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Author: Steven Lukes

Publisher: NYU Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 283

View: 962

What is power? Is it, as Betrand Russell suggested, "the production of intended effects", or is it the capacity to produce them? And which effects count? Or is Max Weber's definition of power as "the probability that an actor in a social relationship will be in a position to carry out his own will despite resistance" more accurate. What are the outcomes of power and who holds it? These are some of the fundamental questions answered in this colection of classic views of power. Steven Luke's lucid and accessible introduction on the nature of power leads to pieces by Bertrand Russell, Max Weber, Robert Dahl, Hannah Arendt, Jurgen Habermas, Talcott Parsons, Nicos Polantzas, Alvin I. Goldman, Georg Simmel, J. K. Galbraith, Michel Foucault, Gerhard Lenski and Raymond Aron. The book thus provides students of politics and sociology with all the most important readings in a key area of political theory.

Welfare Theory

An Introduction to the Theoretical Debates in Social Policy

Author: Tony Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education


Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 224

What are the concepts and principles that underpin the design and delivery of social policies? This thoroughly revised edition of a trusted text provides an authoritative introduction to the theoretical framework of social policy. Drawing upon the fields of politics, sociology and philosophy, the book offers analysis of the history and relevance of a range of core concepts such as equality, liberty, citizenship and power. It explores key ideologies of welfare, including Marxism, Feminism and the Radical Right, and presents critical perspectives on the nature of society and class. A stimulating combination of classic debates and recent developments in the field, this edition: Features an entirely new chapter on the growing influences of global justice and environmentalism Includes thought-provoking new 'Questions for Further Discussion' at the end of each chapter Addresses fundamental issues in contemporary society such as social exclusion, social division and the nature of happiness. Written in a down-to-earth and engaging style, this major text is essential introductory reading for all students of Social Policy, as well as for any student of Sociology, Politics or Public Policy seeking to understand what is at stake in welfare policies of the 21st century.

Readings in Classical Political Thought

Author: Peter J. Steinberger

Publisher: Hackett Publishing


Category: Political Science

Page: 625

View: 523

Designed to include all of the texts from Presocratics through Machiavelli likely to be read in an undergraduate course on classical political thought, this anthology has at its core generous selections from Plato and Aristotle. Building on this core is a sufficiently diverse and substantial selection of texts from other writers--including Thucydides and the Sophists--to allow for inquiry into the variety of Classical Greek approaches to politics, as well as into Roman, Medieval and Renaissance developments of the classical tradition. Preeminent translations and the editor's own thoughtful introductions further distinguish this unique anthology.

Identity, power, and change

selected readings in political theory

Author: Michael A. Weinstein



Category: Philosophy

Page: 227

View: 531

Contemporary Social and Political Theory

An Introduction

Author: Fidelma Ashe



Category: Philosophy

Page: 209

View: 740

"...the book is excellent and should do really well. It is well written and comprehensive, and it meets the needs of sociologists." John Scott, University of Essex

Readings in the Philosophy of Technology

Author: David M. Kaplan

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Philosophy

Page: 512

View: 422

Readings in the Philosophy of Technology is a collection of the important works of both the forerunners of philosophy of technology and contemporary theorists, addressing a full range of topics on technology as it relates to ethics, politics, human nautre, computers, science, and the environment.

Princeton Readings in Islamist Thought

Texts and Contexts from Al-Banna to Bin Laden

Author: Roxanne Leslie Euben

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 516

View: 443

An anthology of key primary texts that offer an introduction to Islamist political thought since the early twentieth century.

Readings in Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy

Author: Morris R. Cohen

Publisher: Beard Books


Category: Law

Page: 424

View: 702

Readings in African political thought

Author: Gideon-Cyrus Makau Mutiso

Publisher: Heinemann Educational Publishers


Category: Political Science

Page: 695

View: 273

Kierkegaard's Influence on Social-political Thought

Author: Jon Bartley Stewart

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Social Science

Page: 286

View: 247

Kierkegaard has been traditionally characterized as a Christian writer who placed supreme importance on the inward religious life of each individual believer. His radical view seemed to many to undermine any meaningful conception of the community, society or the state. In recent years, however, scholars have begun to correct this image of Kierkegaard as an apolitical thinker. The present volume attempts to document the use of Kierkegaard by later thinkers in the context of social-political thought. It shows how his ideas have been employed by very different kinds of writers and activists with very different political goals and agendas. Many of the articles show that, although Kierkegaard has been criticized for his reactionary views on some social and political questions, he has been appropriated as a source of insight and inspiration by a number of later thinkers with very progressive, indeed, visionary political views.

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