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Retreat and its Consequences

American Foreign Policy and the Problem of World Order

Author: Robert J. Lieber

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 204

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What are the consequences of retreat and retrenchment in foreign policy? In recent years, America has pulled back from its long-time role of international leadership. In doing so the Obama administration has sought to conciliate adversaries, shown indifference to allies; called upon the international community to step in; proclaimed and then disavowed 'red lines'; and preferred to lead from behind in the face of catastrophic civil war in Syria, ISIS barbarism in the Middle East and North Africa, Russia's predatory behavior in Eastern Europe, and China's muscle-flexing in East Asia. The consequences of this 'realist' experiment have been costly and painful, and it has caused the US to lose credibility with friends and foes. America retains the capacity to lead, but unless it resumes a more robust role, the world is likely to become a more dangerous place, with mounting threats not only to regional stability and international order, but to the national interests of America itself.

The Decline of the Third Republic, 1914-1938

Author: Philippe Bernard

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History

Page: 358

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This book, the fifth in the series 'The Cambridge History of Modern France', provides a detailed account of the Third Republic between the outbreak of the First World War and the fall of Blum's ministry soon after Hitler's invasion and annexation of Austria in 1938. Following the trauma of the War, France slipped first into an 'era of illusions' in which the pre-war world was to be reconstructed from the spoils of victory, later taking a more realistic stance in the comparative 'prosperity' of the 1920s. But France could not be entirely rid of the illusion of her power in the world, nor of the illusions of social and political harmony. Deep social and economic divisions began to separate different classes and ways of life, which were widened by the year of the slump. The triumph of Lon Blum and the Front Populaire in 1936, against a background of intellectual brilliance but profound economic and social problems, was short-lived because of its economic ineffectiveness and eventually gave way to Daladier's conservatively based ministry. By that time, however, Hitler's territorial advances in Europe began to unite political opinion against a common enemy who was soon to put France's political and economic 'stability' to the test.

The Retreat from marriage

causes and consequences

Author: Bryce J. Christensen

Publisher: Univ Pr of Amer


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 170

View: 660

This study examines the social and cultural forces making marriage increasingly rare and fragile in the contemporary world. Four essays, together with an edited summary of debate among leading researchers, help define the historical significance of current trends in family life in America. Drawing from sociological statistics, historical research, literary criticism, and philosophic reflection, this book offers a wide-ranging exploration of marital trends.

The Religious Retreat of Isotta Nogarola (1418-1466)

Sexism and Its Consequences in the Fifteenth Century

Author: Margaret L. King



Category: Sexism

Page: 16

View: 350

The Life of Arthur Marquis and Earl of Wellington. With Copious Details and Delineations, Historical, Political and Military, Including Numerous Professional Anecdotes

Author: Francis-L ..... Clarke





View: 974

The Chinese State's Retreat from Health

Policy and the Politics of Retrenchment

Author: Jane Duckett

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 160

View: 136

Over the post-Mao period, the Chinese state has radically cut back its role in funding health services and insuring its citizens against the costs of ill health. Using an analytical framework drawn from studies of state retrenchment in industrialized democracies and in post-communist Eastern Europe, Jane Duckett argues that the state’s retreat from health in China was not a simple consequence of economic policies and market reform. Just as important were the influences of health policies, reform era political institutions, communist party ideology, and bureaucratic stakeholders. Through her analysis, Duckett maintains that by studying retrenchment in China, the world’s most populous nation and now a major global economic power, we can better understand international transformations in the role of the state, and the politics that shape that role. The Chinese State’s Retreat from Health both extends research on retrenchment politics to a major authoritarian state and contributes to piecing together understanding of the Chinese state’s changing role across the economy and other social policies, including housing and education. It will be of interest to students and scholars of Chinese politics, social policy and the Chinese health care system, as well as to those with a comparative interest in health, welfare states and the politics of retrenchment. Jane Duckett is Professor of Chinese and Comparative Politics at the University of Glasgow, UK.

Global Neoliberalism and Education and Its Consequences

Author: Dave Hill

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 282

View: 256

In this groundbreaking critique of neoliberalism in schooling and education, an international cast of education policy analysts, educational activists and scholars deftly analyze the ideologies underlying the global, national and local neoliberalisation of schooling and education. The thrilling scholarship that makes up Global Neoliberalism and Education and its Consequences exposes the machinations, agenda and impacts of the privatising and 'merchandisation' of education by the World Bank, the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), biased think tanks, global and national corporations and capital, and the full political spectrum of Neoliberal governments. Including such topics as the increasing polarization of racialized and gendered social classes as a consequence of neoliberal policies, the role and shape of markets and education in the era of globalised Capitalism, the effects of the profit motive in higher education, the impact of the Heritage Foundation in the USA, and even a critical evaluation of education in Cuba--readers are sure to find startling insight and provocative arguments throughout Global Neoliberalism and Education and its Consequences.

Contemporary American Trauma Narratives

Author: Alan Gibbs

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 264

View: 197

This book looks at the way writers present the effects of trauma in their work. It explores narrative devices, such as 'metafiction', as well as events in contemporary America, including 9/11, the Iraq War, and reactions to the Bush administration.

The Life of His Grace Arthur, Duke, Marquis, and Earl of Wellington ...

With Copious Details and Delineations Historical, Political, and Military, of the Various Important Services in which He Has Been Engaged ... Including Numerous Interesting Professional Anecdotes ...

Author: Francis L. Clarke





View: 672

A Spiritual Retreat of Eight Days

Author: Martin John Spalding



Category: Meditations

Page: 307

View: 891

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