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A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe

Author: Terence Dickinson

Publisher: Firefly Books

ISBN: 1552093026

Category: Nature

Page: 176

View: 688

Offers advice on observing the stars and constellations, discusses useful equipment, and includes information on the moon, comets, eclipses, and planets


The Politics of Protest in the Andes

Author: Orin Starn

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822382784

Category: History

Page: 344

View: 4297

Organized in the mid-1970s as a means of communal protection against livestock rustling and general thievery in Peru’s rugged northern mountains, the rondas campesinas (peasants who make the rounds) grew into an entire system of peasant justice and one of the most significant Andean social movements of the late twentieth century. Nightwatch is the first full-length ethnography and the only study in English to examine this grassroots agrarian social movement, which became a rallying point for rural pride. Drawing on fieldwork conducted over the course of a decade, Orin Starn chronicles the historical conditions that led to the formation of the rondas, the social and geographical expansion of the movement, and its gradual decline in the 1990s. Throughout this anecdotal yet deeply analytical account, the author relies on interviews with ronda participants, villagers, and Peru’s regional and national leaders to explore the role of women, the involvement of nongovernmental organizations, and struggles for leadership within the rondas. Starn moves easily from global to local contexts and from the fifteenth to the twentieth century, presenting this movement in a straightforward manner that makes it accessible to both specialists and nonspecialists. An engagingly written story of village mobilization, Nightwatch is also a meditation on the nature of fieldwork, the representation of subaltern people, the relationship between resistance and power, and what it means to be politically active at the end of the century. It will appeal widely to scholars and students of anthropology, Latin American studies, cultural studies, history, subaltern studies, and those interested in the politics of social movements.


Author: Valerie Hansen

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1459214862

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 5901

Fire captain Mitch Andrews can't forget the three young children he saved from a fire. A suspicious fire that left them orphans. In the care of foster mother Jill Kirkpatrick, he knows the little ones will be loved. Even if the sweet, strong widow won't let Mitch close to her. But suddenly the kids—and Jill—are in terrible danger…and one of the children is missing. Mitch and Jill will risk everything to find the stolen girl and keep a makeshift family of five together forever.

Night Watch

Author: Lucille Fletcher

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822208266

Category: Drama

Page: 74

View: 4527

THE STORY: Unable to sleep, Elaine Wheeler paces the living room of her Manhattan townhouse, troubled by unsettling memories and vague fears. Her husband tries to comfort her, but when he steps away for a moment Elaine screams as she sees (or belie


a novel

Author: John Leax

Publisher: Zondervan Publishing Company


Category: Fiction

Page: 141

View: 6738

Story of a boy's coming of age...his dealing with love, life and growing.

Rembrandt's Nightwatch : the Mystery Revealed

Author: Georges Boka,Bernard Courteau

Publisher: Georges Boka Editeur

ISBN: 9782920217416

Category: Painting

Page: 117

View: 3374

Night watch

Author: Stephen Briggs,Terry Pratchett

Publisher: Methuen Drama


Category: Drama

Page: 96

View: 6433

Sam Vimes is cast back to the Ankh-Morpok of his youth. With a psychopath from his own time pursuing him, Vimes has to ensure that history takes its course so he has the right future to go back to, and to keep his younger self alive in the process. A stage adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novel. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels have sold millions worldwide. Stephen Briggs has adapted several of them for children and young adults.


Author: Jo Leigh

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1426834918

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 2691

A vicious storm. Trees and power lines are down. A sick, pregnant young woman walks into E.R.--alone and about to give birth. Dr. Rachel Browne saves the baby. The mother isn't so lucky.... E.R. chief Dr. Guy Giroux is shocked. His ex-wife's eighteen-year-old daughter has died during childbirth--in his E.R. He didn't even know she was pregnant. Guy confronts Dr. Rachel Browne, demanding answers. Rachel could be stubborn, obstinate and downright hardheaded--but faced with Guy's grief and anger she's disarmingly calm, compassionate...even tender. And as Guy and Rachel hunt down the truth, Guy realizes how much he wants to keep the baby...and how much he wants Rachel, too.

The Night Watch

Author: Gary Schwartz

Publisher: W Books

ISBN: 9789040095559

Category: Art

Page: 48

View: 2305

This book discusses Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) in great detail. 'Portrait the captain and the lieutenant among their civil guards', must have been the approximate assignment given to him. Although this work differed little from other commissions for civil guard group portraits, The Nightwatch, painted in 1642, is more exciting and original than any of the others of this genre. Everything is addressed, from the commission Rembrandt received to his unequalled painting technique and from his exceptional handling of light to the painting's reputation down through the centuries.

Night Watch

Author: Suzanne Brockmann

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460355660

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 5453

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann has thrilled audiences with her Tall, Dark and Dangerous series. Experience it here with a hero who must face the most daring adventure of all—falling in love. How can he choose between an old flame and a new spark? When US Navy SEAL Chief Wes Skelly is sent to LA on assignment, he reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date with Brittany Evans, the sister-in-law of a fellow SEAL. After all, he's been secretly pining for a very unavailable woman and he needs to get over her. So what does he have to lose? Plenty, as it turns out. Because suddenly the woman he'd thought he could never have is single. However, so is Brittany—and she's in danger because of him. He knows he can keep her safe… Book 11 of Tall, Dark & Dangerous series. Originally published in 2003.

The Night Watch

Author: Roy S. Mills

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1594676011

Category: Religion

Page: 108

View: 6458

Night Watch

Author: Lee Hudson

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1418467049

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 228

View: 1942

This book is about the power of God and family. This book is part biography and part poetry. It also contains photos to show how the Young family has progressed through generations. It hopes to inspire others to face the adversity in their own lives.


New & Selected Poems, 1968-1996

Author: Dennis Lee

Publisher: M & S

ISBN: 9780771052156

Category: Canadian poetry

Page: 204

View: 2621

Dennis Lee is one of Canada’s most celebrated poets. This long-awaited Selected shows why. Here are definitive new versions of his classic longer works: Civil Elegies, The Death of Harold Ladoo, Riffs. Plus a gathering of notable shorter poems, such as “The Gods” and “Coming Becomes You.” The range is exhilarating, from austere meditation to pure yearning, rage, delight. There is also a gorgeous new sequence, “Nightwatch.” These midlife rants and psalms explore the deep deprivations of our era, in music that moves from the playful to the sublime.

Night Watch

Author: Terry Pratchett

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1472537246

Category: Drama

Page: 96

View: 451

A new stage adaptation of one of Pratchett's best-selling novels Set in Ankh-Morpork one of the most thoroughly imagined cities in fantasy, Night Watch is the story of Sam Vimes, running hero of the Guards sequence, who finds himself cast back in time to the Ankh-Morpork of his youth. With a psychopath from his own time rising in the vile ranks of the Cable Street Unmentionables complicating things, Vimes has to ensure that history takes its course so that he will have the right future to go back to, and to keep his younger self alive."One of the funniest English authors alive" (Independent)

Night Watch

Author: Linda Fairstein

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101585536

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 7566

New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein returns with a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller that takes Alexandra Cooper into the dark underside of New York City’s most storied restaurants and a murder case spanning continents. While Alexandra Cooper is in France visiting her famed restaurateur boyfriend, Luc Rouget, one of his matchboxes promoting his new restaurant is found on the body of a murdered young woman. But before the investigation begins, Alex is summoned back to New York. The distinguished and wealthy Head of the World Economic Bureau has been arrested and accused of attacking a maid in his hotel. Alex prepares the alleged victim to testify, but when a second body is found with Luc’s matchbox, she begins to fear that the two cases may not be as unrelated as she thought, and that uncovering the sordid secrets of the city’s most wealthy and powerful could cost her and her loved ones everything they hold dear. From the Paperback edition.


Author: D. B. Cox

Publisher: Pudding House Publications

ISBN: 9781589987692


Page: 31

View: 3315

Night Watch

Author: Thomas Pipistrello


ISBN: 1304715256


Page: N.A

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The Night Watch

(Night Watch 1)

Author: Sergei Lukyanenko

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409065588

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 8274

Walking the streets of Moscow, indistinguishable from the rest of its population, are the Others. Possessors of supernatural powers and capable of entering the Twilight, a shadowy parallel world existing in parallel to our own, each Other owes allegiance either to the Dark or the Light. The Night Watch, first book in the Night Watch series, follows Anton, a young Other owing allegiance to the Light. As a Night Watch agent he must patrol the streets and metro of the city, protecting ordinary people from the vampires and magicians of the Dark. When he comes across Svetlana, a young woman under a powerful curse, and saves an unfledged Other, Egor, from vampires, he becomes involved in events that threaten the uneasy truce, and the whole city...

Night Watch

A Long Lost Adventure In Which Sherlock Holmes Meets FatherBrown

Author: Stephen Kendrick

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101010631

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 6499

In this brilliantly crafted pastiche, Stephen Kendrick brings Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown together in an unprecedented collaboration on a singularly shocking murder case. It is Christmas Day, 1902, and a priest’s mutilated body has been found in a London church that is hosting a secret interfaith meeting to discuss the possibility of a Parliament of World Religions. A summons from the Prime Minister plunges Holmes into a case with international, political, and ecclesiastical complications. Untrampled snow surrounding the church suggests that the murderer remains within and that he is, presumably, one of the leaders of the world’s great faiths. Throughout the night, as more deaths are discovered, Holmes and Dr. Watson follow one false lead after another. But with his legendary astuteness, Holmes manages to wrap the case up in less than twenty-four hours—or so it seems. Two weeks later, Father Brown, the meek young priest-translator, pays a call at Baker Street to reveal “a few loose ends.” The intersection of religion and politics, faith and sin, enmity and forgiveness—these themes are subtly interwoven into this fast-paced mystery that is filled with classic intrigue.

The Night Watch

Author: Benjamin Scarlato

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595278264

Category: Fiction

Page: 212

View: 2127

The most rebellious book of the 21 Century. Turning a cold shoulder towards comtemporary mainstream arthur's this fox fire of art sings to a harmony that will forever be remembered. The Night Watch is about ancient astronauts tangling the world bringing fury into this planet. The plot takes place after the world began opening into Atlantis during its down fall this just being the start of the trek to understand humanity and to cease the complex wars of one's haunted imagination one's haunted destiny into another. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is to be the setting for this complicated epic adventure. This leads to an unmentioned man named Leonardo.

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