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Festival of Friends and Foes

Children of the Others CollectionTM -

Author: A. Dragonblood

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452085890

Category: Fiction

Page: 112

View: 4328

Festival of Friends and Foes takes us on a wild ride of good friends and strange assurances. Ethan, Camille and Jeremy plan on enjoying a fun weekend festival called Beltane with their families and other children with similar gifts. Thinking that this would give them time to share some of their stories with each other and help Ethan understand more about his family. Little did they know there was more thrills and chills waiting for them than they could have ever expected. Out witting giant animals, possessed assassins and curious kids, the three friends learn that they will all have to work together to make it out of this weekend without going crazy. If it weren't for their new friend Gretchen they would probably have been in a world of trouble with their parents too.

Friends and Foes Volume I

Friendship and Conflict in Philosophy and the Arts

Author: Graeme Watson,Barbara Gabriella Renzi,Elisabetta Viggiani

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443804207

Category: Art

Page: 120

View: 4785

The product of an international, multi-disciplinary conference at Queen’s University Belfast, the two-volume Friends and Foes series offers an illuminating investigation of the relationship between friendship and conflict by established and emerging scholars. In this first volume, which collects together philosophical and cultural essays on the topic, the authors raise and tackle some of the most pertinent issues central to the understanding, and making, of friendship. What constitutes friendship? What challenges, duties and pleasures does friendship entail? The ambiguity of friendship is a recurring theme in the book, and Mark Vernon’s essay on the philosophical history of thinking about friendship’s ambiguity provides the perfect point of entry for discussion of the compelling literary and theatrical representations which follow, in the work of writers such as Maria Edgeworth, Gregory Burke, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Friends and Foes

Poems About Us All

Author: Douglas Florian

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1442487968

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

View: 2730

In the tradition of Shel Silverstein, celebrated picture book poet Douglas Florian offers an honest, touching, and often humorous collection of twenty-three poems about relationships—both good and bad! There are all kinds of friends—good friends, bad friends, old friends, new friends…even imaginary friends! This humorous, heartfelt, and refreshingly honest collection of poems explores the many facets of friendship with Douglas Florian’s signature sense of silliness and wit.

Of Friends and Foes

Reputation and Learning in World Politics

Author: Mark J. C. Crescenzi

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190609524

Category: International relations

Page: 208

View: 1840

Do reputations affect world politics? Crescenzi develops a theory of reputation dynamics to identify when reputations form and how they affect world politics. He identifies patterns of reputation's influence in cooperation and conflict. Reputations for conflict exacerbate crises while reputations for cooperation and reliability make future cooperation more likely.

An address to friends and foes ...

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: N.A

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Of Friends and Foes

Caribbean Storyteller Classics

Author: Enid Kirton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780976162834

Category: Short stories, Caribbean

Page: 116

View: 2136

The Caribbean Storyteller Series is a collection of some of the stories which would have been heard and loved by the Caribbean peoples many, many years ago. These stories tell of the rich history of the region and have created a literary tapestry woven through the many waves of migration by these settlers. Such cultural diversity finds a new life today in this themed collection which has been compiled for several reasons. The stories in their present form are retold by the writer Enid Kirton who delivers a Literary Outreach at her Ealkirt Institute of Mental Mentorship in San Fernando, Trinidad. While the stories in the Series have a direct appeal to people who live in the Caribbean and in its wider growing diaspora, they also possess a universality that make them an alternative choice for other learners at varying reading levels, interests, values and motivation outside of the region. The stories presented in Caribbean Storyteller Series are an important addition to existing literary resources. These stories shift the spoken word from only the oral transmission and memory of some of the first peoples who lived in the region to the written word which can be more accessible and convenient to its audience. Not only do these stories entertain, but they encourage the reader, from a learning perspective, to experience the significance of reading and to be transported beyond this activity towards further educational and personal development.

Freund oder Feind

Author: Michael Morpurgo

Publisher: CARLSEN Verlag

ISBN: 3646923806

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

View: 4401

England während des zweiten Weltkriegs. Für David und seinen Freund Tucky ist der Krieg in weite Ferne gerückt, seit sie aus London weggeschickt worden sind und auf dem Land bei Mr Reynolds leben. Auf langen Streifzügen erkunden sie die Umgebung. Eines Abends sehen sie einen Lichtblitz über dem Moor. Ein deutsches Kampfflugzeug stürzt ab. Und plötzlich scheint der Feind wieder ganz nah. Doch sind diese beiden Männer wirklich ihre Feinde? Oder sind es einfach zwei Menschen, die Hilfe brauchen? David und Tucky müssen eine schwierige Entscheidung treffen ...

Friends and Foes

How Congress and the President Really Make Foreign Policy

Author: Rebecca K. C. Hersman

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815798965

Category: Political Science

Page: 154

View: 9213

Foreign policy in the post–cold war era is profoundly complex, and so too are the institutions that share the responsibility to guide and manage America's relations with other countries. Policymakers struggle within porous and fragmented institutions, in which policy is driven more powerfully by clusters of like-minded individuals than by disciplined organizations. The nation's political parties face deep divisions over foreign policy and are unable to forge a coherent vision for the future. Congress is increasingly polarized along ideological lines, while traditional internationalist foreign policy spans a truncated political center. Few aspects of U.S. politics are more contentious or controversial than the respective roles of Congress and the executive branch in formulating foreign policy. In this complex environment, scholars, pundits, and policymakers look to the public and high-profile battles between Congress and the president as a bellwether of the future of U.S. foreign policy.In reality, foreign policy is often shaped, debated, and made out of public view. In Friends and Foes, Rebecca K. C. Hersman shifts the focus away from headline-grabbing events and disagreements to the day-to-day interactions that form the backbone of policymaking.Hersman illustrates the ebb and flow of foreign policy development through many examples and anecdotes. She also includes three in-depth case studies from the mid-1990s: the controversial transfer of three U.S. warships to Turkey; the dispute over relaxing sanctions against Pakistan because of concerns about that nation's nuclear proliferation record, and the 1995–97 battle over the Chemical Weapons Convention. The book also illuminates the role of the media in influencing the outcome of foreign policy decisionmaking. Countering the conventional wisdom that a president and a Congress of the same political party are best able to "get things done," Friends and Foes sheds new light on the institutional dynamics, conflicts, and issue loyalties that affect the development of U.S. foreign policy.

Valley of Lagoons

Author: Patricia Shaw

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 147220266X

Category: Fiction

Page: 672

View: 4240

In 1825 the square-rigger Emma Jane sets sail from England, carrying on board convicts bound for the penal colonies and a handful of paying passengers determined to brave the perilous journey to a new land of opportunity - Australia. The settlers discover that the quickest road to wealth lies in laying claim to vast tracts of cattle-grazing land - though this soon brings them into conflict with fierce Aborigine tribes. Aristocratic Jasin Heselwood, forced to flee England to avoid gambling debts, will stop at nothing to join the elite ranks of cattle kings. Double-crossing friend and foe alike, he starts a feud with the Irish squatter Pace MacNamara that has tragic consequences for both their families. But it is the women who are the true pioneers: Jasin's spoilt wife, Georgina, who refuses to be crushed by his ruthlessness or by his infidelities; and the convict girl Dolour, who is to be his Nemesis...

A Surreptitious Rescue of Friends and Foes

Author: M. D. Cooper

Publisher: Aeon 14

ISBN: 9781643650258


Page: N.A

View: 7450

Friends and Foes

Author: Barbara Calamari,Barry Goldberg

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0689840403

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 64

View: 5569

In "Fair-weather Friends," Angela takes Nanette's place as head of the decorating committee, and also gains her arch-rival's two followers, and in "Hot Bob and Chocolate," a misunderstanding during a classroom game causes people to think that Angela has a

Steering a Course between Friends and Foes

Author: Caelesta Poppelaars

Publisher: Eburon Uitgeverij B.V.

ISBN: 9059723031


Page: 254

View: 8830

Friends and Foes Volume II

Friendship and Conflict from Social and Political Perspectives

Author: Graeme Watson,Barbara Gabriella Renzi,Elisabetta Viggiani

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 144381993X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 130

View: 9160

The product of an international, multi-disciplinary conference at Queen’s University Belfast, the two-volume Friends and Foes series offers an illuminating investigation of the relationship between friendship and conflict by established and emerging scholars. This second volume explores the topic from political, sociological and psychological perspectives. Many of these essays examine what types of friendships are forged, and how, in contexts of potential, or actual, social and political conflict, such as in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. Others focus on how situations of conflict can be transformed into friendship, using insights from psychology, philosophy, history and anthropology. The papers in this volume will appeal to sociologists, political scientists, and all those concerned with themes of conflict resolution, identity, social capital, community-building and well-being.

Friends and foes

a book of poems

Author: Konstantin Mikhaĭlovich Simonov

Publisher: N.A



Page: 78

View: 1409

In a World Of...Friends, Foes & Fools

Author: James Merritt

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1606476009

Category: Religion

Page: 220

View: 8672

One of the wisest men who ever lived is writing a letter of advice to his children, and you can look over his shoulder. The Proverbs of Solomon take on a new meaning when read as a letter from father to son. The advice of the wise old king is invaluable to today's fathers struggling with the pressures of home and career responsibilities, travel, broken families and other realities of modern life. In Friends, Foes and Fools, Dr. James Merritt shows why no book ever written has been a better or more practical self-help guide than Proverbs in helping fathers guide their children toward the right choices in life, and away from the wrong ones. "Dad, if you want to read a book that will change you and your family, read this one!" Dr. John C. Maxwell Founder, INJOY Dr. James Merritt is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Cross Pointe, The Church at Gwinnett Center, located in Duluth, Georgia, and hosts the international broadcast ministry, Touching Lives, which airs in all 50 states and in 122 countries around the world. The ministry also reaches literally every continent through the world-wide web at Dr. Merritt and his wife, Teresa, reside just outside Atlanta, Georgia.

Friends and Foes of Harry Potter

Names Decoded

Author: Nikita Agarwal,Chitra Agarwal,Benjamin Vincent

Publisher: Texas World Publishing

ISBN: 159800221X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 159

View: 3075

Examines the meanings behind the names of people and places in the Harry Potter books.

Friends and foes

an autobiography

Author: Khalid Latif Gauba

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 296

View: 1658

Autobiography of an Indian jurist and controversial writer.

Garuda and the Serpents

Stories of Friends and Foes from Hindu Mythology

Author: Arshia Sattar

Publisher: Juggernaut Books

ISBN: 9386228718


Page: 224

View: 2302

USSR in World War Two

Through the Eyes of Friends and Foes

Author: Leonid Matveevich Eremeev

Publisher: N.A


Category: Soviet Union

Page: 111

View: 7532

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