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Ecology and Conservation of a Tropical Cloud Forest

Author: Nalini M. Nadkarni,Nathaniel T. Wheelwright

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199770972

Category: Science

Page: 608

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The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve has captured the worldwide attention of biologists, conservationists, and ecologists and has been the setting for extensive investigation over the past 30 years. Roughly 40,000 ecotourists visit the Cloud Forest each year, and it is often considered the archetypal high-altitude rain forest. This volume brings together some of the most prominent researchers of the region to provide a broad introduction to the biology of the Monteverde, and cloud forests in general. Collecting and synthesizing vital information about the ecosystem and its biota, the book also examines the positive and negative effects of human activity on both the forest and the surrounding communities. Ecologists, tropical biologists, and natural historians will find this volume an indispensable resource, as will all those who are fascinated by the magnificent wonders of the tropical forests.

Green Encounters

Shaping and Contesting Environmentalism in Rural Costa Rica

Author: Luis A. Vivanco

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1845455045

Category: Nature

Page: 240

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Since the 1970s and 1980s, Monte Verde, Costa Rica has emerged as one of the most renowned sites of nature conservation and ecotourism in Costa Rica, and some would argue, Latin America. It has received substantial attention in literature and media on tropical conservation, sustainable development, and tourism. Yet most of that analysis has uncritically evaluated the Monte Verde phenomenon, using celebratory language and barely scratching the surface of the many-faceted socio-cultural transformations provoked by and accompanying environmentalism. Because of its stature, Monte Verde represents an ideal case study to examine the socio-cultural and political complexities and dilemmas of practicing environmentalism in rural Costa Rica. Based on many years of close observation, this book offers rich and original material on the ongoing struggles between environmental activists and of collective and oppositional politics to Monte Verde's new "culture of nature."

Education, Community Engagement and Sustainable Development

Negotiating Environmental Knowledge in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Author: Nicole Blum

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400725264

Category: Science

Page: 166

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A growing body of research has given critical attention to diverse theories and practices of environmental education, and its potential contribution to addressing pressing global issues such as sustainable development and climate change. While much of this work has focused on perspectives and practices in Europe and North America, this book explores environmental learning within formal education, in programmes by non-governmental organisations, and in public education spaces in Monteverde, Costa Rica. The discussion also highlights the need for more research to understand the broader social and economic interactions between such efforts and the communities in which they are located.

Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests

Ecology and Conservation

Author: Rodolfo Dirzo,Hillary S. Young,Harold A. Mooney

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 159726704X

Category: Nature

Page: 392

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Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests brings together a range of experts in diverse fields including biology, ecology, biogeography, and biogeochemistry, to review, synthesize, and explain the current state of our collective knowledge on the ecology and conservation of this endangered ecosystem. The book offers a synthetic and cross-disciplinary review of recent work with an expansive scope, including sections on distribution, diversity, ecosystem function, and human impacts. Throughout, contributors emphasize conservation issues, particularly emerging threats and promising solutions, with key chapters on climate change, fragmentation, restoration, ecosystem services, and sustainable use. Seasonally dry tropical forests represent scientific terrain that is poorly explored, and there is an urgent need for increased understanding. This book represents an important step in bringing together the most current scientific information about this vital ecosystem.

The Ornaments of Life

Coevolution and Conservation in the Tropics

Author: Theodore H. Fleming,W. John Kress

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022602332X

Category: Science

Page: 640

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The average kilometer of tropical rainforest is teeming with life; it contains thousands of species of plants and animals. As The Ornaments of Life reveals, many of the most colorful and eye-catching rainforest inhabitants—toucans, monkeys, leaf-nosed bats, and hummingbirds to name a few—are an important component of the infrastructure that supports life in the forest. These fruit-and-nectar eating birds and mammals pollinate the flowers and disperse the seeds of hundreds of tropical plants, and unlike temperate communities, much of this greenery relies exclusively on animals for reproduction. Synthesizing recent research by ecologists and evolutionary biologists, Theodore H. Fleming and W. John Kress demonstrate the tremendous functional and evolutionary importance of these tropical pollinators and frugivores. They shed light on how these mutually symbiotic relationships evolved and lay out the current conservation status of these essential species. In order to illustrate the striking beauty of these “ornaments” of the rainforest, the authors have included a series of breathtaking color plates and full-color graphs and diagrams.

Biodiversity Conservation in Costa Rica

Learning the Lessons in a Seasonal Dry Forest

Author: Gordon W. Frankie,Alfonso Mata,S. Bradleigh Vinson

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520241039

Category: Nature

Page: 341

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Annotation A collection of papers regarding the conservation of Costa Rica's tropical dry forest, which is disappearing more rapidly than its rain forest, due to ease of conversion to agriculture.


Science and Scientists in a Costa Rican Cloud Forest

Author: Sneed B. Collard, III

Publisher: Franklin Watts

ISBN: 9780531159019


Page: 144

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This book explores a special kind of tropical forest that grows at high altitudes -- a tropical cloud forest. It presents the cloud forest through the eyes of scientists working in the best-known tropical cloud forest, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve in Costa Rica, and it shares many of the secrets that these scientists have uncovered through their research. The author highlights the delicate biology of the tropical cloud forests and the continuing efforts to preserve it.


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Category: Science

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Forests and Society: Sub-plenary sessions

Author: International Union of Forestry Research Organizations

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789832181088

Category: Conservation of natural resources

Page: 952

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V.1. Sub-plenary sessions; v.2. Abstracts of group discussions; v.3. Poster abstracts.

Tropical Montane Cloud Forests

Science for Conservation and Management

Author: L. A. Bruijnzeel,F. N. Scatena,L. S. Hamilton

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139494554

Category: Science

Page: N.A

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This volume represents a uniquely comprehensive overview of our current knowledge on tropical montane cloud forests. 72 chapters cover a wide spectrum of topics including cloud forest distribution, climate, soils, biodiversity, hydrological processes, hydrochemistry and water quality, climate change impacts, and cloud forest conservation, management, and restoration. The final chapter presents a major synthesis by some of the world's leading cloud forest researchers, which summarizes our current knowledge and considers the sustainability of these forests in an ever-changing world. This book presents state-of-the-art knowledge concerning cloud forest occurrence and status, as well as the biological and hydrological value of these unique forests. The presentation is academic but with a firm practical emphasis. It will serve as a core reference for academic researchers and students of environmental science and ecology, as well as practitioners (natural resources management, forest conservation) and decision makers at local, national, and international levels.

Dynamics of Understory Birds Along a Cloud Forest Successional Gradient

Author: Santana Castellón Santana C.

Publisher: N.A



Page: 203

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Ericoid mycorrhizas in organic substrates

Author: Kai Coshow Rains

Publisher: N.A



Page: 254

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An Introduction to Cloud Forest Trees

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Author: William A. Haber,Willow Zuchowski,Erick Bello

Publisher: N.A


Category: Cloud forest plants

Page: 202

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Tropical Montane Cloud Forest

Fire Disturbance and Water Input After Disturbance

Author: Ylva Wård

Publisher: N.A


Category: Cloud forests

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Between Earth and Sky

Our Intimate Connections to Trees

Author: Nalini Nadkarni

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520261658

Category: Nature

Page: 336

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In Between Earth and Sky, a rich tapestry of personal stories, information, and illustrations, world-renowned canopy biologist Nalini M. Nadkarni becomes our captivating guide to the leafy wilderness above our heads. Through her luminous narrative, we embark on a multifaceted exploration of trees that reveals the profound connections we have with them, the dazzling array of things they can provide us, and the powerful lessons they teach us.

Essential Environment

The Science Behind the Stories

Author: Scott R. Brennan,Jay Withgott

Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780805344875

Category: Science

Page: 432

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Environment: The Science Behind the Stories, Brief Versionis an introductory textbook that uses case studies and real data to demonstrate the role of science in solving pressing environmental problems. Dynamic central case studies are integrated throughout each chapter, capturing readers'attention and providing them with a contextual framework on which to build their understanding of concepts in environmental science. Science Behind the Story boxes explain how scientists know what they know about environmental problems, while opposing viewpoints on contentious environmental issues allow readers to hear both sides of the story. With only 14 chapters, the book \f1\b \f0\b0 avoids the encyclopedic approach of other textbooks on the market and instead offers only the essential concepts, theories, and principles of environmental science. In particular, the authors have condensed the material on environmental policy, agriculture, atmosphere, and water, providing the reader with the essential material they need in a more concise, affordable format.An Introduction to Environmental Science, Environmental Economics and Policy, Chemistry, Energy, and Environmental Systems, Ecology and Evolution, Human Population Growth, Soils and Agriculture, Toxicology and Environmental Health, Atmospheric Science, Air Pollution, and Climate Change, Marine and Freshwater Resources, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, Land Use, Forest Management, and Creating Livable Cities, Nonrenewable Energy Sources and Their Environmental Impacts, Renewable Energy Sources, Waste Management.For all readers interested in using case studies and real data to demonstrate the role of science in solving pressing environmental problems.}


the science behind the stories

Author: Scott R. Brennan,Jay Withgott

Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Pub Co

ISBN: 9780805344271

Category: Science

Page: 641

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"Environment: The Science Behind the Stories" is an introductory textbook that uses case studies and real data to demonstrate the role of science in identifying and solving pressing environmental problems. The book integrates case studies into the body of the text to provide a contextual framework for the science readers are learning. With only 22 chapters, this book avoids the encyclopedic approach of other textbooks on the market. A panoramic view of environmental science and issues, including the important policy, economic, and ethical issues behind the scientific ones. For college instructors, students, and anyone interested in environmental science and issues.

Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic History of Latin American Vegetation and Terrestrial Environments

Author: Alan Graham

Publisher: N.A


Category: Paleobotany

Page: 617

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Essential environment

the science behind the stories

Author: Jay Withgott,Scott R. Brennan

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Education

Page: 376

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KEY MESSAGE: Essential Environment: Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories retains all the popular features of the landmark first edition-including its integrated central case study approach, and focus on the scientific process, current data and critical thinking- in a brief 15-chapter text. The Second Edition features a new chapter on ecology with expanded coverage of community ecology and biomes. New end-of-chapter activities and interactive exercises on the Environmental Place Website help readers hone the skills they need to make informed decisions on environmental issues. Calculating Ecological Footprint activities at the end of each chapter give readers practice in applying individual decisions to larger scales. The Investigate It! interactive map on the website provides more than 120 additional case studies.You Decide web activities help readers learn how to analyze data on global warming and conservation. Foundations of Environmental Science: An introduction to environmental science, Environmental economics and environmental policy, Environmental systems: Chemistry, energy, and ecosystems, Evolution, biodiversity, and population ecology . Species interactions and community ecology. Environmental Issues and the Search for Solutions: Human population growth, Soils, agriculture, and the future of food, Biodiversity and conservation biology, Urbanization, land use, and resources management, Environmental health and toxicology, Freshwater and marine systems and resources, The atmosphere, air pollution, and global climate change, Nonrenewable energy sources and their environmental impacts, Renewable energy alternatives, Waste management, Sustainable Solutions. For all readers interested in environmental science.

Canadian Journal of Zoology

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Category: Zoology

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