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From Colony to Superpower

U.S. Foreign Relations since 1776

Author: George C. Herring

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199743773

Category: History

Page: 1056

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The Oxford History of the United States is the most respected multi-volume history of our nation in print. The series includes three Pulitzer Prize-winners, a New York Times bestseller, and winners of prestigious Bancroft and Parkman Prizes. From Colony to Superpower is the only thematic volume commissioned for the series. Here George C. Herring uses foreign relations as the lens through which to tell the story of America's dramatic rise from thirteen disparate colonies huddled along the Atlantic coast to the world's greatest superpower. A sweeping account of United States' foreign relations and diplomacy, this magisterial volume documents America's interaction with other peoples and nations of the world. Herring tells a story of stunning successes and sometimes tragic failures, captured in a fast-paced narrative that illuminates the central importance of foreign relations to the existence and survival of the nation, and highlights its ongoing impact on the lives of ordinary citizens. He shows how policymakers defined American interests broadly to include territorial expansion, access to growing markets, and the spread of an "American way" of life. And Herring does all this in a story rich in human drama and filled with epic events. Statesmen such as Benjamin Franklin and Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman and Dean Acheson played key roles in America's rise to world power. But America's expansion as a nation also owes much to the adventurers and explorers, the sea captains, merchants and captains of industry, the missionaries and diplomats, who discovered or charted new lands, developed new avenues of commerce, and established and defended the nation's interests in foreign lands. From the American Revolution to the fifty-year struggle with communism and conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, From Colony to Superpower tells the dramatic story of America's emergence as superpower--its birth in revolution, its troubled present, and its uncertain future.

How to Develop a Super Power Memory

Your Absolute, Quintessential, All You Wanted to Know Complete Guide

Author: Harry Lorayne

Publisher: Frederick Fell Publishers

ISBN: 9780883910504

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 184

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Best-selling author and TV infomercial star Harry Lorayne reveals his positive methods of developing a photographic memory, guiding readers to increase their memory tenfold and learn to recall anything, anytime, anywhere. Illustrations.


The Amazing Race Between China's Hare and India's Tortoise

Author: Raghav Bahl

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101466057

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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Is India ready for superpower status or too far behind China to ever catch up? In his career as one of India's leading journalists and entrepreneurs, Raghav Bahl has often faced this question, and many others, from bewildered visitors: * Why are Indian regulations so weak and confusing? * Why is your foreign investment policy so restrictive? * How come your hotels are world class, but the roads leading to them are so potholed? * Why don't you lower your voice when you make fun of your politicians? * Why do you control the price of oil and cable TV? Clearly there's a huge difference in how India and its arch-rival China work on the ground. China is spectacularly effective in building infrastructure and is now reinvesting almost half its GDP. Meanwhile, India is still a "promising" economy: more than half its GDP is consumed by its billion-plus people, yet India has some unique advantages: Half its population is under twenty-five, giving it a strong demographic edge; 350 million Indians understand English, making it the largest English-speaking country in the world; and it's the world's largest democracy. In the race to superpower status, who is more likely to win: China's hare or India's tortoise? Bahl argues that the winner might not be determined by who is investing more and growing faster today but by something more intangible: who has superior innovative skills and more entrepreneurial savvy. He notes that China and India were both quick to recover from the financial crisis, but China's rebound was accompanied by huge debt and deflation, with weak demand. India's turnaround was sturdier, with lower debt and modest inflation. So India's GDP grew twice as fast as China's for a few quarters-the first time that had happened in nearly three decades. And in contrast to China's Yuan, which is pummeled for being artificially undervalued, India's rupee largely floats against world currencies. In the end, it might come down to one deciding factor: can India fix its governance before China repairs its politics? With insights into the two countries' histories, politics, economies and cultures, this is a well-written, fully documented, comprehensive account of the race to become the next global superpower. For anyone looking to understand China, India and the future of the world economy, this is the book to read.


Three Choices for America’s Role in the World

Author: Ian Bremmer

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241971446

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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Geopolitical thought leader Ian Bremmer issues a clarion call to America: redefine your place in the world, or the world will define it for you America's identity abroad has long been defined by the second World War and years of Cold War struggle. But the new America has changed; its role and identity are in flux - and with them, the global balance of power. In Three Choices for a Superpower, president and founder of the Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer, calls for a completely new definition of America as a superpower - one that adheres to distinct priorities and values. He outlines the three choices facing the new America: Be independent: America does not have an endless supply of blood and finances to spend on other nations. Rather, America will fare much better if it devotes its energies and resources to rebuilding strength from within. Moneyball: America cannot afford every foreign fight in support of American values, but they must defend their interests wherever they are threatened. They must make tough decisions intelligently, with an open admission of America's limitations. Be indispensable: To think that America can operate autonomously from the rest of the world is not only ignorant but also extremely dangerous. The world relies on American leadership, and America has international interests - they must continue their role as an indispensable nation and remain actively involved abroad. As the 2016 presidential election approaches, America needs to define its responsibilities, opportunities, and most importantly, its limits. A foreign policy divided against itself cannot stand; as the world's greatest superpower, America must choose which path it will follow into the future.


The Making of a Steam Locomotive

Author: David Weitzman

Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher

ISBN: 9780879236717

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 107

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Depicts the building of the "Berkshire" steam locomotive.

A History of Japan

From Stone Age to Superpower

Author: Kenneth Henshall

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230346626

Category: History

Page: 288

View: 8802

A history of Japan from ancient times to today explores Japan's impact on the modern world and examines its unique past and culture to explain its achievements and responses to world events.

Superpower Rivalry in the Indian Ocean

Indian and American Perspectives

Author: Selig S. Harrison,K. Subrahmanyam

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195363708

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 5298

(Note for Jacket--see Marketing File-so/10/26]The vast, politically turbulent region encompassing the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf, forty-two littoral states, and one third of the world's population is one of the most potentially explosive theaters of superpower rivalry. In this study, three American and three Indian authors, reflecting different perspectives and areas of expertise, examine the principal factors that have led to the escalation of superpower tensions in the region: the war in Afghanistan, and its spillover into the Afghanistan-Pakistani borderlands; the Indo-Pakistani nuclear arms race; ethnic tensions in Sri Lanka; the Iran-Iraq war; Islamic fundamentalism; and the rapidly growing military presence of the superpowers in the area. Considering how India's emergence as a military power is influencing superpower and indigenous tensions in the region, the contributors compare Indian, American, and Soviet interests, and offer solutions for current Indian-American disagreements.


Heroes, Ghosts, and the Paranormal in American Culture

Author: M. Keith Booker

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803232896

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 232

View: 1980

Supernatural and superhuman elements have been prominent in American culture from the time of the New England Puritans’ intense emphasis on religion. Superpower surveys the appearance of supernatural and superhuman elements in American culture, focusing on the American fascination with narratives involving supernatural adventure, superhuman heroes, and vast conspiracies driven by supernatural evil. In particular, M. Keith Booker suggests that the popularity of such themes indicates a deep-seated dissatisfaction with the rationalized world of contemporary American society. Booker details the development of the national myths underlying the characters of Superman, Batman, and Spiderman; television hits from Star Trek to Lost; and the franchises of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings. This culture-spanning investigation begins with a historical survey of supernatural and superhuman themes in American culture and concludes with the recent upsurge that began in the 1990s. It then turns to various works of recent popular culture with supernatural and superhuman themes such as Twin Peaks, The X-Files, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, organized according to the desires to which these works respond. What do these fantasies reveal about what it means to be American today—and what we want it to mean?

Brazil as an Economic Superpower?

Understanding Brazil's Changing Role in the Global Economy

Author: Lael Brainard,Leonardo Martinez-Diaz

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815703655

Category: Political Science

Page: 291

View: 5803

In Brazil, the confluence of strong global demand for the country's major products, global successes for its major corporations, and steady results from its economic policies is building confidence and even reviving dreams of grandeza—the greatness that has proven elusive in the past. Even as the current economic crisis tempers expectations of the future, the trends identified in this book suggest that Brazil will continue its path toward becoming a leading economic power in the future. Once seen as an economic backwater, Brazil now occupies key niches in energy, agriculture, service industries, and even high technology. Yet Latin America's largest nation still struggles with endemic inequality issues and deep-seated ambivalence toward global economic integration. Scholars and policy practitioners from Brazil, the United States, and Europe recently gathered to investigate the present state and likely future of the Brazilian economy. This important volume is the timely result. In Brazil as an Economic Superpower? international authorities focus on five key topics: agribusiness, energy, trade, social investment, and multinational corporations. Their analyses and expertise provide not only a unique and authoritative picture of the Brazilian economy but also a useful lens through which to view the changing global economy as a whole.

Europe in the New Century

Visions of an Emerging Superpower

Author: Robert J. Guttman

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers

ISBN: 9781555878528

Category: History

Page: 268

View: 1450

A look at the future of Europe drawing on the experience and foresight of some of the leading journalists working in Europe today, as well as the visions of heads of state, government ministers, corporate magnates, entrepreneurs, and young people from each of the 15 European Union member countries.

Superpower Detente

Author: Mike Bowker,Phil Williams

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780803980426

Category: Political Science

Page: 277

View: 7689

Superpower Detente is an outstanding assessment of the highs and lows in the relationship between the two superpowers in the 1970s, and the prospects for a continuing detente between them in the 1980s. This thorough examination of the 1970s reminds us that improvements early in that decade gave way to stalemate and the demise of detente. The early 1970s saw the most far reaching moves toward detente since the inception of the Cold War. But, Bowker and Williams suggest, the coincidence of interests between the superpowers hid divergent conceptions of what detente was and what kind of behaviour it required.

Superpower Competition and Crisis Prevention in the Third World

Author: Roy Allison

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521362806

Category: Political Science

Page: 281

View: 560

Very Good,No Highlights or Markup,all pages are intact.

Super Power Breathing

Author: N.A

Publisher: Health Science Publications, Inc.

ISBN: 0877905606


Page: N.A

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Indian Economic Superpower

Fiction Or Future?

Author: Jayashankar M. Swaminathan

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9812814663

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 270

View: 9896

The past 15 years have witnessed unprecedented expansion in the economy of India. This book offers analysis of both potential opportunities & pitfalls to avoid in the software, business process outsourcing, manufacturing, logistics, aviation, marketing, telemedicine & other sectors of the Indian economy.

Nikita Khrushchev and the Creation of a Superpower

Author: Sergei N. Khrushchev,Shirley Benson

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271021706

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 765

View: 8284

A unique account of Cold War history during the Khrushchev era by one who witnessed it firsthand at his father's side.

Super Power Blues

Author: N.A

Publisher: Unredcomicbooks

ISBN: 9780974409009

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 84

View: 4690

Once, when chaos and disorder were about to overthrow MetroCity. When a darkness fell from the top of the steel towers down to the concrete street. When a black fear gripped the citizenry, choking them to the point of strangulation. The Elite of MetroCity, fearing a rebellion of the frightened populous drew on their wealth and power to create a savior: The SuperPower, an unstoppable being so far ahead in evolution he had no predator. Until now.

India 'The Superpower?'

Author: N.A

Publisher: Sanbun Publishers

ISBN: 9789380213101


Page: N.A

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From Superpower to Besieged Global Power

Restoring World Order After the Failure of the Bush Doctrine

Author: Edward A. Kolodziej,Roger E. Kanet

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820336350

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 440

View: 5455

The essays in this volume argue that the Bush Doctrine, as outlined in the September 2002 National Security Strategy of the United States, squandered enormous military and economic resources, diminished American power, and undermined America’s moral reputation as a defender of democratic values and human rights. The Bush Doctrine misguidedly assumed that the United States was a superpower, a unique unipolar power that could compel others to accede to its preferences for world order. In reality the United States is a formidable but besieged global power, one of a handful of nations that could influence but certainly not dictate world events. The flawed doctrine has led to failed policies that extend America’s reach beyond its grasp, most painfully evident in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Leading scholars and policy analysts from nine countries assess the impact of the Bush Doctrine on world order, explain how the United States reached its current low standing internationally, and propose ways that the country can repair the untold damage wrought by ill-conceived and incompetently executed security and foreign policies. Contributors focus on the principal regions of the world where they have expertise: Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Russia. The contributors agree that future security and foreign policies must be informed by the limitations of U.S. economic, cultural, and military power to shape world order to reflect American interests and values. American power and influence will increase only when the United States binds itself to moral norms, legal strictures, and political accords in cooperation with other like-minded states and peoples.

The Geopolitics Of Super Power

Author: Colin S. Gray

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813158052

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

View: 7516

What is Soviet-American competition all about? Is the Soviet Union a security problem that the United States must solve? Or is it an insecurity condition with which the U.S. must learn to live -- and if so, on what terms? What kind of a player is the United States in the great game of power politics? In The Geopolitics of Super Power, one of our most respected strategic theorists answers these and other questions. In geopolitical terms, Colin Gray sees the Soviet-American antagonism as an enduring contest between a continental empire and a maritime coalition, each with its distinctive character and purposes. Gray explores the roots of the American style in foreign policy and strategy, and how that style relates to defense options. He identifies four broad alternatives for U.S. national security policy: passive and active means of containment, disengagement from foreign security commitments, and the "rollback" of the Soviet empire. Gray argues vigorously for active containment, for the systematic deemphasis of nuclear weapons, and for the intelligent use, for deterrence and defense purposes, of the West's great competitive strengths in the political, economic, and technological spheres.

Money Super Power

Get Ready to Power Up Your Personal Finances

Author: Becky Perez

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1614480710

Category: Education

Page: 148

View: 1578

Fun & Easy to Read! Money Super Power is a unique, innovative and entertaining way to learn exactly what it takes to power up your personal finances. Join the Money Super Power League as they battle the Evil Money Villains, who feed off your emotions, and gain their power through your defeated attitudes, all while threatening your financial stability. More than just a fun story, Money Super Power is an experience that is designed to enlighten and strengthen positive financial attitudes. You will gain all the knowledge you need to take back what was once yours...Your MONEY SUPER POWER!

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