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Principles of Real Analysis

Author: Charalambos D. Aliprantis,Owen Burkinshaw

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 9780120502578

Category: Mathematics

Page: 415

View: 5307

With the success of its previous editions, Principles of Real Analysis, Third Edition, continues to introduce students to the fundamentals of the theory of measure and functional analysis. In this thorough update, the authors have included a new chapter on Hilbert spaces as well as integrating over 150 new exercises throughout. The new edition covers the basic theory of integration in a clear, well-organized manner, using an imaginative and highly practical synthesis of the "Daniell Method" and the measure theoretic approach. Students will be challenged by the more than 600 exercises contained in the book. Topics are illustrated by many varied examples, and they provide clear connections between real analysis and functional analysis. Gives a unique presentation of integration theory Over 150 new exercises integrated throughout the text Presents a new chapter on Hilbert Spaces Provides a rigorous introduction to measure theory Illustrated with new and varied examples in each chapter Introduces topological ideas in a friendly manner Offers a clear connection between real analysis and functional analysis Includes brief biographies of mathematicians

Principles of Real Analysis

Author: S. C. Malik

Publisher: New Age International

ISBN: 8122422772

Category: Functions of real variables

Page: 388

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Problems in Real Analysis

A Workbook with Solutions

Author: Charalambos D. Aliprantis,Owen Burkinshaw

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780120502530

Category: Mathematics

Page: 403

View: 5990

This volume aims to teach the basic methods of proof and problem-solving by presenting the complete solutions to over 600 problems that appear in the companion "Principles of Real Analysis", 3rd edition.

Reelle und Komplexe Analysis

Author: Walter Rudin

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783486591866

Category: Analysis - Lehrbuch

Page: 499

View: 2358

Besonderen Wert legt Rudin darauf, dem Leser die Zusammenhänge unterschiedlicher Bereiche der Analysis zu vermitteln und so die Grundlage für ein umfassenderes Verständnis zu schaffen. Das Werk zeichnet sich durch seine wissenschaftliche Prägnanz und Genauigkeit aus und hat damit die Entwicklung der modernen Analysis in nachhaltiger Art und Weise beeinflusst. Der "Baby-Rudin" gehört weltweit zu den beliebtesten Lehrbüchern der Analysis und ist in 13 Sprachen übersetzt. 1993 wurde es mit dem renommierten Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition der American Mathematical Society ausgezeichnet. Übersetzt von Uwe Krieg.

Introduction to real analysis

Author: John D. DePree,Charles Swartz

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc


Category: Mathematics

Page: 355

View: 1546

Assuming minimal background on the part of students, this text gradually develops the principles of basic real analysis and presents the background necessary to understand applications used in such disciplines as statistics, operations research, and engineering. The text presents the first elementary exposition of the gauge integral and offers a clear and thorough introduction to real numbers, developing topics in n-dimensions, and functions of several variables. Detailed treatments of Lagrange multipliers and the Kuhn-Tucker Theorem are also presented. The text concludes with coverage of important topics in abstract analysis, including the Stone-Weierstrass Theorem and the Banach Contraction Principle.

Real and Abstract Analysis

A modern treatment of the theory of functions of a real variable

Author: Edwin Hewitt,Karl Stromberg

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662297949

Category: Mathematics

Page: 476

View: 3029

Principles of Analysis

Measure, Integration, Functional Analysis, and Applications

Author: Hugo D. Junghenn

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1498773303

Category: Mathematics

Page: 520

View: 7129

Principles of Analysis: Measure, Integration, Functional Analysis, and Applications prepares readers taking advanced courses in analysis, probability, harmonic analysis, and applied mathematics at the doctoral level. It is also designed so that the reader or instructor may select topics suitable to their needs. The author presents the text in a clear and straightforward manner for the readers’ benefit. At the same time, the text is a thorough and rigorous examination of the essentials of measure, integration and functional analysis.

Principles of Mathematical Analysis

Author: Walter Rudin

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780070856134

Category: Mathematics

Page: 342

View: 6607

The third edition of this well known text continues to provide a solid foundation in mathematical analysis for undergraduate and first-year graduate students. The text begins with a discussion of the real number system as a complete ordered field. (Dedekind's construction is now treated in an appendix to Chapter I.) The topological background needed for the development of convergence, continuity, differentiation and integration is provided in Chapter 2. There is a new section on the gamma function, and many new and interesting exercises are included. This text is part of the Walter Rudin Student Series in Advanced Mathematics.

Real Analysis and Applications

Theory in Practice

Author: Kenneth R. Davidson,Allan P. Donsig

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387980989

Category: Mathematics

Page: 513

View: 4540

This new approach to real analysis stresses the use of the subject with respect to applications, i.e., how the principles and theory of real analysis can be applied in a variety of settings in subjects ranging from Fourier series and polynomial approximation to discrete dynamical systems and nonlinear optimization. Users will be prepared for more intensive work in each topic through these applications and their accompanying exercises. This book is appropriate for math enthusiasts with a prior knowledge of both calculus and linear algebra.

A Basic Course in Real Analysis

Author: Ajit Kumar,S. Kumaresan

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 148221637X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 322

View: 6575

Based on the authors’ combined 35 years of experience in teaching, A Basic Course in Real Analysis introduces students to the aspects of real analysis in a friendly way. The authors offer insights into the way a typical mathematician works observing patterns, conducting experiments by means of looking at or creating examples, trying to understand the underlying principles, and coming up with guesses or conjectures and then proving them rigorously based on his or her explorations. With more than 100 pictures, the book creates interest in real analysis by encouraging students to think geometrically. Each difficult proof is prefaced by a strategy and explanation of how the strategy is translated into rigorous and precise proofs. The authors then explain the mystery and role of inequalities in analysis to train students to arrive at estimates that will be useful for proofs. They highlight the role of the least upper bound property of real numbers, which underlies all crucial results in real analysis. In addition, the book demonstrates analysis as a qualitative as well as quantitative study of functions, exposing students to arguments that fall under hard analysis. Although there are many books available on this subject, students often find it difficult to learn the essence of analysis on their own or after going through a course on real analysis. Written in a conversational tone, this book explains the hows and whys of real analysis and provides guidance that makes readers think at every stage.

Real Analysis: Principles and Applications, An Arabic Text

Author: Lahcene Abdallah Bachioua


ISBN: 1105592677


Page: N.A

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Elements of Real Analysis

Author: Herbert S. Gaskill,P. P. Narayanaswami

Publisher: Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780138970673

Category: Mathematics

Page: 501

View: 6888

Comprehensive in coverage, this book explores the principles of logic, the axioms for the real numbers, limits of sequences, limits of functions, differentiation and integration, infinite series, convergence, and uniform convergence for sequences of real-valued functions. Concepts are presented slowly and include the details of calculations as well as substantial explanations as to how and why one proceeds in the given manner. Uses the words WHY? and HOW? throughout; inviting readers to become active participants and to supply a missing argument or a simple calculation. Contains more than 1000 individual exercises. Stresses and reviews elementary algebra and symbol manipulation as essential tools for success at the kind of computations required in dealing with limiting processes.

Mein Kampf

Author: Adolf Hitler

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781983638206


Page: 822

View: 9525

Published in the German language, this is the infamous Main Kampf, by Adolf Hitler.

Lehrbuch der Analysis

Author: Harro Heuser

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3663013715

Category: Mathematics

Page: 643

View: 5754

Dieses Buch ist der erste Teil eines zweibändigen Werkes über Analysis. Es ist aus Vorlesungen, Übungen und Seminaren erwachsen, die ich mehrfach an den Universitäten Mainz und Karlsruhe gehalten habe, und so angelegt, daß es auch zum Selbststudium dienen kann. Ich widerstehe der Versuchung, dem Studenten, der jetzt dieses Vorwort liest, ausführlich die Themen zu beschreiben, die ihn erwarten; denn dazu müßte ich Worte gebrauchen, die er doch erst nach der Lektüre des Buches verstehen kann - nach der Lektüre aber sollte er selbst wissen, was gespielt worden ist. Den Kenner hingegen wird ein Blick auf das Inhaltsverzeichnis und ein rasches Durchblättern ausreichend orientieren. Dennoch halte ich es für möglich, anknüpfend an Schulkenntnisse und Alltagser fahrung auch dem Anfänger verständlich zu machen, was der rote Faden ist, der dieses Buch durchzieht und in welchem Geist es geschrieben wurde und gelesen werden möchte. Der rote Faden, das ständig aufklingende Leitmotiv und energisch vorwärts treibende Hauptproblem ist die Frage, wie man das Änderungsverhalten einer Funktion verstehen, beschreiben und beherrschen kann, schärfer: Welche Be griffe eignen sich am besten dazu, die Änderung einer Funktion "im Kleinen" (also bei geringen Änderungen ihrer unabhängigen Variablen) zu erfassen, was kann man über die Funktion "im Großen", über ihren Gesamtverlauf sagen, wenn man Kenntnisse über ihr Verhalten "im Kleinen" hat, geben uns diese Kenntnisse vielleicht sogar die Funktion gänzlich in die Hand odq besser: Wie tief müssen diese "lokalen Kenntnisse" gehen, um uns die Funktion "global"

Differentialgeometrie von Kurven und Flächen

Author: Manfredo P. do Carmo

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322850722

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 263

View: 2298

Inhalt: Kurven - Reguläre Flächen - Die Geometrie der Gauß-Abbildung - Die innere Geometrie von Flächen - Anhang

Analysis 2

Differentialrechnung im Rn, gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen

Author: Otto Forster

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322919080

Category: Mathematics

Page: 164

View: 899

Der vorliegende Band stellt den zweiten Teil eines Analysis-Kurses für Studierende der Mathematik und Physik dar. Das erste Kapitel über Differentialrechnung im R^n behandelt nach einer Einführung in die topologischen Grundbegriffe Kurven im R^n, partielle Ableitungen, totale Differenzierbarkeit, Taylorsche Formel, Maxima und Minima von Funktionen mehrerer Veränderlichen, implizite Funktionen und parameterabhängige Integrale. Das zweite Kapitel gibt eine kurze Einführung in die Theorie der gewöhnlichen Differentialgleichungen. Nach dem Beweis des allgemeinen Existenz- und Eindeutigkeitssatzes und der Besprechung der Methode der Trennung der Variablen wird besonders auf die Theorie der linearen Differentialgleichungen eingegangen.

Elements of Real Analysis

Author: Charles G. Denlinger

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449659934

Category: Mathematics

Page: 739

View: 9195

Elementary Real Analysis is a core course in nearly all mathematics departments throughout the world. It enables students to develop a deep understanding of the key concepts of calculus from a mature perspective. Elements of Real Analysis is a student-friendly guide to learning all the important ideas of elementary real analysis, based on the author's many years of experience teaching the subject to typical undergraduate mathematics majors. It avoids the compact style of professional mathematics writing, in favor of a style that feels more comfortable to students encountering the subject for the first time. It presents topics in ways that are most easily understood, yet does not sacrifice rigor or coverage. In using this book, students discover that real analysis is completely deducible from the axioms of the real number system. They learn the powerful techniques of limits of sequences as the primary entry to the concepts of analysis, and see the ubiquitous role sequences play in virtually all later topics. They become comfortable with topological ideas, and see how these concepts help unify the subject. Students encounter many interesting examples, including "pathological" ones, that motivate the subject and help fix the concepts. They develop a unified understanding of limits, continuity, differentiability, Riemann integrability, and infinite series of numbers and functions.

Theorie der reellen Funktionen

Author: Hans Hahn

Publisher: N.A


Category: Functions

Page: N.A

View: 9556

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