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Shell Scripting

How to Automate Command Line Tasks Using Bash Scripting and Shell Programming

Author: Jaosn Cannon

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781517380434


Page: 98

View: 5724

Shell Scripting Made Easy If you want to learn how to write shell scripts like a pro, solve real-world problems, or automate repetitive and complex tasks, read on. Hello. My name is Jason Cannon and I'm the author of Linux for Beginners, Python Programming for Beginners, and an instructor to thousands of satisfied students. I started my IT career in the late 1990's as a Unix and Linux System Engineer and I'll be sharing my real-world shell scripting and bash programming experience with you throughout this book. By the end of this book you will be able to create shell scripts with ease. You'll learn how to take tedious and repetitive tasks and turn them into programs that will save you time and simplify your life on Linux, Unix, or MAC systems. Here is what you will get and learn by reading this Shell Scripting book: A step-by-step process of writing shell scripts that solve real-world problems. The #1 thing you must do every time you create a shell script. How to quickly find and fix the most shell scripting errors. How to accept input from a user and then make decisions on that input. How to accept and process command line arguments. What special variables are available, how to use them in your shell scripts, and when to do so. A shell script creation check list -- You'll never have to guess what to include in each of your shell scripts again. Just use this simple check list. A shell script template (boilerplate). Use this format for each of your shell scripts. It shows exactly what to include and where everything goes. Eliminate guesswork! Practice exercises with solutions so you can start using what you learn right away. Real-world examples of shell scripts from my personal collection. A download that contains the scripts used in the book and lessons. You'll be able to look at and experiment with everything you're learning. Learn to Program Using Any Shell Scirpting Language What you learn in this book can be applied to any shell, however the focus is on the bash shell and you'll learn some really advanced bash features. Again, whether you're using bash, bourne (sh), KornShell (ksh), C shell (csh), Z shell (zsh), or even the tcsh shell, you'll be able to put what you learn in this book to good use. Perfect for Linux, Unix, Mac and More! Also, you'll be able to use these scripts on any Linux environment including Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, RedHat, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Slackware, Kali Linux and more. You're scripts will even run on other operating systems such as Apple's Mac OS X, Oracle's Solaris, IBM's AIX, HP's HP-UX, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. Scroll up, click the Buy Now With 1 Click button and get started learning Linux today!

Raffinierte Shell-Scripts

Author: Dave Taylor

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783826615108


Page: 374

View: 9700

Einführung in die bash-Shell

Author: Cameron Newham,Bill Rosenblatt

Publisher: Springer DE

ISBN: 9783897214248

Category: UNIX (Computer file)

Page: 350

View: 1165

Mastering Linux Shell Scripting,

A practical guide to Linux command-line, Bash scripting, and Shell programming, 2nd Edition

Author: Mokhtar Ebrahim,Andrew Mallett

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1788990153

Category: Computers

Page: 284

View: 7357

Master the complexities of Bash shell scripting and unlock the power of shell for your enterprise Key Features Identify high-level steps such as verifying user input Using the command line and conditional statements in creating/executing simple shell scripts Create and edit dynamic shell scripts to manage complex and repetitive tasks Leverage the command-line to bypass GUI and automate common tasks Book Description In this book, you’ll discover everything you need to know to master shell scripting and make informed choices about the elements you employ. Grab your favorite editor and start writing your best Bash scripts step by step. Get to grips with the fundamentals of creating and running a script in normal mode, and in debug mode. Learn about various conditional statements' code snippets, and realize the power of repetition and loops in your shell script. You will also learn to write complex shell scripts. This book will also deep dive into file system administration, directories, and system administration like networking, process management, user authentications, and package installation and regular expressions. Towards the end of the book, you will learn how to use Python as a BASH Scripting alternative. By the end of this book, you will know shell scripts at the snap of your fingers and will be able to automate and communicate with your system with keyboard expressions. What you will learn Make, execute, and debug your first Bash script Create interactive scripts that prompt for user input Foster menu structures for operators with little command-line experience Develop scripts that dynamically edit web configuration files to produce a new virtual host Write scripts that use AWK to search and reports on log files Draft effective scripts using functions as building blocks, reducing maintenance and build time Make informed choices by comparing different script languages such as Python with BASH Who this book is for If you are a Linux administrator or a system administrator and are interested in automating tasks in your daily lives, saving time and effort, this book is for you. Basic shell scripting and command-line experience will be required. Familiarity with the tasks you need to automate will be helpful.

Linux Kurz and Gut (2nd Edition)

Author: Daniel J. Barrett

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 3868994130

Category: Computers

Page: 248

View: 9971

Wenn Sie Linux bei Ihrer alltäglichen Arbeit verwenden, ist diese Kurzreferenz genau das Richtige, denn obwohl die grafischen Linux-Benutzeroberflächen angenehm intuitiv zu benutzen sind, lassen sich viele Aufgaben über die Befehlszeile eleganter und schneller lösen. Diese zweite überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage behandelt distributionsübergreifend: Dateisysteme, Verzeichnisse und Shells Dateierzeugung und -bearbeitung Dateitextmanipulation und Pipelines Backups und externe Speicherung Betrachtung und Steuerung von Prozessen Verwaltung von Benutzerzugängen Benutzer und Administratoren Netzwerkverbindungen Audio und Video Softwareinstallation Programmierung mit Shellskripten

grep kurz & gut

Author: Agnieszka Klus,John Bambenek

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 3868991743

Category: Computers

Page: 88

View: 9276

grep kurz & gut ist die erste deutschsprachige Befehlsreferenz zu grep, dem mächtigen Such- und Filterungswerkzeug unter Unix. Jeder, der sich ausführlich zu den Möglichkeiten, die in grep stecken, informieren möchte, ist mit diesem Buch bestens bedient. Er erfährt, wie viele alltägliche Aufgaben mit grep ausgeführt werden können, von der Mail-Filterung über geschicktes Log-Management bis hin zur Malware-Analyse. Der Befehl grep stellt viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten bereit, Textstrings in einer Datei oder einem Ausgabestream zu finden. Diese Flexibilität macht grep zu einem mächtigen Tool, um das Vorhandensein von Informationen in Dateien zu ermitteln. Im Allgemeinen ist der Befehl grep nur dafür gedacht, Textausgaben oder Textdateien zu durchsuchen. Sie können auch Binärdateien (oder andere Nicht-Textdateien) durchsuchen, aber das Tool ist in dem Fall eingeschränkt. Tricks zum Durchsuchen von Binärdateien mit grep (also die Verwendung von String-Befehlen) werden ebenso in grep kurz & gut aufgezeigt. Sollte der Leser bereits mit der Arbeit mit grep vertraut sein, hilft ihm grep kurz & gut dabei, seine Kenntnisse aufzufrischen und mit grep besonders effizient zu arbeiten. Für grep-Einsteiger ist das vorliegende Buch eine hervorragende Möglichkeit, grep von Grund auf zu lernen und klug anzuwenden.

Mastering Unix Shell Scripting

Bash, Bourne, and Korn Shell Scripting for Programmers, System Administrators, and UNIX Gurus

Author: Randal K. Michael

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118080165

Category: Computers

Page: 1032

View: 8710

UNIX expert Randal K. Michael guides you through every detail of writing shell scripts to automate specific tasks. Each chapter begins with a typical, everyday UNIX challenge, then shows you how to take basic syntax and turn it into a shell scripting solution. Covering Bash, Bourne, and Korn shell scripting, this updated edition provides complete shell scripts plus detailed descriptions of each part. UNIX programmers and system administrators can tailor these to build tools that monitor for specific system events and situations, building solid UNIX shell scripting skills to solve real-world system administration problems.

Shell Programming and Bash Scripting

Ultimate Beginners Guide Book

Author: Robert Collins

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781540637703


Page: 108

View: 7188

This book is an exploration of Shell programming, also referred to as Bash Scripting. It begins by guiding you on how to automate the various tasks in UNIX by using the Shell scripts. The book also guides you on the effective steps on how to write the Shell scripts. In UNIX, we should come up with an effective mechanism for management of file systems and software packages. This book guides you on the effective way to do this in Shell. You are also guided on how to use the various UNIX editors such as the Vim editor, nano, and GNOME. You will learn how to use the various shortcuts provided by these text editors, as well as how to navigate within your file opened in the text editor. Structured commands, which are very common in Shell, are discussed in detail. You will learn how to use such statements for decision-making as well as for looping through your program. You are also guided on how to manipulate your text, as well as how to use regular expressions. In some programs, it is good for you to implement a mechanism for accepting user input and then making a decision based on that input. This book clearly guides you on how to do this in Bash scripting. Command line arguments have also been explored in detail. The following topics are discussed in this book: - Automate Tasks with Simple Script Utilities - Creating Shell Scripts - Manage Filesystems and Software Packages - Work with nano, KDE, and GNOME editors - Structured Commands, Text Manipulation, and Regular Expressions - Keyboard Input - Command Line Arguments

Beginning Shell Scripting

Author: Eric Foster-Johnson,John C. Welch,Micah Anderson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0764597914

Category: Computers

Page: 528

View: 7136

Covering all major platforms-Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows-this guide shows programmers and power users how to customize an operating system, automate commands, and simplify administration tasks using shell scripts Offers complete shell-scripting instructions, robust code examples, and full scripts for OS customization Covers shells as a user interface, basic scripting techniques, script editing and debugging, graphing data, and simplifying administrative tasks In addition to Unix and Linux scripting, the book covers the latest Windows scripting techniques and offers a complete tutorial on Mac OS X scripting, including detailed coverage of mobile file systems, legacy applications, Mac text editors, video captures, and the Mac OS X Open Scripting Architecture

Bash Quick Start Guide

Get up and running with shell scripting with Bash

Author: Tom Ryder

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1789534089

Category: Computers

Page: 186

View: 1239

Learn how to write shell script effectively with Bash, to quickly and easily write powerful scripts to manage processes, automate tasks, and to redirect and filter program input and output in useful and novel ways. Key Features Demystify the Bash command line Write shell scripts safely and effectively Speed up and automate your daily work Book Description Bash and shell script programming is central to using Linux, but it has many peculiar properties that are hard to understand and unfamiliar to many programmers, with a lot of misleading and even risky information online. Bash Quick Start Guide tackles these problems head on, and shows you the best practices of shell script programming. This book teaches effective shell script programming with Bash, and is ideal for people who may have used its command line but never really learned it in depth. This book will show you how even simple programming constructs in the shell can speed up and automate any kind of daily command-line work. For people who need to use the command line regularly in their daily work, this book provides practical advice for using the command-line shell beyond merely typing or copy-pasting commands into the shell. Readers will learn techniques suitable for automating processes and controlling processes, on both servers and workstations, whether for single command lines or long and complex scripts. The book even includes information on configuring your own shell environment to suit your workflow, and provides a running start for interpreting Bash scripts written by others. What you will learn Understand where the Bash shell fits in the system administration and programming worlds Use the interactive Bash command line effectively Get to grips with the structure of a Bash command line Master pattern-matching and transforming text with Bash Filter and redirect program input and output Write shell scripts safely and effectively Who this book is for People who use the command line on Unix and Linux servers already, but don't write primarily in Bash. This book is ideal for people who've been using a scripting language such as Python, JavaScript or PHP, and would like to understand and use Bash more effectively.

BSD hacks

Author: Dru Lavigne

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 9783897213999


Page: 475

View: 3851

Command Line Kung Fu: Bash-Scripting-Tricks, Linux-Tipps und praktische Einzeiler für die Shell

Author: Jason Cannon

Publisher: Babelcube Inc.

ISBN: 150715349X

Category: Computers

Page: 59

View: 5464

Werde ein Linux-Ninja mit Command Line Kung Fu! Denkst du auch, dass du dich monatelang in einem Keller einschließen musst, um kryptische man-pages zu lesen, damit du Ninja-artige Kommandozeilen-Skills bekommst? In Wirklichkeit könntest du dir schon eine Menge Zeit und Frust ersparen, wenn du einfach nur jemanden hättest, der dir seine Tipps, Tricks und Tools zeigt. Was wäre, wenn du einem guten Freund über die Schulter schauen könntest, der nebenher zufällig ein Kommandozeilen-Guru ist? Wenn er dir nicht nur die Befehle zeigt, die er verwendet, sondern auch warum er sie verwendet und wie sie genau funktionieren? Und was wäre, wenn dieser Freund sich die Zeit nehmen würde, all das aufzuschreiben, damit du es nachlesen kannst? Wann immer du willst? Tatsächlich gibt es diesen Freund, und er hat genau das getan. Command Line Kung Fu ist vollgepackt mit dutzenden Tipps und über 100 Beispielen aus dem echten Leben. In diesem Buch wirst du keine theoretischen Beispiele finden, sondern lernen, wie du echte Probleme lösen und im Alltag relevante Aufgaben schnell und einfach erledigen kannst. Die einzelnen Techniken sind außerdem leicht aufzufinden. Jedes Kapitel behandelt ein spezielles Thema und inhaltlich zusammengehörige Tipps und Beispiele. Wenn du zum Beispiel Hilfe dabei benötigst, Text aus einer Datei zu extrahieren, kannst du einfach in das Kapitel zur Textmanipulation schauen. Hier sind ein paar Beispiele von dem, was du in Command Line Kung Fu lernen wirst: •Wie du einfach und schnell Befehle aus deiner Shell-Historie wiederholst •Wie du bestimmte Wörter aus deiner Shell-Historie herausholst, um sie in einem neuen Befehl wiederzuverwenden •Wie du eine Kopie deiner Kommandozeilensitzung speicherst •Wie du Leerzeilen und Kommentare aus Dateien entfernst •Texttransformation: von der Änderung der Groß- und Kleinschreibung bis zum Austau

Einführung in Perl

Author: Randal L. Schwartz,Tom Phoenix,Brian D. Foy

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 386899145X

Category: Electronic books

Page: 398

View: 9752

Perl ist eine Skriptsprache zur einfachen Bearbeitung von Texten, Dateien und Prozessen. Ursprunglich ein beliebtes Werkzeug von Unix-Systemadministratoren fur die zahllosen alltaglichen Aufgaben hat sich Perl zu einer ausgewachsenen Programmiersprache fur nahezu jede Rechnerplattform entwickelt und wird fur Web- und Datenbank-Programmierung, XML-Verarbeitung, Systemadministration und vieles mehr eingesetzt. Das Schweizer Messer der Programmiersprachen Gleichzeitig ist Perl immer noch das Schweizer Messer fur die kleinen alltaglichen Aufgaben. Perl ist schnell, macht Spa und erweist sich als auerordentlich nutzlich. Viele haben Perl gelernt, weil sie mussten, und benutzen es weiter, weil sie es lieben. Fur Einsteiger Einfuhrung in Perl ist ein sorgfaltig abgestimmter Kurs fur Einsteiger von drei der erfahrensten Perl-Dozenten. Mit vielen Programmierbeispielen sowie Ubungen und ausgearbeiteten Losungen zu jedem Thema zeigen die Autoren Schritt fur Schritt, wie man mit Perl, Version 5.14, programmiert. Ideal fur Systemadministoren und Programmierer Einfuhrung in Perl ist das ideale Buch fur Systemadministratoren und Programmierer, die schon nach kurzer Zeit einsetzbare Perl-Skripten schreiben wollen.

Linux für Dummies

Author: Richard Blum

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527706496

Category: Computers

Page: 418

View: 2440

Linux ist längst nicht mehr ein Betriebssystem für Nerds, sondern hat sich mittlerweile einen Namen als ernstzunehmende Alternative zu Microsoft Windows gemacht. Lernen Sie in diesem Buch alles Wissenswerte für Ihr Rendezvous mit dem Pinguin: von der Installation auf Ihrem Rechner, über die Entscheidung für den GNOME- oder den KDE-Desktop bis hin zur Arbeit mit der Shell. Richard Blum zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie sich in Dateien und Ordnern zurechtfinden, wie Sie Programme installieren und deinstallieren und wie Sie mit Linux ins Internet kommen. Außerdem erklärt er die wichtigsten Anwendungen unter Linux wie das Office-Paket und das Bildverarbeitungsprogramm GIMP. Auf der beiliegenden DVD finden Sie Komplett-Distributionen von openSUSE 11.3, Live-Versionen von openSUSE 11.3 (KDE und GNOME) sowie Live-Versionen von Ubuntu 10.04.

Oracle Shell Scripting

Linux and UNIX Programming for Oracle

Author: Jon Emmons

Publisher: Rampant Techpress


Category: Computers

Page: 300

View: 8879

With the expert techniques discussed in this book, Oracle database administrators can automate routine tasks to save time and money and better monitor the flow of work. Using shell scripts—an indispensable tool on UIX and Linux—any number of commands can be combined and executed either simultaneously or sequentially. More than 50 working shell scripts for both beginners and experts give Oracle professionals a fantastic head-start on automating their administration duties and are easily modifiable for any environment. Topics include the history of shells and shell scripting, detailed step-by-step instructions on building shell scripts, how to tell when things are working right, and how to effectively monitor the system for failures.

The Linux Command Line

A Complete Introduction

Author: William E. Jr. Shotts

Publisher: No Starch Press

ISBN: 1593274262

Category: Computers

Page: 480

View: 9390

You've experienced the shiny, point-and-click surface of your Linux computer—now dive below and explore its depths with the power of the command line. The Linux Command Line takes you from your very first terminal keystrokes to writing full programs in Bash, the most popular Linux shell. Along the way you'll learn the timeless skills handed down by generations of gray-bearded, mouse-shunning gurus: file navigation, environment configuration, command chaining, pattern matching with regular expressions, and more. In addition to that practical knowledge, author William Shotts reveals the philosophy behind these tools and the rich heritage that your desktop Linux machine has inherited from Unix supercomputers of yore. As you make your way through the book's short, easily-digestible chapters, you'll learn how to: –Create and delete files, directories, and symlinks –Administer your system, including networking, package installation, and process management –Use standard input and output, redirection, and pipelines –Edit files with Vi, the world’s most popular text editor –Write shell scripts to automate common or boring tasks –Slice and dice text files with cut, paste, grep, patch, and sed Once you overcome your initial "shell shock," you'll find that the command line is a natural and expressive way to communicate with your computer. Just don't be surprised if your mouse starts to gather dust.


Das Must-have für alle Linuxer. Für alle aktuellen Distributionen (Desktop und Server)

Author: Michael Kofler

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783836258548

Category: Computers

Page: 1450

View: 1388


Author: Evi Nemeth,Garth Snyder,Trent Hein

Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH

ISBN: 9783827328229


Page: 1272

View: 4874

Expert Shell Scripting

Author: Ron Peters

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430218428

Category: Computers

Page: 320

View: 2515

System administrators need libraries of solutions that are ingenious but understandable. They don't want to reinvent the wheel, but they don't want to reinvent filesystem management either! Expert Shell Scripting is the ultimate resource for all working Linux, Unix, and OS X system administrators who would like to have short, succinct, and powerful shell implementations of tricky system scripting tasks. Automating small to medium system management tasks Analyzing system data and editing configuration files Scripting Linux, Unix, and OS X applications using bash, ksh, et al.


Author: Carla Schroder

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 3897214059

Category: Linux

Page: 592

View: 4049

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