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Strange Universe

The Weird and Wild Science of Everyday Life--on Earth and Beyond

Author: Bob Berman

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company


Category: Science

Page: 224

View: 890

"Touches on a dizzying array of subjects, including UV rays, inert gases, fossils, meteorites, microwaves, rainbows . . . Like many a good teacher, Berman uses humor to entertain his audience and liven things up." —Los Angeles Times Bob Berman is motivated by a straightforward philosophy: everyone can understand science—and it's fun, too. In Strange Universe, he pokes into the bizarre and astonishingly true scientific facts that determine the world around us. Geared to the nonscientist, Berman's original essays are filled with the trademark wit and cleverness that has earned him acclaim over many years for his columns in Astronomy and Discover magazines. He emphasizes curiosities of the natural world to which everyone can relate, and dishes on the little-known secrets about space and some of science's biggest blunders (including a very embarrassing moment from Buzz Aldrin's trip to the moon). Fascinating to anyone interested in the wonders of our world and the cosmos beyond, Strange Universe will make you smile and think.

Lady Mathematician In This Strange Universe, A: Memoirs

Author: Choquet-bruhat Yvonne

Publisher: World Scientific


Category: Science

Page: 364

View: 510

In A Lady Mathematician, the distinguished mathematician and physicist, Yvonne Choquet–Bruhat, at the urging of her children, recounts and reflects upon various key events and people from her life — first childhood memories of France, then schooling, followed by graduate studies, and finally her continuous research in the mathematics of General Relativity and other fundamental physical fields. She recalls conversations, collaborations and even arguments shared with many great scientists, including her experiences with Albert Einstein. She also describes some of her numerous trips around the world, spurred by a passion for travel, beauty and mathematics. At once reflective, enlightening and bittersweet, this book allows readers a look into the life and thought processes of an esteemed female academic. Contents: PrologueAncestorsGood Daddy, Aunt Mary, Mame and TontonMy ParentsChildhood and AdolescenceYouth 1940–1944Disaster 1944–1946Life in MontaigneA New Life, AmericaMarseille 1953–1955Transitions 1957–1964First Years in Antony 1965–1968After the Reform 1968–1979Academician 1979Life Continues 1979–1990Retirement 1990–2003A I'I.H.E.S 2003–?Far Away TravelsOur House in DammartinEpilogue Readership: The general public, academics and students with a specific interest in the life of Yvonne Choquet–Bruhat and/or a general interest in the life of an accomplished mathematician and theoretical physicist. Keywords: Autobiography;Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat;Mathematics;Physics;General Relativity;Einstein;Field Equations;Research;TravelReview:0

Strange Universe

A Sourcebook of Curious Astronomical Observations




Category: Astronomy


View: 834

Extragalactic Adventure

Our Strange Universe

Author: Jean Heidmann

Publisher: CUP Archive


Category: Science

Page: 174

View: 661

An examination of our galaxy and the world beyond it explores subjects such as radioastronomy, quasars, black holes, and the possible existence of extraterrestrial beings

Weird Universe

Exploring the Most Bizarre Ideas in Cosmology

Author: David A. J. Seargent

Publisher: Springer


Category: Science

Page: 272

View: 110

As new discoveries complicate the scientific picture of the universe, the evolving theories about the nature of space and time and the origins and fate of the universe threaten to become overwhelming. Enter David Seargent. Continuing the author's series of books popularizing strange astronomy facts and knowledge, Weird Universe explains the bizarre, complicated terrain of modern cosmology for lay readers. From exploring some of the strange consequences of the theories of special and general relativity, to probing time dilation and the twin and mother-and-baby “paradoxes” and the theory that the universe can be mathematically considered as a hologram, all of the latest findings and conjectures are clearly described in non-technical language. The development of quantum physics and the more recent developments of string and M-theory are looked at, in addition to several hypotheses that have not won wide acceptance from the scientific community, such as modified gravity. Enter the wonderfully weird world of these theories and gain a new appreciation for the latest findings in cosmological research.

Doctor Strange and Philosophy

The Other Book of Forbidden Knowledge

Author: Mark D. White

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Philosophy

Page: 288

View: 614

Explore the mind and world of the brilliant neurosurgeon-turned-Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Stephen Strange Essays from two-dozen philosophers illuminate how essential philosophical concepts, including existentialism, epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics, combine to make Doctor Strange one of the most complex characters in the Marvel Universe, and a welcome addition to the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture stable of superheroes.

An Investigation of the Universal Gravitation Constant Based on the Celestial Clock

Author: K. Udupa

Publisher: Universal-Publishers


Category: Science

Page: 196

View: 176

This innovative study challenges existing theory of gravitation, suggesting an important modification that better explains the mechanism of the solar system. Through hundreds of mathematical proofs using calculations based on our solar system and an important discovery regarding the interior mechanism of the sun, the author reveals an important aspect of gravitation overlooked by modern science that extends our understanding of the our own solar system, as well as other galaxies and celestial motion in general.

A New Model of the Universe

Author: P. D. Ouspensky

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Philosophy

Page: 592

View: 139

DIVForemost occultist of early 20th century offers stimulating, thought-provoking discussions of relativity, the fourth dimension, Christian symbolism, the tarot, yoga, dreams and more. Introduction. /div

My Universe

Author: Zeldovich

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Science

Page: 252

View: 312

Eight papers by noted Soviet cosmologist Zeldovich (1944-89), translated from the Russian. Three, previously published, introduce general readers to the theories of the birth and expansion of the universe, and matter and antimatter. The others are review articles for more advanced readers, first published here. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Into the Fantastic

Author: Thomas McNeight

Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing ltd



Page: 91

View: 905

DescriptionTom McNeight's book Into the Fantastic explores the vicissitudes of mental illness. He deals with this broad topic from both an academic, philosophical and a personal viewpoint. Tom feels he has been unjustly treated by the mental health authorities ever since he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic at the tender age of nineteen years. Tom subsequently spent most of his adult life being heavily drugged upon what the psychiatrists refer to as anti-psychotic medication. Despite such huge challenges, Tom has risen up to become a successful artist and writer and he has gained deep spiritual insights into his life. About the AuthorThomas Edward McNeight is a published author on mental health issues. He draws on his background in philosophical studies with the university. He lives in Wanganui, New Zealand, where he writes and paints. And gathers insights into the plight of the mentally ill, amongst his many acquaintances. Tom is impassioned in his endeavours to highlight the plight of the emotionally affected and he would like to see the status of the psychiatric institutions be raised to a level befitting that of the twenty first century. His experience has been bleak: As with many of his friends, Tom feels that psychoanalysis is a much healthier option available to psychiatrists than is the current ubiquitous use of harmful chemicals to treat mental illness.

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