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Plant Physiology and Development

Author: Lincoln (University of California Taiz, Santa Cruz),Lincoln Taiz,Eduardo (University of California Zeiger, Los Angeles),Eduardo Zeiger,Ian M. (Aarhus University Moller, Denmark),Angus (University of Maryland) Murphy

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781605357454


Page: 756

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Published by Sinauer Associates, an imprint of Oxford University Press. Throughout its twenty-two year history, the authors of Plant Physiology and Development have continually updated the book to incorporate the latest advances in plant biology and implement pedagogical improvements requested by adopters. This has made Plant Physiology and Development the most authoritative, comprehensive, and widely-used upper-division plant biology textbook.

Plant Physiology

Author: Lincoln Taiz,Eduardo Zeiger

Publisher: Sinauer Associates Incorporated

ISBN: 9780878938667

Category: Science

Page: 782

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"Plant Physiology, Fifth Edition continues to set the standard for textbooks in the field, making plant physiology accessible to virtually every student. Authors Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger have again collaborated with a stellar group of contributing plant biologists to produce a current and authoritative volume that incorporates all the latest findings. Changes for the new edition include: A newly updated chapter (Chapter 1) on Plant Cells, including new information on the endomembrane system, the cytoskeleton, and the cell cycle, A new chapter (Chapter 2) on Genome Structure and Gene Expression, A new chapter (Chapter 14) on Signal Transduction. Updates on recent developments in the light reactions and the biochemistry of photosynthesis, respiration, ion transport, and water relations. In the phytochrome, blue-light, hormone and development chapters, new information about signaling pathways, regulatory mechanisms, and agricultural applications. Coverage of recent breakthroughs on the control of flowering. Three new Appendices on Concepts of Bioenergetics, Plant Kinematics, and Hormone Biosynthetic Pathways As with prior editions, the Fifth Edition is accompanied by a robust Companion Website. New material has been added here as well, including new Web Topics and Web Essays."--P. 4 de la couv.

Fundamentals of Plant Physiology

Author: Eduardo Zeiger,Angus Murphy,Ian Max Møller

Publisher: Sinauer Associates, Incorporated

ISBN: 9781605357904


Page: 450

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A condensed version of the best-selling Plant Physiology and Development, this fundamentals version is intended for courses that focus on plant physiology with little or no coverage of development. Concise yet comprehensive, this is a distillation of the most important principles and empiricalfindings of plant physiology.

An Introduction to Plant Structure and Development

Plant Anatomy for the Twenty-First Century

Author: Charles B. Beck

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139486365

Category: Science

Page: N.A

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A plant anatomy textbook unlike any other on the market today. Carol A. Peterson described the first edition as 'the best book on the subject of plant anatomy since the texts of Esau'. Traditional plant anatomy texts include primarily descriptive aspects of structure, this book not only provides a comprehensive coverage of plant structure, but also introduces aspects of the mechanisms of development, especially the genetic and hormonal controls, and the roles of plasmodesmata and the cytoskeleton. The evolution of plant structure and the relationship between structure and function are also discussed throughout. Includes extensive bibliographies at the end of each chapter. It provides students with an introduction to many of the exciting, contemporary areas at the forefront of research in the development of plant structure and prepares them for future roles in teaching and research in plant anatomy.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants

Author: Bob B. Buchanan,Wilhelm Gruissem,Kathleen Vickers,Russell L. Jones

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470714220

Category: Science

Page: 1280

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Since its publication in 2000, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Plants, has been hailed as a major contribution to the plant sciences literature and critical acclaim has been matched by global sales success. Maintaining the scope and focus of the first edition, the second will provide a major update, include much new material and reorganise some chapters to further improve the presentation. This book is meticulously organised and richly illustrated, having over 1,000 full–colour illustrations and 500 photographs. It is divided into five parts covering: Compartments: Cell Reproduction: Energy Flow; Metabolic and Developmental Integration; and Plant Environment and Agriculture. Specific changes to this edition include: Completely revised with over half of the chapters having a major rewrite. Includes two new chapters on signal transduction and responses to pathogens. Restructuring of section on cell reproduction for improved presentation. Dedicated website to include all illustrative material. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Plants holds a unique place in the plant sciences literature as it provides the only comprehensive, authoritative, integrated single volume book in this essential field of study.

Paleobotany and the Evolution of Plants

Author: Wilson Nichols Stewart,Wilson N. Stewart,Gar W. Rothwell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521382946

Category: Medical

Page: 521

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This 1993 textbook describes and explains the origin and evolution of plants as revealed by the fossil record.

Functional Biology of Plants

Author: Martin J. Hodson,John A. Bryant

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119945062

Category: Science

Page: 400

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Functional Biology of Plants provides students and researchers with a clearly written, well structured whole plant physiology text. Early in the text, it provides essential information on molecular and cellular processes so that the reader can understand how they are integrated into the development and function of the plant at whole-plant level. Thus, this beautifully illustrated book, presents a modern, applied integration of whole plant and molecular approaches to the study of plants. It is divided into four parts: Part 1: Genes and Cells, looks at the origins of plants, cell structure, biochemical processes and genes and development. Part 2: The Functioning Plant, describes the structure and function of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seed and fruit development. Part 3: Interactions and Adaptations, examines environmental and biotic stresses and how plants adapt and acclimatise to these conditions. Part 4: Future Directions, illustrates the great importance of plant research by looking at some well chosen, topical examples such as GM crops, biomass and bio-fuels, loss of plant biodiversity and the question of how to feed the planet. Throughout the book there are text boxes to illustrate particular aspects of how humans make use of plants, and a comprehensive glossary proves invaluable to those coming to the subject from other areas of life science.


An Introduction to Plant Biology

Author: James D. Mauseth

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763721343

Category: Science

Page: 848

View: 1272

Biological Sciences

Introduction to plant physiology

Author: William G. Hopkins,Norman P. A. Hüner

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9780471389156

Category: Nature

Page: 560

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Information on chemical background, the cell, plant growth regulators and biochemistry have been integrated into the text where relevant, instead of chapters formally addressing this material. * Emphasis is placed on underlying principles, rather than encyclopedic details. * Epistemology, the how-we-know-what-we-know of plant physiology is also emphasized. * Provides a good balance between traditional plant physiology and modern topics such as photo synthesis, plant biotechnology, and environmental physiology.


Chemistry, Production, Processing, and Utilization

Author: Enrique Martínez-Force,Nurhan T. Dunford,Joaquín J. Salas

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1630670626

Category: Science

Page: 728

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This comprehensive reference delivers key information on all aspects of sunflower. With over 20 chapters, this book provides an extensive review of the latest developments in sunflower genetics, breeding, processing, quality, and utilization; including food, energy and industrial bioproduct applications. World-renowned experts in this field review U.S. and international practices, production, and processing aspects of sunflower. Presents seven chapters on improving sunflower production with insights on breeding and genetics; physiology and agronomy; common insect and bird pests; mutagenesis; and identifying and preventing diseases. Summarizes current knowledge of sunflower oil uses in food, oxididative stability, minor constituents, and lipids biosynthesis. Ideal reference for scientists, researchers, and students from across industry, academia, and government.

Sturkie's Avian Physiology

Author: Colin G. Scanes

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0124072437

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1056

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Sturkie's Avian Physiology is the classic comprehensive single volume on the physiology of domestic as well as wild birds. The Sixth Edition is thoroughly revised and updated, and features several new chapters with entirely new content on such topics as migration, genomics and epigenetics. Chapters throughout have been greatly expanded due to the many recent advances in the field. The text also covers the physiology of flight, reproduction in both male and female birds, and the immunophysiology of birds. The Sixth Edition, like the earlier editions, is a must for anyone interested in comparative physiology, poultry science, veterinary medicine, and related fields. This volume establishes the standard for those who need the latest and best information on the physiology of birds. Includes new chapters on endocrine disruptors, magnetoreception, genomics, proteomics, mitochondria, control of food intake, molting, stress, the avian endocrine system, bone, the metabolic demands of migration, behavior and control of body temperature Features extensively revised chapters on the cardiovascular system, pancreatic hormones, respiration, pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenal gland, muscle, gastro-intestinal physiology, incubation, circadian rhythms, annual cycles, flight, the avian immune system, embryo physiology and control of calcium. Stands out as the only comprehensive, single volume devoted to bird physiology Offers a full consideration of both blood and avian metabolism on the companion website ( 9780124071605). Tables feature hematological and serum biochemical parameters together with circulating concentrations of glucose in more than 200 different species of wild birds

Principles of Plant Nutrition

Author: Konrad Mengel,Ernest A. Kirkby

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401010099

Category: Science

Page: 849

View: 5293

This is the 5th edition of a well-established book Principles of Plant Nutrition which was first published in 1978. The same format is maintained as in previous editions with the primary aim of the authors to consider major processes in soils and plants that are of relevance to plant nutrition.This new edition gives an up-to-date account of the scientific advances of the subject by making reference to about 2000 publications. An outstanding feature of the book, which distinguishes it from others, is its wide approach encompassing not only basic nutrition and physiology, but also practical aspects of plant nutrition involving fertilizer usage and crop production of direct importance to human nutrition. Recognizing the international readership of the book, the authors, as in previous editions, have attempted to write in a clear concise style of English for the benefit of the many readers for whom English is not their mother tongue. The book will be of use to undergraduates and postgraduates in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and Ecology as well as those researching in Plant Nutrition.


Science for Life, with Physiology

Author: Colleen M. Belk,Virginia Borden Maier

Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780321767837

Category: Science

Page: 720

View: 8879

Coleen Belk and Virginia Borden Maier have helped students demystify biology for nearly twenty years in the classroom and nearly ten years with their book, Biology: Science for Life with Physiology. In the new Fourth Edition, they continue to use stories and current issues, such as discussion of cancer to teach cell division, to connect biology to student's lives. Learning Outcomes are new to this edition and integrated within the book to help professors guide students' reading and to help students assess their understanding of biology. A new Chapter 3, "Is It Possible to Supplement Your Way to Better Health? Nutrients and Membrane Transport," offers an engaging storyline and focused coverage on micro- and macro-nutrients, antioxidants, passive and active transport, and exocytosis and endocytosis. This package contains: Biology: Science for Life with Physiology, Fourth Edition

The Yeasts

A Taxonomic Study

Author: Cletus Kurtzman,J.W. Fell,Teun Boekhout

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080931272

Category: Science

Page: 2354

View: 9731

The Yeasts: A Taxonomic Study is a three-volume book that covers the taxonomic aspect of yeasts. The main goal of this book is to provide important information about the identification of yeasts. It also discusses the growth tests that can be used to identify different species of yeasts, and it examines how the more important species of yeasts provide information for the selection of species needed for biotechnology. • Volume 1 discusses the identification, classification and importance of yeasts in the field of biotechnology. • Volume 2 focuses on the identification and classification of ascomycetous yeasts. • Volume 3 deals with the identification and classification of basidiomycetous yeasts, along with the genus Prototheca. High-quality photomicrographs and line drawings Detailed phylogenetic trees Up-to-date, clearly presented yeast taxonomy and systematic, easy-to-use reference sequence accession numbers to allow for correct identification

Essentials of Medical Physiology

Author: K Sembulingam,Prema Sembulingam

Publisher: JP Medical Ltd

ISBN: 9350259362

Category: Medical

Page: 1080

View: 6802


Author: David W. Lawlor

Publisher: Bios Scientific Pub Limited

ISBN: 9780387916071

Category: Science

Page: 386

View: 2494

Photosynthesis is described here by considering the processes involved throughout the various levels of plants -- cellular, organelle and molecular. It also considers the biochemical events which take place in the photosynthetic system and explains how these determine the psychological characteristics of plant productivity.


Author: David O. Hall,Krishna Rao

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521644976

Category: Science

Page: 214

View: 7889

Explains this fundamental process clearly and concisely for the undergraduate biology student.

University Botany- Iii : (Plant Taxonomy, Plant Embryology, Plant Physiology)

Author: S.M. Reddy

Publisher: New Age International

ISBN: 9788122415476

Category: Angiosperms

Page: 388

View: 8338

University Botany-Iii Is A Comprehensive Text Book For Students Of 3Rd Year B.Sc Botany. The Book Is Written Strictly In Accordance With Revised Common Core Syllabus Adopted By All The Universities In Andhra Pradesh. Every Care Has Been Taken To Present The Subject In A Simple Language And In A Profusely Illustrated Manner For Better Understanding. The Book Is Divided Into Three Parts.Part A Deals With The Morphology, Taxonomy And Economic Importance Of Different Families. It Also Deals With Basic Rules Of Nomenclature And Systems Of Classifications Of Angiosperm Plants. A Brief Account Of Modern Trends In Taxonomy And Basics Of Ethanobotany Are Also Given.Part B Deals With The Reproduction And Development Of Angiosperm Plants. Microsporogenesis And Megasporogenesis And Fertilization Are Discussed In Different Chapters. Brief Description Of Development Of Endosperm And Embryo Formed Sixth Seventh Chapters Respectively. An Introduction To Palynology With Special Reference To A Few Families Is Also Given.Part C Deals With The Plant Water Relations, Mineral Nutrition, Plant Metabolism With Respect To Photosynthesis, Respiration And Nitrogen Metabolism Are Given. Growth And Development Of Angiosperm Plant With Reference To Growth Substances And Light Are Discussed. Fruit Ripening, Seed Dormacy And Germination Also Formed This Part. Plant Life In Relation To Environmental Stress Is Given In Last Part Of This Section.

Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism

Author: Sareen S. Gropper,Jack L. Smith,Timothy P. Carr

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337514217

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 640

View: 1489

Current, comprehensive, and designed to maximize clarity of essential concepts, longtime best-seller ADVANCED NUTRITION AND HUMAN METABOLISM delivers its signature quality content in a student-friendly way. The 7th Edition continues to set the standard through the authors' ability to clearly and accurately explain even the most complex metabolic processes and concepts, while staying at an undergraduate level. It gives students a solid understanding of digestion, absorption, and metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrates; examines the structures and functions of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins -- including their regulatory roles in metabolism; and provides information on vitamin and mineral food sources, recommended intakes, deficiency, and toxicity. With ADVANCED NUTRITION AND HUMAN METABOLISM, 7th Edition, students will be well prepared to continue their studies in the field of nutrition. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Principles of Human Physiology

Author: Cindy L. Stanfield

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 9780134169804


Page: 800

View: 4920

Revision of: Principles of human physiology / William J. Germann, Cindy L. Stanfield. 2002.

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