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Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management

Making the Most of Each and Every Brand

Author: Tony Ellery

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Medical

Page: 412

View: 283

A comprehensive guide to optimizing the lifecycle management of pharmaceutical brands The mounting challenges posed by cost containment policies and the prevalence of generic alternatives make optimizing the lifecycle management (LCM) of branddrugs essential for pharmaceutical companies looking to maximize the value of their products. Demonstrating how different measures can be combined to create winning strategies, Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management: Making the Most of Each and Every Brand explores this increasingly important field to help readers understand what they can—and must—do to get the most out of their brands. Offering a truly immersive introduction to LCM options for pharmaceuticals, the book incorporates numerous real-life case studies that demonstrate successful and failed lifecycle management initiatives, explaining the key takeaway of each example. Filled with practical information on the process of actually writing and presenting an LCM plan, as well as how to link corporate, portfolio, and individual brand strategies, the book also offers a look ahead to predict which LCM strategies will continue to be effective in the future. While the development of new drugs designed to address unmet patient needs remains the single most important goal of any pharmaceutical company, effective LCM is invaluable for getting the greatest possible value from existing brands. Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management walks you through the process step by step, making it indispensable reading for pharmaceutical executives and managers, as well as anyone working in the fields of drug research, development, and regulation.

Industry 4.0: Managing The Digital Transformation

Author: Alp Ustundag

Publisher: Springer


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 286

View: 764

This book provides a comprehensive guide to Industry 4.0 applications, not only introducing implementation aspects but also proposing a conceptual framework with respect to the design principles. In addition, it discusses the effects of Industry 4.0, which are reflected in new business models and workforce transformation. The book then examines the key technological advances that form the pillars of Industry 4.0 and explores their potential technical and economic benefits using examples of real-world applications. The changing dynamics of global production, such as more complex and automated processes, high-level competitiveness and emerging technologies, have paved the way for a new generation of goods, products and services. Moreover, manufacturers are increasingly realizing the value of the data that their processes and products generate. Such trends are transforming manufacturing industry to the next generation, namely Industry 4.0, which is based on the integration of information and communication technologies and industrial technology.The book provides a conceptual framework and roadmap for decision-makers for this transformation


From Discovery to Approval

Author: Rick Ng

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Science

Page: 552

View: 824

Revised edition will have greater appeal to students with the inclusion of more materials and case studies suited to college and university use.

Role of Health Economic Data in Policy Making and Reimbursement of New Medical Technologies

Author: Mihajlo (Michael) Jakovljevic

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA




View: 371

This Research Topic was focused on provision of novel medical technologies worldwide keeping in mind financial sustainability challenge. An exemplary area certainly are oncology pharmaceuticals where prices have increased 10-fold in recent years leading to concerns on affordability. The objective of this collection of studies was to reveal some of the hidden underlying causes of unequal access to the medicines. Another core issue is the growing proportion of out-of-pocket health spending in many world regions. In line with the joint efforts of the editors and authors we received an exceptionally high response worldwide. This E-Book attracted a total of 37 self-standing research submissions out of which 32 ultimately passed external peer review and got published. Base affiliations of the authors spread across academia, pharmaceutical and medical device industry, governmental authorities and clinical medicine. Their home institutions were situated in fifteen different countries inclusive of Japan, Israel, Russia, USA, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Malta, Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Malaysia. We frankly believe that authors succeeded to cover important literature gaps referring to these world regions. We solicit global professional audience to put our efforts to the test and read this contribution to the health economics literature.

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