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Making rag rugs

15 step-by-step projects

Author: Clare Hubbard

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 9781580174558

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 80

View: 1469

Creating a beautiful throw rug from scraps is easy enough for anyone to master. Making Rag Rugs, a collection of 15 original designs from a variety of talented rug crafters, suits the skills of any crafter, from the rawest beginner to the most sophisticated talent. This book shows how to utilize such simple recycled ingredients as leftover fabric, old clothes, and household textiles to create these beloved and time-honored rugs. The techniques are easy to learn, the cost is minimal, and very little special equipment is needed. Each project is accompanied by a detailed "what you will need" list, step-by-step instructions with color illustrations and full-color photographs of the whole rug, and close-up detail that brings the projects to life and makes them easy to achieve. Specification boxes detail the size of the rug and the technique used. The designs in this book are contemporary and fun. The Retro Flower Rug is inspired by the classic flower shapes used by Andy Warhol and Mary Quant in the 1960s. Lavender Field is made from soft woolen blankets dyed in shades of green and mauve to represent lavender flowers, foliage, and surrounding fields. Lavender buds are even sewn into the lining to gently scent the room. A wonderfully rustic Braided Woolly Rug is made from cream and white blankets and black and gray coat and skirt fabrics. All of the basics are covered - from preparing the rags to finishing, cleaning, and caring for the completed rugs. Once crafters have mastered the techniques of hooking, prodding, braiding, and weaving, the next step is to design their own rugs.

Rag Rugs

16 Easy Crochet Projects to Make with Strips of Fabric

Author: Suzanne McNeill

Publisher: Design Originals

ISBN: 9781574219180

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 48

View: 4496

Provides instructions for making decorative rugs from cotton or cotton/polyester fabric using a size Q crochet hook, including square, rectangular, hexagonal, round, oval, and heart-shaped designs.

The Art of Rug Making - Learning How to Make Rugs

Author: Dueep Jyot Singh,John Davidson

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books

ISBN: 1311287442

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 65

View: 418

Table of Contents Introduction Tools Required Latch Rug Hooking Frames --Precut wool Locker Needle Hooking Pile Rug Making Rugs with Rug Guns Punching needles and other tools Rug Weaving Rag Rugs with Recycled Scraps --Using a Shaggy Rug Tool Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction I was just browsing through my own personal library, looking at all the vintage craft books, but I did not find a book with instructions on how to make rugs. I could make Victorian crochet doilies, knitted mittens, scarfs, some articles of clothing called fascinators, and even socks and knickerbockers, but what about rugs? It is only later that I found out that according to the Victorians rug making was not considered to be a genteel occupation, which could be indulged in by the daughters and wives of gentlemen. These languishing ladies would sit in front of the embroidery frame, plying a needle, while dining of strawberries and cream, no doubt, while rug making was done by people of lower social strata. Nevertheless, we are fortunate that we have stopped thinking of such idiotic considerations in order to make rugs. So this book is going to tell you all about the art of rug making, and you are going to let your creativity loose in making these amazingly beautiful items for your home.

Rag Crafts

25 Contemporary Projects Shown Step by Step

Author: Lizzie Reakes

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780754830047

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 96

View: 5714

The ultimate in thrift crafts, rag rugwork is enjoying a timely revival with the interest in recycling materiels to produces something new, beautiful and useful. The textile materials are cheap or free, the techniques simple to grasp, and the only equipment needed to get started is a simple frame to hold the backing material and a hook. This book illustrates the work being produced by contemporary craft artists, and shows how to create 25 beautiful and varied projects. These include cushions, accessories, a teacosy and matching eggcosies, a hat and a bag, as well as many rugs and wall hangings. A techniques section explains how to use a range of materials, from old woollen blankets and dress fabrics to shiny candy wrappers. Whatever you decide to make, this book will help you turn your rags into riches.

Rag Rug Creations

An exploration of colour and surface

Author: Lynne Stein

Publisher: Bloomsbury Visual Arts

ISBN: 9781408157565

Category: Design

Page: 128

View: 5608

Rag rugs have been around for centuries, but never has there been such a wealth of creative possibilities available using traditional rug techniques. Rugs are only the beginning! In Rag Rug Creations, you will discover a huge range of applications for this basic technique, such as wall hangings, bags, cushions and accessories, to name a few. This book reveals all the techniques and possibilities open to you using only a minimum of specialist tools, and a wide range of materials, including recycled and found objects, which makes this craft affordable as well as enjoyable. Every part of the process is covered in Rag Rug Creations, from planning and designing to hooking and prodding; plus instructions on additional decorative techniques such as felting, heat-bonding and fleece-carving. Armed with this book and a rug hook, you'll be producing rag rug creations in no time.

Rag Rug Making

Author: Jenni Stuart-Anderson

Publisher: Traplet Publications Limited

ISBN: 9781900371537

Category: Rag rugs

Page: 124

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More Rag Rugs

& Recycled Textile Projects

Author: Jenni Stuart-Anderson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781907712074

Category: Rag rugs

Page: 114

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Handmade Home

Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures

Author: Amanda Blake Soule

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9780834821064

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 192

View: 2472

For many of us, our home is the center of our life. It is the place where our families meet and mingle, where we share our meals and share our dreams. So much more than just a space to live, our homes offer us a place of comfort, nourishment, and love for us and for our children. In Handmade Home, Amanda Blake Soule, author of The Creative Family and the blog, offers simple sewing and craft projects for the home that reflect the needs, activities, and personalities of today’s families. As Amanda writes in the introduction, "As a crafter, I’m always looking for the next thing I want to make. As a mama, I’m always looking for the next thing we need—to do, to have, to use—as a family. The coming together of these parts is where the heart of Handmade Home lies." Filled with thirty-three projects made by reusing and repurposing materials, all of the items here offer a practical use in the home. From picnic blankets made out of repurposed bed sheets to curtains made out of vintage handkerchiefs, these projects express the sense of making something new out of something old as a way to live a more financially pared-down and simple life; lessen our impact on the earth; connect to the past and preserve a more traditional way of life; and place value on the work of the hands. Also included are projects that children can help with, allowing them to make their own special contribution to the family home. More than just a collection of projects for handmade items, this book offers the tools to create a life—and home—full of beauty, integrity, and joy. Projects include: • Papa’s Healing Cozy: This hot water bottle cover becomes a simple way to offer comfort to a sick child • Baby Sling: A simple pattern for an object that offers so much to a small child—refuge from the world and a place to lay their head next to a parent’s heart • Beach Blanket To-Go: Repurpose old sheets to create the perfect picnic blanket for special outdoor meals • Cozy Wall Pockets: A creative solution for storing a child’s small treasures Pattern templates for Handmade Home

Scrappy Hooked Rugs

Making the Most of the Wool in Your Stash

Author: Bea Brock

Publisher: Ampry Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 0811760022

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 6876

Finally--a book on how to use up odds and ends, those pieces of wool leftover from other projects. Colorful and contemporary, Scrappy Hooked Rugs guides rug hookers toward color planning and beautiful projects. • Stash-busting ideas for hooked rugs • Stash-happy color planning made easy • Contemporary scrappy rugs from the experts • Free scrappy rug patterns

Country Rag Crafts

Author: Sue Reeves

Publisher: David & Charles Publishers

ISBN: 9780715302903

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 120

View: 546

Provides step-by-step instructions on how to make fifty projects from leftover fabric including rag rugs, jewelry, home furnishings, and greeting cards.

Twined Rag Rugs

Tradition in the Making

Author: Bobbie Irwin

Publisher: Krause Publications Incorporated


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 8905

Twined rag rugs are currently undergoing a world-wide revival due to the thousands of people who are rediscovering the traditional handwork of their ancestors. Crafters of all ages and skill levels can enjoy this inexpensive, simple techniques; young children learn it easily and the elderly benefit from increased manual dexterity as well as the rhythmic relaxation of the twining. And the result is an incredibly durable heirloom that can be passed through generations. This book introduces numerous pattern and equipment options with step-by-step diagrams and photographs for nine samplers. Also included are complete instructions for building basic equipment, ten rug projects, and tips for designing heirloom rugs.

Latch-hooking Rugs

Author: Lynda Spiro

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812220438

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

View: 2377

Latch hooking is one of the rare fiber arts that combines ease and flexibility. This yarn craft takes just minutes to learn, and the only materials required are a latch hook, yarn, and latch canvas. Despite its simplicity, the medium offers endless possibilities from home decoration to provocative artwork. Until now, latch hooking has become stuck in deep shag kitsch. But in Latch-hooking Rugs, artist and educator Lynda Spiro takes the craft beyond its acrylic past. Thanks to Spiro's new book, there is no need to be limited by the dated designs found in most commercial latch hook kits. Latch-hooking Rugs teaches the basic techniques of the craft through supportive step-by-step directions, color illustrations, and vibrant photographs. The handbook also contains instructions for more than thirty different rug and wall-hanging projects, from bold stripes and checks to floral motifs to three-dimensional effects, all presented in colorways that complement today's decor. For latch-hookers who wish to create their own unique works, Spiro includes a chapter on design and inspiration. She even offers instruction on ways to use leftover yarn. With more than 100 color illustrations and dozens of contemporary designs, Latch-hooking Rugs revives the meditative craft of latch hooking for today's crafter.

Hook, Loop 'n' Lock

Create Fun and Easy Locker Hooked Projects

Author: Theresa Pulido

Publisher: Krause Publications

ISBN: 9781600611292

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 9752

Create Fun and Easy Locker Hooked Projects Go "loopy" for locker hooking—a fun, easy-to-learn method for turning strips of fabric or yarn into fabulous home decor, stylish fashion accessories and one-of-a-kind gifts. In this book, traditional locker hooking breaks out of its homespun country image, showing that it can be bold, modern, wild, whimsical ... whatever you want it to be! You'll be "hooked" once you see the fabulous projects inside—from super-simple candy-stripe coasters and funky placemats, to retro-chic bags, exquisite luminaries and custom cozies for your cell phone, digital camera or mp3 player. Look inside for: 31 original projects from various artists, complete with patterns and step-by-step instructions a diverse combination of techniques, textures and materials—ribbons, beads and snazzy fibers, silk, mohair, wool ... even recycled plastic bags! everything a beginner needs to know for happy results, from basic supplies to finishing techniques Recreate a project as-is, or alter colors and patterns to suit your style. Once you've got the basics down, there's nothing stopping you from creating your own original rugs, pillows, wall-hangings and more!

Easy Quilting with Denim

Author: Pearl Louise Krush

Publisher: DRG Wholesale

ISBN: 9781592170296

Category: Quilting

Page: 64

View: 3612

Denim! Dutiful, durable, dressed-up and delightful denim! Every day we wear or see someone else wear or use a product that is constructed of this strong, comfortable fabric. Full of easy-to-make projects. Machine sewing is necessary to pull the projects together, but handwork is also included to add a touch of whimsical design.

Rug Making

How Anyone Can Hook a Carpet

Author: Senda Eiko,Lena Dyrdal Andersen

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781505681000

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 56

View: 8194

Written by Senda Eiko this book is based on the concept of self-teaching and instructional practices. It envisages the making of rugs using the method of rug hooking. Being a teacher, the writer walks you through the fundamentals of cushion, tapestry and doormat. It shows the making of rugs using the Danella Hooking Tool, a hand driven sewing machine for hooking rugs and decorative items. In addition, she has provided you with a number of relevant interesting essays, plus a bonus of 12 different hooking patterns for your personal use. Other names for the tool is: Danella Carpet Needle and Aladdin Carpet Needle. For a video presentation, see this link: https: // Where to buy the tool? - See www.danella.d

Big Hook Rag Crochet

Author: Lark Crafts,Dedri Uys

Publisher: Lark Books (NC)

ISBN: 9781454709251

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

View: 4035

Have fun with a craft that s quick, easy, and eco-friendly! This great new crochet style uses a large hook plus fabric strips from unwanted garments or a stash of leftovers. The result: a stiff, sturdy, textured weave that s ideal for home accessories, garments, and bags. Crochet cozy slippers, rugs, blankets, cushions, baskets, and more. These crafty creations are durable and pretty!"

Crocheting Rugs

40 Traditional, Contemporary, Innovative Designs

Author: Nola A. Heidbreder,Linda Pietz

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 0811714659

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 8888

Turn your crochet talents--and hook--toward home to create decorative works of art for your floors. • Showcases a variety of styles and techniques, from traditional patterns to contemporary looks for the modern home • 40 projects range from quick and easy to more challenging and complex • Includes creative techniques for flat and shaggy rugs

The Glass Castle

A Memoir

Author: Jeannette Walls

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439156964

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 5549

The child of an alcoholic father and an eccentric artist mother discusses her family's nomadic upbringing, during which she and her siblings fended for themselves while their parents outmaneuvered bill collectors and the authorities.

Locking Loops

Unique Locker Hooking Handcrafts to Wear and Give

Author: Theresa Pulido

Publisher: Krause Publications

ISBN: 9781440215810

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 2145

Get hooked on color, texture and design! Theresa Pulido introduced her fresh, colorful take on locker hooking in her first book, Hook, Loop & Lock, and in Locking Loops she's back with even more fabulous, original locker hooking projects. Whether you are already a fan of locker hooking or new to it, you're sure to find inspiration in these pages. Locking Loops features new techniques, stunning projects and exciting new materials for locker hooking. Try your hand at these new designs for gifts, accessories and home décor. Every project can be customized to fit your unique sense of style. In Locking Loops you will find: 30 projects including rugs, pillows, tableware, baskets, bags and wearables like a belt, brooch, bracelet and more. Color stitching charts and step-by-step instructions to make each project a breeze. An in-depth technique section with an exciting new technique, ruched frames, which displays fabric beautifully. If you've been looking for new ways to use up the fabric, yarn and ribbon in your craft stash, locker hooking may be for you. And if you love projects bursting with color and texture, Locking Loops is definitely for you! Locker hook your way to a beautiful new project today.

Weaving Rag Rugs

Author: Tom Knisely

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 0811758672

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

View: 3063

Every weaver weaves a rag rug--or two, or three. In this long-awaited book, well-known weaver and teacher Tom Knisely shares his knowledge and expertise in this collection of favorite rag rug patterns.

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