


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 60

View: 918

لعل الاراء الواردة فى الصفحات التالية لت تؤلف " بعد " بما يكفى لتحوز تأييدا عاما : فاعتياد عد اعتبار شئ ما " خاطئاً" وقتا طويلا يعطيه مظهرا زائفا من " الصحة " ويثير فى بداية الامر احتجاجا شديدا دفاعا عن الاعاف والعادات . ولكن سرعات ما تهدأ الجبلة اذ الوقت كفيل بأن يهدى الى الصواب اناسا اكثر ممن يهديهم العقل .

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