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Renaissance Vision from Spectacles to Telescopes

Author: Vincent Ilardi

Publisher: American Philosophical Society

ISBN: 9780871692597

Category: Reference

Page: 378

View: 7971


Author: Sue Perkins

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1405918578

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 464

View: 8734

Discover the woman behind the spectacles in the hilarious, incredibly moving memoir from much loved comedian, writer and presenter Sue Perkins. 'Very funny. It seems there are two Sue Perkins: the TV one, who gabbles and pratfalls, and the sensitive one who aches. The first of course, exists to protect the second. They can both write. The first writes comedy, the second tragedy; in this sense, reading her memoir is very like meeting her' Sunday Times When I began writing this book, I went home to see if my mum had kept some of my stuff. What I found was that she hadn't kept some of it. She had kept all of it - every bus ticket, postcard, school report - from the moment I was born to the moment I finally had the confidence to turn round and say 'Why is our house full of this shit?' Sadly, a recycling 'incident' destroyed the bulk of this archive. This has meant two things: firstly, Dear Reader, you will never get to see countless drawings of wizards, read a poem about corn on the cob, or marvel at the kilos of brown flowers I so lovingly pressed as a child. Secondly, it's left me with no choice but to actually writethis thing myself. This, my first ever book, will answer questions such as 'Is Mary Berry real?', 'Is it true you wear a surgical truss?' and 'Is a non-spherically symmetric gravitational pull from outside the observable universe responsible for some of the observed motion of large objects such as galactic clusters in the universe?' Most of this book is true. I have, of course, amplified my more positive characteristics in an effort to make you like me. Thank you for reading. Order Sue Perkins new book, East of Croydon now. Praise for Spectacles 'Drama, tears and laughs - Spectacles has got it all. A brilliant, touching memoir suffused with love, it reminds you that life is best lived at wonky angles. I ADORED it' Jessie Burton, bestselling author of The Miniaturist 'Very funny . . . It seems there are two Sue Perkins: the TV one, who gabbles and pratfalls, and the sensitive one who aches. The first of course, exists to protect the second. They can both write. The first writes comedy, the second tragedy; in this sense, reading her memoir is very like meeting her' Sunday Times 'It's a proper book . . . so well written. Tight & bright & full of inspiration' Chris Evans, Radio 2

Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome

Author: Donald G. Kyle

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134862725

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 1987

The elaborate and inventive slaughter of humans and animals in the arena fed an insatiable desire for violent spectacle among the Roman people. Donald G. Kyle combines the words of ancient authors with current scholarly research and cross-cultural perspectives, as he explores * the origins and historical development of the games * who the victims were and why they were chosen * how the Romans disposed of the thousands of resulting corpses * the complex religious and ritual aspects of institutionalised violence * the particularly savage treatment given to defiant Christians. This lively and original work provides compelling, sometimes controversial, perspectives on the bloody entertainments of ancient Rome, which continue to fascinate us to this day.

Spectacles and Other Vision Aids

A History and Guide to Collecting

Author: J. William Rosenthal

Publisher: Norman Publishing

ISBN: 9780930405717

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 530

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Cultural Spectacles of the Extraordinary Body

Author: Rosemarie Garland Thomson

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814782224

Category: History

Page: 400

View: 4682

Giants. Midgets. Tribal non-Westerners. The very fat. The very thin. Hermaphrodites. Conjoined twins. The disabled. The very hirsute. In American history, all have shared the platform equally, as freaks, human oddities, their only commonality their assigned role of anomalous other to the gathered throngs. For the price of a ticket, freak shows offered spectators an icon of bodily otherness whose difference from them secured their own membership in a common American identity--by comparison ordinary, tractable, normal. Rosemarie Thomson's groundbreaking anthology probes America's disposition toward the visually different. The book's essays fall into four main categories: historical explorations of American freak shows in the era of P.T. Barnum; the articulation of the freak in literary and textual discourses; contemporary relocations of freak shows; and theoretical analyses of freak culture. Essays address such diverse topics as American colonialism and public presentations of natives; laughing gas demonstrations in the 1840's; Shirley Temple and Tom Thumb; Todd Browning's landmark movie Freaks; bodybuilders as postmodern freaks; freaks in Star Trek; Michael Jackson's identification with the Elephant Man; and the modern talk show as a reconfiguration of the freak show. In her introduction, Thomson traces the freak show from antiquity to the modern period and explores the constitutive, political, and textual properties of such exhibits. Freakeryis a fresh, insightful exploration of a heretofore neglected aspect of American mass culture.

An Essay on Visual Glasses, (vulgarly Called Spectacles)

Wherein it is Shewn from the Principles of Optics, and the Nature of the Eye, that the Common Structure of Those Glasses is Contrary to the Rules of Art, to the Nature of Things, &c. and Very Prejudicial to the Eyes; the Nature of Vision in the Eye Explained, and Glasses of a New Construction Proposed. The Whole Illustrated by a Large Copper-plate-print

Author: Benjamin Martin

Publisher: N.A


Category: Eyeglasses

Page: 32

View: 6821

The Spectacles

Author: Edgar Allan Poe

Publisher: Booklassic

ISBN: 9635271980

Category: Fiction

Page: 18

View: 3445

The Spectacles was written in the year 1844 by Edgar Allan Poe. This book is one of the most popular novels of Edgar Allan Poe, and has been translated into several other languages around the world. This book is published by Booklassic which brings young readers closer to classic literature globally.

Parisian Sights and French Principles

Seen Through American Spectacles

Author: James Jackson Jarves

Publisher: N.A


Category: Paris (France)

Page: 264

View: 5789

Disappearing Acts

Spectacles of Gender and Nationalism in Argentina's "dirty War"

Author: Diana Taylor

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822318682

Category: History

Page: 309

View: 5974

In Disappearing Acts, Diana Taylor looks at how national identity is shaped, gendered, and contested through spectacle and spectatorship. The specific identity in question is that of Argentina, and Taylor's focus is directed toward the years 1976 to 1983 in which the Argentine armed forces were pitted against the Argentine people in that nation's 'Dirty War'. Combining feminism, cultural studies, and performance theory, Taylor analyses the political spectacles that comprised the war - concentration camps, torture, 'disappearances' - as well as the rise of theatrical productions, demonstrations, and other performative practices that attempted to resist and subvert the Argentine military. Taylor uses performance theory to explore how public spectacle both builds and dismantles a sense of national and gender identity. Here, nation is understood as a product of communal 'imaginings' that are rehearsed, written, and staged - and spectacle is the desiring machine at work in those imaginings. Taylor argues that the founding scenario of Argentineness stages the struggle for national identity as a battle between men - fought on, over, and through the feminine body of the Motherland. She shows how the military's representations of itself as the model of national authenticity established the parameters of the conflict in the 70s and 80s, feminised the enemy, and positioned the public - limiting its ability to respond. Those who challenged the dictatorship, from the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo to progressive theater practitioners, found themselves in what Taylor describes as 'bad scripts.' This telling analysis of the aesthetics of violence and the disappearance of civil society during Argentina's spectacle of terror will interest students and scholars - including sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, psychologists, and feminist, postcolonial, and literary critics - concerned with issues of power and the interrelations of gender and nationhood.


A Sampler of Poems and Prose by Tom Sharp

Author: Tom Sharp

Publisher: Taurean Horn Press/Out West Limited


Category: Poetry

Page: 82

View: 3621

These poems are in the Imagist line and acknowledge their models, especially Williams and Creeley and Eigner. They are language poetry before it became too mannered in its self-regard. --Albert Gelpi.


Their Uses and Abuses in Long and Short Sightedness; and the Pathological Conditions Resulting from Their Irrational Employment

Author: Jules Sichel

Publisher: N.A


Category: Eyeglasses

Page: 202

View: 1080


Author: N.A

Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780689712715

Category: Eye

Page: 47

View: 5254

A nearsighted little girl talks about and shows some of the unusual things she saw before being fitted with glasses.

Epics, Spectacles, and Blockbusters

A Hollywood History

Author: Sheldon Hall,Stephen Neale

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814330081

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 363

View: 6399

Considers the history of the American blockbuster-the large-scale, high-cost film-as it evolved from the 1890s to today.

Media Spectacles

Author: Marjorie B. Garber,Jann Matlock,Rebecca L. Walkowitz,Rebecca Walkowitz

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415907514

Category: Art

Page: 278

View: 2610

With close attention to the nuances of language, tone, metaphor and figure, Media Spectacles brings together critics from general fields to examine a series of remarkable news and media spectacles. Sixteen contributors explore the languages of word and image that produce current events as spectacle, reading the world in which we live through the lens of interpretation. Included are such topics as the Gulf War, the AIDS epidemic and the crisis in health care, the Clarence Thomas hearings and the testimony of Anita Hill, Oliver Stone's JFK and the consequent call to open the files on the Kennedy assassination, President Bush's trade mission to Japan, the Mike Tyson and William Kennedy Smith rape trials, and Hurrican Bob and the end of the Cold War. Influenced by deconstruction, cultural materialism, philosophy, literature, ethnic studies and gay and lesbian theory, these scholars apply their interdisciplinary skills to the close reading of television, newspapers and magazines, feature films and documentaries and political issues and rhetoric.

Spectacles for Young Eyes


Author: Sarah West Lander

Publisher: N.A


Category: Boston (Mass.)

Page: 202

View: 1920

The Specter in the Spectacles

Author: Kyt Dotson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595282512

Category: Fiction

Page: 128

View: 2964

Come with Alden MacAlrey and discover that there's more to a new town than busy grown-ups and school bullies. While unlocking secret doors and exploring mysterious streets, Alden learns that faeries are real and can get him in real trouble. He finds himself thrust into a world where his new best friend might be hiding more than secrets, and a trip to the library turns into a wild chase.See magic at work when dragons appear, spells paralyze, and tulips turn to axes!Join Alden's quest to retrieve a deadly artifact, save his new friends, capture an evil wizard, and prove himself worthy of being called a Knight Investigator!

Europe Viewed Through American Spectacles

Author: Charles Carroll Fulton

Publisher: N.A


Category: Europe

Page: 312

View: 7463

Colonial Spectacles

The Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies at the World Exhibitions, 1880-1931

Author: Marieke Bloembergen,Beverley Jackson

Publisher: NUS Press

ISBN: 9789971693305

Category: History

Page: 478

View: 9305

Dutch colonial presentations at the world exhibitions in the period 1880-1931 served to legitimize the Dutch imperialist project and highlight the problem of Dutch identity and the Netherlands' place in the world. At these exhibitions, the Netherlands showed off its colonies by erecting models of schools, sugar-factories, bridges, and railways exhibits, which were meant to give proof of the good works of modern colonial administration and enterprise. Not only were there displays of ethnographic objects, life-size temples and villages inhabited by authentic Javanese and Sumatrans were brought to Europe specifically for these expositions. Their presence took the viewer into an "Other" world that provided an "immediacy" for visitors to the exhibition. While these colonial spectacles helped legitimize Dutch imperialism project, they also provided lenses for understanding the colonial world as it was constructed according to the prevailing evolutionist worldview at the time.

Spiritual Spectacles

Vision and Image in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Shakerism

Author: Sally M. Promey

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253112651

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 5385

"Promey's book is a penetrating analysis of Shaker art.... The book is a gem, a true advance in Shaker studies, art history, religious history, and cultural history. Highly recommended." -- Choice "... a very intelligent and articulate... treatment of a stunning set of message-images." -- Art Bulletin "This book is a pleasure to look at and to read." -- Religious Studies Review "[A] fascinating investigation into another world. The Shaker spirit drawings... offer clues into a remarkable moment of American life, as well as an opportunity to rethink just how the visual arts, religious revitalizations, and social memory relate to one another.... [A] model study: clear, absorbing, and significant."Â -- Neil Harris, author of The Artist in American Society "Sally Promey's inquiry... critically engages current issues in the study of visual culture: what do images do; how do they work; what needs do they fulfill; just what is their 'power'? Her compelling case study joins fundamental concerns of art historians with those of students of religion and history... By means of an exacting examination of Shaker drawings as the site of both expectation and encounter, Promey successfully situates these Spiritual Spectacles at the meeting point of the 'inner' and the 'outer' eye." -- Linda Seidel, author of Jan van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait: Stories of an Icon "Promey has brought to her work an excellent sensitivity to the religious issues involved, keen sight and powers of observation, and a very creative interpretive framework."Â -- Stephen J. Stein, author of The Shaker Experience in America

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