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Making Sense of Parenthood

Caring, Gender and Family Lives

Author: Tina Miller

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 194

View: 454

Traces and theorises the processes of caring, paid work and 'gatekeeping' as parents negotiate these intensified and gendered domains.

Making Sense of Parenthood

Author: Clare Jolly





View: 128

Making Sense of Parenthood

On Ambivalence and Resourcefulness

Author: Katharine-Lee H. Weille




Page: 55

View: 678

Making Sense of Self-Esteem

Author: Mary Jane Warr





View: 204

Making Sense of Cities

A geographical survey

Author: Blair Badcock

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Science

Page: 288

View: 206

In 2000, for the first time, a majority of the world's population was living in cities. The trend towards increasing urbanization shows no sign of slowing and the third millennium looks set to be an unprecedentedly urban one. 'Making Sense of Cities' provides an up-to-date, vibrant and accessible introduction to urban geography. It offers students a sense of the patterns and processess of urbanization and the spatial organisation of cities, recognizing the significance of globalization, economics, politics and culture from a range of perspectives. Above all, it seeks to provide a relevant approach, inviting students to engage with competing theories of the urban and to assess them against the background of their own opinions and personal experience. Examples and case studies are drawn from a range of international settings, from San Francisco to Shanghai, Sydney to Singapore, giving a genuinely global coverage. The book is written in a fresh and engaging stlye, and is fully illustrated throughout. It is designed to appeal to any student of the urban and will be essential to students of geography, urban studies, town planning and land economy.

Making Sense of "It"

A Guide to Sex for Teens (and Their Parents, Too!)

Author: Alison Macklin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

View: 346

Maybe you learned about sex in school—anatomy, STIs, and pregnancy, right? You might think you’ve learned all there is to know, but there’s so much more to sex than just “doing it.” What about masturbation, is that OK? Are you dirty for having sexual fantasies? What about kissing, giving a blowjob, or taking the pill, is it safe? What if you touch someone’s penis, can you get pregnant? If you douche after sex, you won’t get pregnant… right? Making Sense of “It” goes beyond the basics of the birds and the bees to give teens a realistic, no-holds barred, nonjudgmental guide on everything to do with sex and sexuality. With this book, teens can learn about it all from the best contraception methods to what to expect at a clinic, even to the signs of an unhealthy relationship. Alison Macklin draws on her years of experience at Planned Parenthood to address everything teens want to and should know in a straightforward, open-minded, and sex-positive manner. Even better, “Conversation Starters” in each chapter give teens and parents a chance to test their knowledge and useful tips to help talk about sex in a way that works for them. In a world where teens are bombarded with bad information on social media, and are made to feel ashamed of something so natural, Making Sense of “It” offers trustworthy, gender-neutral advice on how to be safe, informed, and honest about “it”.

Making Sense of Religion in America's Public Schools

Author: David Gibbs III

Publisher: Primedia E-launch LLC




View: 552

In 1947, the United States Supreme Court took a sharp left turn in its interpretation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as it was applied to public schools in America. Since then, students, teachers, school officials, parents, and local religious leaders have been struggling to understand the parameters of the Establishment Clause as it relates to religious expression in public schools. This resource is intended to help individuals understand their rights to exercise their faith in the public school arena. It is also designed to help families, students, teachers, school officials, and community leaders sort through the current legal maze of religious expression in America’s public schools.

Situated Lives

Gender and Culture in Everyday Life

Author: Louise Lamphere

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 493

View: 708

Situated Lives brings together the most important recent feminist and critical research that situates gender in relationship to the historical and material circumstances where gender, race, class and sexual orientation intersect and shape everyday interaction. Contributors include: Barbara Babcock, Jean Comaroff, Sarah Franklin, Faye Ginsburg, Matthew Gutmann, Faye V. Harrison, Louise Lamphere, Ellen Lewin, Jos^'e Lim^'on, Iris Lopez, Emily Martin, Mary Moran, Kirin Narayan, Aihwa Ong, Devon G. Pe^~na, Beatriz Pesquera, Helena Ragon^'e, Rayna Rapp, Judith Rollins, Leslie Salzinger, Denise Segura, Carol Stack, Ann Stoler, Donald D. Stull, Brett Williams, Patricia Zavella.

Embracing the Gift of Parenthood

How to Create a Loving Relationship with Your Children

Author: Elizabeth Marie Galloway-Evans

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 156

View: 872

This book concentrates on the relationship between parents and their children. It brings to light, what children are asking parents to be for them in their lives. As parents we feel that we are the ones that have expectations and dreams for our children, when in reality the expectations that children have of us are far more explicit and expansive than what we ask of them. The funny thing about this is that if we meet their expectations of who it is that we need to be in their lives, they will exceed our dreams of what we want for them in their lives.

After the Baby

Making Sense of Marriage After Childbirth

Author: Rhonda Kruse Nordin

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 236

View: 312

This book navigates you through the process from couplehood to parenthood.

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