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Paul Hansen: Being There


Publisher: Max Strom


Category: Photography

Page: 304

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This is Paul Hansens first major retrospective. In this book, we get to follow his extensive coverage of the Arab Spring, of Gaza, the West Bank and the?frozen" wars in Ukraine and the Crimea; natural disasters in Haiti, political unrest in Lebanon and suffering in Afghanistan; new light is shed on the seemingly intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A chapter is devoted to people displaced by war and famine.0The book contains almost 200 of his absolute best shots.

Remembering Our Oneness

who we are, where we came from, and how we got here

Author: Thomas Paul Hansen

Publisher: BalboaPress


Category: Religion

Page: 114

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In his previous metaphysical book, Trying to Remember, Dr. Thomas Paul Hansen explored this question and statement: “Are you a spiritual being having a physical experience or a physical being having an occasional spiritual experience? Which one you believe makes all the difference in the world.” In his new book, Remembering Our Oneness, learn how to live as the spiritual being that you are, even while experiencing this illusion of a physical universe. Learn how to be in this world, but not of this world. Learn how to co-create a world of peace that will help all of us awaken to our true Godself nature. We can take concrete action for peace in the world and at the same time remember that our true spiritual nature is already inside each one of us. Did we actually make this physical universe ourselves, with our minds? Why would we have done so? Find out why the old “seeing is believing” concept should be changed to “believing is seeing.”

Renegade Colonel

Author: Bill Murray

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 704

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To say Bill Murray's entire life has been unconventional would be an understatement! After all, how many people have lived in Canada, England, Spain and traveled the world; burned down a barn and two houses, graduated from the Air Force Academy (1975), and while there burned up a dorm room; played collegiate football, wresting, and lacrosse; flown supersonic fighters, got booted out of the Air Force over a wet rug, only to be reinstated a few years later; crashed an aerobatic plane and survived, had cancer and survived, had children and survived? You get the idea! In Renegade Colonel, Murray recounts his experiences from childhood through his Air Force career. From his early years an F-111 WSO to his later years in leadership positions as a senior director in the Air Force, Bill has had the experiences of a lifetime. He wrote this book because in years to come, he wants his family and friends to be able to share in the memories and travel back in time, if only for a few chapters. Renegade Colonel is a book of unbelievable lifetime experiences experiences anyone could enjoy vicariously and learn from!

Weep Without Tears

Author: Ken Miller

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 284

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Weep Without Tears is a historical novel set in the turbulent post-war times of the 1970's. Epic in scope, it is a stirring adventure story of love, faith, and courage in the face of persecution and impending death. An exhilarating tale of a courageous young orphan boy, a man fighting for his life, and the woman who will unite them at the risk of losing the one she loves. "Ken Miller writes with authority in this critically-acclaimed sequel to Evening of Pale Sunshine. The inspirational journey will keep you turning the pages."-Laurie Moore, Edgar Nominated author of Constable's Apprehension Ken Miller's novel Weep Without Tears was the winner of a Lu Spurlock Black Gold Writing Award for an outstanding novel at the Fourth Annual Texans Writing to the World Writer's Conference. ____________________________________________________ International Acclaim for Ken Miller's Evening of Pale Sunshine "BRAVO! This epic novel captured the sights, sounds, and smells of Asia and the culture and religious beliefs of the people."-John R. Gilbert, Lt. Colonel, Infantry (Ret.) "An excellent novel with a mixture of human interest and history. I am working on translation into Chinese."-Liu, Kuan-Sheng, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic Of China

Wastes Engineering




Category: Sanitary engineering


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Sewage Works Engineering and Municipal Sanitation




Category: Municipal engineering


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Embrace the Moment

Author: Bonnie Lee Mahler

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 184

View: 369

Honor the Past, Release It, Live the Present, Embrace It Create the Future, Ignite It — Bonnie Lee Mahler Author Bonnie Lee Mahler never imagined life would take her on such a journey. She has experienced the depths of sorrow and has known the essence of true joy. Her life has been an amazing ride, and it continues to unfold in a magical way. In Embrace the Moment, Mahler shares her life story and the lessons she’s learned. In this memoir, she tells how, from the tragedy of losing her two sons, she believes in embracing the moment because that is all that is certain. She narrates how she survived by taking each moment as a gift from which to learn and gain insight. Mahler strives to have a positive attitude toward everything that comes into her life; she recognizes doors that are opening and walks through; and she chooses to be courageous, which has led to her healing through music. Through life’s twists and turns and the choices she’s made, Embrace the Moment shares the story of finding the man of her dreams, a true love, and a paradise here on earth. It communicates the message that we all have the power to create amazing things if we have the desire and are willing to ignite our dreams and passions moving forward with gratitude.

Field & Stream





Page: 116

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FIELD & STREAM, America’s largest outdoor sports magazine, celebrates the outdoor experience with great stories, compelling photography, and sound advice while honoring the traditions hunters and fishermen have passed down for generations.

Fly Fishing the Inland Oceans

An Angler's Guide to Finding and Catching Fish in the Great Lakes

Author: Jerry Darkes

Publisher: Stackpole Books


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 336

View: 214

Comprehensive look at fly fishing across the Great Lakes.

The New Testament Church

The Challenge of Developing Ecclesiologies

Author: John P. Harrison

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 326

View: 874

Christian communities today face enormous challenges in the new contexts and teachings that try to redefine what churches should be. Christians look to the New Testament for a pattern for the church, but the New Testament does not present a totally uniform picture of the structure, leadership, and sacraments practiced by first-century congregations. There was a unity of the Christian communities centered on the teaching that Jesus is the Christ, whom God has raised from the dead and has enthroned as Lord, yet not every assembly did exactly the same thing and saw themselves in exactly the same way. Rather, in the New Testament we find a collage of rich theological insights into what it means to be the church. When leaders of today see this diversity, they can look for New Testament ecclesiologies that are most relevant to the social and cultural context in which their community lives. This volume of essays, written with the latest scholarship, highlights the uniqueness of individual ecclesiologies of the various New Testament documents and their core unifying themes.

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