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Vertikales Bauen in Europa

Eine soziologische Analyse

Author: Andrea Glauser

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 359350880X


Page: 266

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Sociology in Our Times: The Essentials

Author: Diana Kendall

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337109657

Category: Social Science

Page: 608

View: 5511

Current and relevant to today's students, SOCIOLOGY IN OUR TIMES: THE ESSENTIALS, 11th Edition presents the latest available data and new insights on behaviors, beliefs, issues, and trends in our nation and world from a sociological perspective. The new edition of this bestselling text emphasizes the themes of social change, the effects of social media on communication, and the intertwining nature of politics and social policy in the United States and worldwide. Students contemplate such issues as gun control, prevention of military suicides, environmental activism, and whether employers should be allowed to spy on their employees. New You Can Make a Difference boxes help students learn how to become involved in their communities and the world through such projects as campus kitchens and global networking to fight hunger. First-person accounts of individuals' lived experiences draw students into each chapter by illuminating topics that reflect the text's primary themes. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The New Urban Sociology

Author: Mark Gottdiener,Ray Hutchison,Michael T. Ryan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0813349575

Category: Social Science

Page: 456

View: 6922

Widely recognized as a groundbreaking text, The New Urban Sociology is a broad and expert introduction to urban sociology that is both relevant and accessible to the student. A thought leader in the field, the book is organized around an integrated paradigm—the sociospatial perspective—which considers the role played by social factors such as race, class, gender, lifestyle, economics, culture, and politics on the development of metropolitan areas. Emphasizing the importance of space to social life and real estate to urban development, the book integrates social, ecological and political economy perspectives and research through a fresh theoretical approach. With its unique perspective, concise history of urban life, clear summary of urban social theory, and attention to the impact of culture on urban development, this book gives students a cohesive conceptual framework for understanding cities and urban life. In this thoroughly revised 5th edition, authors Mark Gottdiener, Ray Hutchison, and Michael T. Ryan offer expanded discussions of created cultures, gentrification, and urban tourism, and have incorporated the most recent work in the field throughout the text. The New Urban Sociology is a necessity for all courses on the subject.

Die US-amerikanische Stadt im Wandel

Author: Barbara Hahn

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3642377416

Category: Science

Page: 196

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Die US-amerikanische Stadt ist einem steten Wandel unterworfen. Im Osten und Mittleren Westen waren die meisten Städte als Handelsstädte an Wasserwegen gegründet worden. Zu Zeiten der Industrialisierung erlebten sie einen Aufschwung, und ihr Bevölkerungsmaximum erreichten sie Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts, als aufgrund von Suburbanisierung und Deindustrialisierung ein Bedeutungsrückgang einsetzte. Überall waren Spuren des Verfalls sichtbar, und die Prognosen für die Zukunft waren denkbar schlecht. Dieser Trend scheint gebrochen: Es geht wieder aufwärts mit der US-amerikanischen Stadt. Einem Teil der früheren Industriestädte ist ein Strukturwandel gelungen. Allerdings profitieren nicht alle Städte von dieser positiven Entwicklung, und viele schrumpfen weiter in erschreckendem Ausmaß. Gleichzeitig haben sich die Städte im Süden und Westen des Landes zu neuen Wachstumszentren entwickelt. Unabhängig von Lage und Entwicklungsstand sind in allen Städten ähnliche Prozesse wie Neoliberalisierung, Deregulierung, Privatisierung und Gentrifizierung zu beobachten. In diesem Lehrbuch werden die Charakteristika der US-amerikanischen Stadt und deren Wandel anhand aktueller Beispiele herausgearbeitet. Die Autorin: Barbara Hahn hat an der Universität Würzburg den Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsgeographie und hat den Wandel der US-amerikanischen Stadt seit Mitte der 1980er Jahre im Rahmen vieler Reisen und Forschungsprojekte beobachtet.

Die Lewittowner

Soziographie einer „Schlafstadt“

Author: Herbert J. Gans

Publisher: Birkhäuser

ISBN: 3035601887

Category: Architecture

Page: N.A

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Youth Culture and Private Space

Author: S. Lincoln

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137031085

Category: Social Science

Page: 254

View: 3859

Siân Lincoln considers the use, role and significance of private spaces in the lives of young people. Drawing on extensive ethnographic research, she explores the place of 'the private' in youth cultural discourses, both historically and contemporarily, that until now have remained largely absent in youth cultural research.

Sociological Abstracts

Author: Leo P. Chall

Publisher: N.A


Category: Sociology

Page: N.A

View: 370

CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.

Cornell University Announcements. Courses of Study

Author: Cornell University

Publisher: N.A


Category: Education

Page: N.A

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The Politics of Trade

The Overseas Merchant in State and Society, 1660-1720

Author: Perry Gauci

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191553840

Category: History

Page: 318

View: 9783

This book examines the political and social impact of the English overseas merchant during this key era of state development. Historians have increasingly recognized the significance of this period as one of commercial and political transition, but relatively little thought has been given to the perspective of the overseas traders, whose activities transended these dynamic arenas. Analsis of the role of merchants in public life highlights their important contribution to England's rise as a commercial power of the first rank, and illuminates the fundamerntal political changes of the time. Case-studies of London, Liverpool, and York reveal the intricate workings of mercantile politics, while studies of the press and Parliament illustrate the increasing prominence of the trader on the national stage. The author's pioneering approach shows how crucial the political accomodation which the merchant class secured with the landed gentry was to the country's success in the eighteenth century.

Time, Media and Modernity

Author: E. Keightley

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137020687

Category: Social Science

Page: 241

View: 9972

A wide ranging, interdisciplinary exploration of media time and mediated temporalities. The chapters explore the diverse ways in which time is articulated by media technologies, the way time is constructed, represented and communicated in cultural texts, and how it is experienced in different social contexts and environments.

Shrinking Cities: International research

Author: Philipp Oswalt

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Pub

ISBN: 9783775716826

Category: Architecture

Page: 735

View: 991

Shrinking Cities: Volume 1~ISBN 3-7757-1682-3 U.S. $55.00 / Paperback, 6.75 x 9 in. / 736 pgs / 389 color and 114 b&w. ~Item / February / Architecture A decade ago, the prevailing wisdom was that cities grow, sprawling ever wider...In fact, while city dwellers make up nearly half the world's population, new research by the United Nations and other demographers has shown that for every two cities that are growing, three are shrinking. Some cities that were bustling centers of commerce just a generation ago have become modern-day Pompeiis. --The New York Times

From Foreclosure to Fair Lending

Advocacy, Organizing, Occupy, and the Pursuit of Equitable Credit

Author: Chester Hartman,Gregory D. Squires

Publisher: New Village Press

ISBN: 1613320140

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

View: 8225

Well-known fair housing and fair lending activists and organizers examine the implications of the new wave of fair housing activism generated by Occupy Wall Street protests and the many successes achieved in fair housing and fair lending over the years. The book reveals the limitations of advocacy efforts and the challenges that remain. Best directions for future action are brought to light by staff of fair housing organizations, fair housing attorneys, community and labor organizers, and scholars who have researched social justice organizing and advocacy movements. The book is written for general interest and academic audiences. Contributors address the foreclosure crisis, access to credit in a changing marketplace, and the immoral hazards of big banks. They examine opportunities in collective bargaining available to homeowners and how low-income and minority households were denied access to historically low home prices and interest rates. Authors question the effectiveness of litigation to uphold the Fair Housing Act’s promise of nondiscriminatory home loans and ask how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is assuring fair lending. They also look at where immigrants stand, housing as a human right, and methods for building a movement. Chester Hartman is an urban planner, academic, author of more than twenty books, and director of research for the Poverty & Race Research Action Council. Gregory Squires is a professor of sociology, public policy, and public administration at George Washington University and advisor to the John Marshall Law School Fair Housing Legal Support Center.

Handbook of Disaster Research

Author: Havidán Rodríguez,William Donner,Joseph E. Trainor

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331963254X

Category: Social Science

Page: 619

View: 8452

This timely Handbook is based on the principle that disasters are social constructions and focuses on social science disaster research. It provides an interdisciplinary approach to disasters with theoretical, methodological, and practical applications. Attention is given to conceptual issues dealing with the concept "disaster" and to methodological issues relating to research on disasters. These include Geographic Information Systems as a useful research tool and its implications for future research. This seminal work is the first interdisciplinary collection of disaster research as it stands now while outlining how the field will continue to grow.

University of California Union Catalog of Monographs Cataloged by the Nine Campuses from 1963 Through 1967: Authors & titles

Author: University of California, Berkeley. Library,University of California (System). Institute of Library Research,University of California. Library,University of California, Berkeley,University of California, Los Angeles. Library

Publisher: N.A


Category: Catalogs, Union

Page: N.A

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A Brief Introduction with E-Source and PowerWeb

Author: Richard T. Schaefer

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages

ISBN: 9780072485387

Category: Social Science

Page: 576

View: 1704

Three basic premises guide this highly successful introductory text - first that theory and research must be both comprehensive and clear, second that the text must show how sociology is relevant both to the study of society and to students' lives, and third that sociology can play a valuable role in teaching critical thinking skills. To that end, this solid, well-respected text combines a balanced three-perspective approach with excellent student-oriented examples, and distinctive social policy sections in a concise presentation that offers an alternative to full-length books.


Author: John J. Macionis,Linda M. (Linda Marie) Gerber

Publisher: Scarborough, Ont. : Prentice Hall Allyn and Bacon Canada

ISBN: 9780130274137

Category: Sociology

Page: 656

View: 5117

Men in the Middle

Searching for Masculinity in the 1950s

Author: James Gilbert

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226293240

Category: History

Page: 269

View: 3164

While the 1950s have been popularly portrayed-on television and in the movies and literature-as a conformist and conservative age, the decade is better understood as a revolutionary time for politics, economy, mass media, and family life. Magazines, films, newspapers, and television of the day scrutinized every aspect of this changing society, paying special attention to the lifestyles of the middle-class men and their families who were moving to the suburbs newly springing up outside American cities. Much of this attention focused on issues of masculinity, both to enforce accepted ideas and to understand serious departures from the norm. Neither a period of "male crisis" nor yet a time of free experimentation, the decade was marked by contradiction and a wide spectrum of role models. This was, in short, the age of Tennessee Williams as well as John Wayne. In Men in the Middle, James Gilbert uncovers a fascinating and extensive body of literature that confronts the problems and possibilities of expressing masculinity in the 1950s. Drawing on the biographies of men who explored manhood either in their writings or in their public personas, Gilbert examines the stories of several of the most important figures of the day-revivalist Billy Graham, playwright Tennessee Williams, sociologist David Riesman, sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, Playboy literary editor Auguste Comte Spectorsky, and TV-sitcom dad Ozzie Nelson-and allows us to see beyond the inherited stereotypes of the time. Each of these stories, in Gilbert's hands, adds crucial dimensions to our understanding of masculinity the 1950s. No longer will this era be seen solely in terms of the conformist man in the gray flannel suit or the Marlboro Man.

Current Index to Journals in Education


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Education

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Fathers and Mothers: Dilemmas of the Work-Life Balance

A Comparative Study in Four European Countries

Author: Margret Fine-Davis,Jeanne Fagnani,Dino Giovannini,Lis Højgaard,Hilary Clarke

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402018480

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

View: 6553

At the risk of sounding frivolous, there is a good case to be made for the argument that women constitute the revolutionary force behind contemporary social and economic transformation. It is in large part the changing role of women that explains the new household structure, our altered demographic behaviour, the growth of the service economy and, as a consequence, the new dilemmas that the advanced societies face. Most European countries have failed to adapt adequately to the novel challenges and the result is an increasingly serious disequilibrium. Women explicitly desire economic independence and the societal collective, too, needs to maximise female employment. And yet, this runs up against severe incompatibility problems that then result in very low birth rates. Our aging societies need more kids, yet fertility levels are often only half of what citizens define as their desired number of children. No matter what happens in the next decade, we are doomed to have exceedingly small cohorts that, in turn, must shoulder the massive burden of supporting a retired baby-boom generation. Hence it is tantamount that tomorrow’s adults be maximally productive and, yet, the typical EU member state invests very little in its children and families.

Disaster Resiliency

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Author: Naim Kapucu,Christopher V. Hawkins,Fernando I. Rivera

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136239952

Category: Political Science

Page: 436

View: 3994

Natural disasters in recent years have brought the study of disaster resiliency to the forefront. The importance of community preparedness and sustainability has been underscored by such calamities as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Japanese tsunami in 2011. Natural disasters will inevitably continue to occur, but by understanding the concept of resiliency as well as the factors that lead to it, communities can minimize their vulnerabilities and increase their resilience. In this volume, editors Naim Kapucu, Christopher V. Hawkins, and Fernando I. Rivera gather an impressive array of scholars to provide a much needed re-think to the topic disaster resiliency. Previous research on the subject has mainly focused on case studies, but this book offers a more systematic and empirical assessment of resiliency, while at the same time delving into new areas of exploration, including vulnerabilities of mobile home parks, the importance of asset mapping, and the differences between rural and urban locations. Employing a variety of statistical techniques and applying these to disasters in the United States and worldwide, this book examines resiliency through comparative methods which examine public management and policy, community planning and development, and, on the individual level, the ways in which culture, socio-economic status, and social networks contribute to resiliency. The analyses drawn will lead to the development of strategies for community preparation, response, and recovery to natural disasters. Combining the concept of resiliency, the factors that most account for the resiliency of communities, and the various policies and government operations that can be developed to increase the sustainability of communities in face of disasters, the editors and contributors have assembled an essential resource to scholars in emergency planning, management, and policy, as well as upper-level students studying disaster management and policy.

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