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North Korea and Nuclear Weapons

Entering the New Era of Deterrence

Author: Sung Chull Kim,Michael D. Cohen

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 1626164533

Category: History

Page: 240

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North Korea is perilously close to developing strategic nuclear weapons capable of hitting the United States and its East Asian allies. Since their first nuclear test in 2006, North Korea has struggled to perfect the required delivery systems. Kim Jong-un’s regime now appears to be close, however. Sung Chull Kim, Michael D. Cohen, and the volume contributors contend that the time to prevent North Korea from achieving this capability is virtually over; scholars and policymakers must turn their attention to how to deter a nuclear North Korea. The United States, South Korea, and Japan must also come to terms with the fact that North Korea will be able to deter them with its nuclear arsenal. How will the erratic Kim Jong-un behave when North Korea develops the capability to hit medium- and long-range targets with nuclear weapons? How will and should the United States, South Korea, Japan, and China respond, and what will this mean for regional stability in the short term and long term? The international group of authors in this volume address these questions and offer a timely analysis of the consequences of an operational North Korean nuclear capability for international security.

North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Development and Diplomacy

Author: Larry A. Niksch

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1437922821


Page: 23

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Contents: (1) North Korea¿s Nuclear Test and Withdrawal from the Six Party Talks: Bush Administration-North Korean Agreements and Failure of Implementation; Implementation Process; Verification Issue; Kim Jong-il¿s Stroke, and Political Changes Inside North Korea; Issues Facing the Obama Administration; (2) North Korea¿s Nuclear Programs: Plutonium Program; Highly Enriched Uranium Program; International Assistance; Nuclear Collaboration with Iran and Syria; North Korea¿s Delivery Systems; State of Nuclear Weapons Development; (3) Select Chronology; (4) For Additional Reading.

No Exit

North Korea, Nuclear Weapons, and International Security

Author: Jonathan D. Pollack

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351225243

Category: History

Page: 248

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This book chronicles the political-military development of the Korean Peninsula since 1945, with particular attention to North Korea?s pursuit of nuclear technology and nuclear weapons, and how it has shaped Northeast Asian security and non-proliferation policy and influenced the strategic choices of the United States and all regional powers. I focus on North Korea?s leaders, institutions, political history, and the system?s longer-term prospects. How has an isolated, highly idiosyncratic, small state repeatedly stymied or circumvented the policy preferences of much more powerful states, culminating with its withdrawal from the Non Proliferation Treaty (the only state ever to do so) and the testing of nuclear weapons in open defiance of adversaries and allies alike? What does this portend for the region?s future? Unlike most of the literature that focuses on US non proliferation policy, this is a book about decision making in North Korea and the state?s survival in the face of daunting odds. It draws on extensive interviews with individuals in China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and the EU who have had ample experience in and with North Korea, additional interviews with former US policy makers, and the results from two visits to the North. The author makes extensive use of archival materials from the Cold War International History Project, enabling a far fuller rendering of North Korean history than appears in most of the literature on the North Korean nuclear weapons issue.

The North Korean Nuclear Weapons Crisis

The Nuclear Taboo Revisited?

Author: J. Kim

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137386061

Category: Political Science

Page: 217

View: 9258

Jina Kim investigates how North Korea rationalized its pursuit of nuclear weapons programs for more than two decades, by exploring the dialectical development of the nuclear crisis and the obstacles generated by complex internal Korean dynamics and conflicting interests amongst the major players concerned.

North Korean Nuclear Operationality

Regional Security and Nonproliferation

Author: Gregory J. Moore

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 142141094X

Category: History

Page: 302

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"Leading Asian and security studies experts consider the question: What would happen if North Korea "goes nuclear?" and their answers are critical. Scholars and policymakers alike need to understand the implications not only for northeast Asian regional security, but also for the international nuclear non-proliferation regime. Moore's contributors evaluate political, economic, and security issues including: how South Korea, China, Japan, and Russia would react to such an event, and the possibility of a regional arms race; what diplomatic and strategic options the U.S. has; and how the global community's expectations regarding nuclear non-proliferation would be effected. Given the instability and mystery surrounding North Korean politics, scholarship on the implications of the country's nuclear capability is critical, which makes this volume with its unique focus a timely addition to the East Asian security studies field"--

North Korea

U.S. policy and negotiations to halt its nuclear weapons program : an annotated chronology and analysis

Author: Richard P Cronin,Violet Jie Moore,Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 25

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North Korea's Nuclear Weapons

Technical Issues

Author: Mary Beth Nitikin

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1437925812


Page: 23

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This report summarizes what is known from open sources about the North Korean nuclear weapons program ¿ incl. weapons-usable fissile material and warhead estimates ¿ and assesses current developments in achieving denuclearization. Contents: (1) Latest Developments; (2) Background; (3) Weapons Production Milestones: Estimating Nuclear Warheads and Stocks; Plutonium Production; A Uranium Enrichment Program?; The October 9, 2006, Nuclear Test; The May 25, 2009, Test; Delivery Systems; Doctrine and Intent; (4) Steps Toward Denuclearization: Disablement; Reversing Disablement; Declaration; Verification; Future Considerations; (5) Proliferation Issues; (6) Issues for Congress; Funding; Authority; Policy Guidance.

Obamas Kriege

Zerreißprobe einer Präsidentschaft

Author: Bob Woodward

Publisher: DVA

ISBN: 3641090733

Category: Social Science

Page: 496

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BARACK OBAMA - Hoffnung, Aufbruch, Krisen, Alltag – Zeit für eine Zwischenbilanz Barack Obama begann seine Präsidentschaft als neuer Superstar der internationalen Politik, ersehnt von Menschen auf der ganzen Welt als Hoffnungsträger und Heilsbringer. Inzwischen ist er auf dem Boden der mühsamen Tagespolitik angekommen, bedrängt von ungelösten Konflikten in Nahost und Afghanistan und Krisen im eigenen Land. Wird er den Vorschusslorbeeren noch gerecht? Journalistenlegende Bob Woodward schafft es wie kein Zweiter in Washington, sich Zugang zu den brisanten Geheimnissen der Regierenden zu verschaffen. In seinem neuen Buch gibt er erstmals einen tiefen Einblick in die Arbeit des US-Präsidenten jenseits der offiziellen Kommunikation des Weißen Hauses. Schon bald muss sich Obama wieder dem Wahlkampf stellen, da kommt Woodwards spannend erzählte Zwischenbilanz, die vor allem auch den Außenpolitiker Obama in den Blick nimmt, zur rechten Zeit. • Das neue Buch des weltweit bekannten Bestsellerautors • Der erste Blick hinter die Kulissen der Obama-Regierung

North Korea

Nuclear Weapons and the Diplomacy Debate

Author: Brian N. Thompson

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781621004509

Category: Political Science

Page: 142

View: 9498

North Korea has been among the most vexing and persistent problems in U.S. foreign policy in the post-Cold War period. The United States has never had formal diplomatic relations with North Korea. Negotiations over North Korea's nuclear weapons program have consumed the past three U.S. administrations, even as some analysts anticipated a collapse of the isolated authoritarian regime. This book provides background information on the negotiations over North Korea's nuclear weapons program that began in the early 1990s under the Clinton Administration. Although negotiations have reached some key agreements that lay out deals for aid and recognition to North Korea in exchange for denuclearization, major problems with implementation have persisted. With talks suspended since 2009, concern about proliferation to other actors has grown.

Feuer und Zorn

Im Weißen Haus von Donald Trump

Author: Michael Wolff

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 364400207X

Category: Political Science

Page: 512

View: 7373

Es ist das Enthüllungsbuch, das die Präsidentschaft von Donald Trump erschüttert: Michael Wolffs «Feuer und Zorn» ist ein eindrucksvolles Sittengemälde der amerikanischen Politik unter Trump. Im Mittelpunkt ein Präsident, den seine Mitarbeiter wie ein kleines Kind behandeln, und der umgeben ist von Inkompetenz, Intrigen und Verrat. Der Bestseller-Autor Wolff beschreibt das Chaos, das in den ersten Monaten im Weißen Haus geherrscht hat, er enthüllt, wie nah die Russland-Verbindung an Trump herangerückt ist und wie es zum Rauswurf des FBI-Chefs Comey kam. Und er liefert erstaunliche Details über das Privatleben dieses Präsidenten. Über zweihundert Interviews hat Wolff mit den engsten Mitarbeitern des US-Präsidenten geführt, darunter auch der ehemalige Chef-Berater Stephen Bannon: Noch nie ist es einem Journalisten gelungen, das Geschehen im Weißen Haus so genau nachzuzeichnen. Herausgekommen ist das einzigartige Porträt eines Präsidenten, der selbst nie damit gerechnet hat, die Wahl zu gewinnen. Michael Wolffs Bericht aus dem Weißen Haus unter Trump ist in den USA ein Bestseller: ein aktuelles politisches Buch, das das sich wie ein Königsdrama von Shakespeare liest.

North Korea's Efforts to Acquire Nuclear Technology and Nuclear Weapons

Evidence from Russian and Hungarian Archives

Author: Balázs Szalontai,Sergeĭ Sergeevich Radchenko

Publisher: N.A


Category: Nuclear weapons

Page: 75

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Nuclear North Korea

A Debate on Engagement Strategies

Author: Victor D. Cha,David Chan-oong Kang

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231131291

Category: Political Science

Page: 265

View: 1291

Discusses the media's portrayal of North Korea as an irrational regime and assesses the historical and current American policy efforts to stop nuclear proliferation in North Korea.

Economic Sanctions Against a Nuclear North Korea

An Analysis of United States and United Nations Actions Since 1950

Author: Semoon Chang

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786451394

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

View: 3800

United States economic sanctions against North Korea began on June 28, 1950, three days after the outbreak of the Korean War. Since then, the United States, its allies, and the United Nations have increasingly imposed economic sanctions against North Korea in an attempt to destabilize and manipulate the North Korean regime. This book first provides a thorough historical overview of U.S. and U.N. sanctions against North Korea since 1950. Then, several essays propose ways to make such sanctions more politically effective while limiting their harmful humanitarian consequences. Finally, the book discusses the impact of the newest, six-nation agreement signed in February 2007 which would shut down North Korea’s nuclear facility in return for economic aid and a security guarantee. Several appendices provide brief guides to the history of North Korea and the country’s nuclear weapons program.

Command and Control

Die Atomwaffenarsenale der USA und die Illusion der Sicherheit

Author: Eric Schlosser

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 3406655963

Category: Political Science

Page: 598

View: 5845

Arkansas, 18. September 1980, abends: Bei Routinearbeiten an einer gefechtsbereiten Titan-II-Rakete rutscht einem Arbeiter ein Schraubenschlüssel aus der Hand. »O Mann, das ist nicht gut”, ist sein erster Gedanke. Das Missgeschick führt zu einer Kettenreaktion, der größte je gebaute Atomsprengkopf droht zu explodieren ... Weltweit sind Tausende von Atomsprengköpfen stationiert. Viele von ihnen werden rund um die Uhr gefechtsbereit gehalten, damit sie innerhalb einer Minute starten und eine unvorstellbare Verwüstung anrichten können. Was das für die Soldaten in den unterirdischen Bunkern heißt und welche Gefahren von den scharfen Atomwaffen ausgehen, ist uns kaum bewusst. Der Journalist und Bestseller-Autor Eric Schlosser deckt in diesem zeithistorischen Thriller auf der Grundlage von geheimen Unterlagen des Verteidigungsministeriums und Interviews mit Augenzeugen einen dramatischen Unfall in einem Atomwaffensilo der USA auf, der um ein Haar mehrere amerikanische Großstädte vernichtet hätte. In diesen Krimi einer am Ende gerade noch gelungenen Rettung flicht er die Geschichte der amerikanischen Atomrüstung ein. Er erzählt, wie Raketen und Sprengköpfe rund um die Uhr abschussbereit gehalten werden und wie die Menschen ticken, die ihr Leben für die Sicherheit der Massenvernichtungswaffen einsetzen. Eine spektakuläre Geschichte des Kalten Krieges und der Atomrüstung «von unten»: aus der Sicht der Soldaten in den Silos, die mit einem falschen Handgriff die Apokalypse auslösen können. «Atemberaubend, ... mitreißend ... Eric Schlosser verbindet profunde Informationen mit der Erzählung haarsträubender Details zu zahlreichen Unfällen und zeigt, dass auch die besten Kontrollsysteme nicht menschlichen Fehlern, Missgeschicken und der wachsenden technologischen Komplexität gewachsen sind.» Publisher’s Weekly »Ebenso anschaulich wie erschütternd ... Eine umfassende und beunruhigende Untersuchung über die Illusion der Sicherheit von Atomwaffen.” Kirkus Reviews «Die weltweiten Atwomwaffenarsenale sind nicht so sicher, wie sie sein sollten – das ist die Botschaft dieses faszinierenden und aufwühlenden Buches.» Lee H. Hamilton, ehemaliger Kongress-Abgeordneter der USA und Co-Vorsitzender der Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future

North Korea's Second Nuclear Crisis and Northeast Asian Security

Author: Professor Seung-Ho Joo,Professor Tae-Hwan Kwak

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 140949828X

Category: Science

Page: 226

View: 3907

North Korea's testing of a nuclear bomb sent out a shock wave throughout the world and totally changed the strategic equation in the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia. This testing has far-reaching implications for Korean peace and unification, Northeast Asian security and America's global war on terrorism. This key volume provides an in-depth analysis of the inter-Korean and international dynamics of North Korea's nuclear crisis. It offers new insights into the six-party talks designed to resolve the crisis, suggests creative formulas to resolve the ongoing crisis through peaceful, diplomatic means and delves into the interests and policies of the major powers – the US, China, Japan and Russia – at the six-party negotiating table. The contributing authors are distinguished specialists and experts in the field and as such offer valuable expertise into the dynamics of this nuclear crisis for students and academics

Going Critical

The First North Korean Nuclear Crisis

Author: Joel S. Wit,Daniel B. Poneman,Robert L. Gallucci

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815796411

Category: Political Science

Page: 474

View: 6292

A decade before being proclaimed part of the "axis of evil," North Korea raised alarms in Washington, Seoul, and Tokyo as the pace of its clandestine nuclear weapons program mounted. When confronted by evidence of its deception in 1993, Pyongyang abruptly announced its intention to become the first nation ever to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, defying its earlier commitments to submit its nuclear activities to full international inspections. U.S. intelligence had revealed evidence of a robust plutonium production program. Unconstrained, North Korea's nuclear factory would soon be capable of building about thirty Nagasaki-sized nuclear weapons annually. The resulting arsenal would directly threaten the security of the United States and its allies, while tempting cash-starved North Korea to export its deadly wares to America's most bitter adversaries. In Go ing Critical, three former U.S. officials who played key roles in the nuclear crisis trace the intense efforts that led North Korea to freeze—and pledge ultimately to dismantle—its dangerous plutonium production program under international inspection, while the storm clouds of a second Korean War gathered. Drawing on international government documents, memoranda, cables, and notes, the authors chronicle the complex web of diplomacy--from Seoul, Tokyo, and Beijing to Geneva, Moscow, and Vienna and back again—that led to the negotiation of the 1994 Agreed Framework intended to resolve this nuclear standoff. They also explore the challenge of weaving together the military, economic, and diplomatic instruments employed to persuade North Korea to accept significant constraints on its nuclear activities, while deterring rather than provoking a violent North Korean response. Some ten years after these intense negotiations, the Agreed Framework lies abandoned. North Korea claims to possess some nuclear weapons, while threatening to produce even more. The story of the 1994 confrontation provides important lessons for the United States as it grapples once again with a nuclear crisis on a peninsula that half a century ago claimed more than 50,000 American lives and today bristles with arms along the last frontier of the cold war: the De-Militarized Zone separating North and South Korea.

North Korea on the brink

struggle for survival

Author: Glyn Ford,Soyoung Kwon

Publisher: Pluto Pr

ISBN: 9780745325989

Category: History

Page: 249

View: 9049

--Shows how the EU can engage with North Korea and persuade it to give up Nuclear Weapons-- North Korea's development and testing of nuclear weapons made headlines in the Western media, but is the country really a threat to the rest of the world? This ac

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