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Organic Chemistry, 2nd Edition

Author: David R. Klein

Publisher: Wiley Global Education


Category: Science

Page: 1392

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Organic chemistry is not merely a compilation of principles, but rather, it is a disciplined method of thought and analysis. Success in organic chemistry requires mastery in two core aspects: fundamental concepts and the skills needed to apply those concepts and solve problems. Readers must learn to become proficient at approaching new situations methodically, based on a repertoire of skills. These skills are vital for successful problem solving in organic chemistry. Existing textbooks provide extensive coverage of, the principles, but there is far less emphasis on the skills needed to actually solve problems.

الكتاب في تعلم العربية

كتاب للمستوى المتوسط

Author: Brustad



Category: Arabic language


View: 438

الكيمياء العامة

المفاهيم الأساسية

Author: ريموند تشانغ

Publisher: العبيكان للنشر


Category: Science

Page: 860

View: 725

يقدم كتاب (الكيمياء العامة) الأدوات الأساسية الكافية لكل من المعلم والطالب، لإيجاد ورشة عمل وحلقات بحث تفاعلية في الكيمياء، من خلال اثنين وعشرين باباً جمع مؤلفها فيها كل المفاهيم الأولية للكيمياء. ويهدف الكتاب إلى تحقيق التوازن بين النظرية والتطبيق من خلال دمج أمثلة حقيقية ومساعدة الطلاب على تصور الهياكل الذرية والجزيئية ثلاثية الأبعاد التي هي أساس النشاط الكيميائي، ويتكئ على الصور المرسومة بوصفها جزءاً لا يتجزأ من النص، إضافةً إلى وضع حل المشكلات و تطوير مهارات التفكير لدى الطلاب. ومن الجدير ذكره أن هذا الكتاب لا يزال الأكثر بيعاً؛ نظراً لسهولة تطبيقاته وسلاسة تبويبه، حيث اعتمد مؤلفه الكتابة الواضحة إلى جانب وضع استراتيجيات لحل مسائل عدة في الكيمياء، بأسلوب واضح وطريقة موجزة قلّ نظيرها في الكتب العلمية. ومن السمات المميزة للطبعة الخامسة لهذا الكتاب دمج كثير من الأدوات التصميمية ووسائل الإيضاح من مثل الصورة والرسوم والجداول والنص؛ وذلك لإلهام كل من الطلاب والمعلمين الأفضل ولتقريب المسافة بين الكيمياء العامة في أساسيتها وطلّابها بشكل سهل وميسر. العبيكان للنشر

General Chemistry

Atoms First

Author: John E. McMurry

Publisher: Pearson Educacion


Category: Chemistry

Page: 1104

View: 480

"General Chemistry: Atoms First," Second Edition starts from the building blocks of chemistry, the atom, allowing the authors to tell a cohesive story that progresses logically through molecules and compounds to help students intuitively follow complex concepts more logically. This unified thread of ideas helps students build a better foundation and ultimately gain a deeper understanding of chemical concepts. Students can more easily understand the microscopic-to-macroscopic connections between unobservable atoms and the observable behavior of matter in daily life, and are brought immediately into real chemistryinstead of being forced to memorize facts. Reflecting a true atoms first perspective, the Second Edition features experienced atoms-first authors, incorporates recommendations from a panel of atoms-first experts, and follows historical beliefs in teaching chemistry concepts based and real experimental data first. This approach distinguishes this text in the market based whereby other authors teach theory first, followed by experimental data.

مدخل الى حروف العربية واصواتها

Author: Kristen Brustad



Category: Arabic alphabet

Page: 251

View: 262

This is the Teacher's Edition of Alif Baa, Third Edition. It includes the text, accompanying DVD, and the answer key all bound in to one book. Request a Desk/Exam copy here. The best-selling Alif Baa is the first volume of the Al-Kitaab Arabic language program and is now available in a new third edition. In this new version of the introduction to Arabic letters and sounds, English-speaking students will find an innovative integration of colloquial and formal (spoken and written) Arabic. Together, the book and new companion website provide learners with all the material necessary to learn the sounds of Arabic, write its letters, and begin speaking Arabic, including interactive, self-correcting exercises to enhance learning. The companion website also gives instructors additional online grading options. FEATURES • Four-color design throughout the book features over 100 illustrations and photographs • Gives learners and instructors color-coded options for the variety of language they wish to learn in speaking: Egyptian, Levantine, or formal Arabic (MSA) • Introduces over 200 basic vocabulary words in all three forms of spoken and written Arabic side by side, including expressions for polite social interaction, and activates them in interactive homework exercises and classroom groupwork • Includes video dialogues in Egyptian and Levantine, filmed in Cairo and Damascus • Includes video footage of an Arabic calligrapher, capsules on Arabic culture, and images of street signs from Morocco, Egypt, and Lebanon • Includes new English-Arabic and Arabic-English glossaries, searchable in the companion website • Textbook includes a convenient DVD with the basic audio and video materials (no interactive exercises) for offline study that will play in iTunes and compatible MP3 players • New companion website (sold separately) -- -- features a fully integrated set of interactive exercises with all the video and audio materials and additional online course management and grading options for teachers Alif Baa provides the essential first 20-25 contact (classroom) hours of the Al-Kitaab program, accompanied by 40-50 homework hours. Students who complete Alif Baa should reach a novice-intermediate to novice-high level of proficiency.

نساء على أجنحة الحلم

Author: فاطمة المرنيسي




Page: 270

View: 248


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Chemical Structure and Reactivity

An Integrated Approach

Author: James Keeler

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Science

Page: 877

View: 150

Chemical Structure and Reactivity: An Integrated Approach rises to the challenge of depicting the reality of chemistry. Offering a fresh approach, it depicts the subject as a seamless discipline, showing how organic, inorganic, and physical concepts can be blended together to achieve the common goal of understanding chemical systems.

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