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Papers and Proceedings of the 68th Annual Meeting

New York, N.Y., Dec. 28-30, 1955

Author: American Economic Association



Category: United States

Page: 651

View: 434

Papers and Proceedings of the Seventy-sixth Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association

Washington, DC, December 27 - 29, 1963

Author: American Economic Association




Page: 698

View: 742

Papers and Proceedings of the Hundred and Eighth Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association, San Francisco, CA, January 5-7, 1996

Author: American Economic Association. Meeting




Page: 510

View: 880

Papers and Proceedings of the Ninety-Seventh Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association

Dallas, Tex., December 28-30, 1984/ Ed. by John G. Riley ...

Author: American Economic Association




Page: 456

View: 544

Economic Instruments of Security Policy

Influencing Choices of Leaders

Author: G. Shiffman

Publisher: Springer


Category: Political Science

Page: 228

View: 147

Governments have at their disposal many economic instruments to promote national security, such as sanctions, foreign aid, international trade, international finance and laws blocking funds for international terrorism. This book examines the use of theses economic policies and addresses how best to measure their effectiveness.

The American Negre His History and Literature


Publisher: 清华大学出版社有限公司




View: 893

Papers and Proceedings of the Surgeon General's Conference on Agricultural Safety and Health

Author: Melvin L. Myers

Publisher: DIANE Publishing



Page: 645

View: 534

The purpose of this conference was to raise consciousness, build coalitions, disseminate information, and encourage action to prevent injury and diseases in agriculture. Covers surveillance; research in chemical, biological, mechanical and physical hazards; intervention (protecting agricultural workers from hazards, and safe behaviors among adults and children), and much more. Over 150 papers, poster and video abstracts. Charts, tables and maps. Index.

The Handbook of Convertible Bonds

Pricing, Strategies and Risk Management

Author: Jan De Spiegeleer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 396

View: 124

This is a complete guide to the pricing and risk management of convertible bond portfolios. Convertible bonds can be complex because they have both equity and debt like features and new market entrants will usually find that they have either a knowledge of fixed income mathematics or of equity derivatives and therefore have no idea how to incorporate credit and equity together into their existing pricing tools. Part I of the book covers the impact that the 2008 credit crunch has had on the markets, it then shows how to build up a convertible bond and introduces the reader to the traditional convertible vocabulary of yield to put, premium, conversion ratio, delta, gamma, vega and parity. The market of stock borrowing and lending will also be covered in detail. Using an intuitive approach based on the Jensen inequality, the authors will also show the advantages of using a hybrid to add value - pre 2008, many investors labelled convertible bonds as 'investing with no downside', there are of course plenty of 2008 examples to prove that they were wrong. The authors then go onto give a complete explanation of the different features that can be embedded in convertible bond. Part II shows readers how to price convertibles. It covers the different parameters used in valuation models: credit spreads, volatility, interest rates and borrow fees and Maturity. Part III covers investment strategies for equity, fixed income and hedge fund investors and includes dynamic hedging and convertible arbitrage. Part IV explains the all important risk management part of the process in detail. This is a highly practical book, all products priced are real world examples and numerical examples are not limited to hypothetical convertibles. It is a must read for anyone wanting to safely get into this highly liquid, high return market.

Trends and Research in the Decision Sciences

Best Papers from the 2014 Annual Conference

Author: Decision Sciences Institute

Publisher: FT Press


Category: Computers

Page: 400

View: 528

Decision science offers powerful insights and techniques that help people make better decisions to improve business and society. This new volume brings together the peer-reviewed papers that have been chosen as the "best of the best" by the field's leading organization, the Decision Sciences Institute. These papers, authored by respected decision science researchers and academics from around the world, will be presented at DSI's 45th Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida in November 2014. The first book of papers ever assembled by DSI, this volume describes recent methods and approaches in the decision sciences, with a special focus on how accelerating technological innovation is driving change in the ways organizations and individuals make decisions. These papers offer actionable insights for decision-makers of all kinds, in business, public policy, non-profit organizations, and beyond. They also point to new research directions for academic researchers in decision science worldwide.

Proceedings of the Twenty-second Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society

August 13-15, 2000, Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Author: Cognitive Science Society (U.S.). Conference

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 1075

View: 971

This volume features the complete text of the material presented at the Twenty-Second Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. As in previous years, the symposium included an interesting mixture of papers on many topics from researchers with diverse backgrounds and different goals, presenting a multifaceted view of cognitive science. This volume includes all papers, posters, and summaries of symposia presented at the leading conference that brings cognitive scientists together. The 2000 Cognitive Science meeting dealt with issues of representing and modeling cognitive processes, as they appeal to scholars in all subdisciplines that comprise cognitive science: psychology, computer science, neuroscience, linguistics, and philosophy.

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