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Spss Survival Manual

Author: Pallant, Julie

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 0335262589

Category: Psychology

Page: 354

View: 2198

This bestselling guide, covering up to version 21 of the SPSS software, guides you through the entire research process.

Research Methods in Education

Author: Louis Cohen,Lawrence Manion,Keith Morrison

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113572203X

Category: Education

Page: 762

View: 3781

This rewritten, expanded and updated 7th edition of the long-running bestseller Research Methods in Education encompasses the whole range of methods currently employed by educational research at all stages. It offers plentiful and rich practical advice, underpinned by clear theoretical foundations, research evidence and up-to-date references. Chapters new to this edition cover: Causation, critical educational research, evaluation and the politics of research, including material on cross-cultural research, mixed methods and participatory research Choosing and planning a research project, including material on sampling, research questions, literature reviews and ethical issues Meta-analysis, research syntheses and systematic reviews Virtual worlds and internet research Using and analysing visual media and data in educational research Organizing and presenting qualitative data, content analysis, coding and computer analysis, themes, narratives, conversations and discourses, grounded theory Understanding and choosing statistical tests, descriptive and inferential statistics, multi-dimensional measurement and factor analysis Research Methods in Education is essential reading for both the professional researcher and students of education at undergraduate and postgraduate level, who need to understand how to plan, conduct, analyse and use research. The textbook is accompanied by a website: PowerPoint slides for every chapter contain an outline of the chapter structure followed by a thorough summary of the key points, ideal for both lecturers and students.? Within the book a variety of internet resources are referred to and these references have been included here, with links to the websites.? A wide range of supplementary documents are available for many chapters, providing additional guidance and examples.? They range from guidelines for the contents of a research proposal with a worked example, to screen-print manuals for using SPSS and QSR N6 NUD*IST (exportable to N-Vivo) plus data files.

The Social Psychology of English as a Global Language

Attitudes, Awareness and Identity in the Japanese Context

Author: Robert M. McKenzie

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789048185665

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 212

View: 6995

This ground-breaking work is a detailed account of an innovative and in-depth study of the attitudes of in excess of 500 Japanese learners towards a number of standard and non-standard as well as native and non-native varieties of English speech. The research conducted refines the investigation of learner attitudes by employing a range of pioneering techniques of attitude measurement. These methods are largely incorporated from the strong traditions that exist in the fields of social psychology and second language acquisition and utilize both direct and indirect techniques of attitude measurement. The author locates the findings in the context of the wealth of literature on native speaker evaluations of languages and language varieties. The study is unique in that the results provide clear evidence of both attitude change and high levels of linguistic awareness among the informants of social and geographical diversity within the English language. These findings are analyzed in detail in relation to the global spread of English as well as in terms of the pedagogical implications for the choice of linguistic model employed in English language classrooms both inside and outside Japan. The issues examined are of particular interest to educators, researchers and students in the fields of applied linguistics, TESOL, second language acquisition, social psychology of language and sociolinguistics. The pedagogical and language policy implications of the findings obtained make essential reading for those with a specific focus on the role of the English language and English language teaching, both in Japan and beyond.

Well-Being Research in South Africa

Author: Marié P. Wissing

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400763689

Category: Psychology

Page: 639

View: 3008

This is the first book to bring together examples of research in positive psychology / psychofortology conducted in the multi-cultural South African context with its diverse populations and settings. The volume reflects basic as well as applied well-being research in the multicultural South African context, as conducted in various contexts and with a variety of methods and foci. Theoretical, review, and empirical research contributions are made, reflecting positivist to constructivist approaches, and include quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method approaches. Some findings support universality assumptions, but others uncovered unique cultural patterns. Chapters report on well-being research conducted in the domains of education, work, health, and family, and in clinical, urban vs. rural, and unicultural vs. multicultural contexts. Studies span the well-being of adolescents, adults, and older people, and topics include resilience in individuals, families, and groups, measurement issues and coping processes, the role of personal and contextual variables, and facets such as hope, spirituality, self-regulation, and interventions.

Becoming a Behavioral Science Researcher

A Guide to Producing Research That Matters

Author: Rex B. Kline

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1606235966

Category: Psychology

Page: 367

View: 1930

Students and beginning researchers often discover that their introductory statistics and methods courses have not fully equipped them to plan and execute their own behavioral research studies. This indispensable book bridges the gap between coursework and conducting independent research. With clarity and wit, the author helps the reader build needed skills to formulate a precise, meaningful research question; understand the pros and cons of widely used research designs and analysis options; correctly interpret the outcomes of statistical tests; make informed measurement choices for a particular study; manage the practical aspects of data screening and preparation; and craft effective journal articles, oral presentations, and posters. Including annotated examples and recommended readings, most chapters feature theoretical and computer-based exercises; an answer appendix at the back of the book allows readers to check their work.


Author: John P. J. Pinel,Paul Pauli

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783868941456


Page: 622

View: 5807

Der Reichstagsbrand

Wiederaufnahme eines Verfahrens

Author: Benjamin Carter Hett

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644055114

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

View: 2019

Benjamin Carter Hett rollt in diesem Buch einen der größten und rätselhaftesten Kriminalfälle des 20. Jahrhunderts neu auf: den Reichstagsbrand von 1933. Adolf Hitler war noch keine vier Wochen an der Macht, als am Abend des 27. Februar das Reichstagsgebäude in Berlin in Flammen aufging. Kaum war das Feuer gelöscht, erließ die Reichsregierung eine Notverordnung, die einen permanenten Ausnahmezustand schuf und die bis zum Ende des Nazi-Regimes die Grundlage zur Verfolgung politischer Gegner bleiben sollte. Somit markierte der Reichstagsbrand den eigentlichen Beginn des "Dritten Reiches". Noch am Tatort wurde der mutmaßliche Brandstifter verhaftet, der niederländische Kommunist Marinus van der Lubbe. Die nationalsozialistische Regierung behauptete umgehend, der junge Mann gehöre einer kommunistischen Verschwörung an. Doch handelte van der Lubbe wirklich auf eigene Faust, wie sich die meisten Historiker seit langem einig sind? Oder steckten die Nazis selbst hinter dem Anschlag, um ihn für ihre Zwecke zu instrumentalisieren? Benjamin Carter Hetts Auswertung der Originalquellen wirft neues Licht auf diesen Fall und entlarvt nicht nur die Schwächen der Einzeltäterthese, sondern auch, welche große Deutungsmacht NS-Seilschaften in der Geschichtswissenschaft noch lange nach 1945 hatten.

Psychologische Methodenlehre

eine orientierende Einführung

Author: Heinrich Wottawa

Publisher: Beltz Juventa

ISBN: 9783779903147

Category: Psychologie

Page: 235

View: 2033

Research Methods for Inexperienced Researchers

Guidelines for Investigating the Social World

Author: Coreen J. Leacock,S. Joel Warrican,Gerald St. C. Rose

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789766373733

Category: Education

Page: 222

View: 7619

The Andhra Pradesh Gazette

Author: Andhra Pradesh (India)

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

View: 5186

The Psychologist

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Psychology

Page: N.A

View: 2927

Psychology in Education

Author: Daniel Starch,Hazel Martha Stanton,Wilhelmine Koerth

Publisher: N.A


Category: Educational psychology

Page: 722

View: 7237

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Geropsychology

Author: Nancy A. Pachana,Ken Laidlaw

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191029106

Category: Psychology

Page: 600

View: 4925

Throughout the world, the population of older adults continues to grow. The rise in geriatric populations has seen an increase in research on clinical diagnostic, assessment, and treatment issues aimed at this population. Clinical geropsychologists have increased their interest both in providing mental health services as well as developing approaches to improve quality of life for all older adults. The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Geropsychology is a landmark publication in this field, providing broad and authoritative coverage of the research and practice issues in clinical geropsychology today, as well as innovations expanding the field's horizons. Comprising chapters from the foremost scholars in clinical geropsychology from around the world, the handbook captures the global proliferation of activity in this field. In addition to core sections on topics such as sources of psychological distress, assessment, diagnosis, and intervention, the handbook includes valuable chapters devoted to methodological issues such as longitudinal studies and meta-analyses in the field, as well as new and emerging issues such as technological innovations and social media use in older populations. Each chapter offers a review of the most pertinent international literature, outlining current issues as well as important cultural implications and key practice issues where relevant, and identifying possibilities for future research and policy applications. The book is essential to all psychology researchers, practitioners, educators, and students with an interest in the mental health of older adults. In addition, health professionals - including psychiatrists, social workers, mental health nurses, and trainee geriatric mental heatlh workers - will find this a invaluable resource. Older adults comprise a growing percentage of the population worldwide. Clinical psychologists with an interest in older populations have increased the amount of research and applied knowledge about effectively improving mental health later in life, and this book captures that information on an international level. The book addresses how to diagnose, assess and treat mental illness in older persons, as well as ways to improve quality of life in all older persons. It has a great breadth of coverage of the area, including chapters spanning how research is conducted to how new technologies such as virtual reality and social media are used with older people to improve mental health. The book would appeal to all psychology researchers, practitioners, educators and students with an interest in the mental health of older adults. It would also appeal to other health professionals, including psychiatrists, social workers, and mental health nurses who work with older people. It is a valuable resource for trainee geriatric mental health workers because it highlights key readings and important practice implications in the field.

Journal of Psychology in Africa

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Blacks

Page: N.A

View: 8950

Bibliographic Guide to Education

Author: GK Hall

Publisher: G K Hall

ISBN: 9780783805016

Category: Reference

Page: 512

View: 6713

The "Bibliographic Guide to Education" lists recent publications cataloged during the past year by Teachers College, Columbia University, supplemented by publications in the field of education cataloged by The Research Libraries of The New York Public Library, selected on the basis of subject headings. Non-book materials, including theses, are included in this "Guide," with the exception of serials. All aspects and levels of education are represented in this "Guide," including such areas as: American elementary and secondary education, higher and adult education, early childhood education, history and philosophy of education, applied pedagogy, international and comparative education, educational administration, education of the culturally disadvantaged and physically handicapped, nursing education and education of minorities and women. Also well covered are the administrative reports of departments of education for various countries and for U.S. states and large cities. The Teachers College collection covers over 200 distinct educational systems. Works in all languages are included. The" Bibliographic Guide to Education" serves in part as an annual supplement to the "Dictionary Catalog of the Teachers College Library, Columbia University" (G.K. Hall & Co., 1970) and Supplements ("First Supplement," 1971; "Second Supplement," 1973; "Third Supplement," 1977).

The International Handbook of Psychology

Author: Kurt Pawlik,Mark R Rosenzweig

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited


Category: Psychology

Page: 672

View: 9510

The International Handbook of Psychology is an authoritative resource covering all the main areas of psychological science and written by an outstanding set of authors from around the world. The 31 chapters cover not only scientific but also applied cross-disciplinary aspects. Supervised by an International Editorial Advisory Board (IEAB) of 13 eminent psychologists and edited by Professors Kurt Pawlik and Mark R Rosenzweig, it is being published under the auspices of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) by SAGE Publications Ltd in London. The International Handbook of Psychology will be invaluable to advanced undergraduates, graduate students and academics in psychology,

Elemente der Psychophysik

Author: Gustav Theodor Fechner

Publisher: N.A


Category: Psychology, Experimental

Page: 336

View: 7626

American Psychologist

Journal of the American Psychological Association

Author: American psychological association

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

View: 1714

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Research on Paradigm, Practice, and Policy

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Alternative medicine

Page: N.A

View: 4881

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