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Stop Motion Handbook 3.1 Using GarageBand and Istopmotion

Quite Simply the Best Book in the World for Learning How to Make Stop Motion Movies

Author: Craig Lauridsen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780473339807


Page: 214

View: 3790

Fast track the learning curve to making your own stop motion movies on the Mac. It's fun, it's crazy, it's addictive. It leads you through simple and robust processes helping both beginner and amateur animators. As you learn how to avoid numerous common mistakes, your first movies will have the quality of a more seasoned movie maker.

Stop Motion Handbook 3.1

Author: Craig Lauridsen

Publisher: Acumen

ISBN: 0473338874

Category: Art

Page: 212

View: 3953

Quite simply the best book in the world for learning how to make stop motion movies on the Mac. Fast track the learning curve to making your own stop motion movies. It's fun, it's crazy, it's addictive. It leads you through simple and robust processes helping both beginner and amateur animators make good decisions when creating stop motion movies. As you learn how to avoid numerous common mistakes, your first movies will have the quality of a more seasoned movie maker. It's a great guide for teachers, parents or children who want to produce their own stop motion movies. Learn key competencies across a broad range of learning areas: * Developing a story and writing it into a SCRIPT * Recording the AUDIO of the script (dialogue, sound effects, and music) in GarageBand, and saving it as a soundtrack * Making PROPS and BACKGROUNDS and creating the CHARACTERS to bring your story to life * Recording the stop motion PICTURES in iStopMotion * EDITING the stop motion movie. Adding a title and credits in iMovie. Stop Motion Handbook is an Official iStopMotion Resource for Boinx Software

DIY Media

Creating, Sharing and Learning with New Technologies

Author: Michele Knobel,Colin Lankshear

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9781433106354

Category: Education

Page: 266

View: 4955

Schools remain notorious for co-opting digital technologies to «business as usual» approaches to teaching new literacies. DIY Media addresses this issue head-on, and describes expansive and creative practices of digital literacy that are increasingly influential and popular in contexts beyond the school, and whose educational potential is not yet being tapped to any significant degree in classrooms. This book is very much concerned with engaging students in do-it-yourself digitally mediated meaning-making practices. As such, it is organized around three broad areas of digital media: moving media, still media, and audio media. Specific DIY media practices addressed in the chapters include machinima, anime music videos, digital photography, podcasting, and music remixing. Each chapter opens with an overview of a specific DIY media practice, includes a practical how-to tutorial section, and closes with suggested applications for classroom settings. This collection will appeal not only to educators, but to anyone invested in better understanding – and perhaps participating in – the significant shift towards everyday people producing their own digital media.

Creativity in Primary Education

Author: Anthony Wilson

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 1473907179

Category: Education

Page: 272

View: 2965

“An alien spaceship crash landed in my playground today” For one primary school in England, this was not an ordinary day. It was a fabulous day of inspiration, writing, drawing, discovering and learning for the pupils, the staff and the parents. But the best thing of all? The only truly out of the ordinary thing was the alien spaceship. So how do you make creativity a more everyday part of primary teaching? Teachers and trainees agree that creativity is a fabulous thing. But to get creative approaches into everyday teaching, you need to tackle the question - what is creativity? This book explores this question in an accessible and practical way. It helps trainees to do more than ‘know it when they see it’, by helping them to understand the separate and very diverse elements of creativity. The third edition of this popular text retains key material, but it has been updated and revised to include two new chapters on the creative curriculum, along with links throughout to the Standards and the new National Curriculum. This book will help you enhance your teaching so you and the children in your class can be: fellow explorers, adventurous discoverers and spontaneous investigators!

The Art of Stop-Motion Animation

Author: Ken A. Priebe

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1598632450

Category: Animation (Cinematography)

Page: 340

View: 2116

Through the magic of stop-motion animation, inanimate objects seem to spring to life. With true artistic passion and finesse, a stop-motion film evokes the nostalgia of childhood when imagination could bring toys to life. Stop-motion retains the art and p

Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation

Author: Susannah Shaw

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 113613509X

Category: Art

Page: 224

View: 6608

To make great animation, you need to know how to control a whole world: how to make a character, how to make that character live and be happy or sad. You need to create four walls around them, a landscape, the sun and moon - a whole life for them. You have to get inside that puppet and first make it live, then make it perform. Susannah Shaw provides the first truly practical introduction to the craft skills of model animation. This is a vital book in the development of model animation which, following the success of Aardman's first full-length film 'Chicken Run',is now at the forefront of modern animation. Illustrated in full colour throughout you are shown step by step how to create successful model animation. Starting with some basic exercises, readers will learn about developing a story, making models, creating sets and props, the mechanics of movement, filming, post production and how to set about finding that elusive first job in a modern studio.

The Art and Making of ParaNorman

Author: Jed Alger,Chris Butler,Travis Knight

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 1452110921

Category: Design

Page: 160

View: 9436

Offers a behind-the-scenes peak at the forthcoming animated feature film ParaNorman, a movie about a boy destined to save his town from hordes of zombies, made by the same film studio as Coraline.

Mac 911

Author: Christopher Breen

Publisher: Peachpit Press

ISBN: 0201773392

Category: Computers

Page: 318

View: 360

This easy-to-use guide covers troubleshooting tips and tricks for Mac hardware and software, written by the well-known Macworld columnist and Macintosh guru Chris Breen. The book contains troubleshooting tips and techniques for both Mac OS 9 and OS X, and additional projects for making a Macintosh more productive-sharing files, making Mac OS X work more like Mac OS 9, and more.

Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed

Author: Marc Spess


ISBN: 9298910169

Category: Animation (Cinematography)

Page: 87

View: 7633

Dollar Battle-Gami

Author: Won Park

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 162686120X

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 80

View: 835

“The sinews of war are infinite money.” -Cicero Got a dollar burning a hole in your pocket? Master paper engineer Won Park has created Dollar Battle-Gami, a new and sophisticated origami kit for advanced paper artists. Learn to fold 10 impressive projects using the sheets of practice currency included in the set: US Navy destroyer, submarine, stealth fighter, spy plane, hand grenade, tank, assault rifle, fighter jet, revolver, and a zero fighter plane. Impress your friends with readily available paper wherever you go. Or leave a creative tip for waiters and bartenders with the designs you learn in this kit!

Dynamics of Effective Secondary Teaching

Author: William W. Wilen,Janice K. Hutchison,Margaret Ishler Bosse

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: 9780205514113

Category: Education

Page: 368

View: 8838

A guide for secondary school teachers covers instruction techniques, curriculum, planning, and classroom management.

Animation Studio

Author: Helen Piercy

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781922179418

Category: Animation (Cinematography)

Page: 24

View: 7355

Presents what you need to create stop-motion videos on your mobile phone or digital camera. In this title, you can learn how to make stop-motion videos like a professional. Using tips and tricks from the experts, it reveals 2-D and 3-D techniques with puppets, clay-modelling, morphing and pixilation.

Leading the New Literacies

Author: Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Publisher: Solution Tree Press

ISBN: 193676461X

Category: Education

Page: 176

View: 2959

Integrate teaching practices that incorporate digital, media, and global-based learning with traditional learning to prepare students to succeed in a highly competitive world. Identify new literacy terms, find points of curriculum intersection, learn how to acquaint faculty with new technologies, and explore case studies featuring teachers and students operating in 21st century classrooms.

Vehicular Networking

Author: Christoph Sommer,Falko Dressler

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107046718

Category: Computers

Page: 370

View: 496

Learn about the basics and the future of vehicular networking research with this essential guide to in- and inter-vehicle communication.

Explore Like a Pirate

Engage, Enrich, and Elevate Your Learners with Gamification and Game-inspired Course Design

Author: Michael Matera

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780986155505

Category: Education

Page: 254

View: 9835

This book explores the possibilities and power of game-based learning in classrooms. It explains why and how game-based learning effectively engages students, focuses on how students can be empowered to take control of their learning, and provides a field guide with practical ideas and examples that can be applied or adapted to any classroom.

The Puppet's Eye

Author: Ian Bone,Shaun Tan

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 1434207935

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 73

View: 3089

When Tim visits the set of the TV show where his father works, he notices that, although the star of the show is only a puppet, the puppetmaster treats it like a real boy.

Hairy Maclary

Six Stories

Author: Lynley Dodd

Publisher: Puffin Books

ISBN: 9780143504542


Page: 203

View: 9954

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy was first published in 1983, and became an instant success. Since then, every new story about Hairy Maclary and his gang, not to mention Scarface Claw, has become a firm favourite with children around the world. Lynley Dodd's exuberant text, which extends a child's vocabulary, combined with her strong, economical pictures, have produced picture books which have already become classics. Here for the first time are six Hairy Maclary stories bound together in one volume. They will provide hours of entertainment for young and old alike.


Theory Into Practice

Author: N.A

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: 9780205157785

Category: Education

Page: 408

View: 475

*HE07, Teaching: Theory into Practice, Allan C. Ornstein(Loyola University), H5778-9, 400 pp., 7 x 9 1/4, 0-205-15778-5, paperbound, 1995, $33.00nk, October*/A must-read for any future teacher, this contributed volume is aimed at giving the reader exposure to various aspects of teaching which have relevance for understanding what teachers do and how they think when they teach. It is an attempt to help the reader reflect on teaching, both in a theoretical and practical sense.


A Story of Troy

Author: H. Allenger

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475954506

Category: Fiction

Page: 412

View: 4189

After Polyxena, daughter of King Priam of Troy, is chosen as Neoptolemus’s love interest, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads to a surprising conclusion about her destiny. Troy has just fallen, leaving the city in ruins and at the mercy of the Greeks. Neoptolemus has claimed the daughter of the now-deceased King Priam of Troy as his love prize. After she rejects his advances, he angrily contrives a story that dooms the ill-fated Polyxena. She knows what she must do to survive, but unfortunately, she cannot change her destiny. Polyxena is mortified that Neoptolemus has fallen in love with her, for this means she must die at the commemoration rites for his father. As Polyxena prepares for the inevitable, she reflects over the past year, relating her thoughts to Aphrodite, the goddess she believes is responsible for orchestrating the events that have beleaguered her. As she tries to make sense of it all, Polyxena converses with all the well-known personages associated with the Trojan myth—Achilles, Agamemnon, Cassandra, Helen, and many others—while seeking solace in the hope that her existence has not been futile. In this moving story of forbidden love, a young woman unwittingly becomes intertwined in the romantic legacy surrounding Troy, embarking on a journey of self-discovery that leads her to a surprising conclusion about the life she has lived.

Theatre and Therapy

Author: Fintan Walsh

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1137300051

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 96

View: 2005

Walsh argues that there are many links between theatre and therapy when considering actor training, theatre in therapeutic contexts, and contemporary theatre and performance. He draws on a range of examples that include the drama of Sarah Kane, the method acting of Daniel Day Lewis and performances by Ruby Wax and David Hoyle.

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