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The Surprisingly Short History of Heterosexuality

Author: Hanne Blank

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 080704444X

Category: History

Page: 264

View: 2243

It's surprising that the term "heterosexuality" is less than 150 years old and that heterosexuality's history has never before been written, given how obsessed we are with it. In Straight, independent scholar Hanne Blank delves deep into the contemporary psyche as well as the historical record to chronicle the realm of heterosexual relations--a subject that is anything but straight and narrow. Consider how Catholic monasticism, the reading of novels, the abolition of slavery, leisure time, divorce, and constipation of the bowels have all at some time been labeled enemies of the heterosexual state. With an extensive historical scope and plenty of juicy details and examples, Straight provides a fascinating look at the vagaries, schisms, and contradictions of what has so often been perceived as an irreducible fact of nature.


Author: Alec Parker

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496923723

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 228

View: 6821

Alec Parker was only trying to make enough money to finish college when his all-American good looks caught the eye of an agent of one of New York’s most prestigious modeling agencies. Quickly swept up in the glamorous world of high-fashion modeling, he emerged in a short time as one of the hottest models in their stable. However, despite his ever-growing portfolio and solid credentials, there was still something holding him back from reaching the heights both he and his agent felt he was capable of reaching. Alec was straight!

Gay, Straight, and the Reason Why

The Science of Sexual Orientation

Author: Simon LeVay,Former Associate Professor Simon LeVay, Ph.D.

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190297379

Category: Sex (Biology)

Page: 264

View: 4171

What causes a child to grow up gay or straight? In this book, neuroscientist Simon LeVay summarizes a wealth of scientific evidence that points to one inescapable conclusion: Sexual orientation results primarily from an interaction between genes, sex hormones, and the cells of the developing body and brain. LeVay helped create this field in 1991 with a much-publicized study in Science, where he reported on a difference in the brain structure between gay and straight men. Since then, an entire scientific discipline has sprung up around the quest for a biological explanation of sexual orientation. In this book, LeVay provides a clear explanation of where the science stands today, taking the reader on a whirlwind tour of laboratories that specialize in genetics, endocrinology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, and family demographics. He describes, for instance, how researchers have manipulated the sex hormone levels of animals during development, causing them to mate preferentially with animals of their own gender. LeVay also reports on the prevalence of homosexual behavior among wild animals, ranging from Graylag geese to the Bonobo chimpanzee. In this revised edition LeVay broadens his horizons. He adds a new chapter on bisexuality, reviews some uncommon forms of sexuality such as asexuality and pedophilia, and considers whether there could be a biological basis for subtypes of gay people such as "butch" and "femme" lesbians. Although many details remain unresolved, the general conclusion is quite clear: A person's sexual orientation arises in large part from biological processes that are already underway before birth.

Seeking the Straight and Narrow

Weight Loss and Sexual Reorientation in Evangelical America

Author: Lynne Gerber

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226288137

Category: Religion

Page: 296

View: 9603

Losing weight and changing your sexual orientation are both notoriously difficult to do successfully. Yet many faithful evangelical Christians believe that thinness and heterosexuality are godly ideals—and that God will provide reliable paths toward them for those who fall short. Seeking the Straight and Narrow is a fascinating account of the world of evangelical efforts to alter our strongest bodily desires. Drawing on fieldwork at First Place, a popular Christian weight-loss program, and Exodus International, a network of ex-gay ministries, Lynne Gerber explores why some Christians feel that being fat or gay offends God, what exactly they do to lose weight or go straight, and how they make sense of the program’s results—or, frequently, their lack. Gerber notes the differences and striking parallels between the two programs, and, more broadly, she traces the ways that other social institutions have attempted to contain the excesses associated with fatness and homosexuality. Challenging narratives that place evangelicals in constant opposition to dominant American values, Gerber shows that these programs reflect the often overlooked connection between American cultural obsessions and Christian ones.

Straight to the Pole

Author: Kevin O'Malley

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 0802795706

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 1630

A boy who is struggling through snow to get to school is about to give up but then hears some good news from his friends.

Straight from the Fridge, Dad

A Dictionary of Hipster Slang

Author: Max Decharne

Publisher: Broadway Books

ISBN: 0767910990

Category: Reference

Page: 224

View: 4129

Righteous jive for all you weedheads, moochers, b-girls, gassers, bandrats, triggermen, grifters, snowbirds, and long-gone daddies. Much of the slang popularly associated with the hippie generation of the 1960s actually dates back to before World War II, hijacked in the main from jazz and blues street expressions, mostly relating to drugs, sex, and drinking. Why talk when you can beat your chops, why eat when you can line your flue, and why snore when you can call some hogs? You’re not drunk–you’re just plumb full of stagger juice, and your skin isn’t pasty, it’s just caf? sunburn. Need a black coffee? That’s a shot of java, nix on the moo juice. Containing thousands of examples of hipster slang drawn from pulp novels, classic noir and exploitation films, blues, country, and rock ’n’ roll lyrics, and other related sources from the 1920s to the 1960s, Straight from the Fridge, Dad is the perfect guide for all hep cats and kittens. Think of it as a sort of Thirty Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary for the beret-wearing, bongo-banging set. Solid, Jackson. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Author: D.C. Moore

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 140818463X

Category: Drama

Page: 96

View: 6569

Based on the motion picture Humpday, Straight is a razor-sharp new comedy from acclaimed writer D. C. Moore about male friendship, sexuality and how the two things can be blurred more easily than one might think.

Playing It Straight

Art and Humor in the Gilded Age

Author: Jennifer A. Greenhill

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520272455

Category: Art

Page: 241

View: 9952

Outgrowth of the author's thesis (Yale University, 2007) under the title: The plague of jocularity: contesting humor in American art and culture, 1863-1893.


Constructions of Heterosexuality in the Cinema

Author: Wheeler W. Dixon

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791487334

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 218

View: 5680

Explores the ways that stereotypes of heterosexuality are portrayed and constructed in film.

Thinking Straight

Author: Robin Reardon

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 9780758253521

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 7250

I know God doesn't make mistakes, and if I'm gay it's because that's what he wanted. What you wanted. And I think the challenge is to get everyone else to see that. This is their test, not mine. If only Taylor Adams had kept on lying to his parents, none of this would have happened. He wouldn't have been shipped off to Straight to God, an institution devoted to "deprogramming" troubled teenagers and ridding them of their vices--whether it's drugs, violence, or in Taylor's case, other boys. Not that Taylor has a problem with being gay, or with reconciling his love for God with his love for his boyfriend Will. . . At Straight to God, such thoughts--along with all other reminders of Taylor's former "sinful" life--are forbidden. Every movement is monitored, privacy is impossible, and no one--from staff to residents--is quite who they first appear to be. There's Charles, Taylor's clean-cut roommate, desperate to leave his past behind. . .Nate Devlin, a handsome, inscrutable older boy who's alternately arrogant and kind. . . gorgeous, secretive Sean, who returns to Straight to God each year to avoid doing prison time for drugs. Here, where piety can be a mask for cruelty and the greatest crimes go unpunished, Taylor will learn more than he ever dreamed about love, courage, rebellion, and betrayal--but the most surprising lessons will be the truths he uncovers about himself. In this smart, insightful new novel, Robin Reardon presents a compelling exploration of the journey from boy to man, and a testament to the strength that comes with accepting both who we are, and who we love. . .

Girl, Get Your Credit Straight!

A Sister's Guide to Ditching Your Debt, Mending Your Credit, and Building a Strong Financial Future

Author: Glinda Bridgforth

Publisher: Crown Business

ISBN: 0767929284

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

View: 3916

Is “retail therapy” your favorite pastime—even though you really can’t afford it? Do you ignore the balance on your credit card statements, vowing to pay them off at some point down the line? Is your debt preventing you from living your dreams—like buying a home or starting a family? If so, girl, it’s time to get your credit straight!These days, with easy access to multiple credit cards and glossy advertisements that entice us to spend at every turn, it’s all too easy to start racking up debt—and even little slip-ups can lead to real damage over time. In this highly practical follow-up to her bestsellers Girl, Get Your Money Straight! and Girl, Make Your Money Grow!, financial expert Glinda Bridgforth delivers a power-packed plan for paying down debt, repairing your credit score, and securing your financial freedom—along with a future that makes your heart sing.Beginning with simple, engaging exercises to help you assess your spending habits and get clear about what you owe, Girl, Get Your Credit Straight! presents a detailed road map for eliminating debt, one step at a time. You will learn how to: • Devise a system for tracking expenditures, anticipating end-of-month shortfalls, and paying bills on time, every time• Find ways to supplement your income• Consolidate loans to pay off debt faster, decrease stress, and save time and money• Negotiate with your creditors to come up with a payment plan that works for you• Discover the best loans to use for refinancing debt or making major new purchases• Understand how credit bureaus work--and take steps to improve your scoreFilled with Bridgforth’s warmhearted wisdom and advice, and complete with worksheets, affirmations, and inspiring stories of African American women who’ve restored their credit and built new wealth, Girl, Get Your Credit Straight! is a fresh, empowering guide for any woman who wants to say goodbye to debt—for good.

Straight Talk

My Dilemma as an Orthodox Jewish Woman

Author: Sally Berkovic

Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.

ISBN: 9780881256611

Category: Religion

Page: 254

View: 3208

Relates stories from the author's upbringing to reconcile the contradictions between the opportunities of modern life and the constrictions of Orthodox practice.

Inside Out

Straight Talk from a Gay Jock

Author: Mark Tewksbury

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470675540

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 2862

Mark Tewksbury is best known as a gold-medal-winning Olympic swimmer. His remarkable sixteen-year athletic career included three Olympic medals, numerous world records, and inductions into three major halls of fame: the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, and the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Although retired as an athlete, Tewksbury remains a highly respected public figure. He delivered prized swimming analysis for the CBC from the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, hosts the Discovery Channel's popular How It's Made show, and is Co-President of the first World Outgames, Montreal 2006. Tewksbury has spoken to millions as part of his eighteen-year speaking career and remains much in demand as an inspirational speaker to companies and organizations around the world. For his active humanitarianism, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Western Ontario in 2001, and in 2005 Tewksbury was awarded the International Person of the Year Award at S?o Paulo Pride in Brazil. He currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For more on Mark Tewksbury, please visit "To reach the pinnacle of Olympic Swimming takes incredible dedication, resilience and courage that few possess. To reach your true self takes these attributes and a great deal more courage so, therefore, even fewer arrive at this point in their lives. Mark Tewksbury is one of these courageous people who achieve so much and through pain, suffering, daring, and pure fight, become who they truly are, inside and out." --Duncan Armstrong O.A.M., Australian Olympic Swimming Legend

Straight and Level

Practical Airline Economics

Author: Stephen Holloway

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754672562

Category: Transportation

Page: 587

View: 3723

This third edition of Straight and Level thoroughly updates the previous edition with extensive comments on recent industry developments and emerging business models. The discussion is illustrated by current examples drawn from all sectors of the industry and every region of the world. Anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of airline economics at a practical level and an insight into the reasons for its financial volatility should find the book of interest.

Straight A's in Pathophysiology

Author: Rita Breedlove

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9781582554495

Category: Medical

Page: 567

View: 840

Straight A's in Pathophysiology is an excellent review for the NCLEX® and for pathophysiology courses from the LPN through the BSN level. It follows the unique and highly visual two-column Straight A's format—an in-depth outline review in the inner column and a quick-scan key points refresher in the outer column. Other study aids include "Top 10" Lists that save students time before exams, Time-Out for Teaching tips on patient teaching, Go with the Flow algorithms, dozens of illustrations, and a 16-page full-color insert. The book and bound-in CD-ROM contain hundreds of NCLEX®-style questions—including alternate-format questions—with answers and rationales.

Is Your Straight Man Gay Enough?

The Ultimate Renovation Guide Tips from a Girl in Distress and Her Gay Best Friend

Author: Nan Shipley,Jason Anthony

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9780811845106

Category: Social Science

Page: 176

View: 2335

The authors take on straight-guy habits, straight-guy style, and straight-guy home decor, using quick questionnaires that identify problem areas and providing straightforward advice to help women renovate their men.

Analytical Geometry (the Straight Line and Circle).

Author: Arthur Le Sueur

Publisher: N.A


Category: Circle

Page: 103

View: 2382

Straight Talk from the Heartland

Tough Talk, Common Sense, and Hope from a Former Conservative

Author: Ed Schultz

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061752896

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 8543

Ed Schultz is here to slay the "right-wing radio dragon" and revitalize the charge against Bush-era "conservative cruelty" with his own bold, irreverent truth-talk. When the self-described "gun-toting, meat-eating, drug-free liberal" from America's heartland came out swinging with his syndicated radio program, The Ed Schultz Show, listeners realized right away that this was no cookie-cutter liberal, but a tough-talking advocate for everything that's right about the left. "A free press is all that stands between you and a dictatorship," warns Schultz, in defiance of the Bush administration and ultra-conservative talking heads like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, whom he blames for quashing political debate just when America needs it most. While Big Ed has what it takes to "go bare-knuckle brawling" with his staunchest detractors, it is with a deep compassion and impeccable common sense that he describes how our "government by the rich and for the rich" is imperiling the lives of average hard-working Americans. In Straight Talk from the Heartland, Schultz rails against the havoc that our nation's leaders are wreaking on everything from international relations to homeland defense, from our skyrocketing federal deficit to the disenfranchised families of rural America who are struggling to make ends meet. With a heady mix of patriotism, outrage, humor, and hope, he makes an urgent appeal to universal virtues such as honesty and liberty, and reminds readers of what he calls the Four Pillars of a Great Nation: Defending America: "We have lost faith in our leaders. The world has lost faith in us. Our foray into Iraq, to disarm a nation of biological and nuclear weapons they did not have, has shrunk American credibility like a cheap sweater." A Sound Economy: "The Bushies are like street hustlers. While they show you a meager tax cut with one hand, they steal your wallet with the other." Feeding the Nation: "Bad farm policy and bad trade agreements are running the American farmer off the land. It's killing small towns, and small towns are the heart of this nation." Educating America: "Don't start counting your tax break just yet. Your state and local taxes are rising to support the unfunded mandate of the No Child Left Behind act." "I'm here to give it to you straight," Big Ed says. "I've got faith that, when Americans grasp what's going on around them, they'll start acting like a bear fresh out of hibernation -- famished, ill-tempered, and ready to start raising hell." Straight Talk from the Heartland is the wake-up call America has been waiting for.

The Straight Truth

The Life of an Expert Witness

Author: William Gulya

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 145750670X

Category: Law

Page: 232

View: 5353

Have you been wondering how to turn your experience and expertise into a lucrative and rewarding second career? This book is for everyone seeking The Straight Truth about the highly rewarding, high-stakes world of the expert witness. In these pages, the author shares valuable information about launching, marketing, building, and conducting an expert witness practice-but he does not stop there. Gulya discusses actual cases on which he served as an expert witness, revealing lessons learned, and alerting the reader to potential opportunities and pitfalls. With humanity, candor, and humor, he takes the reader right into deposition and trial, and lets them experience all the drama, heartbreak, and triumph of the expert witness life. William "Bill" Gulya has forty years of experience in the sitework construction business. He is a highly respected and sought after expert witness in his field. For many of those years, he has been the principal of Middlesex Trenching, a company founded by his late and beloved father. Over the years, Gulya grew the business from a tiny company using the local deli as an office, into a highly successful enterprise. The author and his wife Kathy have two children- Stacy and William, III-and four grandchildren, whom they adore. Gulya derives great satisfaction from using his extensive experience and knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. When he is not busy guiding justice toward the truth, he can often be found on the golf course, ruminating on the evidence in his latest case, and perfecting his golf swing. (Visit

Straight Talk

Volume One (Playing for Keeps: How to Love a Woman and Make Her Love You Back) And Straight Talk: Volume Two: (Papa's Got a Brand New Bag: a Man's Guide to Lovin' His Woman Down)

Author: Gerry Wright

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466938404

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 328

View: 5673

Finally! A Man Speaks to Men. Never have books promised to pry men away from their six-packs and remote controls to take a two-part course on the sport of seduction. As an author who has given new meaning to the word 'touch down' , he shows you how to 'touch her'. No subject is off-limits --- or out of bounds. So ladies, get ready to play ball!! Straight Talk: Volume One Playing For Keeps ***How To Love A Woman And Make Her Love You Back*** Round One - The Try-Outs In this first of two sizzling volumes, Wright gives raw tutorials on winning a woman's affections. In locker room voice former pro basketball player Gerry Wright answers all the questions that aspiring Casanovas are dying (but too proud) to ask. From what to wear, to how to smell, to how to equip the bachelor pad, Volume I gets a man to first base ---without striking out. Loaded with clever, hard-nosed information, Straight Talk elevates men from sitting on life's bleachers as all of the quality babes walk by to becoming an All-Star at love. Unlike books like Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, this two-book series deals with the real world, and gives the low down of what women really want --- in "guy talk"! Crammed with nuggets of practical information spiked with sporting terms, Playing For Keeps is savvy, sexy, and funny. Straight Talk: Volume Two Papa's Got A Brand New Bag ***A Man's Guide To Lovin' His Woman Down*** Round Two - The Knockout Volume I Straight Talk: Playing For Keeps got a fellow's foot in the door and into her head ---- Volume II Papa's Got A Brand New Bag pitches step-by-step details on how to perform in her bed. Gerry Wright, personal trainer and former pro basketball player gets straight to the point --- most men are lousy lovers. Perceptive, real and wise, in Volume II Wrigt teaches men the blow-by-blow moves that leave a woman crying "time-out!" In the same no-holds-barred locker room style of Volume I, Wright explicitly coaches mankind on the sensual techniques to win over the opposite sex. Based on the shared experiences on different continents as Wright played basketball, he delivers the low down on the sexual "left hooks" and "curve balls" - that American women are dying for men to throw. More than a primer on body parts (and yes) oral sex the book also instructs men to listen to their partners. Perceptive, clever, and graphic --- Wright's instincts brand him as America's personal trainer at love. Wright's hand size (a full 11 1/4 inches spread) afforded him the ability to earn Sports Illustrated notoriety as a slam-dunk king. In two erotically raw volumes he gives tips that will have women in the palm of your hand (regardless of how many inches you're wielding). Wright's coaching a new team of men --- and, frankly fellows, she won't be trading you to another team after you read Wright's Straight Talk. Letter to Gerry Wright: Dear Mr. Wright, I went to a little book store called "Consider The Alternatives" on Thursday, April 19, looking for a book about relationships. I told Judy, the owner, that I have read many books to try to understand my man. And I couldn't seem to find one about women for men to read that wasn't just about sex. She called me at my home the very next day and left me a message that two books came in about the subject we were discussing and would I mind coming and taking them to read and review. I went to the store the very next day and read the cover letter, then the contents of the books. I immediately took them home to read. I am 2/3 through Volume 1 and I can't put it down. You must promote this book every where. Your book is heroic to all of us who have been criticized for saying the things you had the balls to say and say it straight. These two books must be marketed ASAP. Get the word out! Thank-you so much for your gift to men and women. Your reward is very great. T.R.

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