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Mathematics for Biological Scientists

Author: Mike Aitken

Publisher: Garland Science


Category: Science

Page: 482

View: 353

Mathematics for Biological Scientists is a new undergraduate textbook which covers the mathematics necessary for biology students to understand, interpret and discuss biological questions. The book's twelve chapters are organized into four themes. The first theme covers the basic concepts of mathematics in biology, discussing the mathematics used in biological quantities, processes and structures. The second theme, calculus, extends the language of mathematics to describe change. The third theme is probability and statistics, where the uncertainty and variation encountered in real biological data is described. The fourth theme is explored briefly in the final chapter of the book, which is to show how the 'tools' developed in the first few chapters are used within biology to develop models of biological processes. Mathematics for Biological Scientists fully integrates mathematics and biology with the use of colour illustrations and photographs to provide an engaging and informative approach to the subject of mathematics and statistics within biological science.

Mathematics for the Biological Sciences

From Graphs Through Calculus to Diffferential Equations

Author: J. C. Newby

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Mathematics

Page: 319

View: 767

Mathematics for the biological sciences

Author: Stanley I. Grossman

Publisher: MacMillan


Category: Mathematics

Page: 512

View: 643

Undergraduate Mathematics for the Life Sciences

Models, Processes, and Directions

Author: Glenn Ledder

Publisher: MAA



Page: 207

View: 493


The Principles of Mathematics for Students of Biological Science

Author: Cedric A. B. Smith



Category: Biomathematics

Page: 712

View: 436

Basic Mathematics for the Biological and Social Sciences

Author: F. H. C. Marriott

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Mathematics

Page: 342

View: 510

Basic Mathematics for the Biological and Social Sciences deals with the applications of basic mathematics in the biological and social sciences. Mathematical concepts that are discussed in this book include graphical methods, differentiation, trigonometrical or circular functions, limits and convergence, integration, vectors, and differential equations. The exponential function and related functions are also considered. This monograph is comprised of 11 chapters and begins with an overview of basic algebra, followed by an introduction to infinitesimal calculus, scalar and vector quantities, complex numbers, and the simplest types of differential equation. The use of graphs in the presentation of data is also described, along with limits and convergence, rules for differentiation, the exponential function, and maxima and minima. Techniques of integration, vectors and their derivatives, and simultaneous differential equations are explored as well. Examples from biology, economics and related subjects, probability theory, and physics are provided. This text will be a useful resource for mathematicians as well as biologists and social scientists interested in applying mathematics to their work.

Mathematics and Statistics for Life Scientists

Author: Aulay Mackenzie

Publisher: Garland Science


Category: Mathematics

Page: 175

View: 340

Instant Notes in Mathematics and Statistics for Life Scientists is aimed at undergraduate life science students who need to improve or brush-up their mathematical and statistical skills to a level which will make the quantitative components of most undergraduate biological courses accessible.

Maths from Scratch for Biologists

Author: Alan J. Cann

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Science

Page: 240

View: 578

Numerical ability is an essential skill for everyone studying thebiological sciences but many students are frightened by the'perceived' difficulty of mathematics, and are nervous aboutapplying mathematical skills in their chosen field of study. Havingtaught introductory maths and statistics for many years, Alan Cannunderstands these challenges and just how invaluable an accessible,confidence building textbook could be to the fearful student.Unable to find a book pitched at the right level, that concentratedon why numerical skills are useful to biologists, he wrote his own.The result is Maths from Scratch for Biologists , a highlyinstructive, informal text that explains step by step how and whyyou need to tackle maths within the biological sciences. Features: * An accessible, jargon-busting approach to help readers masterbasic mathematical, statistical and data handling techniques inbiology * Numerous end of chapter problems to reinforce key concepts andencourage students to test their newly acquired skills throughpractise * A handy, time-saving glossary * A supplementary website with numerous problems and self-testexercises

Basic Applied Mathematics For The Physical Sciences

Author: Sarma

Publisher: Pearson Education India



Page: 492

View: 301

Undergraduate Education in the Physical Sciences and Mathematics for Students in Agriculture and Natural Resources

Proceedings of a Conference


Publisher: National Academies


Category: Mathematics

Page: 47

View: 650

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