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Studies in the land economics of Bengal

Author: Sachin Sen

Publisher: N.A


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 402

View: 900

Bengal, permanent settlement to Operation Barga

studies in economic and environmental history

Author: Alok Kumar Ghosh

Publisher: N.A


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 82

View: 9448

A study of relations between land structure and environment.

Studies in Economic Development

Author: Alfred Bonne

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136229264

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 7492

First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Studies in the History of Tax Law

Author: John Tiley

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1782253203

Category: Law

Page: 568

View: 4022

These are the papers from the 2012 Cambridge Tax Law History Conference revised and reviewed for publication. The papers include new studies of: income tax law rewrite projects 1914Â?1956; law and administration in capital allowances 1878Â? 1950; the 'full amount' in income tax legislation; Sir Josiah Stamp and double income tax; early German income tax treaties and laws concerned with double tax avoidance (1869Â?1908); the policy of the medicine stamp duty; 'Danegeld' Â? from Danish tribute to English land tax; religion and charity, a historical perspective; 'Plaintive Glitterati'; a collision of accounting and law, dividends from pre-1914 profits in Australia; the history and development of the taxation profession in the UK and Australia; an inquiry into Dutch to British Colonial Malacca 1824Â?1839; the taxation history of China; taxing bachelors in America: 1895Â?1939; Dutch Tax reform under Napoleon; and the last decade of estate duty. The Publisher and authors have dedicated this volume to the memory of John Tiley, Emeritus Professor of the Law of Taxation at the University of Cambridge, who died as it was going to press. The Cambridge History of Tax conferences were his idea and he was responsible for their planning. He also edited all six volumes in the series.

India’s Agricultural Marketing

Market Reforms and Emergence of New Channels

Author: Nilabja Ghosh

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 8132215729

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 311

View: 4728

​The proposed book provides an assessment of an important yet controversial policy initiated by the Indian government and governments of several other developing countries. Marketing reforms, it is claimed, can be a crucial answer to solving the problem of rural poverty in agrarian economies where large sections of populace are engaged in low paying agriculture. On a wider front, these reforms could help in providing growth impetus to an economy and even the global economy at large. Yet, the subject of liberalizing agricultural markets is also part of a broad and perhaps a bitter political debate between national and sub-national policy makers and academic discourses in India and other countries. A clearer understanding and a possible resolution of the issues involved will be decidedly useful. The experience of India, one of the largest and most agriculture-dominated economies, will undoubtedly provide valuable lessons not only for steering the domestic economic policy but also for other countries to set their own policy agenda. The book attempts to capture the evolving reality in a large and diverse country and presents an objective evaluation to enable aspiring investors and those in policy making, food business and civil society to make more informed assessment and decision.

Bengal land tenure

the origin and growth of intermediate interests in the 19th century

Author: Sirajul Islam

Publisher: N.A


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 152

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The Bengal Borderland

Beyond State and Nation in South Asia

Author: Willem van Schendel

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1843311453

Category: History

Page: 429

View: 5356

A look at South Asia beyond state and nation.

The Changing Status of Women in West Bengal, 1970-2000

The Challenge Ahead

Author: Jasodhara Bagchi,Sarmistha Dutta Gupta

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761932429

Category: Social Science

Page: 263

View: 5877

This important and comprehensive volume vividly depicts the current status of women and girls in West Bengal. The analysis has been conducted in the framework of the socio-economic and politico-cultural ambience that has characterized the state in recent decades. The contributors highlight both areas of strength and vulnerability and clearly demonstrate that the status of women cannot be conceived as monolithic or static--it has many facets and is in a state of constant flux. The analysis of macro data is supported by revealing micro studies based on field surveys and an examination of cultural trends.

Minorities and the State

Changing Social and Political Landscape of Bengal

Author: Abhijit Dasgupta,Masahiko Togawa,Abul Barkat

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 8132107667

Category: Political Science

Page: 244

View: 4876

Minorities and the State discusses the plight of two numerically significant religious minority groups: Hindus in Bangladesh and Muslims in West Bengal, India. The political vicissitudes in India and Bangladesh have stirred up questions relating to citizenship, nationality, and identity. In this volume, academics from India, Bangladesh, and Japan examine the formation of minority identity at the time of partition of India in 1947 and in subsequent decades. The articles emphasize the crises and coping strategies, migration, and state- and local-level politics affecting minorities. By utilizing data from varied sources like field work, archival research, and secondary sources, this volume explores deprivation and different dimensions of minority life from political, economic, civil society, gender, and literary perspectives.

The State and Poverty in India

Author: Kohli

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521378765

Category: Political Science

Page: 260

View: 643

In The State and Poverty in India the author argues cogently that well-organised, left-of-centre parties in government are the most effective in implementing reform.

The Land Question in India

State, Dispossession, and Capitalist Transition

Author: Anthony P. D'Costa,Achin Chakraborty

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198792441

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

View: 2069

This volume takes a fresh look at the land question in India. Rather than work with the view that land is a source of dynamic economic transformation, as experienced historically by the West, this volume examines the centrality of land in the development discourse in India. The focus is on the role of the state, which pushes a process of dispossession of peasants through direct expropriation for developmental purposes such as acquisition of land by (local) statesfor infrastructure development and industrialization. Consequently, land has been, and continues to be, a turbulent arena in which classes, castes, and communities are in conflict with each other, withthe state, and with capital, jockeying to determine the terms and conditions of land transactions or their prevention. The volume provides new analytical insights into the land acquisition processes, their legal-institutional and ethical implications, and the multifaceted regional diversity of acquisition experiences in India.

'Time-Out' in the Land of Apu

Childhoods, Bildungsmoratorium and the Middle Classes of Urban West Bengal

Author: Hia Sen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 365802223X

Category: Social Science

Page: 292

View: 8324

​ Within Childhood Research starkly different theoretical and empirical concerns characterize the global south-north divide. Hia Sen attempts to bridge the gap in Childhood Research which usually addresses childhoods differently according to their 'developing/developed', 'western/non-western' contexts, and finds its middle ground in the context of the urban middle classes in contemporary West Bengal. The author documents areas such as leisure practices and everyday lives of school children in India for three cohorts, where it is possible to have a comparative perspective of childhoods given the existing rich ethnographic and historical research on childhoods in other cultural contexts.

Peasant Labour and Colonial Capital

Rural Bengal Since 1770

Author: Sugata Bose,Professor of History and Diplomacy Director Center of South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies Sugata Bose,Bose. Sugata

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521266949

Category: History

Page: 203

View: 3268

A critical work of synthesis and interpretation of agrarian change in India over the long term.

Land Tenure Reform in Asia and Africa

Assessing Impacts on Poverty and Natural Resource Management

Author: S. Holden,K. Otsuka,K. Deininger

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137343818

Category: Political Science

Page: 405

View: 2091

Rural poverty remains widespread and persistent in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. A group of leading experts critically examines the impact of land tenure reforms on poverty reduction and natural resource management in countries in Africa and Asia with highly diverse historical contexts.

The Conditions of Agricultural Growth

The Economics of Agrarin Change under Population Pressure

Author: Ester Boserup

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 0202363872

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 137

View: 8147

This book sets out to investigate the process of agrarian change from new angles and with new results. It starts on firm ground rather than from abstract economic theory. Upon its initial appearance, it was heralded as "a small masterpiece, which economic historians should read--and not simply quote"--Giovanni Frederico, Economic History Services. The Conditions of Agricultural Growth remains a breakthrough in the theory of agricultural development. In linking ethnography with economy, developmental studies reached new heights. Whereas "development" had been seen previously as the transformation of traditional communities by the introduction (or imposition) of new technologies, Ester Boserup argues that changes and improvements occur from within agricultural communities, and that improvements are governed not simply by external interference, but by those communities themselves Using extensive analyses of the costs and productivity of the main systems of traditional agriculture, Ester Boserup concludes that technical, economic, and social changes are unlikely to take place unless the community concerned is exposed to the pressure of population growth.

Himalayan Studies in India

Author: Maitreyee Choudhury

Publisher: Mittal Publications

ISBN: 9788183241960

Category: Ethnic conflict

Page: 123

View: 4964

Proceedings of a national seminar held at Raja Rammohunpur in December 2003.

Decolonization in South Asia

Meanings of Freedom in Post-independence West Bengal, 1947–52

Author: Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134018231

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 9899

This book explores the meanings and complexities of India’s experience of transition from colonial to the post-colonial period. It focuses on the first five years – from independence on 15th August 1947 to the first general election in January 1952 – in the politics of West Bengal, the new Indian province that was created as a result of the Partition. The author, a specialist on the history of modern India, discusses what freedom actually meant to various individuals, communities and political parties, how they responded to it, how they extended its meaning and how in their anxiety to confront the realities of free India, they began to invent new enemies of their newly acquired freedom. By emphasising the representations of popular mentality rather than the institutional changes brought in by the process of decolonization, he draws attention to other concerns and anxieties that were related to the problems of coming to terms with the newly achieved freedom and the responsibility of devising independent rules of governance that would suit the historic needs of a pluralist nation. Decolonization in South Asia analyses the transitional politics of West Bengal in light of recent developments in postcolonial theory on nationalism, treating the ‘nation’ as a space for contestation, rather than a natural breeding ground for homogeneity in the complex political scenario of post-independence India. It will appeal to academics interested in political science, sociology, social anthropology and cultural and Asian studies.

The New Enclosures: Critical Perspectives on Corporate Land Deals

Author: Ben White,Saturnino M. Borras Jr.,Ruth Hall,Ian Scoones,Wendy Wolford

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317976851

Category: Social Science

Page: 500

View: 7759

This collection explores the complex dynamics of corporate land deals from a broad agrarian political economy perspective, with a special focus on the implications for property and labour regimes, labour processes and structures of accumulation. This involves looking at ways in which existing patterns of rural social differentiation – in terms of class, gender, ethnicity and generation – are being shaped by changes in land use and property relations, as well as by the re-organization of production and exchange as rural communities and resources are incorporated into global commodity chains. It goes further than the descriptive ‘what’ and ‘who’ questions, in order to understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of these patterns. It is empirically solid and theoretically sophisticated, making it a robust and boundary-changing work. Contributors come from various scholarly disciplines. Covering nearly all regions of the world, the collection will be of interest to researchers from various disciplines, policymakers and activists. This book was originally published as a Special Issue of the Journal of Peasant Studies.

Land Reforms, Poverty Reduction, and Economic Growth: Evidence from India

Author: Hari K. Nagarajan

Publisher: World Bank Publications



Page: N.A

View: 9697

Recognition of the importance of institutions that provide security of property rights and relatively equal access to economic resources to a broad cross-section of society has renewed interest in the potential of asset redistribution, including land reforms. Empirical analysis of the impact of such policies is, however, scant and often contradictory. This paper uses panel household data from India, together with state-level variation in the implementation of land reform, to address some of the deficiencies of earlier studies. The results suggest that land reform had a significant and positive impact on income growth and accumulation of human and physical capital. The paper draws policy implications, especially from the fact that the observed impact of land reform seems to have declined over time.

Commercial Networks in Modern Asia

Author: Linda Grove,Shinya Sugiyama

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113684998X

Category: Social Science

Page: 270

View: 5827

This volume brings together an international team of scholars who examine the development of commercial networks in Asia from the 18th century to the 20th century on a stage that stretches from Yokohama and Pusan to Istanbul. The studies, based on extensive archival research, focus on the trading firms and merchant groups that were the chief actors in the creation of the commercial networks that crisscrossed Asia, linking the various Asian economies to each other and to Europe and the Americas. While some of this work has been available in Japanese, Chinese and Dutch, this is the first time that such a broad range of essays has been made available to an English-speaking audience. The thirteen essays can be roughly divided into two groups. The first group includes essays that look at the development of large scale networks and plot the competition between competing indigenous and foreign merchant groups in the trade in such products as sugar and cotton yarn in China, cotton goods in Japan, silk in Iran, Japanese manufactures in Dutch Indonesia and rice and cotton in India. The second group of essays focuses on the activities of specific firms as a way to explore the development of trading networks. This group includes essays that look at the activities of Chinese and Japanese merchants in Korea, at the growth of a commercial empire built on the sale of patent drugs in Southeast Asia and at the activities of European trading firms in Asia. The book should appeal to a wide-range audience. Most directly concerned are economic historians

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