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Version 2.0: Easyread Super Large 24pt Edition

Author: Lawrence Lessig


ISBN: 1442996552

Category: Computers

Page: 444

View: 9828

Since its original publication in 1999, this foundational book has become a classic in its field. This second edition, Code Version 2.0, updates the work and was prepared in part through a wiki, a web site allowing readers to edit the text, making this the first reader-edited revision of a popular book. Code counters the common belief that cyberspace cannot be controlled or censored. To the contrary, under the influence of commerce, cyberspace is becoming a highly regulable world where behavior will be much more tightly controlled than in real space. We can - we must - choose what kind of cyberspace we want and what freedoms it will guarantee. These choices are all about architecture: what kind of code will govern cyberspace, and who will control it. In this realm, code is the most significant form of law and it is up to lawyers, policymakers, and especially average citizens to decide what values that code embodies.

Helping Children with Down Syndrome Communicate Better

Speech and Language Skills for Ages 6 - 14

Author: Libby Kumin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781890627546

Category: Education

Page: 393

View: 9106

This guide for parents of school-age children with Down syndrome begins where Kumins previous book Early Communication Skills leaves off. The author, a speech-language pathologist with more than thirty years of experience, and a popular presenter at parent and professional conferences, provides a comprehensive overview of speech and language issues that come into play at home, school, and in the community from kindergarten through middle-school years. She covers a wide range of abilities from kids who are scarcely verbal to those with strong communication skills and provides many case studies to illustrate typical problems and how to work through them. HELPING CHILDREN WITH DOWN SYNDROME COMMUNICATE BETTER explains the factors that comprise speech and language and points to the areas that can be more difficult for children with Down syndrome. Parents learn about the evaluation process the requirements defined by special education law; how to advocate for testing, as well as details about the evaluation itself and what it can reveal. Chapters on treatment options detail how speech-language pathologists can help children improve specific skills, and offers dozens of home activities, games and practical ways to teach skills during daily tasks such as cooking or shopping. Treatment also focuses on fine tuning skills necessary for different settings school, home and the community how to improve conversational skills, and when to consider assistive technology (communication boards, sign language, and picture communication systems). This practical, user-friendly guide gives parents the knowledge and confidence they need to help their child communicate better.

Chaldean Oracles

Author: G. R. S. Mead

Publisher: Leonardo Paolo Lovari

ISBN: 8885519202

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 7872

UNDER this general title is now being published a series of small volumes, drawn from or based upon, the mystic, theosophic and gnostic writings of the ancients, so as to make more easily available for the ever-widening circle of those who love such things, some echoes of the mystic experiences and initiatory lore of their spiritual ancestry. There are many who love the life of the spirit, and who long for the light of gnostic illumination, but who are not sufficiently equipped to study the writings of the ancients at first hand, or to follow unaided the labours of scholars. These little volumes are therefore intended to serve as introduction to the study of the more difficult literature of the subject; and it is hoped that at the same time they may become for some, who have, as yet, not even heard of the Gnosis, stepping-stones to higher things.

Hosts and Guests Revisited

Tourism Issues of the 21st Century

Author: Valene L. Smith,Maryann Brent

Publisher: Cognizant Communication Corp


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 462

View: 4776

Early Communication Skills

Author: Julia Kidd,Charlotte Lynch

Publisher: Early Skills

ISBN: 9781909301610

Category: Communicative competence in children

Page: 184

View: 8864

Early Communication Skills has been a popular and widely used publication since becoming available in 1991. Now in its third edition, the resource retains its original approach to communication, providing a source of fresh educational and therapeutic ideas for pre-school children. Special features include: a question and answer section designed to answer all common concerns a new section on Putting Words Together photocopiable worksheets and recording sheets over 100 activities, spanning all areas of communication from pre-verbal skills to early words. This accessible resource contains ideas for a six-session programme that could be develivered in support and training, and is ideal for educators and parents as well as Speech and Language Therapists working with Early Years.

The restoration of Christianity

an English translation of Christianismi restitutio, 1553

Author: Michael Servetus,Marian Hillar

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Pr


Category: Religion

Page: 409

View: 338

Servetus was a unique and central figure in European history. When he was burned alive in Geneva on October 27, 1553, all unbound copies of his major work went up in smoke with him. Today, only three surviving copies of the original publication are known. Except for a fragment of a few pages concerning the famous discovery of the pulmonary circulation, the book was never translated into English. The present edition is the first translation into English and includes the first part of the original text.

Pride and Prodigies

Studies in the Monsters of the Beowulf Manuscript

Author: Andy Orchard

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442659009

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 360

View: 3878

Monsters and the monstrous, whether from the remote pagan past or the new world of Christian Latin learning, haunted the Anglo-Saxon imagination in a variety of ways. In this series of detailed studies, Andy Orchard demonstrates the changing range of Anglo-Saxon attitudes towards the monstrous by reconsidering the monsters of Beowulf against the background of early medieval and patristic teratology and with reference to specific Anglo-Saxon texts. The immediate manuscript context of the monsters in Beowulf is analysed, shedding light on the poet's treatment of the theme of the monstrous and its integration into his work, and a series of parallel discussions consider a range of medieval treatments of the same theme in a variety of analogous texts (all provided with translation), in Latin, Old English, Middle Irish, and Old Icelandic. The twin themes of pride and prodigies are suggested by tracing changing attitudes towards the concept of pride and establishing a close link between the proud pagan warriors depicted in Christian tradition and the monsters they fight, and with whom they become increasingly identified. An appendix contains new editions and translations (some for the first time in English) of the Liber Monstrorum, The Letter of Alexander to Aristotle, and The Wonders of the East. Originally published in 1995 by Boydell & Brewer.

Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts

A Guide to Technical Terms

Author: Michelle P. Brown

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 9780892362172

Category: Design

Page: 127

View: 723

What is a florilegium? What is an incipit? What is batarde script? This book--part of the Museum's popular Looking at series--offers definitions of these and numerous other techniques, processes, and materials used in medieval illuminated manuscripts. Concise and readable explanations of the technical terms most frequently encountered by the museum-goer are presented in an easily portable format. With numerous illustrations, many of them in color, this volume will be invaluable to all readers wishing to increase their understanding and enjoyment of illuminated manuscripts.

Bound by Law?

Tales from the Public Domain

Author: Keith Aoki,James Boyle,Jennifer Jenkins

Publisher: CSPD

ISBN: 0974155314

Category: Copyright

Page: 72

View: 2498

A documentary is being filmed. A cell phone rings, playing the "Rocky" theme song. The filmmaker is told she must pay $10,000 to clear the rights to the song. Can this be true? "Eyes on the Prize," the great civil rights documentary, was pulled from circulation because the filmmakers' rights to music and footage had expired. What's going on here? It's the collision of documentary filmmaking and intellectual property law, and it's the inspiration for this new comic book. Follow its heroine Akiko as she films her documentary, and navigates the twists and turns of intellectual property. Why do we have copyrights? What is "fair use"? Bound By Law reaches beyond documentary film to provide a commentary on the most pressing issues facing law, art, property and an increasingly digital world of remixed culture.

Disability and Culture

Author: Benedicte Ingstad

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520083622

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 307

View: 8975

This collection of essays both reframes disability in terms of social processes and offers a global, multicultural perspective on the subject. It explores the significance of mental, sensory and motor impairments in light of fundamental, culturally determined assumptions about humanity.

Openness, Secrecy, Authorship

Technical Arts and the Culture of Knowledge from Antiquity to the Renaissance

Author: Pamela O. Long

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 0801872820

Category: Science

Page: 384

View: 1041

In today's world of intellectual property disputes, industrial espionage, and book signings by famous authors, one easily loses sight of the historical nature of the attribution and ownership of texts. In Openness, Secrecy, Authorship: Technical Arts and the Culture of Knowledge from Antiquity to the Renaissance, Pamela Long combines intellectual history with the history of science and technology to explore the culture of authorship. Using classical Greek as well as medieval and Renaissance European examples, Long traces the definitions, limitations, and traditions of intellectual and scientific creation and attribution. She examines these attitudes as they pertain to the technical and the practical. Although Long's study follows a chronological development, this is not merely a general work. Long is able to examine events and sources within their historical context and locale. By looking at Aristotelian ideas of Praxis, Techne, and Episteme. She explains the tension between craft and ideas, authors and producers. She discusses, with solid research and clear prose, the rise, wane, and resurgence of priority in the crediting and lionizing of authors. Long illuminates the creation and re-creation of ideas like "trade secrets," "plagiarism," "mechanical arts," and "scribal culture." Her historical study complicates prevailing assumptions while inviting a closer look at issues that define so much of our society and thought to this day. She argues that "a useful working definition of authorship permits a gradation of meaning between the poles of authority and originality," and guides us through the term's nuances with clarity rarely matched in a historical study. -- Pamela H. Smith, Pomona College, Claremont

Finnish Lessons 2.0

What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland?, Second Edition

Author: Pasi Sahlberg

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 0807773298

Category: Education

Page: 236

View: 7521

The first edition of Finnish Lessons won the prestigious Grawemeyer Award in Education in 2013. It was featured inThe New York Times, The Washington Post, The New York Review of Books, The Atlantic, The Guardian, CNN, Education Week, The Huffington Post, and Dan Rather Reports and has been translated into 16 languages. Now, with Finnish Lessons 2.0, Pasi Sahlberg has thoroughly updated his groundbreaking account of how Finland built a world-class education system during the past four decades. In this international bestseller, Sahlberg traces the evolution of Finnish education policies and highlights how they differ from the United States and much of the rest of the world. Featuring substantial additions throughout the text, Finnish Lessons 2.0 demonstrates how systematically focusing on teacher and leader professionalism, building trust between the society and its schools, and investing in educational equity rather than competition, choice, and other market-based reforms make Finnish schools an international model of success. This second edition details the complexity of meaningful change by examining Finland’s educational performance in light of the most recent international assessment data and domestic changes. This second edition details the complexity of meaningful change by illustrating Finland’s educational performance in light of the most recent international assessment data, including PISA 2012, TIMSS 2011, PIAAC 2013, and TALIS 2013. In the midst of continuous local reforms and global changes, Finnish Lessons 2.0 encourages educators, students, and policymakers to look beyond their own borders as they seek successful solutions for their education systems, districts, and schools. “Reminds us that a nation can consciously build an admirable school system if it pays close attention to the needs of children; if it selects and prepares its educators well; and if it builds educational communities that are not only physically attractive but conducive to the joys of teaching and learning.” —From the Foreword by Diane Ravitch, author of Reign of Error “Solidifies Sahlberg’s reputation as the most thoughtful international educational researcher of our generation.” —David Berliner, Regents' Professor Emeritus, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University “Whether or not you have read Finnish Lessons, you should read and ponder this new edition right away.” —Howard Gardner, author of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Reframed

We Came Naked and Barefoot

The Journey of Cabeza de Vaca across North America

Author: Alex D. Krieger

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292779895

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 1445

Perhaps no one has ever been such a survivor as álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca. Member of a 600-man expedition sent out from Spain to colonize "La Florida" in 1527, he survived a failed exploration of the west coast of Florida, an open-boat crossing of the Gulf of Mexico, shipwreck on the Texas coast, six years of captivity among native peoples, and an arduous, overland journey in which he and the three other remaining survivors of the original expedition walked some 1,500 miles from the central Texas coast to the Gulf of California, then another 1,300 miles to Mexico City. The story of Cabeza de Vaca has been told many times, beginning with his own account, Relación de los naufragios, which was included and amplified in Gonzalo Fernando de Oviedo y Váldez's Historia general de las Indias. Yet the route taken by Cabeza de Vaca and his companions remains the subject of enduring controversy. In this book, Alex D. Krieger correlates the accounts in these two primary sources with his own extensive knowledge of the geography, archaeology, and anthropology of southern Texas and northern Mexico to plot out stage by stage the most probable route of the 2,800-mile journey of Cabeza de Vaca. This book consists of several parts, foremost of which is the original English version of Alex Krieger's dissertation (edited by Margery Krieger), in which he traces the route of Cabeza de Vaca and his companions from the coast of Texas to Spanish settlements in western Mexico. This document is rich in information about the native groups, vegetation, geography, and material culture that the companions encountered. Thomas R. Hester's foreword and afterword set the 1955 dissertation in the context of more recent scholarship and archaeological discoveries, some of which have supported Krieger's plot of the journey. Margery Krieger's preface explains how she prepared her late husband's work for publication. Alex Krieger's original translations of the Cabeza de Vaca and Oviedo accounts round out the volume.

Minor Prophecies

The Literary Essay in the Culture Wars

Author: Geoffrey H. Hartman

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674576360

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 252

View: 3563

Hartman's book is both a survey of the history of modern literary criticism and a strategic intervention. First he presents an account of the culture of criticism since the late 19th century. He then widens the focus to provide a picture of the critical essay from 1700 to the 1990s in order to show that a major change in style took place after 1950. Two chapters focus on F.R. Leavis and Paul de Man, central - and controversial - figures in academic criticism. Hartman attends to major developments on the continent and in Anglo-American circles that have disrupted the calm of what he calls the friendship or conversational style. On the one hand, critics and thinkers have pursued strange gods in order to enrich and sharpen their critical style. This change Hartman welcomes. On the other hand, along with a renewed interest in politics and historical speculation, a didactic and moralistic tone has again entered the scene. Hartman rejects this new moralism.

Relearning Mathematics

A Challenge for Prospective Elementary School Teachers

Author: Rina Zazkis

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 1617354899

Category: Education

Page: 141

View: 3525

This book is grounded in the author’s experiences of teaching mathematics for prospective elementary school teachers and conducting research on their understanding of mathematical concepts. It is a reflection on practice and an attempt to cope with a double challenge: that of a teacher, in helping prospective teachers make sense of mathematics, and that of a researcher, in an attempt to understand and describe the challenges faced by students. This work fits within the current community interest on teacher education and provides a novel focus, with both theoretical and practical considerations. The central claim in this book is that encounters with mathematical content by prospective elementary school teachers constitute relearning, rather than learning, of mathematics. The specific focus is on topics related to elementary number theory (e.g. divisibility, prime factorization), which is referred to as a “forgotten queen” (following Gauss’ reference to number theory as a queen of mathematics). This is the content area that has not received significant attention in mathematics education research. The book can be summarized as an attempt to address the following questions: What is relearning of mathematical content and how is it similar to or different from learning? What are the examples of specific mathematical topics or concepts that require relearning? What pedagogical approaches can support relearning? The detailed analysis of research data and pedagogical approaches presented in the book are intertwined with stories of personal experiences of the author, which makes the reading not only intellectually stimulating but also enjoyable.


Liber IV

Author: Virgil

Publisher: Ancient Rome Books

ISBN: 9781788440646


Page: N.A

View: 1411

The Georgics is a Latin poem by Virgil, likely published in 29 BC. The subject of the poem is farming. The Georgics are made up of four books. This is the fourth of those four books. This edition does not contain page numbers. The text is in Latin.

Learned Love

Proceedings of the Emblem Project Utrecht Conference on Dutch Love Emblems and the Internet (November 2006)

Author: Els Stronks,Peter Boot,Dagmar Stiebral,Emblem Project Utrecht

Publisher: Edita Publishing House of the Royal

ISBN: 9789069845104

Category: Art

Page: 225

View: 6263

Emblem books, which feature combinations of images and text with a moral lesson for the reader, grew out of the Renaissance and were most popular in the Netherlands. Enigmatic, erudite, and often pious, Dutch love emblems synthesized the traditions of European visual and literary arts—and in turn influenced architecture, painting, poetry, and interior design for centuries to come. Learned Love offers an introduction to this enthralling genre and celebrates the completion of Emblem Project Utrecht, an undertaking that digitized twenty-five of the most representative emblem books. This unprecedented volume explores the delicate network of visual motifs and textual mottos that characterize Dutch love emblems. Learned Love demonstrates how emblem books form a web of closely interrelated references, which the contributors liken to the Internet, and traces the cutting-edge digitization project from inception to finish. This book will interest anyone intrigued by the fruitful gray areas between image and text, scholarship and technology.


Author: Luis De 1528?-1591 Leon

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781361753316

Category: History

Page: 330

View: 3564

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